Adding a Date column to the file attachments table in a node

I have a node with a few file attachments (PDFs), and the display configuration is set to "Table of attachments". When I view the node, I see the file attachments listed in a table... great. It would be nice to have a "Date" column in the table, so users can see what the file was uploaded.

Hacking core, I was able to add a date column:

Exercises: documentation site

These exercises build on previous exercises in the documentation site suite. They can be carried out individually, with some preparation, or in sequence with the previous exercises. The exercises require using the concepts described in previous chapters in this book, including part A.

Video recordings of the suggested solutions to these exercises can be found at

D7 WYSIWYG - CKeditor issue

Hi all,

I've used CKeditor and prefer it but when I Installed on Drupal 7 it just gives me a blank text box. I'm not sure what could be causing this to happen. I re uploaded the library, module and have created a profile in WYSIWYG. I had a similar issue in Drupal 6 where updating to the latest D6 fixed the problem... Not sure what to do here - I'm using the latest D7.

TinyMCE works fine except for the image upload.

Page, block and RSS feed with the latest articles

As a visitor at a news site I want to always be able to see the three most recent headlines. Along with the headlines I want a link to a page displaying more news, and there should also be an RSS feed for the news. This is important since it makes it easier for me to follow the recent news.

The functionality above can be achieved by the following steps:

A block with a random image

As a visitor on a photo site I want a random photo uploaded in the recent week to be displayed in the sidebar. This is important since it helps me find photos I otherwise would have missed.

The functionality above can be achieved by the following steps:

  • A node type for photos, containing images (such as the article node type).
  • A new node view, with the name random image. In the quick-wizard, the block is checked (while page is left unchecked), and the block is set to display one result only.
  • In the main configuration panel, a filter fields: field_image – fid ("file ID") is added to filter out nodes where the relevant image field is empty.
  • Another filter content: post date is added, configured to only display nodes posted the most recent week.
  • A new view field fields: field_image is added, displaying the content of the relevant image field in a style that fits the websites sidebar. The view field for node title, automatically added by the quick-wizard, is removed.
  • The use pager is inspected, to assure that only one result is displayed, without any pager.
  • A new sort criteria global: random replaces the one added by default, to allow selecting a random image.

Example implementation of basic Views configuration

This section contains examples of how the concepts and functionalities in this chapter may be used. You can find more examples in the exercises.


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