Time valid password for site access

I have a site drupal, it is possible, after entering a password, to display all their content as it is possible to create using the .htaccess file

The password would always be limited for an hour.

Is a module by which I can generate a password and insert it as current to display site content? Not a single field or node.

some idea?

7.50 update warns of missing D6 CTM module

I have updated to 7.50 and received a number of warnings about missing modules. Most I have now fixed but this one ..
User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: ctm. For information about how to fix this, see the documentation page. in _drupal_trigger_error_with_delayed_logging() (line 1138 of /home/blatchin/public_html/includes/bootstrap.inc).
looking for the CTM module. I am having problems trying to find a D7 CTM module. Does such a thing exist? If so where, if not how do I resolve this warning?

Use hook_cron to run a feed import

I am using this code ( post #21 ) to run a feed import.

Change views exposed filter default option

Hi I am looking at changing the default option of a exposed views filter. I found the below code which does the job nicely. How would I be able to check whether the drop down has the necessary option (in this case 65) available prior to changing the default option?

redirect based on field value, & show fields of redirected pg.

Maybe somebody can point me in the right direction on this...

I've got a custom entity & bundle, "plant." It contains a couple fields - a boolean "synonym?" field, and a "synonym of" field that is an entity reference to the same "plant" bundle.

Blocks not properly displaying in regions.

I'm trying to set up a new Drupal 7.x website using the Open Outreach distro and the Outreach theme, and I've run into a problem that's making me want to tear out my hair. According to the Block Administration page, there are currently no blocks in the Sidebar second region. However, when I look at the home page at www.yogacenterec.org, I see the LoginToboggan logged in block and the Follow Site block in that region.


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