Cannot edit some text in my drupal theme I recently installed.

If you go to my site at you will notice in my carousel with all the video games located there, under it says XboX360. I can edit all of the text except for the XboX360 portion. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Adding a views menu to an existing store area.

I have views attached to orders, products, and customer profiles. Views are great because I have lots of products and need to be able to use the sort function and have a search on the top of my pages so i can find things quickly (instead of sorting though many pages to find something).

I don't have view attached to an area of my store called, "Consignors" This is a problem because I believe there are close to 300 consignors already, so without having views it's a nightmare trying to find a consignor through many pages.

Database and Site Backup via Drupal

I want to move an existing installation of Drupal from one site to another. I do not have access to the hosting control panel that has this Drupal installation, because it is being blocked from a previous webmaster with whom my client is having issues with (It was paid for but he is still blocking).

block list order issue with views

I have looked through the forums and played around until I am blue in the face, but still cannot find a resolve to my issues. I am new to Drupal so please bare with me.

I have a block (products category list) that I want displayed through my store. It is already showing but I have a few issues with how it displays.

Please look at this image:

1. My first problem is that it is not in alphabetic order which is how I want it to display.
2. The second problem I have is that the Shop or home category is displayed as: <No value>. I would love to just hide this.

When you go to an interior page of my site I have another problem. Please look at this image:

#3. For some reason it has multiple page links below (that look sloppy). If you click on any of these links the same exact menu that is showing now shows. These links are useless and clutter up this menu.

This is what my views menu looks like:

Development vs Viewing Drupal Website?

I am trying to learn how to use Drupal and installed version 7.14 on a subdomain (like using Fantastico on one of my HostGator domains. I have a lot of experience developing WordPress sites and now have a need to use Drupal.

With WordPress I access the development environment using something like where the is the site seen by the public.

Changing favicon in Bartik 7.14


Tinkering with the default theme under the tab, but failing to get a non-default logo and favicon to display.

Using the script to upload the logo and icon images results in their filenames appearing in the "Path to image location" box...seems odd?

So I tried FTP-ing the favicon directly to the root but that didn't work either. (I've cleared the cache)

What am I doing wrong?


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