Trouble with default pager

My pages shows default pager at the end of my frontpage although the page has less than 10 elements. The pager is also weird. It shows links for page1,page2 but when clicking on them it shows same content.

Module Search API Location - An error occurred while trying to search with Solr (NEED HELP!!!)

Hello everyone!

im working with the module search api location.
In order to make its effect as the same as this demo (, i sticked to the instruction "how to install" to install the related modules, api, solr and so on... As i put everything on my website, i created a search page which seemed all alright, like without any problem , but when i click the search button, it came out and said something wrong :

update.php turns into install.php

Trying to upgrade my installation; i have worked through the UPGRADE.txt file, but when I go to the site to run update.php it instead runs install.php. Not even sure where to look to see what I may have missed or messed up.

Restored my backup directory, but now the site insists on running install.php, won't load the site.

UPDATE: found that in my update, I apparently believed everything was ready to go and moved settings.php to the new directory, restored it to the original. Had also deleted default.settings.php, restored that from a newly extracted 7.8 download.

trying to export content types from one drupal site to an other


I have two drupal installations with both the features modules installed. What I want to do is export the configuration from one drupal installation to the other.
So far without success :(

So here is what I did (lets call the drupal sites A and B): On site A, under 'Structure' I've added a new content type. Next I've created a features export. I un-packed this export/tar-file into the site/all/modules directory of site B. On site B under 'Modules' I can see my this export module (in the features section)

Commerce Payment Method: Saferpay

Commerce Saferpay

This module provides two payment methods to be used together with

Payment Page

External redirect to, payment gets processed and the user is returned to the shop.

first argument should be an array in _user_reference_potential_references_standard() (line 864 of user_reference.module)

Hi All,

We recently upgrade a Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7, and we are getting a warning on our custom content types have have a user-reference field. It only appears when you are editing the content, not when it is being displayed. The error is:

Warning: array_filter() [function.array-filter]:
    The first argument should be an array in
(line 864 of

As far as I can tell, everything is working. You can edit the content, changed the user-reference field, and your changes are saved.

I opened up user_reference.module and looked at the offending line. An excerpt is below. Line 864 is the line that starts with $filter_status =. The problem is that $field['settings']['referenceable_status'] is an integer with value 1, and not an array, and array_filter takes an array as a parameter.

Any idea what's going on? Is this a bug or a configuration issue? How can I fix this?

I'm on Drupal 7.12, and References 7.x-2.0
* Helper function for user_reference_potential_references().
* List of referenceable users defined by user role and status.
function _user_reference_potential_references_standard($field, $options) {
// Avoid useless work.


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