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Hi Guys,

Image changes depending on selections

I am looking to do something very similar to what is on this website:

Basically a product builder. I can't seem to find any modules that would help me much, if any of you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Problem with Drupal Adding Extra Slashes

I created a "Property Listing" content type and added a field with the full HTML text format to add image thumbnails and hyperlink them to the full size image. However, after I click save and go back to the content of the property listing, the images don't load. Upon going back to the edit feature, I see that there are extra "\" marks at the beginning and end of each tag and also in between some of the words in the property description. Every time I try to edit this and save it again, the system adds even more forward slashes.

Links not functional when using CKEditor

I recently installed Drupal, and also installed wysiswyg module plus CKEditor. When using Full HTML editing I am getting odd URL's from what I put into the link;

I get a URL like this\"\"
instead of the correct: for the posting. How do I fix this? I have used FCKEditor on homebrew CMS site and have never had such a problem before. Not sure how to fix this.

Customizing Fonts with @font-your-face Module

The @font-your-face module provides an administrative interface for browsing and applying web fonts from a variety of sources for use with your Theme.

The following documentation was written to explain how to configure and install @font-your-face as part of a Community Media installation. The existing @font-your-face Documentation by sreynen contains extra useful information.

As some providers charge for a particular font’s API key we recommend only using Google Fonts API.

Enabling @font-your-face

  1. Navigate to Administer > Modules
  2. In the @font-your-face block enable these modules:
  3. @font-your-face submodules to enable

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Configuration

Enable Fonts

Navigate to Administer > Appearance and click @font-your-face tab

To find a font, search by Name or filter by Subset - US English fonts are generally in the Latin subset.

Overlapping images in blocks not all appearing in child directory pages

Forgive my noobness. I am developing my first Drupal site in a rush (for school) and it's on a testing server so I can't post it.

I have different header images on different pages all with one logo on top. I have achieved this by creating unique blocks for each page that have links to the logo and the page header image. The transparent .gif logo is styled in CSS to go over a variety of photo headers styled in CSS.
Code looks something like this:
<div id="headers-img"><a href=""><img class="back-image" src="sites/default/files/images/header-news.jpg"><img class="top-image" src="/sites/default/files/images/logo.gif"></a></div>
These blocks are then assigned specific pages based on url aliases. But I have one that is "all pages except those listed". I hoped this would be my default.

It works great until I visit a child directory page like or, then the logo shows up, but the other image does not. Same with images in some of my sidebar blocks (they are not layered, but do have classes).


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