My site is beeing hacked - maybe?

I think that maybe my site has been compromised somehow?
When looking at the drupal log-messages I can see a few request to this url:

TYPE php
USER Anonymous (ikke efterprøvet)
Message Notice: Undefined index: mytheme i drupal_theme_initialize() (linje 100 af /var/www/includes/

Bug for Marinelli?

Hi everybody, I'm using Marinelli theme and I noticed that when I add at most 8 or 9 images in banner all is well, adding more images the image title is shown for a second and then disappears. I've tried many times but the issue persists. I've tried to reinstall Marinelli too, but with no results. Can anybody help me?

Domain Access and Menus


if anyone has experience with domain access he maybe could answer me a question. Lets say you have one Main Domain and 20 Subdomains.
All Domains have quite the same menu structure and the same aliases. How to manage this ? Clone each menu and manually adding the nodes ?
There must be a shorter way. Taxonomy Menu. How do you manage your menus ?


ps: Excuse my bad english !

Upgrade problems

After upgrading from D6 to D7 has encountered an error. The following error message provided by the website: "Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 11 of 14 bytes in variable_initialize() (line 943 of /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/sledehund/includes/"

CSS according to content type

I need to have a CSS class applied to certain content types. Some content types need the CSS class applied to them and other content types do not need it applied to them. Is there a way to specify this?

Urgent need for an excellent Drupal theme developer

We are looking for an excellent Drupal theme developer for an urgent project. The candidate is expected to have excellent skills and experience in changing a PSD file to a Drupal theme (version 7).


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