Integrating page with Javascript into Drupal

We're trying to integrate a dynamically-created iFrame into a Drupal 7 site. There are three parts to making this work:

1. A in the tag that links to an external .js file hosted on;
2. A in the section with a specific ID;
3. An inline javascript in the that triggers the iFrame rendering.

What's the best way to tackle this? Would we create a new module? Attempt to embed it into theme files?

Here's how the page is set up as a standalone HTML project, it's pretty simple:

Remove prefix language if only one language is defined (domaine access)


I use the "domain access" and the "domain locale" module for a multisite installation.
I have several subsites with differents languages, and several subsites with only a defined language.
With these modules I must activate several languages, and define the prefixs (en, fr, it...).

I want to remove/hide the prefix language (in the urls) for the sites that have only one defined language.

Learning how to migrate calendar data from d6 to d7

I'm slowly teaching myself Drupal... next step is to understand how to migrate data from a live Drupal 6 to a development Drupal 7 site.
With some help, I figured out the basics of Migrate, and am now looking migrating calendar data.
The d6 site in question has a calendar with repeating events. While I could plow through learning how to migrate that on the job, with real data, it's complicated enough to make my head hurt, so I'm procrastinating.

drupal_goto() & Pathaliases !


I have a drupal 7 website already built & i need to give aliases to "User/uid"(user) & "Node/nid"(node) pages.

I used pathauto module & generated bulk aliases for user and node pages, Till here everything works fine.

drupal_goto & URL Patterns:
I have written more than 15 custom modules on site, & have used drupal_goto() at many places for redirecting users back to user & node pages using this format...

How to make custom listing?


I want to define blocks of custom listing. Views module does the job of creating a list of content based on the content-type, but I also need to customize them by their taxonomy, how should I do this?

For instance, doing this:

A block for most recent content (which is possible by Views module)
A block for contents with category Sport->Football
A block for contents with category Sport->Basketball

How should I do this?

How to expose fields for filtering

I have created a simple module trying to list out some fields from the database. However, I couldn't figure out how to expose a field for filtering, e.g title, just like how we easily do it via Views module. Any idea? Here is part of the code:


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