Multilinguage Site, problem with the logo link to the respective lenguage

I have a multilenguage site, en ingles and spanish, the problem is whith logo link,
In spanish page the logo link me to the personal page called /bienvenido, i translated this page to english with the url /welcome, The problem, when i'm in the spanish page, the logo link me to /bienvenido, and when i'm in english page, the logo link me still to the /bienvenido page and not link me to the /welcome.
How can i link the logo to the respective /bienvenido in spanish and /welcome in english?
i'm using the i18n module and varible module.

newbie hook_menu question

I'm trying to have a form (dropdown & button) and a table on the same page and am creating two hook_menus that point to the same path in the same module. This, although doesnt pop an error, does not display both.
Is there a way round this?


Help with Features module

I am fairly new with Drupal. I work at a company where we will be building several sites using the Drupal platform. We will have a standard development life cycle of Development, Staging and Live. I realized right away that we would have issues making configuration changes on the live server since they reside in the database, so I am looking at the Features module which looks like exactly what I need to use.

Project application checklist

This checklist basically covers all points of the application process a reviewer will take care of. We know that not all new contributors have the knowledge to successfully follow all of these points from scratch, but the more of them you can resolve now, the less reviewers have to remind you later and the quicker your application can be approved.

[views/taxonomy]Separate select for parent/child taxonomy in view

What I am trying to accomplish is a view that displays a list of user profiles based on taxonomy terms in their profile. There should be 2 exposed filter lists (link lists actually, useing the Better Exposed Filter module). The fist list should display all parent terms (level 0), and the second list should display all child terms (level 1) under the parent item selected in the first list.

'Form Fields Positioning Module"

I'm using latest version of (Drupal 7.14). I'm just wondering if there ia a module out there that allows you to position your fields in the "Manage Fields" Screen.

  • Basically, what I'm trying to do is style the way a custom Commerce Customer Profile is displayed in the Commerce checkout form.
  • Currently, I've installed Display Suite, Fieldgroups, & Renderable Elements - and together they still cannot get the display right.

Display Suite
Ds allows me to "manage display" of fields AFTER the form has been submitted (that when the fields are diaplayed in VIEW mode). However, it doesnt allow me to choose display layout for positioning fields in "Manage Fields" mode. So, I can't control how fields show on the actual form itself. There is also another problem I observe with ds (when used together with Fieldgroups). There is currently no way of getting multiple fields in the same fieldgroup but with different layout positions - to show properly.


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