Claim blog such as

My site is a bloggers driven community site, and to enhance my users experience I would like to offer users to follow blogs of other bloggers.

I am looking for a way to have users submit their blog but it should be checked if the user who submit a blog, also is the true owner of that blog.

With Technorati or Bloglovin you can register yourself as a user, and claim your blog. In order to claim your blog you have to use a certain set of tokens in a new blog posting, Technorati or Bloglovin will check if the tokens are in the blog postings. If they are, you have claimed the blog as the real owner.

How it should work, in big lines as I think is good is as follows;

When a user want to submit their blog, they are presented with two text fields.
1) the url of their blog
2) the url of the rss feed of their blog

To make sure that the url to their RSS-feed is correct, the module should fetch the last 3-5 of postings so that the user visually can see that the provided url to their RSS-feed is correct and they have to confirm this.

After confirmation they are presented with a unique set of tokens which they should copy/paste in a new blog posting.

The module then has to check, during cron, if the security token is in the new blog posting. If it is the blog is therefor claimed by the user.

Multilingual Handbook

In case you haven't noticed, you can now find (since last year) a Multilingual Handbook at this shortcut URL:

Please note that comments on the handbook could be closed in the future, so please use this forum for any related discussion.

Don't forget that you can now update the documentation without having to be a Drupal Docs admin!

Restrict visibility to menu link

I would like to make visible/accessible a main menu link ONLY to a certain role.
I'd like to have an experience-based advice on what module I should use from the rich choice on this site. My requirement is really basic so I'm looking for the least complex but reliable module. Thanks

Creating an image pager

This page describes the steps to use an image as the pager in Views Slideshow 3.x.

Images can only be used as a pager if the view formatter is set to show fields and not entire nodes/teasers. Drupal 7 defaults a new view to showing entire nodes and not fields so be sure to change this.


Redirect domain based on IP -> Region

I am looking for a solution to redirect users based on their IP on the home page. Based on COUNTRY-REGION

So if a used is from France or CanadaQuebec(French province in Canada), they get redirected to, else they get directed to

What is the simplest way to do this?
please note that this is REGION level, not just country-level


User profile own page

Is it possible to create a page when new user create new account?

For example, a user create new profile account, part of that process, a copy of a web page template gets created so each user has own page. So, when the user logs in he/she will see web page with own database info. All users pages are the same but the data displayed is different.



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