Navigation using Taxonomy

I'm trying to provide a link that will create display pages reliant on a taxonomy of destinations. I see that a nav automatically includes the taxonomy if the link is to content/taxonomy based on form-submitted content. However, I have 20,000 destinations nested in a taxonomy, and I don't have a specific content display connected to them yet.

Do I need to create a page first? If so, how do I connect that to the taxonomy?

Images - access denied

I have a problem with images not displaying and showing a 403 access denied return.
I am running 7.54 on my Linux shared reseller account with cPanel. All file and folder permissions are correct. htaccess options have been have been tried in all combinations. Strangely, the drupal error log shows 'anonymous not verified' even though I am the admin. I am using color box, IMCE, Media, and Media WYSIWYG.

The only thing that fixes this is to add

$conf['image_allow_insecure_derivateives' [ = TRUE;

[POSSIBLE?] Install multiple Drupal 7 distributions - can they use one Drupal core?

Is it possible to use one (same) Drupal core for multiple distributions in a domain hosting account then place each's distribution's profile files inside of core's 'profile' folder, instead of installing each's full distributions? For example, installing Open Atrium, Drupal Commerce, and others.

The alternative, I would assume, is installing each full distribution into their own sub-directory in the domain account, correct?


Cleaning up database, merging fields

I have a site that has unfortunately evolved to have several different fields that essentially hold the same type of data. I'd like to clean up the mess, combine/merge/rename the fields. Is the best tool? It seems that might work, but I don't want to change node types.

Updating an image on the user's dashboard based on their Organic Groups membership


I am attempting to create the following functionality using Organic Groups

1. A user can join various organic groups available on the site.
2. On the user's dashboard, there is a graphic of an apple tree - until the user joins a group the apple tree graphic has no apples.
3. As the user joins a group, the graphic updates with an apple representing that group (the apple is linked to the group's home page).
4. The more groups the user joins, the more apples will be on the tree graphic (each apple a link to the group's home page).


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