Need to develop a module but have not any idea, pls help!

I want to get advise or sequence to develop module or ready-made module having bellow information: Currently I am trying to learn and developing a site. But have not vest knowledge about drupal or drupal commerce. So asking your help.

1. A user of a specific country or zone can add product.

a) After adding product a custom mail will go to user.
b) Product will be added to a waiting list(Which product is not displayed yet! So need a Que list )
c) Admin will review the listed product. If suitable for the site he will approved or reject and a custom mail will go to user.
d) If approved, product will go to another list, Name of this list can be "Approved but waiting for goods from users" or if rejected then the product will be deleted.
e) User will send the product to the store via any shipping.
f) After receiving the store admin will marked that the product is recived in the page mentioned in the (d), Then a custom mail will go to the user and product will be moved to the product display automatically.
g) Selling statistics of every goods will be displayed in the users dashboard.



a) After reaching a custom amount of selling, user can demand for their payment to the store

View not showing as expected in block

I have set up a view with fields showing in 2 columns, and to fill the row, in a grid and in the views preview it shows up fine. When i add the view block to content region on a page the the two columns are bunched to the left of the block. The block fills the whole content area but not the grid from the view.

delete previous nodes with rules

I created a content type XX. I want to create a rule where if Event is "After saving new content" and Condition is "content is fo type XX" the Action is "delete previous posted node of type XX".
That way new created nodes of that content type will over-write old ones and I will have only one node per user for that content type.
Would that be possible with rules? Some other way?...

JQuery Plugin

Please somebody could give me a help, I am looking to solve an error thah I have in my drupal installtion with the follow messages error: Show Password jQuery Plugin is not installed.

Thanks for your help..


An unrecoverable error occurred.

Image upload error

An unrecoverable error occurred. The uploaded file likely exceeded the maximum file size (8 MB) that this server support

It was fine and the image I am trying to uplard is only 250kb

Creating a customised theme in Zen

I followed these instructions to create a customised theme in Zen

But the new theme isn't showing on the Appearance menu.

Sure this must be a common newbie problem. I did find this post but it didn't seem to solve my problem. The only file I have of that name is in the Zen/templates folder and apart from the fact that I thought you weren't supposed to edit this, that doesn't have a closing /body html tag


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