Conditional links by taxonomy!

I have a content type Staff, and a taxonomy Positions(external, internal, head, student).
And in the view that is showing the Staff members, all the Staff members have links to their pages.
How to display the Staff members in the view with the taxonomy (Positions = external) without a link, only a plain text. Since the external Staff has no page. And keep displaying the rest of the staff with links.

I can't acess to drupal menu after my site is online


I can't acess to drupal menu after my site is online, i need do delete a image from nivo-slider in structure and I can't acess to struture...
Anyone can help me, please...

Manny Thx

New Content type not showing title field in admin section

Hi All,

function module_node_info() {

$items['module_writing'] = array(
'name' => t('Test Content'),
'type' => 'test_writing',
'base' => 'node_content',
'description' => t('Writers18 Writing.'),
'has_title' => '1',
'title_label' => t('Writing Title'),
'help' => t('Please fill in all fields.'),
return $items;



im looking for a way to make customerforms in a drupal site that communicate with a soap(alike) server.
The forms have to insert and update customer info. Whats a good startingpoint for me to take off?

Thank you for tips and pointers.


Views supertable + Views Bluk Operation

I want to use views supertable with views bulk operations but when I choose the format "jQuery Supertable" the bulk views operations doesn't work. Any body has face the problem,or is any other solution because I need to use the jquery filter to select multiple users from the table of the view.

Text- Editor

Hey Dudes!

I switched from Joomla to Drupal, 'couse Drupal is more powerful. I worked with it 2 times before, but on D7 everything's new ;)

I'm looking for a good text-creator in the Admin-Section. When I'm logged in as an admin, i need an easy creator to create content, 'cause a lot of Girls are going to use that function in future... I need some posting of pictures, Text (most important), and maybe some Youtube-Clips later on.


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