Can someone help me? Passing Variables

I really need suggestions on how to execute the below scenario.

So I have a tool history website that captures date codes, examples of tools, catalogs, etc. I've captured each catalog and catalog page in a taxonomy, which has a picture and a "tags" field. I input each model number on the catalog page into the tag field (OCR) which makes it very easy to rapidly search and find items in catalogs.

How to schedule data download and removal in webform with cron ?


I want that every day the data of my webform being :

1 - downloaded with the download function of the module (=>saved)
(it is only possible to do it manually or with different options as
"Submissions by number from /.../ and optionally to: "
"Submissions by date from /.../ and optionally to: " )
2 - and then erased (there is also a "Clear" function in the module)

I have tried to find solutions with Rules, Rules Scheduler, Job Scheduler, ...

auto-edit : I think the best way could be with cron, but I don't know how.

can't get admin email to change

I am the admin of my new drupal site and I need to change my default email. I have tried to do this a few times, but it still defaults to my last email address. is there something I need to do in sequence to change this address.

I am top level admin.


Ajax effect on Views page, Exposed filter

Hi all

I have an exposed filter working quite good on a views page, only problem is, on selecting the dropdown links, each result has a small delay which is causing concern. I would like to add a little flourish of jquery of some sort, maybe a fade in, fade out with the new results so the delay is not so obvious.

I'm using the snippet of code below, but nothing works:

Menu - get children from given key

I have a master menu

- item2.1
- - item 2.1.1
- item2.2
- - item4.1.1
- - item4.1.2
- - item4.1.3
- - item4.1.4
- - item4.1.5
- - item4.1.6

i want to get the children of 4.1 as a menu tree

then render it as a HORIZONTAL menu



Open node from listing page view, and remember previous and next one


im not sure what title to give to this question, my situation is this:

I have content type called look ( photo of celebrity ). Look has this fields:

  • Title
  • Image
  • Tags

I have created view to override taxonomy term page, using this guide.


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