Multi-sites on same server need access to each other's MariaDB

This may have been asked before, and if so I apologize. I always do my research before bugging anyone, but I haven't found a good solution to this yet. Any wisdom the community elders can share would be very appreciated.


I have an intranet site set up ... a single drupal 7 install on a Centos6 LAMP. There are content types for Contacts, Accounts, Document DMS, Webforms, and Calendar/Events.

"Contacts" have a "contact type" field (i.e. customer, employee, vendor, etc ...).

Script to add files in S3 bucket folder and add files on new location using S3 api or s3fs module.

Script to add files in S3 bucket folder and add files on new location
try {
$config = _s3fs_get_config();
$s3 = _s3fs_get_amazons3_client($config);
catch (S3fsException $e) {
form_set_error('form', $e->getMessage());
return FALSE;

how to redirect default node page to panel page for a given content type?

Ok, let's say I have a content type "book" and nodes of that type, but also other content types, such as authors and publishers.

Then it's possible for users to view a single book using node/8 for example, but maybe node/9 will be an author or a publisher.

I want to automatically redirect all default node views of content type "book" to a panel page, with the node ID as an argument so it can be used by a view.

How to do that?

Using Drupal 7.56

Can't get EntityFieldQuery to work with EntityForm data

I've searched for days and have read so many examples, tutorials and the API on EntityFieldQuery, all of which refer to node data and none of which I can convert to apply to EntityForms. I would expect the same underlying entity system would apply but I'm not getting results or the page not rendering, or an error page without any error indicators. I have no doubt that there's some tiny little element I'm missing or doing wrong but it's been a lengthy, futile exercise in frustration. I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction...

Can't access admin panel

Hi! I'm using Drupal 7.41 on Nginx. I was trying to edit a field collection that already had data in it, and the site stopped working. When I try to access the admin panel I get a blank screen. I tried to backup everything and update the site, but I get this error:

Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 204 of 811 bytes en field_read_fields() (línea 374 de /www/na/www/modules/field/

Since I can't access the panel, I can't look at the logs to see what went wrong. Any ideas?

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Project page:
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