Blocks not appearing when assigned to a default content URL alias

Hi all,

I'm trying to put blocks around the display of submitted content which is viewed through the URL alias reviews/* (where * is the title of the content).

I have several blocks that are working in spades on other views, but when I add that alias to places where they can appear, they do not appear.

Do I need to just create another full-page view for this or is there a way to fix it?


Drupal with docker


I have a question about using drupal with docker.
In my work we have already used drupal to host about 200 sites in a multi-site installation. My question is about migrating from this environment to using docker.
Should I create 1 container per site (with web server and php each container) or create a single container with web server and another with php for all 200 sites?

Thanks and Regards

Installing Drupal7 on Debian9

Following are special install instructions for drupal if you are using debian9

1) Drupal7 is available in stable repository. so apt-get install drupal7
2) Create a mysql database e.g drpl, create a user e.g drupal and give all wights of that user for this datsabase
2) in browser run You will get two error message

Set minimum value for cardinality on node creation

I have a custom module and I want to set the minimum value for cardinality dynamically.
The value is given by a field of type Math Expression field_staff_required from above.

I know I can set the maximum value like this:

How to subscribe to Message's

I am trying to use Message stack to implement system notifications, e.g. when one user (Submitter) creates some entity, another user (Receiver) should be notified about it. I implemented support for custom message types that are correctly issued and a View to look at those notifications. Now I want Receiver to be aware that there is a notification for her, e.g. using an image in the header region in her Drupal session.

cPanel AutoSSL and Drupal .htaccess issues

Has anyone had any issues with AutoSSL not renewing atomically due to issues with the Drupal .htaccess file? I had a site that the cPanel AutoSSL would not renew it took a week with talking to the support chat to figure out it was an issue with the .htaccess file that was causing the issue.

Their response was:


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