Is there a way to determine if the logged in user has viewed a page?

Basically, I am creating a table in views, and as one of the columns I want to indicate that the currently logged in user has not visited a particular page. I tried Access Log: Aid, but I'm only getting zeros on that, no matter if I've visited a page or not. I didn't see anything else to use.

Any ideas how I might accomplish that?

Protected Node Configuration Fatal Error

I installed the Protected Node Module and after doing so I try to configure, but I get a Fatal Error message.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function _user_password_dynamic_validation() in ..drupal/sites/all/modules/protected_node/ on line 297

I had also installed Content Access and removed. I'm not sure if that messed up the permission configuration of my site.

Does anyone have a fix for this.

Thanks so much!

Acces priority

I have installed Organic Group with Organic groups access control. I also need to install Content Access and Taxonomy Tool and in that use the Taxonomy Role Access.
My problem now is that I do not know how to set acces priority, so that Organic groups acces control continue to control acces for Organic Group. I very much hope for help to that

add GPS Info to forum thread

Hi there,

i am new to drupal and need some help from you! :) I want to add gps info coming from a smartfone to a topic of any new forum threads.

how to do that? want to write a new modul, implementing some (gps)moduls and add this information over a hook to the drupal forum?!?!?!?! Not sure if this works.

Do you have a suggest for me. Keep in mind, i am a drupal noob! :)

Thanks very much.

Creating a rule to populate a node based on a user I just created

Right, here's what I want to do:

After having created a user with a specific role ("Advertiser") I would like to have a node (with a content type called "Advertiser") created.

This works fine, but how would I go about automagically populating the user id of the Advertiser entity?

Assuming I have to create a field of type Entity Reference in my Advertiser entity, but what else?

I've installed Rules and Entity Reference modules.

Any help is appreciated.


How to have many different pages in one main page ?

Hallo all,

I am trying to make something similar like this website

I want to have a left menu with categories (Biochemistry,Biotechnology...) and when a visitor clicks on it then they go and see all the different pages for this category. The way that pages appear will be the same, left a thumbnail of the pdf or jpg file and at the right the title and the rest of the text. Also, must have many entries per page (20, 50). Finally, when you click on the title you will go to the main page with the full text.


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