How do you delete page cache after update or new comment?

I use Drupal 7 and like most, I have caching enabled. I also allow anonymous comments on nodes.

The problem is, If I update a node, or a comment is posted to a node, subscribed users receive a notification email. When they click the link in the email to view the updated node or comment, they do not see it because they are viewing the cached copy of the page.

Error while installing Drupal 7 commerce Kickstart on go daddy

I am getting the following error message while installing commerce kickstart on my go daddy linux host

In order for Drupal to work, and to continue with the installation process, you must resolve all issues reported below. For more help with configuring your database server, see the installation handbook. If you are unsure what any of this means you should probably contact your hosting provider.

field_group Multipage form and editing Content Types

I'm using the field_group module's multipage field groups for form entry on a new Content Type. It works beautifully, except for when I want the user to be able to update the details of that Content Type. It opens up the multipage form process again for editing that already existing Content Type. I really only want the multipage entry when a user creates a new Content Type, and not when they update an existing Content Type. Has anyone come across a way to pull this off using this module?

Unlimited fields, need more than one by default


Hopefully this has a very simple fix; when creating a new content type, I have given a specific field "unlimited" values, which results in the "Add another item" button popping up. By default, there is only a single input area (so clicking add creates another one). Is there a way to change the default, so that 3 input areas are shown by default?

Is there an easy way to display two fields side by side in a custom content type?

I have created a custom content type called "Vehicle" which has a main photo field and a gallery of images. Currently they display on top of each other, is there a way to get the gallery to display on the right of the main pic? Here is the beta site .

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


User Points + Forms

I am looking at setting up a system with the following requirements:

(1) Users will submit forms with checkboxes to determine what actions they have done (i.e. "Gone to workout class", "Drank water"). With their responses they will be assigned points (one per question). Using the UserPoint module (and their API) what is the best way to transform this form to points? Should I use the Webform module and build off of it's submissions -- or create another custom form and assign points that way?


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