Cannot install any module Drupal 7 on OpenServer

I can`t install any module. I get error:
Warning: ZipArchive::extractTo(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(temporary://update-extraction-de746978/image_resize_filter) is not within the allowed path(s): (d:/openserver/domains;d:/openserver/userdata/temp;d:/openserver/modules/system/html/openserver;d:/openserver/modules/php/PHP-5.5) in ArchiverZip->extract() (line 112 of D:\openserver\domains\drupal.loc\modules\system\

Custom Menu - Parent Item not showing when editing simple page

I have created a custom menu where some of its items have child items. When editing the nodes these child items point to (eg. so as to specify a different parent), my custom-built menu is not selectable (not shown) within the list of parent links. In fact, only "Navigation" with sub-items is shown. My menu is created using Superfish. I wonder what I am missing...
H. Stoellinger

Install 2 Disrtributions on one drupal

is it possible have 2 distributions in one drupal and single site?
i want to have Openatrium and opigno Distributions in 1 drupal and single site with same database.
if yes, please tell me how, i know 2 modules are available calls Subprofile and Profiler but i'm not sure these modules can do what i need. (also i tried these modules but i couldn't figure out how to use.)

Restrict certain pages to internal network users?

I'm trying to figure out a way to hide/restrict a page on a public website to only internal users. (the rest of the site can be public). How do i restrict a page to a network?
Thank you

HTTP Cache

Hi there,

I am not a Drupal developer, so forgive me if that is a really simple question.

Are there any module to ensure static content (images, CSSes, JSes, etc) uses HTTP's Cache-control / Expires for 1 year?

In order to be able to do that, we need Drupal to add fingerprints (MD5) to all static content it servers. It has to be transparent to the publisher (Drupal Admin).

How simple is that? Is it even feasible in Drupal 7? What about Drupal 8?

More about our setup:

JuiceBox Pro

I'm using the Juicebox Gallery Plugin Module, but I own JuiceBox Pro. Am I able to use the options on JuiceBox Pro in Drupal? ie. image transitions, auto advance . . .

Is there any documentation on using the Pro features in Drupal?


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