Check is text in page content

I have problem witch page content.
When I add new content ( page ) i leaved body empty.
Now in page.tpl.php I want to check is body empty or not and than show

if ($page['content']!=''):
show div
But this is not work. Div always show.

Thx for advice.

How to install Gammu Library

Debian Linux

This is the most easiest way to install Gammu because Gammu already included into Debian default repository, simply execute:

# apt-get install gammu gammu-smsd

And you're done!

Others Linux

Download installation file from


Gammu is an SMS Gateway. This documentation cover how to install Gammu, detect your modem, configure database to support Gammu. Also describe how to integrade Drupal node_api hook to use Gammu function to send and receive SMS, MMS and USSD.

Looking for great slideshow gallery for Drupal

I'm looking for a stylish, good looking sliding gallery for my homepage that rotates through images. I've found some not so great looking ones, but I'm sure there has to be an amazing one out there. Thoughts?

Community UGC site with a couple special considerations - is it possible with Drupal?

I'm planning on building a educational community site where users will be able to create lessons (essentially posts with videos, some text, and a downloadable PDF). The catch is that we have a proprietary file format that will have a player built with google web tools, which theoretically can be embedded on any HTML page. So users would need to be able to upload the proprietary file and have it play in our player. Is there any reason why this wouldn't work within Drupal? Are there any complications I should be aware of?

3 item slide in panel

Hello everybody
I have a site which consist two type of content
1. shop
2. address
I have already made shop and address views. Also enabled panel for node template.
Now I want that in panel it should look like this image

so , there will be three item side by side. then it will slide.
is it possible ?


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