Zurb Foundation theme


I'm trying to get the Zurb Foundation theme going and I've become very confused as to what the Foundation 4.x gem is doing/should be doing/will be doing!

Access Denied on Log In

I've a site named stage-bnc3-web4. We added another way of accessing the same site as bncstage.ebn.com. We are unable to log in to bncstage.ebn.com, receiving an "Access denied" page but no error message.

I've truncated the session and flood tables. I've also tried setting cookie_domain = .stage-bnc3-web4 to no avail.
I recently upgraded Drupal to 7.42. We use Logintobogan.

Anyone have any ideas?

Custom fields and link for field update

Hi guys. I'm wondering if and how it can be done.

COD Registration Broken

I know I have done something that broke the site. It was working fine and then...broken. I have searched the below items from my logs and since I am no "Web Developer" by anyone's stretch of the imagination...LOL...I am totally at a loss. We are in the middle of registration and now the site won't register or go to checkout. When the register button is used for the last time it takes you to the user's my account page and doesn't complete the registration or go to checkout.

Making private spaces private

Hi there,

Hopefully this is the correct area for this type of question. I'm new to drupal but learning fast but I cannot seem to figure out how to make a private space truly private. Non members can still see the content. I go to create new subspace, create new default, edit the space then set it to private by adding a group to the visibility section but non group members can still see the content. Please can someone advise me on where I am going wrong.


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