Trouble figuring out how compare value from unsaved node against list of values from view

Ok, I am trying to make my custom Drupal anti-duplicate rule.

I want it to fire up before content is saved and compare the specific field of the node currently being saved against the list of fields from nodes created in last 10 minutes and if it evaluates true, delete the duplicate node.

Menu primary a disparu


je viens de passer du thème Bootstrap à Paper avec Drupal 7.

Au passage, j'ai perdu le menu de la page d'accueil que j'avais créé dans la zone "primary" ?

Je ne le retrouve pas :\ Comment faire svp?

Migrating Drupal 7 site to Azure


We're about to migrate our Drupal sites over to Microsoft Azure's cloud platform. We're quite inexperience with in-depth server management so has anyone got a how to guide to do it? Do we need to set up a deployed platform first and import the website and database, or do we need to set up the database first?

We're still using Drupal 7 and we're comfortable to deploy to either a cloud app or a VM.

All pointers gratefully received!

apache issues with https

This may be an apache config question, im not sure, but i'll ask here anyway.

I recently installed drupal7 on Fedora 23. I'm running Apache and have an existing owncloud installation that is working fine on

I have configured Apache to redirect all traffic from port 80 to 443 automatically using /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf setting:

How to re-attach clientside validation to form ajax via $.ajax

As the title says

How can I re-attach drupal behavior to the form that was loaded via ajax, i've tried different approach on the forum.

Here's how i call my ajax menu

type: 'GET',
     url: baseUrl + '/' + lang + 'blocks/remote/my_form',
     success: function (data) {
           // console.log(data[0]['settings']);
           //Drupal.attachBehaviors(document, Drupal.settings);


and here's my php code

How to have responsive block in bootstrap


I created a block. On the inspect page, I see this:


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