How to change from default node layout to display ad layout style

Greeting, everyone:

I am a newbie so please be patient. I have just completed some of the session on Drupal and how to use it. What I didn't see was how to convert from the default top down layout of nodes into a display ad side-by-side node setup for a storefront like Walmart for example. I search the forums for "Node Layout," but I don't see or know what I am looking for in order to change my layout. Could some of my new Drupal friends direct me in the right direction, please. Drupal member for all of 15 minutes.


changing color of link

i created a sub-theme(base theme is Plasma). i put some links on my site and i wish to set different color for each link. how can i do this with css?

Add a link to another page with a lot of data parameters

Hello everyone,

I work on a module to configure the exportation of a table from an external database. The idea is to customize the exportation (sort, query on few fields...) on the main page and then click to a link to make a text or csv export.
I currently use l() with my variable $data_to_export that stores the differents parameters needed by my functions (function dsa_export_csv($node, $submission) and function dsa_export_txt($node, $submission)) :

Separate results from Views


I have Views with exposed fields.
When user search via Views, results have on the same page with Views exposed fields.
How to separate results from Views?
I think about something like this screen
Views search


hi,i modified the index.php file and add

session_Start(); at the start of the file

to redirect the user to login form to direct every client to his projects on the server(in the developmenet stage) ,but i got this error

Warning: ini_set() [function.ini-set]: A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time

any help? thanks

Applying SEO in my drupal 7 site

Hi Friends

I am new to drupal and I want to add SEO to my site built in drupal 7,
can you please help me with steps or links that how can I achieve this goal.

Thanks in advance


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