Displaying a Schedule using Airings

The Community Media Airing is used to store information that is either pulled from or sent to a playback server or scheduling system like Telvue, Cablecast, Cinegy, or Morpheus. Community Media Airing is similar to the Open Media Airing module, but instead of saving Airings as Nodes that mix with pages, blogs, and other content on the site, the Airings are created as Entities.

Import Airings into Drupal from Telvue

This is the easiest method for displaying a schedule in Drupal. While many playback servers include an HTML schedule you can link directly to or embed in an iframe, importing the Airings gives you more control.

Importing Airings currently requires the Entity Processor Branch of Feeds. Currently, this branch is only available using git.

Once you've enabled this version of Feeds, you'll see additional Processor options. Use the Entity processor Airing.

Display a view for a particular node

Hi guys,

I am looking for displaying a view using php code for a particular node id. I have found this code working.

$view = views_get_view('my_view');
print $view->preview('default');

This code is also working

print views_embed_view('my_view', 'default', $node->nid);

how to customize invoice module Fields Drupal 7?


In this module they give default fields like description,first name last name, how to add taxonomy value for description.

Calendar module problem

Hi, i was installed module Date Calendar Ckk and Views for do a Calendar of events, the calendar block its okay but when i do a event dont appear in that block and appear a error message too..

this is the web: www.laotraandalucia.org


new produced module not in module's list

I have just created a module but he doesn't appear in the module list In Drupal-
Can you help?

Node fields select information from several other nodes

In Drupal 7 I would like to create a large number of new nodes. In each node I have 10 to max 25 fields where I need to select information from several other nodes. The idea is to make gift boxes that are put together all different.

Is this possible in Drupal 7..?

Anyone have an idea on how I could do this?


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