Add content after payment module ?

i'm looking for a module that allows visitors to add specific content after they made a payment. I have looked at the ubercart and ecommerce modules, but they seem to heavy for just my requirements?

Payments need to be done by at least paypal or creditcard, perhaps also through payment providers

Using Drupal as CMS for java based web site but use application database for storing the content information.

Hello ,
i am new to drupal , i have a requirement that we want to use drupal as CMS for a java based web application. which has its own database , file structure and apis . Drupal uses a database to store all the content type informations and drupal information , instead i want to use my own database to do the information storing part and in whatever schema we want .do we have a module to sync the part of drupal db to my database or any utility to run import and export scrips ? or if drupal have its own way of doing this , plz suggest me. thanks

Load all the entities referenced by Current user

Hi All,
I am using Entity reference module. In one of my content types I have added Entity references as Users of the website.

So is there any way or API function to load the entities with logged in user is associated.

For Ex: When User1 is creating an article node and will add other users such as user2 etc in one of my entity reference field. Now when user2 is logged in i would like to inform him that he was referenced by user1. Is there any API function to achieve it ?

Drupal 7 to change the IMCE File Upload Path (Destination)?

How can i change the file save-path for IMCE?

copy drupal install


I'm trying to duplicate an existing drupal install, I copied all the files and just imported my db and now I'm getting this error:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user 'inetga72'@'' (using password: YES) in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of /home/content/66/9918066/html/includes/

But the db data in my default/settings.php looks all fine... what is it about the lock? And how do I explicitly unlock it? :o

Thank you!

How do i show/hide a block using Rules with the Commerce File license as a condition?

Background: I am building a commerce digital download product site. I stumbled upon the website (by Envato). It is a wordpress site. Anyway, they sell licenses to content and the ability to download that content once purchased, much like the Commerce File does within Drupal Commerce.

ok now my question: They have a cool function that when you are on a product page and you have already purchased that product (and you are logged in) a block shows up that says "you have already purchased this item, download it here."


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