Displaying a Views block only if there's no result

I've got a block generated with Views (V3, D7) that I only want displayed If there is *no* result. (In this case, it's an RSVP reminder block--if the current user hasn't filled out the RSVP, then show them the block.)

I've entertained several ways of doing this, but being seriously code-inept, it's challenging.

D7 user image not showing

In our drupal 7 installation users recently started "losing" their user pictures when they would try to upload a new picture.

The situation is as follows:

Remove the "Add to cart" button if the product is already in the cart


is possible to change a drupal theme (even the basic Barlick) for ubercart in this way:
if the product node is already in the cart, then do not show the Add to cart button

(Basically is some kind of social commerce site, and I am trying so hard to hack ubercart, making it impossible to order more than 1 quantity of the same item.)

Any idea if it can be done, and how?

Views and Panels

Been searching for an answer for this for a few hours now and I can't seem to find one. I am creating a custom user profile page in panels. I created a view to display certain fields from profile2 if that user is of that role. When I test the view at the bottom of the views page by passing it an id it works fine. here are the settings:

Contextual filters:

(author) User: Profile

Drupal takes a long time to connect (otherwise fast)

I have a Drupal 7 site that is taking a long time to connect for some reason. All my other sites on the same server connect quickly. Once the site is connected, it runs just fine. I installed devel and looked at the top times. The majority of the highest queries are cache related. Here's what devel is showing:

Executed 976 queries in 3081.68 ms.

177.39     1     DrupalDatabaseCache::garbageCollection
DELETE FROM cache_rules WHERE (expire <> :db_condition_placeholder_0) AND (expire <= :db_condition_placeholder_1)


how can i associet a webform to an articale insted of a comment and have an administration on this


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