Hep site error!!!

Hello help, I kept getting this error message when I tried to upload and save a module I need.
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 491520 bytes) in /home/dailyvip/public_html/sites/all/modules/commerce/modules/line_item/includes/views/commerce_line_item.views_default.inc on line 232
Now my site is displaying this message:
Error message

Help! Error at update.php: "PHP open_basedir restriction"

I'm just taking over admin of a website and have just used Drush to update the modules and Drupal core from Drupal 7.7 to 7.15. This seemed to flow seamlessly.

When trying to update the database, I received the following error in Drush:

Notice error regarding text)field)widget)form()

I'm getting the following notice on the node creation form page for a node I defined in a module .install file.

Notice: Undefined index: max_length in text_field_widget_form() (line 512 of /home/ben/www/madlib7.dev/modules/field/modules/text/text.module).

It appeared after I changed a text field into a text_long field. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and have struggled navigating the documentation of D7 fields. Anyone have any advice? Here are the arrays I'm passing to field_create_field() and field_create_instance(). I'll include that aswell.

// From inside madlib_install()
foreach (_template_installed_fields() as $field) {

foreach (_template_installed_instances() as $instance) {
$instance['entity_type'] = 'node';
$instance['bundle'] = $madlib_template['type'];

* Returns a structured array defining the fields created by this content type.
function _madlib_installed_fields() {
$t = get_t();
return array(
'madlib_tokens' => array(
'field_name' => 'madlib_tokens',
'cardinality' => 1,
'type' => 'text_long',
'madlib_template_id' => array(
'field_name' => 'madlib_template_id',
'cardinality' => 1,
'type' => 'text',


Nodes and Views on Secondary database

I would like to be able to store nodes and views of a certain type ex. 'daily_news' into my secondary database. I understand there is a:



The problem is I do not know where I would put this line.
I have spent hours looking in the code for this Drupal 7 site.
If any one can help me out it would be great.
So I have the two databases set up as so:

EntityFieldQueryException on any field deletion

Hello -

One of my Drupal sites recently developed an odd behavior, where anytime a field is deleted the operation is completed successfully, but then an EntityFieldQueryException is thrown:

EntityFieldQueryException: Unknown field: field_event in EntityFieldQuery->addFieldCondition() (line 770 of /usr/share/drupal7/includes/entity.inc).

I tried to dump the caches and run update.php (incase something odd happened in the DB, I hadn't performed any updates), but neither seemed to make any impact.

Any help would be appreciated!

Add onclick to menu


I am trying to add an onclick tracking functionality with specific strings to my menu links. I'm using PathAuto to generate the menu links in the Omega theme.

The output code would resemble this:

<a href="example.html" onclick="trackLink('nav:example', 'Nav|Example');">Example</span></a>
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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