Home Menu and Lines at the bottom of pages

I shall try and explain what the issues are but below are screenshots of what I mean

1) A menu with the title Home appears on every page except the Home page

2) There are lines at the bottom of the page


Any ideas how I can get ride of the menu titled Home and the lines at the bottom?


Some questions about mime mail module

I installed mime mail module,and Mail System、HTML Mail、Mime Mail Action are all enable.But how do I configure these and implement the mail function?
Looking forward to replies!

Aggregator module and Twitter rss feed not working as expected


I've read that it should be possible to display tweets with the aggregation module in core.
found here.

How to hide password field?


* I have integrated ldap with my site.

* With ldap enabled,
- 1. user can login by ldap only.
- 2. or user can login with drupal username/password, if fails, it tries ldap username/password

* What I want is:
- Most of the people will use ldap to login.
- A few people outside of ldap needs to login by using drupal username/password
- So, I want to hide the password field for most of people. e.g. Only site admin can see the password field.

how to change redirect


I hope it is easy

how to change redirect after adding new node to its edition form not to view ?


adding form:

after submit redirect to :

Ubercart 3.0 Shipping Module

We need a shipping module for Ubercart 3.0

Uses simple XML parsing of 2 courier company calculators..

There is example shipping modules in the Ubercart distribution: UPS & USPS.

Full module requirements/details are here:

We will provide the base install drupal/ubercart for testing/development


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