Organic Group Menus within groups

I hope this is a quick fix that I can chalk up to being new to Drupal and everything within. I am using OG and trying to have a menu off to the side that lists all of the content types available to that group. It's for clubs, so I have OG Content types of events, officers, links, etc. I would like it if I could have that menu off to the side. Should this be the module to use or is there something else?

How to make images private so they can't be viewed by anonymous


I'm using Drupal 7.9 and ckeditor. I'm inserting images into pages using ckeditor.

This is a private site where NO content is to be visible to Anonymous. You must be logged in to view content. I have discovered that if someone types in the exact URL for the images they can be viewed whether or not logged in. This is a HUGE problem.

I have tried password protecting the directory through cPanel. This did not work.

Can anyone help with this?

How do I make sure ALL content is hidden from anyone NOT logged into the site?

Redirect Problems with Clean URL's

Hi -

just tried to switch on clean URL's which worked out after a while. I'm using German (de) as main language and English (en) as translated language for my site.

Now it all sort of works and all the nodes show up right as they should.

But I store a bunch of pictures in sites/default/ .... - and the problem is that the path to them (including the site logo) now became de/sites/default/...

Any idea what went wrong here?

Thanks, Ralph

Node type with multiple values in seperate table?

I'm trying to build a module for a T-shirt shop. The shirts have one of an array of sentences printed on it. So I need to create a content type that stores the main data (product title, description, price, etc.) in one table and another table that holds the available sentences the customer can choose from.

Ideas on how to do price comparison with drupal

Hello everyone

I'm looking for ideas for what modules i could use to implement a price comparison section on my website. I've spent several hours searching both on this site and google for clever solutions and the only one I've found that i liked was but it uses a lot of custom modules and i don't have sufficient programming experience or time to do that.

multiple contextual filters

Hi, Im using Ubercart and Drupal 7. I have a furniture shop where I have 3 content types filtering the products (I would have used taxonomy but find its not very user friendly for my clients)

These content types are Wood, Range and Category

I have a view that filters the products by category which works fine, but when I add more content filters (Wood and Range) none of the products appear. How can I fix this?



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