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Pathauto is a fundamental contributed module to Drupal.

Comprehensive documentation can be accessed here.

Help displaying thumbnails in an attachment view

I am a photographer and I am tinkering with Drupal 7 to remake my site. (mostly to learn drupal) I am having trouble getting views to display thumbnails of images.

I installed Drupal with the following modules (though some of these modules are not relevent here I am tinkering)
Chaos Tools Suite
Menu Block
Taxonomy Menu

The goal presently was to create the portfolio pages. Trying to make use of the structure of drupal I broke down the page into sections.

Removing author name from Drupal 7 blog teaser only ?

hi all - I need help, i want to remove author name from blog teaser not date of publish so this looks like " Published on Tue, 05/22/2012 ...even i don't want to show time here..

i have searched alot here but couldn't find the exact solution of it, please advise!

Displaying a users media in their profile

I'm very new to drupal, having only been using it for a little over a week. I'm building a site that allows users to share pictures and videos as well as link from youtube. What I'm having trouble with is displaying a user's uploaded/linked media in their user profile. I've been looking for two days for a way to do this and can't come up with anything. Any suggestions would be great!

integration of Flat Rate shipping and UPS api

Anyone know how UPS api, Freight Quote api, and Flat Rate shipping can all be integrated at the same time? We have this done but 'how' do you 'disable' the UPS and FQ api so that the Flat Rate can be used for specific products? The same with other products to disable the Flat Rate so that the UPS and Freight Quote api can be used. At this point all are showing at the same time which is no good.

External Print CSS in Omega 5 D7

I'm working on a project and I'm unsure where to put the code to insert the code to use the print.css file that I've created and put into my sub-theme's css directory. I'm tried modifying the html.tpl.php file and it didn't work. After a bit more research I attempted to add the css in the (site name).info file for my sub-theme but still had no luck. Any ideas?
Thanks for your time and help!


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