Contextual Menu ?

I have content type call car and a menu link to galleries.

I want each node created by car link to it's own gallery.

I was thinking of creating a view with the content type campus filter and a contextual filter

but I can't figure the menu part out, how do each menu under car know where it's own galleries is?

Really need help on this.

Many thanks in advance

how to create this view using Organic group.

In a single view using Organic Group, is it possible to show content of each group member to themself alone? and in the same view is it possible to show all group member's content to group manager?

Bug in Locale, Views or Field?


I just migrated a Drupal system from MySQL to PostGreSQL.

Following issue:

in sites/all/modules/views/handlers/, line 951:

'#description' => t('If checked, all newlines chars (e.g. \n) are converted into HTML <br> tags.'),

The newline breaks the SQL query in locale.module line 715 if the Locale Module is "ON".

Pilot error or bug somewhere?

Views - rewrite different urls

I'm trying to create nested galleries using views and taxonomy in Drupal 7. I have a hierarchy in taxonomy, something like Events->Year->Event Name. At the top level you'd click on Events, which shows a bunch of years, click on a year and it shows a bunch of events in that year. Clicking on an event would then take you to the events gallery. I have two views, basically one is a gallery selection view, and the other is the items view. These two views display what I want. If I go to the "Events" view I see a list of years. These years have a link to the view for that year.

Does Feeds for YouTube work or not?

Spent 2 days now trying to figure this out- but am at a deadend.

I want to import videos from youtube, and be embedded on a node (along with URL, Title, Description). I somehow rigged a way to get 25 videos imported via feeds, Media: YouTube and rss- but that's all it will do (even tho there's 300+ results in my youtube search). It also ignores search parameters in the URL (ie- +/- search terms).

Composer package naming conventions

This is WIP documention for #2401519: [policy, no patch] Decide on Composer Package Names.

With Drupal adopting Composer as dependency manager, the community has to follow a naming convention for composer package names to avoid conflicts.


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