Travel Site in Drupal

I am new to Drupal & it has been recommended to me for making a travel website.
Now this website which I am about to make has multiple booking engines, plus I need to create a custom booking engine & integrate it with payment gateway.
Also there are suppliers, agents & affliates management to be taken care of with Google Map integration, invoicing & vouchers & custom reporting tools.

I need to understand how can I go about with it in Drupal?
Please advice.


Module for branch location finder and reviews


Totally new to Drupal here - just installed and would like opinions on the best module for putting a branch location finder and one to put reviews for each branch.....

Any help appreciated!


Clean URLs don't work when using mod_rewrite and running drupal from a subdirectory

I have drupal installed in /var/www/drupal where /var/www/ is my document root. I have mod_rewrite enabled and in /var/www/.htaccess I have the following line

RewriteRule (.*) /drupal/$1

local mail issues in D7 (during setup) - but NOT in D6!!!

i'm running drupal 7 on windows with wampserver 2.2e

i'm trying to set up a site with drupal 7 but it fails just after initialization, telling me my email addresses are not valid' (i've put in admin@localhost for both 'Site email address' & 'email address' but it refuses to accept either are valid)

i ran a PHP test script to see if i could send an email directly to my mail client (outlook express) via my local mailserver (argosoft mailserver). everything works there

VMWare Fusion Mac setup for DEV environment

My scenario is simple:
- small VM running Ubuntu Server with fully functioning LAMP stack
- use mysql from VM
- use Mac filesystem to host source code base of all drupal sites;
mounted on Linux VM as /mnt/hgfs/geoff/DEVELOPMENT/geoff_vm/d6/ with read/write permissions using VMWare shared folder
- apache is configured to serve /var/www as the web directory, with a symlink /var/www/drupal/d6 ->

This setup works great for html sites, and other php/mysql-based sites, but not for a drupal site where the source tree is located in the above mount point.
If I copy the full drupal directory from the mount to the local VM filesystem, it works perfectly.

The error from the apache log is:
[Mon Jul 09 08:19:03 2012] [error] [client] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /mnt/hgfs/geoff/DEVELOPMENT/geoff_vm/d6/sites/default/settings.php on line 259

I assume this means the missing "?>" which is actually missing in all drupal php files.

As I mentioned, I've used this setup before for non-drupal php/mysql sites. I like this setup because I can work directly on the files on the Mac filesystem, which is backed up automatically by TimeMachine. It also keeps the VM lean and small, requiring a very small virtual disk.

Featured content slider using different content types - D7


I have 3 content types - say News, Jobs and Medical Services.
Some of the nodes created from these content types should be featured in a content slider on home page.

I don't find a Drupal 7 module that allow the use of multiple existing content types to create a view used by the content slider.
"Featured content slider" for Drupal 6 allows "multiple content types (upto 3)".

Are you aware of a such module for D7 ?
Can I achieve my goals in a different way ?


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