Administration aids

There are a number of shortcuts and nifty tools enabled in a standard Drupal installation, all with the purpose of making site administration easier. They are summarized below.

  • The black toolbar at the top on Drupal pages is provided by the Toolbar module. It contains links to the top-level items in the menu management.
  • The administrative overlay, the frame that appears when clicking on administration links, is provided by the Overlay module. One of its points is to make it easier to find the page you were on when starting your administration.
  • The Contextual links module adds a number of links in drop-down menus at various elements on your Drupal site. The menu is accessed by clicking on the gear icon that appears when hovering over elements that have contextual links – such as blocks.
  • The Dashboard module makes it easier to build a collection of blocks on one single administration page (found under the dashboard link in the toolbar).

5: Other basic Drupal core settings

This chapter collects some miscellaneous administrative settings a Drupal developer should know.

The initial version of this section of the Community Documentation came from the book Drupal 7: The Essentials, courtesy of NodeOne and Johan Falk.

Changing menu item settings

Hi, it's Intern.

You know, when I post content on the site, I almost always create articles, but never basic pages. Having to click “add content” and then “articles” seems unnecessary – and it must be the same for you. I suggest that we make the menu items hidden under “add content” in the navigation menu visible all the time. I could do this myself, but I don't want to change any site settings without asking you first. Should I do it? (Or do you want to make the changes?)


Adding arbitrary internal links to menus

Hi, it’s Intern.

I’ve been thinking: you know how Boss often wants some pieces of news to get more attention? If we have an Important News tag, we could use the list for the tag to collect all the stuff Boss thinks is extra important. Then we could also link to this list from the tabs on the site. Could you do this?


Adding menu items to the secondary links

Hi, it’s Boss.

You know the about us page we created some time ago? There should be a link to it at the top of the site – where the My account link is. Will you fix this? OK, thanks.


Adding menu links

Hi, it’s Boss.

I’ve started a Wordpress blog to tell people about the stuff happening on our website. It is found at Could you link to it from the left-hand menu? Thanks.



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