Importing database into phpMyAdmin from phpMyAdmin export gives error

I'm trying to deploy my D7 site from my local dev server to an online host.

I export my database using the export function in phpMyAdmin and then import the file on the host end also using phpMyAdmin. PhpMyAdmin versions are the same on both ends, and I have tried both the quick export and many settings, matching settings on the import, and I get the same #1064 syntax error every time. However I don't see any issues with the SQL, it looks fine to me. I have also taken the exported SQL and pasted it into phpMyAdmin as a SQL statement and get the exact same error.

Webform Submission Tokens

Webform exposes a number of tokens for the submission "just made" so that details of this submission can be accessed. i.e., You may rename a file that is being uploaded on a submission using another field, or fields, on the same submission for the filename.

Background image always fill the screen using bootstrap

I am trying to make a site for my family. I am trying to put background image fill the screen with menu.
Just like this "". I do not need to have a slideshow function. just one image is good. i tried several different ways as follows.
1. block with image
2. css

Run Rule on contents first time view for user

I want to give userpoints when a user views a certain page for their first time, managed to get it working but it runs every time a user views the specific page. I wanted the rules to run only once per user. For instance they submit a webofrom and on the thank you page, with path Thank-You I'd like them to be granted points.

Comment Reply Form

Helo, i have been develop with Drupal for some time and now i need render the comment reply form on the same page where comments are and hide some custom fields that i add to the comments. I know how to change the comment add form my custom comment-wrapper.tpl.php but don't see where Drupal render the reply form.

Appreciate some help.

Looking for some 1 on one help configuring a site

Experience with the following modules would be helpful...

Node Gallery
User Blogs

I'm looking for someone to provide support, answer some questions, maybe provide some code examples if needed. Preferably by IM or kik.


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