Ajax module Finder

Hello one and all!

Here I have a problem with my drupal 7 and especially with the module "Finder", let me explain ...

So here I have a taxonomy vocabulary "Category" with the terms and the following tree:

Shows (level 1)
__Concert (Level 2)
__Dance (Level 2)
__Théatre (Level 2)
Leisure (Level 1)
__Cinéma (Level 2)
__Concours (Level 2)
__Ateliers (Level 2)
Events (Level 1)
__Balade (Level 2)
__Braderie (Level 2)

How to use simpletest module?


I have a form with first name and last name. I am displaying these two fields using my own custom module.
I have created .test file also for writing test cases in my module.

Please help me. How can I write test cases for this kind of form.


Drupal Database and data-integrity issues

So the scenario that I have is a very confusing one.

[solved] Undefined index custom_search_form_alter() custom_search.module


I had that king of message when i upgraded from D6 to D7.

I first thought it came from Views : the benefit is I registered every Page, Block, flux, for each View where data were ony temporarily stocked.

Then I went to the Custom Search Module and I updated the configuration (without any patch) ...

... and that's all !

Enjoy Drupal ;-)

Why i dont use github (or any version control)

Id love to have my mind changed on this, but I personally dont see any place for github or other version control for the types of sites that I make and maintain.

Im a bit of a version control newbie but I do use it at my job, where I do mainly front end coding. I use drupal for freelance projects that I do outside of work. I use a fair few contributed modules but I dont create my own modules or write extensive php or javascript. As most of my changes are therefore in the database I cant really use the diff feature of version control.

I also dont make sites with any hardcoded links. With the pathologic module, when I move my site all I have to do with flush the cache and all the paths update to what they should be. This means I can duplicate the site's files and database (changing the database name) and keep working on the new one, leaving the old one as a backup. I find this is a good way to make backups as they are working sites. So if I run into an issue down the line I can 'go back in time' and see if this problem always existed or if it was caused more recently and so must be due to a change ive made.

Possible solution to build a customizable date/time table of conference sessions?

Hi, everyone,

I have a question about how to use drupal 7 to build a customizable conference sessions schedule date/time table page. I highlighted the "customizable" because I want to sort thoses sessions not only by time order but their rooms.

Let me explicate more. Here is my initial implemention:

  1. create an entity called "session", with a date-time field and Room taxanomy term-reference field.
  2. create some session nodes with different date-time data and Room terms.
  3. Create a View Page display with Calendar format plus date context filter(argument).
  4. Add the title, date-time and room fields at field section in this view.
  5. In the format settings, choose "Day" as calendar type, "half hour" as time grouping, "do not display overlapping items" as overlapping items style, and "field_room" as filed grouping.

The result would be a matrix table with room names as columns and start time as rows, sort everything by time priority. So far so good.


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