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Zyprus is a comprehensive property platform, analogue of zillow.com and zoopla.co.uk for Cyprus region.

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accessing variable "machine name" in PHP

A programmer friend of mine once said that I will quickly find a limit to my skills and need to make changes directly into the php code, well I’m there on this one, at least I think so...

What I want to do it to display different videos in my theme depending on the webpage. Right now the theme only displays a video in the header section based on whether 'theme_head_use_video' = TRUE, and if so, it displays just one “default video”.

How to insert button "Add more" to add more fields?

Good day!

I make some content with field "country's". FIELD TYPE is Term reference, WIDGET is Autocomplete term widget (tagging). Whet i edit it i make Number of values - unlimited. But when i create a content - it is one field and nothing else (no button "Add more").

What shoud i do?

Need help with the styling comments

I have in my template.php (custom theme) the following code to present a comments along with EDIT and DELETE Links:

Strange problem Importing photos with GPS-info


I want to import and show GPS-info for my photos. I think I have all modules needed but not working 100 %.

When I import my original photos (taken with a Sony DLSR) I got no GPS-info.

BUT if I import same photos to Adobe Lightroom, export them to a new folder and from there import them into my Drupal site I got all GPS-info!

Someone that has an idea how to fix that?

I have defined fields for gps_gpslatitude, interop_gpslatitude and winxp_gpslatitude.

Script timed out before...

Hi all,

When I try to get to admin>configuration the site times out. All other parts of Drupal are working fine. Any ideas?

[Wed Feb 22 17:14:17 2017] [error] [client] Script timed out before returning headers: index.php, referer: https://h5p.deakin.edu.au/admin/dashboard



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