HELP Language change absolutely failed

So I desperately need your help.
I tried to change the language of my site.
I activated the Locale module and imported my language file (german).
Then I set that to default.

Now everything is broke. I can no longer access my site... Please Help.

Autofocus on First Input Element on Forms

I'd like to have the first input field on my forms auto-focused. How can I accomplish this in Drupal?

Have read some posts* on the matter, and it seems this feature is not going to be implemented, generally out of usability concerns, in the core module. However, all my forms are simple, no-guidance one-form-per-page sorts, and I feel this feature would really help my users, who are expected to comprise the spectrum of Internet users.


Survey with result message in function of user's answers

Does anyone know a solution to create an online survey that gives the user a message depending on his answers ?

For example, a user has answered : question 1 answer a; question 2 answer c etc and will see a specific result telling him "You are profile is : x ".

Thanks for your help or ideas ...

Populate users in a category to a new field in article


Am new here - and with a question :)
My requirement is - when i add a article, I will be adding a new field, which will be a listbox.
Is it possible to populate a list of users in a list box?

Thank You

Attendance list

With drupal 7 I am trying to do a management system for students.
I've created a content type (student) that has a field that relates to other content (course), in that way I know when a student is enrolled in a course.
Now my problem is to get as many admissions to the course the student has, for each course they participate in order to make statistics of the most popular courses.
anyone has some ideas for me?

Adding tags through buttons

I've been looking for a way to add tags to selected text in a textarea by clicking a button. Exactly like the php button works here when you write the forum post. Does anyone know how this is done or where I should look to find out?


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