Moving content from servers...

Hello there!...

Something strange is happening when I move all Drupal content from servers. In fact, I copy all Drupal content, not only de 'sites' folder and of course, the database.

In the new hosted server I add the database in Mysql and copy the content into the localhost. I just keep in mind to add the original user/password in the new DB.

It's not the first time, in fact, I've move several webs using that method... However, right now, I can see the loging page and once I click in 'log-in' button, the browser shows a blank page.

Create Module for us.

The module we need is associated with this forum post

We need the module to provide a quick copy and paste option for our users to place our thumbnail on their blog/forum/etc. The module will output a hyperlink to our node and an image tag to our thumbnail. We need the string to output in HTML and BBCode.

Please write us at...


Print submitted data on confirmation page

Copy webform-confirmation.tpl.php from /webform/templates and into your theme's template folder. Rename it to webform-confirmation-{nid}.tpl.php to apply the template to a specific webform. Make sure you clear Drupal's cache after placing or renaming the template file.

Edit the template with this underneath the webform-confirmation div, or wherever you like.

Discussion about problems with Drupal

We are looking to begin deploying Drupal on a number of sites.

There is discussion about Drupal on the newsgroup in g.webdev under the topic name Modx.

I would be interested in hearing any comment on the issues raised here especially with respect to the updates.

Theming View Title Fields (Redux)

I'm sorry for asking basically the same question 10 ways but it's driving me MAD! I've watched -hours- of videos and no one gets to what (to me) coming from a db background seems pretty basic.

OK, I have this View...

It consists of several Content Types that are related using Node References.

Adding a Javascript in my template

We have tried the drupal_add_library() but we are not able to really figure this out. The script we are trying to add is:

<script language="JavaScript" src=""> </script>
<script language="JavaScript"> tracking(); </script>

Any Ideas? please advise.

I may also be interested in contracting to get a plugin or module developed.




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