Bulk upload PDFs and associate with node

So I have a bunch of employee applications (saved as nodes with their titles as unique IDs).

I have resumes for each of these applications that are named with the syntax resume_title.pdf.

How can I bulk upload these pdfs and have them associated with each node, so that when a person goes to review the application, there is a link to check out the resume?

Quiz module Error issue

Hi Everyone,
Please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum, I would be happy to remove and repost if I knew where.
My situation is this, I installed the Quiz 7.x-4.0-rc1 module in order to do a multiple choice quiz on my site. Although the quiz is technically working in development, the red error message is presenting telling me that "The content access permissions need to be rebuilt. Rebuild Permissions." This quiz is set to run for a few weeks and as far as I can tell, all administrators of the site will see that error message on every page load.

After upgrade Clean URL's will not work


I was using drupal 7.24, and just upgraded to 7.38. Clean URL's was working, but after the upgrade now it is saying I cannot enable them.

"Clean URLs cannot be enabled. If you are directed to this page or to a Page not found (404) error after testing for clean URLs, see the online handbook."

I am using Windows IIS 7. I have URL rewrite/fast CGI enabled on my server, and I have gone through the web.config file several times, but nothing seems to help getting them enabled again.

I have checked the error logs and I am getting nothing.

How to build payment system in drupal


I have customers who will make a payment (cash or check) multiple times a year ( some customers may pay twice a year and others pay 3 times a year, etc.). I, as an admin, would like to set the due date , amount, received date , received amount. When customers log in, they should be able to see all the due dates and amount for the year. After they send me the payment, I , as an admin, login and enter the received date and received amount. Customers should be able to see the received date and amount after that.

Changing the layout of the output of the content type


I'm new to drupal and still have to understand the basics i guess. I have a website and show the output of an newly created content typ. I have around 7 fields and one picture. Now i would like to display 6 of the 7 fields in a table. How can I do that and which files in particular do i have to touch? I already looked at display suite but I still don't know in which file i can add my html changes e.g. to add the

tag for the fields. I'm really lost! Thanks for your help.



Getting started with Forena Reports

Hello, I have followed David Metzler's youtube video so as to get started with forena reports. When the video gets to the point of creating a Data Block for the "Northwind" Customerlist report, I am stuck. According to how I understand the video, Drupal/Forena should automatically let me proceed to the item "Create a Data Block", but in my case it does not. The database is of course created by that time and the sample tables are loaded. The access rights seem to also be o.k., at least I can select from the tables...
Any ideas what I might be missing? Thanks for any help


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