User pictures disappear


I wonder if anyone had this problem:

After upgrading several modules on my D7, including media, some user profile pictures are no longer displayed although still in "pictures". I can upload them again, but they will re-disappear on the next login of the user in question. I also noticed that the file permissions on those files change from 755 to 644 every time that happens.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

Drupal 7 Views Block help

I inherited a Drupal 7 site with the following configuration

- Node Type A (NTA)
- Node Type B (NTB)
- Taxonomy C (TC)
- NTB has a term reference to TC - TRC.
- TC has a node reference to NTA - NRA.

I'm trying to create a View Block for NTA that will show all nodes of type NTB by connecting TRC and NRA.

I've gotten as far as:
- create View
- content type NTB
- turned off Page.  Turned on Block

Added the following Relationships
- Content: TRC
- (TRC) Taxonomy Term: NRA

Want idea for be a drupal developer

Hello, i am new in web development, i want a good developer  give me any suggestion please ?


How to export Product Pricing Rules to Features?


I created some product pricing rules (to manage the VAT depending the product type) but I'm wondering how it's possible to export the Product Pricing Rules to Features.

The rules are not linked with the tax nor with the rules.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

CSRF Protection for Anonymous Forms

This is a long -pending issue, still no suitable solution available.

Drupal version 7.56 and Anonymous forms like user login, view-exposed-filter-forms etc.

There is no CSRF protection for these forms and further description available that explains why is it not required?

But almost all security vulnerabilities software will give Medium-High risk warning to these forms that they are susceptible to CSRF forgery.


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