Ajax broken down?

It seems my Ajax has broken down:

    • I can no longer rearrange items using the cross-hair, I can only do it changing the weights and then I get an error message about ajax after I save. The changes are saved however. The error message begins with: "[ {"command":"settings", "settings":{"basePath":"\u002F", "pathPrefix":"", "ajaxPageState":{"theme":"seven", "theme_token":"VLfbO......"
    • Also, I can no longer add a variant to a panel (not sure it's an ajax issue but it looks like it.)

Any idea or suggestions?

Admin toolbar

Hello.... I disabled my toolbar and overlay to see if this was the problem with my website being slow when in admin mode. Now I can not figure out how to re-enable it so I can get to modules, content, etc. I am running the marinelli theme... HELP PLEASE!!!


Can not log in - maintenance mode

My website is in maintenence mode, and i can not log in
Can anyone help

Is there a back route??

Kind Regards

Webform Layout (Spanish Vídeo)

Módulo Webform Layout , añade la funcionalidad de alinear los campos de webform horizontalmente y guarda compatibilidad con el resto de funciones.


User Bios page for some roles?

I am trying to create a Staff page for an organization. I can certainly create a content type and do it that way. But I'd like to "attach" it to a user account. Or just use the user account.

I need to show a picture, bio, company name, address and phone and website url.

I am using the Address module, Ubercart and UC Addresses as the site sells seminars.

Any thoughts on how I can achieve this?

Fatal error: Call to a member function set_display() on a non-object in /hsphere/local/home/ulufenci/test.ulufencing.net/sites/a

Hello everyone,
I am a bit of a noob in Drupal.

I use the Calendar (+Date) modules to manage events.
I created a book page, but when I wanted to edit, I get a WSOD, and the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function set_display() on a non-object in /hsphere/local/home/ulufenci/test.ulufencing.net/sites/all/modules/calendar/theme/theme.inc on line 656

I have no idea what is causing this, and not sure how to debug that. I just know that it seems something to do with formatting stripes, and the following code:


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