Can't sort by date node was created in Views?

I create a view and created a block in the view so that I have a block of the latest documents/nodes created for a specific document type, Let's call it medical news and every node/post will be sorted with the newest on top and in reverse chronological order. Now to sort the results, I see there are existing indexes and also something called "relevance" for the search. But I can't sort by the date the document was created / posted / modified. For example, this field:

Indexed Node: Date created
The date the node was posted.

Drupal Version Number


Manage access by group to webforms


I am quite new to dupal and I want to improve my website made of a homepage and a webform, and users are grouped with a taxonomy.

My aim is to add other webforms, to assign one or more to each group of users and to display links to allowed webforms (filtered by user/group) on homepage.

I already made a webform list withs views but I an not able to filter by user group.

Is anyone can help me?


Horizontal menu brakes on flush cache

Hey guys,

I'm newbie to drupal and recently I experienced very strange issue. I have a website with multilingual options but when I flush cache my menu brakes and displays all the language available. What I've noticed is that on flush cache the setting for the horizontal menu are changed. You can see my site here and how the menu behaves. Please advice as I'm out of options already.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in form_type_checkboxes_value()

Hello, I keep getting the following warning:
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in form_type_checkboxes_value() (line 2390 of /.../includes/
This seems to have been reported a number of times before. The respective code is

POST Calls in wait state


We are running load test for POST calls and we observed that for 100 concurrent users time goes up to 16 seconds per request. After some findings we come to know that no load on database but many requests at Drupal server are in wait state and sends request after 5-10 seconds hence we get delayed response back on website.

We are not able to identify that this wait is for what? (database connection/ Drupal level processing is going on / something else)

Any pointers/ suggestions are helpful in finding out the solution for this.



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