Views Taxonomy Select Terms Brothers

Hi all,
I have a view with a page display that takes a taxonomy term from the url as an argument.
where xxx is the taxonomy term.

Now I would like to put in this page a block where are listed the taxonomy terms that have the same parent of xxx.

For example, if this is my taxonomy:

- yyy
- xxx
- zzz

In the xxx page I would like a block containing;

Is there a way to do it?
thank you

Nodes are cached temporarily cache_page


I checked table `cache_page` and column `expire` is set to -1. I means CACHE_TEMPORARY. How do I know when the cache will be deleted?

How can I set this value to 0 (CACHE_PERMANENT)? I would like to do so in my custom module. I know I can use sql query but I guess that it is not the right solution.

Thank you, Martin.

Creating Facebook Environment with Drupal

Hi All,

I have installed Drupal 7 with Acquia Drupal.

I would like to re-create the Facebook environment especially:

i) user initiated mapping/creation of friend networks.
ii) user wall for posting comments, pictures and have friends reply.
iii) user profile creation.

Making Media:YouTube work with Lightbox2 module


I have set up my new Drupal 7 website pretty much in the way I did my Drupal 6 website. Now I find myself confronted with a difficult one: setting up YouTube files the right way.

In Drupal 6, you had the embedded media field, which could work with Shadowbox. Somehow it grabbed a thumbnail from YouTube and when you clicked on that, it would show the YouTube video in the overlay window.

In Drupal 7, I find it impossible to configure it all correctly. When I set up the YouTube field as image, I get the error

Making my articles split into three columns, and having text flow naturally from one column into the next

I have a little problem.
I am trying to make my articles have three columns with text flowing from one column into the next -- like a hardcopy newspaper.
Research on the Panels module has helped me achieve three columns. But they are separate columns, and this is different from what I am trying to achieve.
I also want to be able to insert pictures anywhere in the text, regardless of the column.
I use the Bartik theme for the front-end of my D7 installation. My site is And my hosting provider is

[SOLVED] Adding JS to the end of the head

I'm trying to add some JS to the head, but I need it in this format:

<script type="text/javascript" src="">
  api_key: your_api_key_goes_here

I can't figure out how to do this using drupal_add_js(). I have managed to do it using the drupal_add_html_head(), but I can't get it to appear below the title tag, even after changing the weight to something really high.


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