Explaination of Drupal 7 Upgrade

If I move forward with a drupal 7 upgrade (currently using drupal 6), does that mean the entire site starts from scratch? Or are programmers able to utilize a lot of the code they wrote before but make small variations to hook things into drupal 7?

I have a lot of custom modules and I am just trying to understand if literally I need to start from scratch again, or if code can be grabbed from a drupal 6 site, modified, and put into drupal 7?

Twitter JSON Feed

I want to be able to display my Twitter feed via a View. I was originally looking at RSS but then discovered that the new Twitter API no longer supports RSS. Is there a module or guide that allows current importing of Twitter feeds in D7?

Compare UC3 products

I have created shopping site with drupal 7 and ubercart. There is a problem with product comparision. I need to select some products and show its comparision in another page. I'm using bulk operation (ids passed as arguments to page). I have created two views first is product view (with bulk operation field) and second is selected items view (with contextual filter (nId)). It doesn't work, when i click on it, i'm redirecting to /cart, where added first selected item.
Please anyone help me.

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Views php query and result issue


When I us php global in Views module the result of my query isn't what I expected. When I use the same query on a page outside Drupal, then the result is what I expect.

The result without Views and what I expect:

user1 7:00
user2 8:00

The result in Views what is not what I expect:

user1 7:00 user2 8:00
user1 7:00 user2 8:00

How can that be? Somebody who know why this is happening?

Here is the query:

How to make layout for particular content type with Panels module?

can anyone tell me how to make layout in panels module that should be applied to every article (node) of particular content type. Just to make this clear: I don't mean to make layout, and then put in it content picked by views module. I just want to say Drupal 7: apply that layout to every node of that content type.

Why Drupal doesn't use special Memory Limit (ini_set) in Cache Clearing Script?

In Drupal 7, i have found that CLEAR CACHE (on the Web Panel) is using extreme high Memory resource. Giant projects like mine, needs over 350MB to that process.

  • Then i set 400MB inside php.ini

So as far as i have investigated, i have found that having high memory limit (Globally) is totally the damage to the overall Performance because every single script is using that limit in memory.


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