Image module images positioning


I need gallery in my website, so I used Image module, but images are positioned vertically and not horizontally ( How do I reposition these images without knowledge of CSS? Is any module? Or should I use Views or can I have CSS code?

Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english.

[Solved] Table rowspan in Views

Can anyone explain to me how I can create this kind of output with Views:

|Picture|Field2 |
| |--------------------
| |Field3 |
| |--------------------
| |Field4 |

Thanks in advance.

Solved by using Grid as format and float: left; in class of picture field.

add a submit handler in form while validating to display custom message depending on the validation result

How can I choose a different message after a form submit that is dependent on the validation?
I tried to add $form_state['#submit'][] = 'display_manager_notification_submit';
and then unsetting the messages in the submit handler and adding my own message.


I'm a new guy of durpal, and my test domain is, when i upload files to the host, the bowser says [Warning: require_once(/home/a2091477/public_html/includes/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/a2091477/public_html/index.php on line 19]. How to slove this, come on to help me.

Admin Overlay doesn't appear?

I searched around and didn't seem to find anything about this except one post that talked about clearing my caches (which I did).

My problem is that the admin overlay bar doesn't seem to want to load for my site. There's a bar of empty space for where it would be (if it appeared), but it never does. It did load for a single/couple loads after changing performance issue (such as disabling/enabling aggregation of JS, clearing cache, etc.), but it never lasted. Any help on this baffling error would be appreciated.

Views and nodequeue


Sorry for my english.

Context : i have a block view and an attachement the block view contain stories and the attachement contain stories from a nodequeue. I search how to don't display the story who are in the nodequeue in the block view.

Thanks for your help



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