Path Module Help

I have a query that passes info in the URL and is thus not recognized as a node.

I think I can use the Path Module, which is now a part of the Drupal core.

The issue I run into here is that the "Existing system path" is invalid as it is not recognized as a node. So when trying to enter the "long" URL I receive the following error.

'programparticipants?field_hp_company_value=Alpha' is either invalid or you do not have access to it.

A module/theme with options to upload custom background images?

Does anyone have any recommendations of a good theme/module that has an administrative page which makes it easy to change the background color of the site, and upload a background image and set the tiling and scrolling of the image?

Getting duplicate content warning for /user etc?

I get a duplicate content warning from google webmaster tools for all my drupal sites because Google and other search engines index my pages for the following:

I also get warning for duplcate titles since all these pages use the title, USER ACCOUNT as standard with drupal.

Field Display not working (Display Suites)

I've enabled Field Templates in Display Suites. The "field display" link is appearing under "Manage Displays," as I would expect. However, the link simply does not work there.

I had this working on an earlier installation, but since then it is no longer working. Normally, the link would open up a space where I could apply classes to output. However, the link currently does nothing.

Any ideas about what might be causing the problem?

I've been looking but can't find anyone else reporting this problem or a solution.

Panels Accordion for Drupal 7?

I know this exists for Drupal 6 and that you can do a views accordion in D7. But I want 3 views within a panel to have the accordion. Is this possible? Thanks, everybody!


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