Differences between v. 6.x and 7.x

Patterns v7 has gone through a serious and thoughtful refactoring of the engine. New features have been introduced, while some have been lost. Hopefully the net gain is positive.

Here is a list of known backward-incompatible changes from Patterns v6 to v7. Some features are going to be re-implemented soon in v7 (see Work in Progress paragraph), others will remain backward incompatible.

Images in blocks show on everything except full content pages

Using Pixture Reloaded and Drupal 7. Same problem on Bartik.

I have a directory I made my_images. Just use an image tag to show the images inside a block.

They show fine on everything until you view a full content page. Same problem with a basic page or a custom content type.

Never seen this before.

Is there a better 'Drupal' way I should be getting images into blocks? Maybe use a views block?

Table structured taxonomy terms block

I have some taxonomy vocabulary .
I want to display them as displayed in

I have enabled the taxonomy block but it is not displaying though i have set the permissions and other things .

I have tried to use views but not successsfull.

Please guide me where I am wrong .


Rules, Rulesets and Actionsets confusion

I just started to look into Drupal a couple of days ago, and all though I already have discovered some of the powerful capabilities in Drupal, I'm a bit confused.

I'm trying to do the following using Webforms, Rules, Rules Forms and Webform Rules:

1. Create a rule that triggers when webform X is submitted. Action: Triggers the ruleset described in 2.
2. Create a ruleset that evaluates the submission of webform X. One rule for each option in the submission. Action: Triggers the scheduling of an actionset described in 3.
3. Create several actionsets (it is called that even though it just contains 1 action) that just sends an email.

So, depending on the results in webform X i want to send different emails at different times.

The problem is that I'm not able to pass the arguments needed from step 1. to step 2. above. I have no idea how I can get access to the elements of the submission, so that they can be evaluated in the 2. ruleset. No matter what I write as variables as input for the ruleset, I'm not able to get the data from the form so that I can evaluate it.

I am able to do this if I just skip the 2. step above, ie:

A. Create a rule that triggers when webform X is submitted. Action: Triggers the scheduling of an actionset described in 2.
B. Create several actionsets that just sends an email.

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found

I encountered the following error when trying to install the latest Media module:

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table '***.media_type' doesn't exist

Someone gave me the solution to that question as described below,

includes/media.types.inc | 4 ++--
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

Send an upcoming event reminder mail


I have just implemented a Drupal 7 website, using the calendar and views modules, in order to have the upcoming events.

I installed simplenews, and now I would like to use its mailing list system to send an event reminder email to users that subscribed the list, 1h before the event.

The problem is that I do not have any idea about how to do that.
Can I have such scenario? How can I achieve this idea?

Thank you very much for any kind of help!


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