new user registration fields

Hi everyone, Is it possible to add more fields for new registration? eg I need to add the telephone or cellphone field for the user who create the new account on my site.. any ideas?

how to display taxonomy terms (check boxes) side by side

Hi everyone,

I have taxonomy terms and I am using check boxes to display on the nodes so that users can select multiple items.
By default the display is in vertical fashion, how can I modify the display pattern using css or some other technique so that the check boxes could be displayed in 2/3 columns

Similarly if I have hierarchical taxonomy terms how could I display those in hierarchical fashion

Thanks in advance.

Detect user ID of the page I'm on for use in Rules

For my site I've had to allow admin permissions for certain roles, which works great to accomplish what I want, however, if someone manually types the url of another user, they are also able to view another users information.
i.e. A user can go to their own selling page "user/14/selling" via a link, but then if they edit the url manually and put in "user/1/selling" they can view another persons selling page.

Accordion over full viewport with ZEN

hello, i am building a simple site which consists of a 3-column accordion only. beside the accordion there are no separate navigation or content-areas, but the accordion (=the site) has to be accessible.
what approach do i have to take? i have experience in ZEN, but i don't know if its suitable for this purpose. are there suggestions for modules and/or starter-themes?

fotomoto module

Just installed the fotomoto module because the js code given by company placed in a block didn't do a the module is installed have no idea what to do next?

the module installed fine through admin upload and checked enabled then saved but how to get the widget thing on the page selected - the code given doesn't work with or without confused now.

drupal_add_js conflict with view_slideshow module

i created a blank module called customjs and only add a line


and views_slideshow module is also installed, but there are a errors after i added the code:

ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

Drupal.theme.prototype.viewsSlideshowControlsPause = function () {

views_...?man44s(123 行)

TypeError: Drupal.theme is undefined
Drupal.theme.prototype.viewsSlideshowControlsPause = function () {

what the problems? anyone knows? thanks


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