Actions not showing up for certain triggers - this is very confusing

Can someone explain Actions vs. Triggers? I guess I'm not really understanding them all too well, because I've now tried to set up two actions/triggers and both times, the trigger doesn't allow the action type (so it doesn't show it in the dropdown).

For example:

I've set up an action to add a role to a user:

When I go to the Users tab on the Trigger page, this is what I see:

Best Way to Handle Parent/Child/Sibling

Hi Community,

I'm fairly new to Drupal, but have reasonable experience in PHP, MySQL, etc. though I am hoping I won't need it.

We're building a system for managing lists of activities. Think of it like lists of Merit Badges for doing certain activities. So you might have one list like:

Guitar Merit Badge (Title in Drupalese)
- Some description of the badge (Body)
- List of Actions such as: play acoustic guitar, play lead on electric guitar, play dobro, etc.

Stringed Instrument Badge
- Some description
- List of Actions: play acoustic guitar, play sitar, play violin, etc.

The Actions would be another content type made up of various existing Fields.

What I'm struggling with is setting up the relationship between the parent (Merit Badge content types) and the children (Action content types). Parents can share children (see "acoustic guitar" in both Merit Badges, above). In addition, I need to be able to enforce display ordering in the children.

customizing colors bartik does not work

only the default (blue one on top) colour set works. When I change the colours or choose another than the default colours they dissapear of my site. The preview shows what I am changing, but my site shows something else.

Contact Form and Shared Hosting without SMTP Support

Hi guys,

First I want to apologize if this is the wrong forum but I tried finding an appropriate section to post and this seemed to be the closest one to being that.

Problem: Installed the smtp authenticator module and am trying to get it to work with drupal web forms to get a website feedback form to deliver feedback to my gmail account.

My shared host allows this under free hosting options:

how to mix union and PagerDefault in a custom SQL query?

I have a two part query that pulls together comments and forum posts by using a union. This works fine -- as long as there aren't too many entries to deal with.

When there are a lot of entries, of course I want to use a pager. I noticed that I have to add my own "count query" (the auto-generated one is wrong). But now, even though my query is running, I'm not getting any results out!

I'll paste in my code below - any help would be appreciated!

$firstQuery = db_select('comment','c');
$firstQuery->addField('c', 'cid', 'my_id');
$firstQuery->addField('c', 'subject', 'title');
$firstQuery->addField('c', 'uid', 'uid');
$firstQuery->addField('c', 'changed', 'changed');
$firstQuery->addField('c', 'created', 'created');
$firstQuery->addField('c', 'name', 'username');
$firstQuery->join('node','n','n.nid = c.nid');
$firstQuery->leftJoin('field_data_comment_body','fcb','c.cid = fcb.entity_id');
$firstQuery->join('users','u','u.uid = c.uid');
$firstQuery->addField('n', 'nid', 'nid');
$firstQuery->addField('n', 'type', 'my_type');
$firstQuery->addField('fcb', 'comment_body_value', 'body');

$secondQuery = db_select('node','n');
$secondQuery->addField('n', 'nid', 'my_id');

automatically add code to every page of the website

I have a website [] completly in English. Via Google Website translator I want my visitors to be able to translate a page to there own language. Therefore I need to add some "code" to the part of the page.

Is there a way to do this for all the pages of the website at once?


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