Urgent: help with migrating Drupal

Hello All,

I used tar and mysqldump to back up my old website, then used tar and mysql to restore them for another domain site.

Then I edited the settings.php file as following:

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Permissions for anonymous


When I surf to me website as anonymous, I don't get the main menu and I don't get any content either, all I see is "You are not authorized to access this page."
How do I configure the permissions correctly? I've been tryiong around but have not been able to figure it out yet.


how get current comment's nid?


I am themeing my comments...

I use:

echo '


But i cant retreive current comment id...

I am using this:

But it doesnt work..

Can someone help me?

Thank you very much!

I nominate.... Dmitri Gaskin! and of course.. The Drupal Song!

So.. ive been off making websites for sometime.. mebbe 15 yrs or so due to family commitments etc.. and the highest ever skill's I had was with phpnuke and a big contributer at the time to nukecops with my baby nuke100.com which inevetibly was hacked over and over because I was no good at protectin my lil self against mysql injections.. so alas I became deflated and sacked the whole thing and started to focus more on my proper job with the local council.. hmm.. Im still there too :)

Im now 40 yrs of age and was inspired recently by my 5yr old son whilst me and him stood in the queue at the local shop.. who whilst telling me about a dream he had the night before..

Daniel: Daddy... I had a dream last night..
me: Did you Dan? what was it about?
Daniel: Well.. it was more like a nightmare.. It had aliens in it!
me: Oh ek.. well.. what colour were these aliens Daniel?

to which Daniels face changed into that look of "you nutter"... "Daddy.. all aliens are green.. why did you even ask?"

at which point me and the shopkeeper simply looked at each other in bemusement :D

but I thought a couple of minutes after his story.. what a name for a website!

and so allaliensaregreen.com was born..

Administrator menu inoperative

I'm unable to access the administrator menus using ?q= in the command. For instance, http://www.mysite.com/?q=node/add will not work, but http://www.mysite.com/node/add will work. I have to edit all the commands before I'm able to gain access. I use aliases for all my content pages, I'm not sure if this related. I'm using Drupal 7.12. Menus worked correctly, then didn't. I can't associate any changes I made to the web site that may have caused the problem.

Feeds Module - Special Case Feed?

I'm trying to figure out where in the module I could write a special case concerning a certain feed. I would like to be able to write my own php code to edit the feed. (For example, to put a teaser description in after Title) I know how to write the code to change the feed, but not sure where in the module to add too. Something like
if ($feed_url == http://domain.com/rss.xml)
// edit the $feed_string;


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