Body Label on published article

How do I remove a Body Label on published article? Thanks.

Sharing data between multiple sites and controling it with views.

Hey Guys,

I hope This Is the right place to ask the question, If not i'm sorry but i'll try anyway.

I wonder is there any way to share data between couple of websites, Hosted on a diffrenet servers, And eventualy to control this data with views module which will be able to break it apart exactly like an ordinary content.
And one more thing i would like to control this data from 1 place that will change it simultaniously over all the websites.

I'll give an example to make it easier to understand my question:

Wysiwyg not finding text editors

Hello all,

I am starting up my new Drupal site with a remote webhost now. I have experience running it on IIS locally, but never on Linux on an actual webhost. My issue with with the Wysiwyg module.

Rules "execute" command working - real case NOT

I am working on portal (in very short way) where every user has a credit of money (in specific profile field) to use it to sign up in course of specific price.

Now I have created a rule, where if user signs up to some course, his credit (field_credit) will be lowered by price of that course (field_price_for_course) and he will be notified by a message "You have been signed in for course called COURSE for price 20$. Your credit is now 20$". Every sign up is controlled by condition where user needs to have at least that (field_price_for_course) amount of money in his profile.

Views 3: block using 'raw value from URL' on book child page not displaying

Hi all,

I have a views block that uses a contextual filter to display nodes tagged with a term using 'raw value from URL' (path component 2).

This works when I am on e.g. ~/blarg/[raw-value-from-url] but not when I'm on ~/blarg/[raw-value-from-url]/blarg

The 'sub-page' is a child of a book but I don't think that really matters does it?

I'm totally stuck, this seems a very simple thing to achieve but I can't get it to work. Anyone got any clues?



creating a module to generate an custom xml form of particular content type ,category of content type

how to create a module to generate an custom xml form of particular content type ,category of content type as an api.

please anybody help to develop this module.


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