Fusion core error

I keep getting this error

any help would be great

Fatal error: Call to undefined function user_access() in /home/ebgalore/public_html/sites/all/themes/fusion/fusion_core/template.php on line 40

Theme like 9gag /mlia

Hi ,

I'm trying to create a site where users can create and view posts, similar to the concept of 9gag.com and mylifeisaverage.com , is there a theme that is similar/close to what I'm looking for?

If you have any advise or recommendations about modules that would be helpful, I would love to hear them too.


Example: Using Field Collection to force a list of human-readable names of documents attached to a node


The Field Collection module is a great tool for grouping fields together. The example provided with the module uses a song playlist. This example relates to multiple documents attached to a node. If, for example, only one document is attached to a node, one can use the node title instead of a field collection. However, multiple documents will need their own title and using the node title to display a link to the document is not useful.

This page covers how to use the Field Collection module with other site building tools to force prettier, human-friendly titles for documents attached to a node. This was the set up used for a document repository site where several of an organization's staff members upload documents for the organization's board members. There was no naming convention for documents, for example one document may be titled "boardreportaugust92012.pdf" and another may be titled "board report_2012.05.10.pdf" - not easy to skim in a list! This (hopefully) forces contributors to add a human-friendly title to the document.

As with all things Drupal, there are multiple ways to accomplish site building goals. This particular example deals with setting up a content type that contains meeting information (such as location and time) as well as attaching multiple documents for that specific meeting and adjusting the output.

Fix 1k+ 404 error pages


I've moved a web magazine from custom CMS into drupal and now I need to fix 1K+ 404 errors... yes, I've installed Redirect module, where i have a link to do that next to every wrong link, but I need to do that in this century... So please, help me, where (or how) can I fix all 404S.

Ideas: (I prefer the first)

  • return 301 instead 404 and show the error page (custom node set as the 404 page)
  • redirecting to HP and show an error message

Is there a drupal equivalent to this wordpress theme?

I'm looking for something similar to this


any help appreciated


Noob looking for help


Am new at Drupal and am looking for a way to accomplish our goal..we have a custom designed Drupal template and right now we are pre-loading the template with information. At a certain time of the day, we have to publish this template...the problem is the person in charge of publishing the template might be out of the office at the appointed time and it doesn't get published at the correct time.

Is there a module or can we use chron to do something like this? Basically, just need a timer to "punch" the publish button!

Thanks in advance,



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