Drupal install directory

Just about to do my first every Drupal install. Is it best to install it into a directory called /Drupal or one called /Drupal-7.1.4? I don't know how future upgrades to a new version work, do new versions go into a separate directory or do they overwrite the current live /Drupal directory.

Also is it best to install Drupal within each separate domain or can I do one install to be shared across multiple domains. If I start with a simple per domain install can I later convert to a multi domain install without losing an sites created.


Choosing a host for drupal 7

I'm new to forum and have looked through a lot of forum topics before posting myself but I still need some guidance.

I want to create 3 sites - one for my mum which will be a small scale ecommerce site (selling homemade knitted goods), one for my sister (actor - portfolio site) and one for my daughter (music blog).

I know I want to use drupal 7 for these sites (I manage a site that is drupal 6 and I want to learn more about the back end of sites and find out more about drupal 7). I don't however know who to host them with.

Multiple images of a product on the product display page

I am using Drupal commerce
Currently, i have displayed one large size product image or can display multiple same size product images.
But, I want to display multiple images of each product, one image in big size and rest in small thumbnail sizes, so that whichever is clicked becomes the big image, as is done on the following page made using drupal commerce:


Help Regarding Custom Contact form

Hello i am recently working a new Project for Client which is simple theming project with the Requirement of contact form

drupal 7 includes the contact module but not having option for adding custome fields like

i want to add fields like first name , last name , select box

so is there any module available by which i can have those functionality like in wordpress we use contact form 7

also would like to have good guide for developing module for drupal so please respond me with the links for that

Thanking you in advance

[solved] WSOD after clean 7.14 install when saving the first page

Hi there,
just installed on localhost Drupal 7.14 successfully.
/admin/content shows correct page.
Followed Link "Add new content", typed in "test" and saved.
Result was WSOD. admin/content now gives WSOD too.

Any idea what went wrong?

fator error occurred when applying a patch to a module

Hi folks, I was trying to patch the webform module, but I'm kind of new to this kind of things and I think I run a little problem with that.

I downloaded the patch and put it under C:\wamp\www\sites\all\modules\webform
Then I moved the directory to the webform module by entering
cd c:/wamp/www/sites/all/modules/webform

and entered the command I copied from the webform vision control:

git clone --recursive --branch 7.x-3.x http://git.drupal.org/project/webform.git
and then I entered


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