Problem with site-information page

Hi all

I'm relatively new to Drupal and I'm not a programmer. I am in charge of what I now realise is a rather ambitious project – a complementary currency system based on We are in our beta testing phase and a number of issues are coming up that are beyond my current understanding of Drupal; so you may see a number of posts from me in the coming days.

To the point... My first post to the Drupal forums:

We've had our site running (Drupal 7.1.2) for some time. All has been OK and at some point a few weeks (or perhaps months) ago I used admin/config/system/site-information to make a few changes (such as adding a slogan).

Today I went to this page to make a slight change to the slogan wording and found that the page is not being displayed correctly. Instead I get a text page that appears to be the contents of a site information array. I'll paste the text below my signature.

I don't know when this happened. It is conceivable that it occurred when we made a clone of the whole site for use by our beta testers. (I did this by dumping the database, duplicating the site directory, creating a new database from the dump, and pointing the duplicated Drupal to the new database.)

Does anyone know what has gone wrong and how I might fix it?

Thanks a lot.


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Forum User Add Topic Button

I've searched for how to do this and it appears in previous versions of Forums you could have an authenticated user add a topic but I can't figure out how to do it. I do have the permissions set correctly. I have it set so authenticated users can Create New Content, Edit own content, and Delete own content. From what I've seen online people say you must have Create new content permission allowed to authenticated users to allow the creation of topics but it doesn't allow an authenticated user to create topics. I'm using the basic Drupal Forums module in Drupal 7.

suggest me the better way to create interactive whiteboard and incorporate into drupal site

is that possible to create interactive whiteboard using php or whether we need to get into flash/flex or any other technology
if we can develop using php
let me know the process to create whiteboard
or if we use other technology ,please let me know the process

otherwise suggest me some tutorials which can make me to initialize in a right direction

thanks in advance

Views - comparing taxonomy terms

I need some help figuring out what I should select in Views fields such as Relationship, Contextual Filters, Filters, etc.

Here's what I hope to achieve:

Client portal help

Hello all,

I'm looking for some advice before I get started on a site. I'm very new to Drupal so any help would be much appreciated and the more detailed you can be in your response the better.

The site is for a company that sells to local coffee shops. They have about ten products that they deliver twice a week.

The site I want to build will have a front end (viewable by the general public) and a client login / portal. Each client will have a unique login and their own page. On this page they should be able to see / edit their profile but, most importantly, they should be able to see their past orders and they should have the ability to edit their upcoming orders. If the client doesn't change his / her order by a set time, the order should automatically go through based on the previous order. All of this data should be collected and emailed to the site admin, also by a set time (in this case twice a week).

The client won't be executing payment on the site but they'll need to see the cost of each order they make. So, each product will have a price associated with it. The admin will be able to mark an order / invoice as paid and, if the invoice hasn't been paid, after a selected amount of time the client will automatically be sent a friendly reminder.

Date problem


I've just installed the date module. It is in English and the display of the dates too of course (monday tuesday,...).
I have 2 questions:

  • Is it possible to translate those dates in French, and where (monday => lundi, tuesday => mardi,...)?
  • I have a view displaying events sorted by date but how to use dates created by this module to sort my events? It doesn't seems to be working.

Thank you by advance, and sorry for my bad english :S



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