Responsive navigation with AdaptiveTheme(Footheme)


I want to use flexnav (see link: and the code here: ) with AdaptiveThemes (Footheme) (link:

But how? Can i put the javascript code for flexnav into the file? If yes, which file?

regards, delta

Need help in setting up payment process with PayPal buttons

I have a static HTML website that sells subscriptions. The website currently accepts payments via PayPal buttons. The buttons are configured to offer subscriptions for different durations, i.e., 1 month, 3 months etc. The PayPal button themselves can accept payments in U. S. dollar and non U. S. dollar currencies.

I am looking to migrate this website into Drupal. I would like to keep the payment process as simple as possible, i.e., fewest number of clicks to complete the payment and return to my website.

Trouble with Tweet images.

Hello, when I post a tweet on an article from my either of my pages, it posts the wrong picture on my facebook page (I have my tweets shared to my fb page). Someone told me I needed to optimize the site for twitter, but I'm not quite sure how to do this. any help is appreciated in advance.

cookie handling in Drupal

first off: I dont know how it was done before d7 so I did not included anything before d7 to this issue.

I really have to vent my anger about cookie handling in drupal. searches for setting cookies showed up the function user_cookie_save()
which works pretty well.


how the hell are you supposed to figure out how you will be able to retrieve your data?
a function for loading that cookie data? -> no? at least not documented nor used by many of the core modules.
-> wrong

so I inspected the cookies themselves - Drupal wrote a cookie in a format like Drupal.visitor.key, so at least the cookie has been set. accessing that cookie turns out to be still a pain in the ass:

for real? $_COOKIE? with some magical detecting how Drupal or whatever formated the cookie value?


will do the trick.

this issue took some really valuable hours of my life and I am wondering why theres get or load function for that cookie and why other module developer never complained about this, changed this or at least documented it.

have a good night. maybe a core developer will read this and add a function for that.

Creating a View based on Entity Relationship

I'm currently using the Relation module for entity to entity relations. I'm wondering, is it possible to use Views to return a list of entities that have no set relationship? I basically want to filter all those that do.

Asset Requisition form (shopping cart) and/or Asset Management?


I am super new to drupal, and to the forums, so apologies if this is answered somewhere or common knowledge, but I have certainly tries searching :)

I want to deploy a website in the office here that will allow my users to request new hardware, for example, an extra monitor.

What I envisage is this;


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