D7 Context Module: Context Reaction Plugin :: getting context reference in options submit handler to create foreign key

I have created a reaction plugin for the context module. However, instead of serializing all the data associated with my reaction I would like to save it to my own schema, which I have built out. The table includes a foreign key to the context which reaction options belong to. However, I can't seem to figure out the best approach for referencing the current context within the option_form_submit handler of the plugin. The only passed value are the reaction values.

Drupal site Digest

Hello there,

We have a community site for ScadaBR Project... and recently we migrated from D6 to D7. Ok, Lot´s of new things, looks great.

But we lost one of the most important tools of it. Automatic comment notification, through a weekly digest, provided by Notify module.

Since then, I can´t find a reasonable replacement for this module. Can someone give me a hint?


Automation services for posting

I'm looking for a module like this : Post It Everywhere, but for drupal 7, can someone help me?

I want to be able to post the update or what I create (articles, news, ect.) on different social network (twitter, LinkeIn, ect.) Instead of doing it manually.

Link to IMCE PDF in main menu

I need to link to PDF files from the main navigation (top nav) of my site. I uploaded the files through IMCE. When I try to add a menu link to the uploaded file, I get the following error:

The path '/sites/default/files/filename.pdf' is either invalid or you do not have access to it.

I can link to the file within new content (i.e. a new page), but linking from a menu does not work. Any ideas?

how to install drupal 7

How to install drupal7

ajax portfolio view with sortable taxonomy

I'd like an animated portfolio page of images that are sortable by the visitor (versus admin) according to their taxonomy. Basically, this:

Is there a recommended module that does this?


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