Docflow on Drupal - how to?

Hi all!

What can I use for organizing docflow on Drupal?

For example:

At Login: Only show a subset of users based on terms shared in a taxonomy list

I am new to the forums and to Drupal so If I am in the wrong spot for this I'm sorry.

I am using the Wishlist module on Drupal 7.9 for my family's Christmas Wish Lists. I have about 60 user accounts that spread across 6 family names. I created a taxonomy vocabulary with the family names as the terms and then added a new field to the user information via config-->Account Settings-->Manage Fields. My new field is a list of my terms with check boxes that users can select when accounts are created and the data shows up with the user's profile info.

Omega Context+Delta basic question

With panels, I am used to the feature of adding nodes into the panel regions as well as blocks, views, ect. From what I understand, Context+delta can do what panels can do, or better.

So I am trying something similar using context, acting on a delta layout. When I define conditions using Context, i'm not sure how to set up a condition to just display a specific node into a Delta region. I see that I can pick out blocks, but not nodes? Am I forced to making any node I wish to display into a block? What would be the most efficient way of doing that?

Select List in Widget type

Why in Widget type where is no "Select Options".

How can I add in "Widget type" Select List.

Integration of different modules into a single system

i have created diffferent modules on different system,i need to integrate this modules into a single system,how to do that and
please tell me the required steps for this

Virtual Nodes

Hi - I'm completely new to Drupal, *wave*.

I have an external system with a few million entities accessible via web services.

Ideally what I would like to do is create a module that makes those entities appear in Drupal as Nodes, but not really be Nodes in the sense of being in the Drupal database.

I would like to be able to view/manage these entities through the Drupal UI as if they were bona-fide nodes.

Is this even possible?



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