Multisite + Commerce

Hello! I want to create online store on D7 + Commerce. The idea is as follows: the registered user (any or with access rights) can create shop which will be displayed on the subdomain (for example, user1 creates and The user chooses a subdomain name independently and places his products there. One database, one theme.

Create Views Block to display all content type with same Date Field

I have created 6 content types that all use the same date field type named "field_date_activity"
For this question let's call them Content1, Content2, Content3, etc.
The date setting is Y, M, D. No hours or minutes. When creating a new node in any of these content types you must select a date.

What I am trying to do is create a Views block that I will put on the Content1 page that displays any found content from Content2, Content3, Content4, etc that matches the "field_date_activity" from Content one.

So what I would have would be

File and Directory Permissions - Lets finally get this clearly explained and listed for good.

note: making edits as i go

BTW, I am running my site on a Dreamhost VPS

Ok, so I have done a crap load of research on what the file and directory permissions should be for Drupal 7 and I am tired of spinning my wheels. I cannot find anything definitive or clear on what these should be because the advice usually assumes some higher level of knowledge, is not clear, assumes use of SSH, etc, or conflicts with other advice I have found.

I also want to satisfy the following related Security Review errors:

Can I replicate the 'Add Child page' of books in a panel?

In D7 I'd liked to replace the standard book page with a customized version.
In admin/structure/pages I can customize the page view of our book pages but unfortunately, I cannot make a copy of the original one but I have to start from scratch.
My difficulty is to replicate the two standard links at the bottom:
'Add child page' and 'Printer friendly version'.
I tried shortcuts but the placeholder %node does not work to pass the actual page to the function.
For the latter I might use the Print modul but can someone explain me a way for the Child page?

Drupal site looks different after puting it online

I made my first drupal site and i wanted to put it online, after I found some free hosting and domain, I moved entire mysql database and all drupal file with FileZila. Site is up and running but it looks completely different, my first thought was that css files weren't transferred, but all :hover effects work properly. I checked if layout files are transferred and they are, everything is transferred fine, but it it seems to me that somehow layout isn't loaded ad all.

Modify frontpage

Hi friends,

I'm new in Drupal and my boss want I manage a website built in Drupal. There's one thing I don't know how to do, it is modify the name of the programs that appears at frontpage. If I go to the content I can't modify the podcast itself (delete, change link etc) but there's certain names that I would like to change. Is it a module or what? The website is and to find the podcast you have to scroll down

Thank you


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