help_hook message not appearing when i enter the path into the browser


I'm looking at the following code from the quiz module: quiz_question.module.

If I enter the path into the browser.

I should see the message somewhere on the site?

But, I don't see it. And when I use vardump($path),

I do see the debug message for the $path = admin/help#quiz_quesion.

function quiz_question_help($path, $args) `{

if ($path == 'admin/help#quiz_quesion') {

return t('Support for Quiz question types.');




User id nonsequential


I've already been working on my site for a while but this strange behaviour only occurred to me now. The site is still in the making so I don't have a lot of users, and I haven't deleted any users. Currently my user IDs are 1, 13, 26, 27, 33, 68 (users created by admin). I have indeed installed and uninstalled a lot of modules while testing what I need, but I can't think of any that deal directly with users, most was with content. Also account 13 was created at a very early stage to be my non-admin testing account, so not much had been done at this point.

Custom table reference added to views/modules/ not visible in view ui

Hello --

I have been working for days attempting to run a view on a customzed table i've added to my drupal site. The table doesn't have a primary key and doesn't need one; I can add one if i have to. I have added the following code to views/modules/ in function node_views_data(), attempting to make the table visible to the views ui module:

  $data['profile_fields_from_master_site']['table']['group'] = t('Profile Fields');  
  $data['profile_fields_from_master_site']['table']['base'] = array(
    'field' => 'username', // This is the identifier field for the view. 
    'title' => t('Profile Fields'), 
    'help' => t('Profile fields holding profile fields found on master site.'), 
    'weight' => -10,

  // Example plain text field.
  $data['profile_fields_from_master_site']['username'] = array(
    'title' => t('username'), 
    'help' => t('Username of profile value holder.'), 
    'field' => array(
      'handler' => 'views_handler_field', 
      'click sortable' => TRUE, // This is use by the table display plugin.
    'sort' => array(
      'handler' => 'views_handler_sort',
    'filter' => array(
      'handler' => 'views_handler_filter_string',
    'argument' => array(
      'handler' => 'views_handler_argument_string',

Poll Module that allows a specific rolled user to cast mulitple votes at once???

I am creating a site that will need the ability to conduct polls off line, and allow for someone of a specific role to input the results of that poll.


John Doe will read the poll question on our site, he will then conduct the poll during his meeting and report the results back to the site. Sally will do the same thing at her meeting.

John and Sally will be marked a specific roles that will allow them to go to the site, log in, pick the poll that they want to input their results in, and cast everyone's votes.

adding a color to a certain content type

Hi, I would like to add a color to a specific content type so when creating a new post under that content type, the node will have a different color than all other nodes anywhere on the site

OR, instead of a color, how can I add a background image to that content type?

I have been reading for a couple of days to resolve this issue. Problem is I don't know anything about php, html or css. Is there an easy way?


User interface for translators

Hello ,

We are currently busy with building a large site with multiple regions and languages in drupal.
Because the translators at our firm have zero knowledge of drupal I was wondering I've there wasn't something like they can edit the content inline. So the translators go to the page and click on the content and so they can translate it directly?

I've found something simular but it's only for the user interface (l18n_client)

Greets Kristof


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