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Hi everybody.

Upgrading Zen 7.x-5.x

If you followed the directions for creating a sub-theme, you will NOT have edited any files in the Zen directory and should only have modified files in your sub-theme's directory. So upgrading to the latest Zen will be easy.

  1. If you are replacing the Zen theme on a live server, place your site in maintenance mode.
  2. Download the latest Zen from
  3. Remove the zen folder from your Drupal installation.
  4. Unpack the downloaded file and place the new zen folder in your Drupal installation in the same place as the previous zen theme used to be.
  5. Turn off maintenance mode.

Upgrading Zen from 7.x-5.0 to 7.x-5.1

There are a handful issues that were fixed in 7.x-5.1 that may require you to update your sub-theme. Sub-theme authors should check each of the issues in Zen 7.x-5.1’s change records and modify their sub-theme if appropriate.

Zen 7.x-5.3

Zen 7.x-5.3 was a broken release; See Styling for messages, form items, "more" links, and pagers missing from Zen 7.x-5.3. Skip directly to 7.x-5.4. If you are already on 7.x-5.3, you can upgrade to 7.x-5.4 without additional steps.

Mass email and big search


I have a (very large) database with following entries per record:
title - url - email - date

I want a Drupal user to be able to search for a keyword in the title. (Is it better to store my database entries as nodes for that or some other way so that I can use some kind of built in search?)

The search results are displayed in a table. The user is able to check the entries in the table. And the system sends out 1 email (personalised by the user 1 time).

Images are not being cached


i have a website where there are plenty of images loaded in the homepage. I found that the images are cached and the expiry date is not set for the same.

In htaccess we have added the code for expiry and also the expires mode is enabled in apache.
But still the images are not cached and have no expiry

Do i need to write anything more for this?
thank you

Redirecting to a custom page after form posting

I have tried to search for solution to this for quite a while now.

I am writing a D7 version of the FAQ Ask module and are stuck on the issue where I'm trying to redirect users to a custom page after posting a node creation form.

The module allows users (both anonymous and registered) with the ask question and create faq content permissions to create an unpublished node with a title and a custom field set - but not the body field. These users are not allowed to view the unpublished node, but should be redirected to a custom page when posting a question.

Regardless it seems of what I set the redirect attribute of the $form_state to, the user is redirected to the 'node/[nid]' of the newly created (but unpublished) node resulting in a Access Denied error displayed.
See further details in the issue #1554912: Access Denied for Anonymous comment #3 detailing the code where this is handled.

I can see that even if I set $form_state['redirect'] = array('faq-page');  // Redirect to faq-page if the user is not allowed to view content when I evaluate what is happening in drupal_redirect_form(), then the redirect path is set back to 'node/[nid]' again.


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