practice environment recommendations

Hello Drupal Community,
My employer will be migrating our company website from Dreamweaver to Drupal 7 in the next few months. At one point the web team set up a "practice" environment for employees who wanted to use tutorials and get a feel for Drupal. Recently they removed this feature, and now I'm not sure what to do. They recommended trying Acquia or Pantheon, but as a total Drupal newbie, I am a little intimidated by all their options and trial offers. Any recommendations from the Community would be most appreciated...
Thank You!

Not getting email notification upon comment post


Content/comment/admin page, send email after comment post field, I entered my personal email address. Then I posted a comment but I never got an email notification.

Please advise.

Allow users to edit content in semi-Wiki style

I have an established site that I would like to open up a little to users.

Whilst I have written content and set fields for a a lot of the location nodes I would like registered users to be able to modify / update /correct this. Obviously at this stage I want to make this all subject to approval and easy to roll back. Also some of the fields should not be user-editable.

I figure that much of this is doable using revisions. Is this the best way to go, or is there a better option before I start exploring this one?

Thanks in advance,

first post:assign lightbox to image in body text

Hi all,
I am new to Drupal and have managed to install several modules and build a
basic site.

I have installed the wysiwyg editor and just managed to get the image browser
working in order to insert images into the text area.

I have install LIghtbox2 to get a scaled up image view in a separate layer
on top of the screen which works great.

Now I would like to apply this effect to images embedded into the text field.

i cannot see any way to this. I have tried editing the field types. this didn't work.

Paint maps from code

Hello, I use a openlayer field to display a region in a personal content type. You can see an example here:

I need to combine two or more regions from diferent nodes into a single map, and I have no idea. ¿Can I create a view with the combination? ¿Is possible draw a map from php code in a hook? Doesn't matter if is google or openlayer map.

I can't find documentation... any help will be apreciated. Thank you.

Drupal External link error

Hi Everyone, I've an problem with my 7.50 website. if i click at /admin/modules/update on an module, it sends me to /https%3A// Because of the first slash, Drupal handles it as an internal path. I tried to de-activate all my modules, but it does not help. Could anyone help my with this problem?


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