file upload problem

hi every body,
i was trying to upload an image using drupal form api,
i used some examples i found drupal,
and i get this error :
Warning: filesize(): stat failed for temporary://220720091939.jpg in file_save() (line 570 of ...
is there any solutions?!?!

forum and admin/content make my webserver hang

Hi Drupal people,

I have installed Drupal 7 and used it for over a year now, without any problems. However, since yesterday night, when you visit the forum or the admin/content overview page, an apache thread is started, but never finished.

Views 3: How to indicate what term is currently selected in a term list?

In Drupal 7 I've used Views 3 to make a taxonomy term list which is used to select categories of products, news etc. and that works fine.

Now my problem is, that I can't find a way to indicate (hilite) what term/category is currently selected in the list.

Can anyone please help me with a solution - thanks :-)

Google Data Visualization

We have one view module named GVS module for Google Datavisualization, but there is some limitations for creating graphs as we disired. The implementation of Google Datavisualization is very simple and we can directly implement by using tpl or custum module .

  The steps for creating Google Datavisualizations are follows .

Steps 1 :

  Call the JSAPI.

using other content type's fields

Related to this post:
I have created a Expert's content type.
within this content type, i have these fields:

  • First name (text)
  • Second name (text)
  • email address

Then, in the "Publications" content type, i try to use the "first name" and "second name" fields of the "Expert" content type as autocomplete filed in the "publication" form.

Invoke Youtube and control it using Drupal

Hello Friends,


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