A lot of custom fields


I am building a price compare application and i looking for the best solution on how to do the following.

I have a content type "Product" with some default fields (name/image/description/etc). Each "Product" will have attached at least another node of content type "Shop product" (fields as price/shop url/shipping cost/etc) for each shop that sells that product.

The problem is that the products can be of any type and i have to add some custom content for each type.

Developer - Webform


I am looking for a good Drupal developer that has experience working on Webforms, some of the things we need done are:

  • Extract value from drop-down menu option into "Payment Amount" column within CSV
  • Export CSV with ordered columns
  • Automate export script for CSV export / Cron Job

If you happen to know a lot about Webforms then please message me back.


Customisation of a entity view

Hi all

I have been working on a new module and i have got almost everything figured out.
There is just 1 thing that is not working for me. When i try to customise the viewing of the entity. ( I created the entity from the example )
I am not able to do what i want. I or have to create a complete page or i am restricted in what i can put into the hook_enetity_view.

How to add basic page content in views.

How to add basic page content in views.

Be careful to the uninstall programe of Acquia on Mac !!!

My first installation of Drupal was bundled with Acquia of Windows version. I was happy with it for some months.

One week ago, I switched my dev environment to Mac. I tried to use Acquia again. However, the GD library in Acquia is not complete and my PHP script fail to run. So I started to use MAMP.

After I used MAMP for some days I decided to uninstall Acquia. The horrible thing begins...
The uninstall programe of Acquia deletes all my site's code. (I have linked the htdocs to my site's code before)

Drupal 7 says that it is in 7.14 translation version instead of 7.15


I update drupal7 from 7.14 to 7.15

All seams to work ok.

But for the language 7.15.fr.po (french)
i install it from manual mode
everything seamed to be ok but
drupal say me that i use à 7.14 version
of the translation.

How can i say to drupal that he is really in 7.15 ?
or what can i verify please ?

Sorry for my bad english.


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