Site not getting load

m site address :

i have updated theme. now when i open the site it is not getting load. just blank page is coming. please help me out. I am new in drupal.

Make status posts look different as a default

Hey guys,

I could use some help with the statuses plugin. I want to give users a couple dropdown menus to choose their post from, so that they CANT type, just select from the menu. Is this possible?

Drop down select list with value's from entity reference field

I got 2 content types, lets call it A and B. In content type A i got a field collection with a field called 'participants'.

So i create a node with content type A and i got my list of participants

now i create a node of content type B, there i got a entity reference field from linking to the node from content type A.

Then i have another field 'user'. This should be a list with the users that are in the 'participants list' from that node where we did a entitiy reference on.

Add fields to user registration using Paypal Roles

Hello everyone,
I am currently trying to have users on my site have a subscription.
They can choose different subscriptions from a drop down list.
What I want to do is to show a registration form with some specific fields, submit, redirect to a page with the Paypal subscription button, then they can pay and have their account on our website.
I am using the Paypal Roles module.
I tried to implement a hook from the module :function hook_paypal_roles_user_data_alter(&$account_data, $rawipn)
I added all my fields to it.

contest website using drupal

Thanks for the support
I need to build a contest website using drupal ,I’m not a web developer so I faced a lot of problems ,and I think I need a drupal developer, contest have a content type, I can control repeating contest , every day or every week or every month ext, every contest have a winner, and I can make a contest for every category ,and there are timer show the time, my photos show what I mean ,the entry is another content type, and users can vote using rate module or any other modules, users have to login using facebook to vote


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