WSYWIG Integration: Using custom image styles via display suite

In case you want to present your users with predifined options how to format an image within the wysiwyg editor you can use display suite to create view modes that than can be used in the media browser.

Tested with

  • Display suite 7.x-1.5
  • Media Module 7.x-2.0-unstable5
  • Wysiwyg 7.x-2.1


  1. Install and enable modules
  2. Add an image style at admin/config/media/image-styles/add
  3. Add a new view mode in display suite admin/structure/ds/view_modes/manage for "File" Entities. (You'll need to enable the Display Suite UI module for this tab to show up.)
  4. Enable the new created view mode at admin/structure/file-types/manage/image/display (see "Use custom display settings for the following view modes") and save
  5. Switch to your new display mode (should be visible at the top of the page now) in the manage display tab at admin/structure/file-types/manage/image/display/your_mode
  6. Move the hidden File from "Hidden" to "Visible"
  7. Switch to the "Manage file display" tab and switch to your view mode at admin/structure/file-types/manage/image/file-display/your_mode and tick the "Image" Checkbox
  8. Choose your created Image style
  9. When adding an image using the media browser in wysiwyg you should now see your new style.

Customize Specific Page and Inner Page with Drupal 7

i have a trouble with drupal 7. i dont know a lot about drupal but im trying to understand it.

My trouble is that i want to create a specific template for some pages (and sub pages). I made an aproach using page--atracciones.tpl.php but when i get into the secondary menu of the page it start using page.tpl.php.

Here's the idea of my trouble:

Hope you could understand my trouble and help me.



How to develop a content or form or node like this in Drupal 7?

I have to make a content page like this

Enter your 'CCC No.' OR 'Roll no' OR 'Name'
we can enter name( like a ,aarti etc) or ccc no.(like 9901331 etc) or Roll no (like CH1203100108 etc)

Then the result will come.
These forms were made in JSP and
I have to develop same thing in Drupal.

Minor upgrade - help needed interpreting instructions please

Hello all,

I’m a non techie getting to grips with the basics of drupal and am fairly confident using/enabling/configuring modules etc on Drupal 7 (Thanks to it being SO user-friendly) . I’m also familiar with accessing the folders in the web hosts file manager, extracting them/moving them etc…but not with linux commands!

I need to update from 7.10 to 7.14 but am stumped by the instructions here: (half way down section on minor upgrades)

Using Fivestar module with references module or entity reference module. 7X

First you need to install references module 7x version from, or Entity Reference module from here version 7x

For using node reference install the patch given in here ------”please add the link if you know”-------,while for user reference patch given here is required, and for entity reference install the patch in here

For help with installing patches in drupal visit the links in the answer (comment)

Assuming content type “EnergyBlazar” already created, the steps are as follows

Go to Structure > Content Types > EnergyBlazar > Manage Fields > Comment Fields.

Add New or Existing field, and in widget select “Stars (rated while editing/viewing).

Add Lable and Field name (must not be in caps and use_ ) of your choice and save.

Select Voting Tag (once data saved can’t be changed later) and Save Field Settings.

Check the following whether the field is “Required Field”, “Number of Stars”, and “Allow users to
cancel their Ratings”.

Now here you must select Voting Target as node/user/entity reference field you created (“user reference:field_user_ref” in my case) and then save settings and your done.

Changing Star Display options, Value to display as Stars & Text to Display Under Stars. 7X

Go to configuration > Account Settings > Manage Display (for user profile).

Go to Structure > Content Types > EnergyBlazar > Manage Display (for content).

Go to Structure > Content Types > EnergyBlazar > Manage Fields > Comment Display (for comment).

Then click on the button infront of ratings to open it.

Click Star Display Option and choose star widget you like for display.

Then untick the “Expose this Fivestar field for voting on the @type type.” to disable voting on this field.


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