Submit after custom function

Hello Everyone,

I have the following code that creates a button that runs a custom function. After the function is run, I want to continue with the submit and create the node. How do I do that?



$form['set_new_defaults'] = array(
'#type' => 'submit',
'#value' => t('Set New Default'),
'#submit' => array('policy_general_policy_write'),

function policy_general_policy_write($form, &$form_state){

Display every document attached to a node

I would like to have a report or something like a report to show every node and all the documents that are attached to that node. It's sounds easy but i can't figure it out. So for each page of my site I want to know what document is attached.

Can report could tell me if the document is used in multiple locations and the nodes where it's being used.

Detailed instructions please, I'ma newbie :-(

How i could do a FULL OUTER JOIN in drupal?

I want to do a FULL OUTER JOIN for my t1 and t2 tables...Could anyone help me?

2nd level node Access in drupal

Hi All,

I have a problem with 2nd level node Access for user.

here is the Situation:

Website hacked and needs to be rebult

Hi Guys

BADS NEWS! The site has been hacked and striped and I need to rebuild it. I have a back up and migrate file, all the css files and the folders /sites/all and the original database still

Can I rebuild the site easily and whats my best approach here?

Many thanks


How to Create a new tab in Content page at admin side in Drupal7?

Hi All,

Actually my requirement is create a contact page for user and all the contact details should be showed in content page as a tab after comments tab at admin side using module. For this I have created a module and using this module I have created a contact page for user and also created database table to store contact details.


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