Field validation to avoid wtiting specific characters?

Recently download Field Validation module for validate fields on customized contents
But I dont find an option to restric only specific characters.

For example I dont want the field to contain '.' or '/' or letter 'a'
Does somebody know how can I do this through Field Validation module...
or if you got a different way to do this, even with PHP code i'll be glad to read it

Adding An Additional Filter Item in a Custom Map View

Hi guys, I'm new here and am very new to Drupal (but not WordPress) so bare with me please.

I've taken over a Drupal site and need to add a filter item to a custom map filter system the previous developers created. I realize that probably doesn't mean much initially, but here the link to the page/map so you can see what I'm working with:

Problem with a module

When i install the module this function show me an error:
function lista_admin_view(){
$header= array('ID','Grupo','Genero','Miembros','Discos Publicados');
$sql="Select * from {grupos_grupo}";
return theme('table',$header,$rows);

The error is:
Error: Call to undefined function db_fetch_array()

Drupal 7 views - unformatted list - custom template data

delete me.delete me.delete me.delete me.delete me.delete me.delete me.delete me.delete me.

Backup and Migrate module: Gzip backup are corrupted (stdin: unexpected end of file)

Hi all,
I'm using Backup and Migrate module to backup the private directory of Drupal7.
The compression used in the profile is Gzip.
When I try to extract the files from the archive (more then 300MB) I've the following error:

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: EOF inatteso nell'archivio
tar: EOF inatteso nell'archivio
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Which could be the problem?
Now I have to backup manually the file system with the tar "cvzf" command.

Thank you very much


Hide menu items that are disabled


i have a lot of disabled menu items on a site.
so everytime i add or edit a node and want to add a menu link, i have to scroll alot.

is there any possibility to hide this disabled links in the dropdown menu ?



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