Question about drupal cache

I am a new durpal developer , and i started developing new drupal modules , but i faced very
difficult obusticle
durpal cache doesn't work properly !!!
whenever i develop new module , i can't see the pages or forms or ... of my module immediately !!!
i clear the cache through "admin->config->Development->Performance , but sitll can't see the effect of my development ?!!!
what can i do for such problem ?
and how other developers face this problem??
thanks in advance for answering my question

Primary links customization with HTML and CSS

Hello ,

I want build customized menu using my own html tags and style sheets in Drupal 7. Can you please let us know how to do that. I have seen some articles about customizing the page.tpl.php. But no where it is clearly mentioned how to do that.

Please help me out

Thanks and Regards

How connecting an user from external site through drupal's database

How connecting an user from external site through drupal's database

Hello everyone,
I have a drupal webiste for manage my users, and basic website, coded with php for reading.
I would like connect users thru drupal database (match their user name and pwd, and verify if their roles is 4, get granted access) from an external site, then redirecting them to authentificated page into the external site?

The steps are:

Unique value for three fields.

Hi Druplites,

In a content type called contacts,
I have four fields called :

phone_2 and

I entered a contact like following :

title : john
phone_1 : 12345
phone_2 :
phone_3 :

now, even if i try to enter 12345 in phone_2 or phone_3 for someone else,
I should be notified : John has 12345 as phone_1

How can i do this in drupal?

Looking for CSS class

Hi all,
I got a webpage that I want to change some css in it in order to make it looks better. Here is the webpage.
As you can see, the title (Product Center Test Page, Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting) are located on the middle side. I want to know the specific class that I can change the (Product Center Test Page) Front Size and move it to the left side. Also, same as Indoor Lighting and Outdoor Lighting.


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