Adding some text under the home page search (commerce)

Whats the easiest way to add some text like a phone number or lead time to the header of a drupal site. I'd like to put it right under the search bar and in color like red?

N00b here so go easy ;)

Is it possible to call ajax (or JS) from within page HTML?

My module renders a page with a picture and a table within. The table holds a list of properties of something. When user clicks on one table cell it fires JS function which loads a picture of it and replaces the existing one on the page. Sounds simple, but how do I put a JQ listener on page element using Drupal way?
for now there is a hook_menu:

Where do I find slider configuration in the dashboard.

Hello Forum,

Drupal is the best CMS and this web forum is the best place to get information. I have been away for a while but now I am back and I would like to know how to use the admin dashboard to access the details of the slider control on I just need a hint. The link that I have on one of the photos needs to be reassigned.

Advanced Forum Silver Bells


Please could you help.

I am using Advanced Forum (silver bells). When someone posts a topic, the text shows html.


The body also says it will not allow html tags which I would like to allow. What could I do to make sure I do not see the html in my topics?

Hope you can help.

Thanks a million.


Form filter and reload homepage with Ajax

Hi there !

Question of the day...

I'm trying to add a filter on my homepage.
This filter is a textfield, and I'm trying to add a condition on the SQL request.

The hook_menu:


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