Can't send attached file with Newsletter

I am new to Drupal. Currently I am working with Newsletter module which is working fine. I can send newsletter to users... but not able to send attached file (doc, pdf) I already made a function in Manage field (Configuration - > Newsletter - > Template - > Manage Field) ( admin/config/media/newsletter/templates/fields)

So when I create a Template there I can see upload doc, pdf file but when I try to send newsletter can only see body but not attached file. (admin/config/media/newsletter/create-send/new)

I really need help

Bounty for bug in contrib module (involves Media and Views features)

Hello. I am considering hiring someone to fix a bug/add a small feature in a 3rd party contributed module.

This 3rd party contributed module is Image Matrix -

Styling fields and widgets

One of the many interesting features in Drupal is the ease of changing fields in entities. The strength of admin/structure/types, admin/config/people/accounts/fields and related functionalities like Field collections make it possible for well-informed endusers to change forms easily. There are many different field types and many field types have multiple widgets to change the input and presentational behavior of these fields. And to add more even more complexity, fields can be arranged into fieldsets with multiple widgets.
This post addresses one possible way of handling this complexity.

Question about multi-site setup and capability

Hello All -

I am in the process of attempting to build a multiple site "farm" (for lack of better description) for my small business.

I want to build and host multiple site on the same server if possible. I have the following needs:

1 Non- branded site which is focused on the industry in which my business is in.
1 branded site which is focused on my specific company.
Multiple sites that are focused on product lines.
Multiple sites focused on specific products which fall under the product lines.

Customizing the display of a Google News Feed

I am using the core Aggregator module to get a Google News RSS feed such as

Custom Date Mudule Needed

The custom module needs to do the following:

I need to compare the start and end date from one node to the start and end date of the node referencing the current view.
Here's what I have:

Content Types:
User (account settings)

User Fields:
Conflict Date
Voice Part (taxonomy list)


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