Regarding jQuery AJAX enabled Multiple pagers in a page

I have a custom node with items list.
So default teaser view of this node is displayed with jquery ajax enabled pager if number of items is more than 5.
In the node page my custom node pagers are there also node page's pager is there at the bottom.
When I traverse to next page my custom note's current pager number is not showing 1 but it's showing the node's pager number. But my custom node pager works fine.

I tried setting element id for my custom node pager to 1.
But clicking on next doesn't work
So how do I manage multiple pager with some pager's using jquery ajax for loading the content as put forth above.

This code is without element id parameter and clicking on next etc works fine.

Inside theme function of custom node - teaser view:
$html .= '

$html .= theme('pager', array('parameters' => array('nid' => $nid), 'quantity' => ceil($count_of_items/5)));
$html .= '


Inside js:
// For teaser view display of custom node with pagination support if items > 5.
var id_nid = '.table-container-class';
$(id_nid + ' th a').
add(id_nid + ' .pager-item a')
.add(id_nid + ' .pager-first a')
.add(id_nid + ' .pager-previous a')
.add(id_nid + ' .pager-next a')
.add(id_nid + ' .pager-last a')

If Statment in Custom node template

I have a content type called specials

In that content type I have a field called discount code which has a machine name of field_discount_code

I have a custom node template called node--specials.tpl.php that I am using to fomate the display of this content type

If the discount code if filled in by the user I want drupal to show some text if it is left empty I want it show some other generic text

here is the code I am trying but not having any luck with

Acquia Dev Desktop and Imagemagick.

How do I configure imagemagick on my Acquia dev desktop (localhost)? I have downloaded imagemagick and activated the module. But it does not work.
I can see that ImageMagick should have a path to php. But to which file or what is the path to the file on a local host? I use Windows 7 and Acquia Dev Desktop is installed default (Program Files (x86) / Acquia Dev Desktop).
I could not find a detailed guide for this setup and I do not know much about PHP.

Comments not visible when content node part of a Panel page

I've got a Panel page set up that comprises a content type, followed by up to two page views based on taxonomy. The content type is set to allow comments, and when I use it alone (ie. not within a panel) comments works fine. But when I have it as part of the panel page, no comments appear.

Content type not part of panel page

Content type part of panel page

Drupal Add Content Bug Help !

Dear All,

I have already my content types, but when i clicked "Add Content" under admin menu, its showing "You have not created any content types yet. Go to the content type creation page to add a new content type."... Might be Menu parental action changed. What i will do now to reset.

Error Message

Hi all,
Here is my error Message.
Warning: file_get_contents(sites/all/modules/ds/js/ds.js) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in drupal_build_js_cache() (line 4817 of /home/content/73/9459673/html/includes/


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