getting an error with mysql_num_rows regarding custom login

I am a new Drupal User, and I want to Make a website for my college, wherein I have to provide a separate login block for the students of my college and the companies that are to visit the college for recruitment.... an example can be ""

It cannot be allowed at all that any student may be able to register in the name of a company, also no student must be able to login to the company profile..

User-submitted content, word filtering and moderating


I am working on a user-driven site where the users can submit their own text-based content. I wanted to add some functionality to either automatically filter, or outright block certain patterns such as:
* minimum and maximum lengths
* keywords or keyword derivatives (swear words etc.)
* URLs (so no URLs can be contained in the body)
* Potentially starting / ending with certain keyphrases (think FMyLife)
* Potential other patterns

I looked at at WebPurfiy and wordfilter but it doesn't seem like they are best supported on 7.0 and I know purify is a paid service. I wrote my own simple mod for the time being that checks min/max lengths and could simply add extra Regex checks too, but I just thought something should be there.

Also, right now all submissions are moderated, so they are submited unpublished and I have a trigger that fires on the "submit node" event and redirects to the "Thank you for submission, please wait for moderator approval" but it's not very elegant (there is no way to tailor the trigger specifically to the given content type, and I noticed it breaks the Feeds Importer module by messing the AJAX, so I have to disable the trigger if I want to import content).

Migrate module architecture

The central class in the Migrate module - the one you'll spend most of your time dealing with - is the Migration class. You derive your own classes from Migration, each of which represents the migration of data from a given source (such as a query against a source database) to a given Drupal destination (such as nodes of a specific content type, like 'article').

You embed in this class instances of four other classes:

D7 Ajax Form Submission

Hi I'm new to Drupal, I want to have a form that will submit using AJAX and show a thank you message after. However I am not getting this to work. It is a custom module which I have been trying many different things with.

Right now I took the example from but I couldn't get that to work either. Here's the example code
$plugin = array(
"title" => t("Newsletter Signup Box"),
"description" => t("Widget shown usually on the sidebar for users to subscribe to newsletters."),
"single" => TRUE, // "single" => TRUE means has no subtypes.
// 'edit form' => 'newsletter_content_type_edit_form',
'edit form' => 'newsletter_form',
"render callback" => "newsletter_content_type_render", // Name of a function which will render the block.
"defaults" => array("funnel" => 0), // The default context.
"category" => array(t("Widgets"), -9),

* This is the Form (And Markup) that creates all the checkboxes the user see.
* We could easily make this dynamic in the future so it can be added via Angmar/Hermes.

function CALLBACK_FUNCTION_NAME($form, &$form_state) {
return 'Your name is :'.$form_state['values']['name'].'';
function newsletter_form($form, &$form_state, $conf) {
$form['name'] = array(
'#title' => 'Name',
'#type' => 'textfield',

Profile2 fields not showing up

I'm trying to add a couple of extra fields to the user registration page using Profile2, but I can't get them to show up in the fieldset.

Poetry A-Z Author Listing

Hi Everyone,

I have lots of poems to add our charity website, so far only added three. I currently use a 'poetry' tag but it when I start to add hundred plus poems it won't make it easy to quickly find a certain authors poetry.


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