Profile Two Register Path not redirecting.

Hi I have the fallowing problem.

I installed profile2 registration path and all of its dependent modules and it worked initially. My main use of this module is to grant different roles to users based on designated url paths; and initially this module was fully functional. However, after updating the profile2 registration path module, the designated links for account registration no longer works and I am redirected to an error page. Can anyone diagnose my problem?

Thank you.

Profile2: Page not found Error on profile view page

Found problem - machine name was wrong (didnt update with Profile name update).

Need a senior Drupal developer

We are looking to hire an experienced Drupal developer/consultant to help finish a project which has been delivered as complete by another team but needs more work.

merlinofchaos to keynote Drupaldelphia (Drupalcamp Philadelphia) June 22nd

It is our great pleasure to announce that merlinofchaos himself - Mr. Earl Miles - will keynote Drupaldelphia 2012. Earl is an invaluable member of the Drupal community, having authored such modules as Views, CTools, and Panels, as well as the book: Drupal Building Blocks. It is difficult to use Drupal without touching something Earl Miles has worked on. We can not be more excited, and look forward to welcoming Earl to Philadelphia!

AJAX Template


I'd like to create a web site using Drupal 7 and I'd like my site to use AJAX for content requests.

What I want to achieve here is to have a website that doesn't reload the page and only the AJAX will replace some part of the page.

Please let me know.


How does one add a second logo to the Header

I've searched for this on the Drupal support community but have not really found anything that solves this. I am trying to add a second logo to the header. It's going to end up being an image sprite and I would like it to be in it's own region for easy positioning. I can save the image in the "images" folder instead of creating another entry in the database for this.

The current PHP in my 'page.tpl.php' file reads as:


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