How to get fivestar in Google search


I read there is a possibility to get the fivestar ranking in the google search by the microdata and/ or the modules.
Does anyone have a tip which I should use? Which is working best?


How to create a content field whose value increases each day?

Hello, I want to create a decimal content field that increases it's value every day (+0,1) if another content field is set to a certain value.
This way I want to calculate a library fine for readers who fail to return library materials on or before their due date. The fine increases 0,1 every day while the reader is late.

How could I achieve this? Are there any modules that could help with this?


An Login shared between the site and the online game

Hi, we are developing with my team an online game, and an internet site made with Drupal.

I want to create a file called gameinfo.php

and put this file in the htdocs folder

this gameinfo.php file must call some informations.

These informations are: User ID + Username + Password + Email

Where are these informations? In the default.settings.php?

Convert Drupal 7 Theme to Drupal 8?

Hi, I purchased a Drupal theme, not knowing it was made for Drupal 7 and not Drupal 8.

What is the easiest way to convert this theme over to Drupal 8? I've read this documentation:

How to display specific roles for siteadmin


I as administrator created two roles: site admin and site user. Under people> permission> site admin has permission to administer permission. Siteadmin also has permission to add/edit any users. Siteuser only has view permission and works as expected.

Siteadmin logins and sees Add User link which takes him to add user form page which has username, password, email plus 4 roles: autenticated, administrator, siteadmin and siteuser.

Looking for a module like Turbo Tax

Hi There!
I wonder if there is a module with functions like Turbo Tax. Users can get their questions answered by click through some questions.
Thank you in advance!


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