Common functions file ? (for group of modules in a package)

I am porting an Drupal 6 package and it's modules to Drupal 7, and as part of that I want to extract some common functions in those modules to a single file . Where can I find the preferred method for this? or examples of another package with modules sharing common functions? Thanks

Can I force a block region to always render?

Hi all! Please forgive my new-ness with Drupal! I've been tasked with creating a site, which uses the Zen theme. All's going well, but I'm having a basic problem. I'm using the second sidebar throughout my site, but in my Structure > Blocks, I specify which nodes will show up in that block region per page. So I have an announcements (recent) off the home page, then on all other basic pages I have a sub menu of sorts that's specific to that "section" of the site.

Kerberos Authentication

I have no clue why Kerberos Authentication module in drupal is not working for me. I have Kerberos working so that I can log into my Linux system. The Kerberos Authentication module seems really simple and doesn't have many options when you go to configuration. I typed in my realm and chose my options, but it doesn't allow me to log into the website. Here is my krb5.conf file (with company information replaced):

how to best implement custom tables

I have a task of implementing around 4 custom tables in Drupal. They will contain data imported from outside and this data will be displayed in blocks as list of links (very simple SELECT statements, no formatting).

Banner images not showing in IE

I am using the Marinelli theme and my rotating banner images are showing up fine in Firefox but won't show up in IE. I can't figure out why. Is this a CSS issue?



Looking for developers eCommerce website with UberCart

I need help in doing 3 projects:
A way to make
-> Bundle / Custom product
-> A way to view live camera feeds from a DVR (A security camera logged in, and need to put the images captured on a product page)

-> A slot machine to give out free prizes for new customers, and after customers check out


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