main_menu img css -> links don't work <SOLVED!

hi everybody!

i am new to drupal and am very happy to finally have made it to replace the menu text li items with images that change with hover css.
since i don t want the titles displayed i used text-indent, but now the links are not working because the href seems to only refer to the TITLES and not to the images. ..

this is the CSS i used to replace the menu links

WSOD When Attempting to Log In

Hi all,

I'm experiencing a WSOD when attempting to log in at /user/login. To be clear: I'm able to access the page, but when I hit the "Log in" button I get the WSOD. The rest of the site works fine. I'm able to access all the pages anonymously.

I checked Apache's, PHP's and Drupal's logs, but there's no error message to go by. I'm running Drupal 7.12 on Ubuntu with PHP 5.2.17. Thanks!

Panopoly Feature List

There is a lot of Drupal magic going on with Panopoly. Here are some of the key features:

General Features

  • Panels Powered - Woven together functionality from Panels, the Panels In-Place-Editor, Fieldable Panel Panes, PM Existing Pages, Panelizer and a lot of extra special sauce.
  • Responsive - Over two dozen cross-browser, responsive layouts and several responsive image styles are included to aid in site building and allow your site to work seamlessly on mobile devices.
  • In-Place Page Building - Drag and drop customization of pages and nodes. Easily switch layouts, modify Views and Panels settings, change styles, and add generic widgets to display text, images, links, maps, submenus, video and spotlights across your site. No backend administration required!
  • Admin Experience - Vastly improved site and content management experience, featuring a redesigned node add/edit page and a fully loaded, media enabled TinyMCE WYSIWYG.

Creating a single page templates inside of an existing theme


I am very new to Drupal and I have been asked to create a single page template inside of an existing theme. I have the theme, drupal, and database installed locally already I just now need to convert an existing XHTML/CSS page into Drupal. Essentially I want to keep the original website as is but just have that one page completely different with a custom header, footer and styles.

Can someone provide me with some good beginner tutorials to accomplish this.

Cached page displays internal server error for anonymous users

When I enable "Cache pages for anonymous users," the first page load is fine, but when it should load up the cached version on the 2nd visit to a page, it results in a 500 Internal Server Error.

I get this response whether or not I also compress the cache.

CSS & JS files aggregate with no problem.

I tried disabling ALL the Performance settings, deleting the aggregated CSS/JS files and then renabling everything. I also tried rebuilding node access permissions.

I do not have any errors in my Drupal log or in my PHP error log.

Interactive Forms in Drupal

I am trying to build out a form where volunteers can sign up to work different times.

I have seen this done once and can't replicate it.

Basically you (the volunteer) checks the time they want to serve, they are redirected to a different page where they fill out their personal info (name, city, state) and when they click sumbit, they can see there name on the chart. Now no one else can check that they would like to work that time.


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