Blog (Multi user) not visible in view

Hi, i have a journal/diary function on my site, every user have access to a blog that is only visible to themselves. I have implemented this by using the Blog(Multi user) module and the Node access permission module. This way i have made Blog entrys only visible to the author.
Now i am trying to make a View that displays all the blog entrys, a admin that access this view will see every entry. But a normal user will only see his own entrys.

Rules for Pricing (Enable % offset)

Hi All

I am working on a website for my company. We mainly wholesale, but going to branch off into retail as well.
I have created an e-commerce site with our wholesale prices.

I have created a wholesale authenticated user and a retails authenticated user. I want to assign a rule or rather have created a rule for anonymous and retail users to see different (retail) pricing. I am having a problem with the action part of the Rule listed below:


Hi. On this site I used module Slideshow CS. I like this module, because pictures are moving from top to down. On this site is Views Slideshow, but I don't like this numbers or circles under pics and it is not moving. I am making now new website and I'd like module like Slideshow CS. But it is only for D6 and my new site is in D7. I was looking for, but they are more modules for slideshows and I don't know, which is what I need and the best.

Alter a view so it adds a custom field ->textbox

Hello everyone,

I have a bit specific question.

I have a content type->TESTS
it has the more or less the normal fields.

There is a view that displays all of the tests. So far,so good.

But the requirement is to add a specific textbox-> SCORE of TEST for every instance.

And it should be different for all the logged in users.

For example. All users see the tests and can insert a result.
This result is recorded in the database.

What should be the best approach doing so ?

Views: Apply different image styles by content types in a single view

On this site in the product catalogue section using there are two content type. One for products that can be purchased online (Drupal commerce) and the another for products that cannot be purchased online.

Want I want to do is differentiate the image (or field list) by content type to indicate that a product is available to be purchased online.

Any ideas on how to achieve this using views?

Drupal 7 customizing the field

i have configure a taxonomy as field of a content type, but i want to replace the checkbox label to an image, what module or coding can do it? anyone can provide direction to me?



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