TinyBox Installation

Installation procedure of TinyBox consists of 2 steps: Library and Module installation.

EntityFieldQuery // propertyCondition

Hi Everyone,

My situation is this,
I have a string $myvairable= "THENOTSOVERYLONGSTRING"
And in my entity i have the rule to match the string say rule= "THENO"

HOW, do i get propertyCondition to fix this as its supposed to be the other way around???

Does not work because i want to do

How do i solve this?

TinyBox (Simple Splash)

TinyBox Simple SplashTinyBox module uses TinyBox, a lightweight and standalone modal window script. The main purpose of this module is to provide Splash Screen as simple as possible.

TinyBox get content from node body. This mean any elements supported including: text, color, table, image, etc.

TinyBox can get value from nid, content-type and the incredible Views!

How can i allow other Bloggers in my site?

I have several users on my website. who create blogs.

Now, they all appear in the mainfeed.

I would like to see each blogger on my website to have its own feed.

That they have a specific url they can distribute to friends. which points to their blog alone.

Is there anyway to do this ?

How can i make my ' groups posts' become invisible for everybody but the persons in the group?

How can i make my ' groups posts' become invisible for everybody but the persons in the group?

When i made a group, and connected to my server with a username who is not in any groups..

I was able to not only see the 'Group's posts' but also respond to it.!

How can i make it so that only Group Users can see GroupPosts?

payments on line

Dear All

We would like to take payments for our services on our charitys website, and would like to know what would be the a good way forward.

The services we have are
2.Mini bus hire
3.Joining fee

So as you can see this would not need (i think) a fall blown e-commerce site. i'm thinking of a CC / Paypal type form or method of taking payments over the web into a bank account of some sort. We currently only accept cash and cheques, so we would like to set this service up online.


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