How to use Drupal to operate the database directly?

I want to use Drupal to operate the database directly,I would like to directly show the data table in the Postgres database directly in Drupal, how to use schema to achieve this?

Users and content combined in one view

I need to create a view that shows both users and content, filtered by term. How could this be accomplished? A view can only show one entity type...

I can imagine creating a content type "user" and then "link" a user node to the corresponding user. But how to make sure only one user node exists per user and how to enable people to create and update that user node of their own?

Blank Pages/Comment/Email if Filtered HTML is used

It seems that if I have Filtered HTML enabled for text in Pages/Comments/Email then the body of any of them will not be displayed.

It started with Welcome New Users email having no body. I deleted HTML text and it still persisted. I disabled Filtered HTML, and back came the body. So it seems that now I can only use Text?

It also seems that it's random now that I check. One page has only Text, it now displays, another page has Filtered HTML, and it also displays?

email body however - remains blank.

any ideas anyone?

How to create multirow multifield form

Basically I want a form like this. I have a custom table which is non entity for which I want to create a content manageable interface in custom code.

field1(textfield) | field2(textarea) | (save)
field1(textfield) | field2(textarea) | (save)
field1(textfield) | field2(textarea) | (save)
field1(textfield) | field2(textarea) | (save)
field1(textfield) | field2(textarea) | (save)

Fields in table - for add node

I need to create lots of fields. The list will be around 15-20 different pieces of information. Ideally I would like to display all the fields in a single table.
How do i theme the add node for drupal 7.

Random Image Block - Some Questions


I am relatively new at Drupal, I have installed version 7, and for articles, I added a new field called "image2". I have made it so the admin can upload several images. I created a random image view as a block that shows random images.

One problem is that some articles have 3 images, and others have none. I would like only one image to appear, and the ones that have none not to be shown at all.

I was hoping for some suggestions to accomplish this... Thanks!


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