Really confused at how to work with others on a single Drupal site???

I like Drupal and I have been playing around with it a lot and for a long time but I am having trouble finding a good workflow. I know so much of what drupal can do but I just don't know the best practices for developing a drupal site with others. My friend and I will be making a website for our other friends. We wan't to both be able to work on it and then be able to merge our changes using git. I have gotten this far and have git all set up and drupal running locally with acquia desktop.

How to restore my views?

Well... i was experimenting with views today and i removed most of them (i use Open Publish modification of Drupal there was some nice views). How to restore them?

modules Rules

I am looking for a Drupal expert to help me on a little thing because I'm stuck and I can not move forward.
Site is composed 1 - individual (user who can submit the ads on the site)
2 - Professional (user can choose which departments and area of ​​interest, for example department: Versailles, Saint Denis, Paris, Domain: electrical, painting, plumbing)
Created :
1 - the individual needs to connect (login / pwd) =>ok
2 - submit their annonce =>ok

print fields in Views Block


I'v been searching the forums and found some routes to go on, but haven't gotten much love from my programming.

I've created a view which shows a couple of fields of a specific node in a block. Now I want to theme some of these fields within two divs to style those divs within one block.

I created an override template which works fine: block--views--information-block.tpl.php

I've been trying to print the fields like this:

drupal 7 display different fields based on url parameter

I have this problem:
- a content type called section with 5 custom fields
- I need to display each field as a different page: section/1/fieldA, section/2/fieldB, etc...

I would like to override node.tpl.php and output the desidered field based on 3rd parameter (fieldA, fieldB, ...). How can this be done ? Do I need to create a custom module or can be done via theming ?

What if I wanted to replace the nodeId with a string ?

Thank you

Register Module

I created a module that registers an account with the table users in the database. It creates the account but it doesn't log in the new account automatically. Is there a way to log in and direct to another page once the account is created or does the user always have to log in after creating the account.
Thanks for your help,


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