My D7 Cannot Send Mails ??

I am having some serious trouble trying to figure out why my D7 site cannot send mails. I first noticed it when a Webform form kept complaining of not been able to sent out mails, then I enabled the contact module just to be sure, and yes it too cannot send mails. I have another D6 site hosted on the same server, and mails go out correctly so it is not a server configuration issue. Please is there any thing I need to do to fix this ??

Facebook social plugins integration

Basic configuration

How to display a FB social plugin on your site.

  1. Go to Administer > Structure > Facebook social > Presets > Add.
  2. Fill in a name and for you preset. For example: “Like button on articles”.
  3. Choose the desired Facebook plugin type. The available plugins are:

Dictionary porting


I just jump't in to some Drupal developing and working on porting the module Dictionary from 6.x to 7.x So far things are going good, just need a lite helping hand if anyone doesn't mind.

The API for Drupal 7.x i some what new for me, so I'm just getting the hang of it. At the moment I'm stuck on converting this statement to the D7 database API syntax. Any one that can give me a giving hand wiht porting this part?

TWITTER Module: is impossible to change its stored data?

I use: Drupal 7.14 twitter Module 7.x - 3.1

now, I finally made it working. but I noticed something it doesn't full work. I ask your help please.

Whe I go into Configuration -> Webservices -> Twitter - Post

there is the field: Default format String

I initially written something on it and it was workign fine.
Now, I needed to change what is written up there.
I did it. I saved it and cleared the cache.
But the new things written on it are NOT POSTED into Twitter!!
There still always the old phrase.

Can't add Css in Theme

I create new theme name as hire_web in that i create file.
I add my css that put in css folder in that directory.
stylesheets[all][] = css/home.css
That's not add in site
suggest for that

beginners book on drupal7

i want to know which is the good book for beginners on drupal7 to develop a website?


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