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Login after front page module installation

After adding the Front Page module and adjusting my front page also removing the login box etc, I tried adding "sample data" in the html which is fine it worked but I can no longer log in as admin to make further modifications. Is there a way to reset the user "admin" page? I have tried "?q=admin". Any help in recovering is greatly appreciated.

Wikipedia Module

I require a D7 module that, given a wikipedia.org page title (ie Drupal, White_House, etc), creates a Drupal node with: title, content and image from wikipedia.org.

Preferred solution would import XML as a Special:Export IAW http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Database_download

Module to be contributed to d.o

Please use contact form to reply.

Styling main-menu (primary) with CSS and sprites?

I want to ad individual classes to each list element of the main menu, because i want to show background images using a sprite for the main menu. This is what the HTML should look like:

d7 in subdomain, virtualbox ok, host: page not found

I've installed drupal 7 in linux in a virtualbox environment and it works fine. I installed it in a subdomain. Inside linux I can browse and administer the site fine in Firefox. But when I access it from the host (windows), I get the top and left parts of the theme fine but the content says:

Page not found
The requested page "/http://dev.MyDomain.com/" could not be found.

So it looks like a leading slash is messing something up somewhere...any ideas where I should look?

How do I create custom URL's based on a value from the database?

I'm new to Drupal 7, and I have a big question.

How do I create a page where the URL is based off of a number in the database?


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