Upgrade D6 to D7 Bugs with Content Taxonomy Options and Option Widgets.

After upgrading from drupal 6 to drupal 7 the value of the following fields are lost:


When I edit the post that has these fields, the fields value is set to "-none-" instead of the exact value like "Visual Basic". It seems that the value is not associated anymore with those fields.

Only the field_tags is left intact.

I use Migrate fields of CCK.

views as a field

How can i use a views that I created and use it as a display field in a content type?

How to insert token in drupal 7?

In drupal 6 using the content template I just simply use the following code to insert a token in text area:

print $node->name . " has submitted " . $res->count . " source code / articles.";

In drupal 7 I don't know how to add a tokent just like the code above. What I can see in drupal 7 is this:


Anyone can teach me the syntax of token in drupal 7?

Adding Scripts to the Head of certain pages in Drupal 7

Can anyone tell me how to add scripts to the head section in Drupal 7 on certain pages.

I could do this in Drupal 6 by creating a region/block and displaying it in 'page.tpl.php'

Now that the head section has its own template 'html.tpl.php' which I can use for site wide changes - is it possible to target specific pages similar to block process in 6?

Another simple newbie question

Switching over from Joomla to Drupal 7.9 and can't find the 'Global Config' area to turn off Authoring and Date line.

Since this is usually the first thing people like to get rid of, I assumed it would be somewhere easy and logical... but I'm pulling my hair out looking for the checkbox!

I've tried modifying node.tpl.php, but to no success


How to build a puzzle website in D7

Hello Drupalists all over the world!

Recently I got the question to create a little puzzle website in D7 with the following main goal:

- 25 users that must be able to login to the puzzle zone (even as a newby I can handle this myself)

- 6 nodes with a puzzle or image (not a problem either)

- an input field and a continue button (getting thricky).

- Solution of the puzzle node N must be entered in the input field by the user and is the password to go to the puzzle node N+1.


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