"your version of Drupal"


When Drupal mentioned

security updates are available for your version of Drupal

one editor of mine has mistaken this to mean some sort of
updates to her client machine, and being harmless to
click ok, yes, yes, go.

I know, that's stupid. And stupid people shouldnt get that warning. But
perhaps the message can be phrased more clever too, like

security updates are available for your website's Drupal installation


Creating new Theme make admin page not working

Hi Pals,
I am a newbie in Drupal . I use drupal 7.14 . I plan to make a theme of an HTML home page , but
my problem is when I take admin page ie localhost/church/admin/ I redirect to the default home page
and if I am in admin click any admin link also do same response . I am really Wired , pls help me
with your advise


PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] - after downloading from remote to local environment

I've downloaded an already created Drupal site from the remote server and pt it into my local development folder.
After that I've created Virtual Host specification for that site in my Apache v-host configuration settings.
When I try to run site locally, I get the following error msg:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 11 database disk image is malformed: SELECT expire, value FROM (semaphore) WHERE name=:name; Array ([:name] => variable_init) in lock_may_be_available() (Line 167 ....\includes\lock.inc).

Submitting any form does nothing


I have Drupal 7.14, Ubuntu 12.04, PHP 5.3.10, MySQL 5.5.24.

Somehow, any form any user submits simply takes the user back to the form, blank.

As a result, I cannot log in, search, create a new account, ask for a password reset, comment, etc. No form is working.

I deleted my browser's cookies, cleared the cache with "drush cc all". No effect.

Is there anything I can do?

Custom Form and Input Mask


I want to mask input a telephone number on my form. I have downloaded and called:
- Input_mask module
- Required jquery library (jquery.maskedinput-1.3.js)

If I view source, the library is being called without any issues:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

My form is as follows:

API Specifications

This page is a description of the cover story and the necessary details. Specifications for each components are clear about what is defined and what is not defined. Furthermore, specifications indicate what areas are likely to change in the future. A specification is a difficult document to write, and it is more than just a paragraph or two about the component.

API Specifications

This API is build upon the RESTful service, full specifications can be found here: http://blizzard.github.com/api-wow-docs/. In its complete version, the Blizzard Community Platform API will make use of the entire service provided by Blizzard.

The base WoW component support EU, US, KR, CN and TW regions. The list of supported regions with miscellaneous information can be retrieved by the wow_api_info() function. The component is a sort of infrastructure for other components, declaring a wow_http_request() function that take care of service communication.



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