Textfield inside radio buttons

I am trying to create a textfiled inside the list of radio buttons.

For example,
o Something
o Nothing
o Other: __________

I found a similar question here and I used it, but I was not able to set the default values for the radio buttons. Also the post was 5 years old so I was thinking if there was a better way to implement it. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks.

How can we do that with Drupal

I am looking for an easy way to do something like this page
http://www.theanoadvisors.com/en/who-we-are/ : image or content that switch when overmousing.
This content shall be "dynamic", either from node fields or views.

Thanks for help

Give specific value to a node's field if a user is publishing a spcific content type's node.

I have a content type with some fields like (tittle,images,description,category).
Admin is adding content using this content type.
Content Admin (second user role) can use that content type too to Add content.

I need one field (in that content type) to keep a specific value if the node has been added from the Content Admin.

How can i do this?

Organising (content) articles, basic pages, etc. for easy management

I appreciate if someone in the group could provide me some tips on this.

Modifying "add new" buttons on Inline entity form

I'm using inline entity form and entity reference to create form where I associate multiple content types at creation time.

All of my content types are node entities and my problem is that in the inline entity form the buttons to add the different content types simply says "add new node", rather than "add new [name of my content type". Does anyone know how this can be customized?

Same language, different countries - most content should be shared, but not all

I have spent the day hunting these forums and Google and have found some posts that mention a similar issue to my own but have not yet been able to locate one that provides a final solution. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I am planning a site that will have the following country-specific sites hosted within the same Drupal install –


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