Flush all cache, page looks totally different

Using panels everywhere and zen. Had my page set up perfectly, then pushed to live server. I was having trouble with a few of the images not showing up but I was sure the url was correct. So I hit flush all cache, now my page is totally unorganized. Not sure what to do and I'm getting totally frustrated. I've tried reuploading my css.


I hope this is simple, I'm getting VERY frustrated.

Views: Using XML value as contextual filter?

I'm sure someone has come across something similar before... here is the situation:

- I have an XML feed provided by Live365 of the last 10 songs played on a station.
- I have event nodes that are titled with artist names
- I want to read the Artist tag in the XML and use it to search my event nodes, and return event nodes by that artist for display along with the station playlist.

Automatically assign a roll to new, authorized users?


I need authorized users to have a specific role so that I can use the rules module to perform actions.

For example, I want to send emails to authorized users when someone adds content. But allow users to opt out of those emails.

Ideally, I'd like to include a checkbox for this in the users profile.

But if that's not possible than to automatically assign him to a role when he becomes an authorized user. In that case I'd have to manually remove him from that role if he wants to opt out.

Is this at all possible? How?

How to Show a Taxonomy Term's Name in Author Pane / Advanced Forum?

I'm trying to print taxonomy term names, without links, in the Author Pane of Advanced Forum in Drupal 7.

Users have taxonomy terms: a department and a city. I can get the tid of the terms like this:

meta tags

how do i edit meta tags? i don't see them anywhere in my B theme.


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