New whois protection service built on Drupal:

Just wanted to spread a word about a new Drupal project on for protecting the domain name whois information.

Drupal developer wanted for community library project

I'm looking to contract an experienced freelance Drupal developer to assist with migrating a Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7 (or possibly 8). I am a library and information management consultant with experience building Drupal sites but I'm not a PHP programmer or developer, so I need assistance with module and backend development and the developer I usually work with is unavailable.

Installation Dies Midway through Database Write to SQL Server 2014

A project I am working on is being migrated to a new infrastructure. We are currently set up using the Drupal Docs recommended Linux->MariaDB setup with no problems. However, due to business needs, we are needed to migrate, and the only place to go is to a SQL Server database.

Although it is a migration, I started with just Drupal 7.53 Core to install the database.

My first piece of documentation is

Dynamic field

I want to create a dynamic field which one in "backend" part when editing content can be filled with fields like file, textarea etc. and those can be sorted just using "drag and drop" function.

Anyone knows how to do this?

Best way create a subtype between two nodes, that can also be displayed?

I'm in the process of building a database application for my employer.
I've built the sample origin node, and have mostly built the Nodes for the Tests we're running, but since we are usually testing certain parts of each origin, we tend to label which section they are from. HOWEVER, there are only about 15 possible testable regions.
E.g. (if it was Biology)
Origin: (Patient 52362)
Subtype: lymph nodes
Test results node 26564: blahblahblah
Test results node 545464: blahblahblah

Collapsable file fieldgroup


Using hook_form_alter I'm trying to make the File Fieldset collapsible, I'm not sure how I would go about doing this though does anyone know?



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