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Hi there,

Role user menu

hello I have a doubt is possible for a user with a specific profile can only edit a specific menu and not all?

Thank you

hola tengo una duda es posible que un usuario con perfil especifico solo pueda editar un menu especifico y no todos?

How to create responsive images slideshow for bootstrap theme


I am using bootstrap theme. I usually create a views slideshow block but I have problem with the slideshow not being responsive. I am looking for alternative. Is there other modules I could use so I could create an image responsive slideshow?


sqlite PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 14

Recently Upgraded PHP from 5.6.18 to 5.6.27 on a Linux Redhat 6.4 server running apache 2.2. Since the upgrade sites running SQLITE 3 have been unable to load and I have been unable to install new sites since the upgrade. The only thing that has changed was the upgrade of PHP everything else has stayed the same. Does anyone know why the PHP update would crash drupal 7 sites?

Unable to update modules using the admin panel


I can't update the following modules :
ctools from 7.x-1.10 to 7.x-1.11
Panels from 7.x-3.7 to 7.x-3.8

I got the following messages :

Custom table view to offer filter options as drop-down or autocomplete

This document provides a way of using a custom table in a View. However when I select fields for filters all the fields appear as free-format text boxes. How can I change the function expose_schema (shown below) to set some field filters to present the values as drop down boxes or auto complete ? Thanks.


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