xml export question

Hi there - I am trying to create an xml export via a view by using 'views data export'. This works in it's simplest form but I am not sure how to nest the tags or rename the root.

As a short example, I am getting this:


but want to get this:

Lost the Admin log in block


I am using Open Entreprise distributed software installation for my site. By mistake I disabled the login block.

How can I login now. What path should I type?

new line in main menu?


I'm creating a new website with drupal 7.14. I inherited my custom design from the Marinelli theme. Now I have a couple of long menu points in my main menu that I would like to take up two lines, namely "meeting & banquets" and "specials & events". Now is there a possibility to do this from the drupal admin pagfe or do I need to do it with a fixed width? I would like to keep the width dynamic and just force some of the menu points to break the line at a certain position.

Please advise!

Setting preferred domain

I typically use Google Webmaster Tools to set my preferred domain to the naked, non-www one. However, I just set up a Drupal 7 site, and followed the normal procedures I use for doing this with WordPress and static sites I've made, and yet the www doesn't redirect to the naked domain.

It's certainly possible I've erred somewhere, but I'm wondering, since I'm pretty new to Drupal, if there's something I don't know about that could be affecting this parameter?

Why are some templates created on the fly?

Hey there,
this is my first post, I am new to drupal and I'm from germany. So some questions might sound strange ;)
However, I have enough knowledge about html, css, php and stuff to know, what you are talking about ^^

Okay, this is my question:

drupal 7 - marinelli - recent contents -missed more for anonimous

In Recent list of my developed site using marinelli theme the more button info was ok for authenticated user but disappeared for anonimous visitors.
After some unsuccesfull debug activity, I decided that the problem were in permissions:
Recent list is a sort of content overview .


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