Need help with content managment and how i should organize my site

I am trying to develop a site that allows users to view collectible card tournament results but i have run into a few stumbling blocks and would like some suggestions.
- I need to be able to easily input the results from tournaments and post them to the site
- I would like to have a building feature that could be added to much like a shopping cart and that would keep track and could eventually publish the the "cart" to it's own post and/or to a printable format.

How to use hook_form_alter to make all textfields expandable?

It seems like the Resizable Body module has been abandoned. It's stuck in 6x and nobody has shown the initiative to port it to D7, although there are 1200 websites that use it! It's a little module of some 250 lines but it adds a nice functionality of textfields automatically expanding while you type (like on Facebook and many other advanced sites) - it also hides that drupal's Gippie expander which is mostly useless for all modern browsers.

How to get RDF autocompletion to work

Hi everyone!

After reading some partially contradictory posts and comments on issues and the forums, I decided to ask for help here.
I have a Drupal 7 installation with RDFx, EVoc and RDF UI v7.x-2.0-alpha4 and I imported some external vocabularies. Unfortunately the autocompletion during RDF mapping does not work. Since I do not know all the vocabularies by hard, an autocompletion function would ease things a lot.

So is there any way, to activate the autocompletion functionality? What is the official way to go here?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Problem with Charts and Google API

Hi, I'm starting (restarting) using Drupal, and wanting to use Charts for my project.
I downloaded Charts for 7.x, and made it almost work, escept for the Y-legends. I found some examples:

$chart['#mixed_axis_labels'][CHART_AXIS_Y_LEFT][0][] = chart_mixed_axis_range_label(0, 5);
$chart['#mixed_axis_labels'][CHART_AXIS_Y_LEFT][1][] = chart_mixed_axis_label(t('Count'), 95);

The first thing Drupal told me was that the function chart_mixed_axis_range_label() was not defined. Weird, so I checked the charts module and in fact it was no there. I went then through a little google research, and found a "patch" ( at least I think it's a patch, where the functions were defined. Instead of patching, I took the functions to a module I made. Functions worked but Drupal told me:

"Notice: Use of undefined constant CHART_AXIS_Y_LEFT - assumed 'CHART_AXIS_Y_LEFT' en eval()".

And this is a bigger problem. I'm trying to surf the Drupal page (I remember it more easy, I almost couldn't find the Forum xd). Where can I get an useful version of charts for 7.x, or the latest patch? And then, is there some easy way to patch (I downloaded a patch.exe I used to patch the charts before, and it worked... but maybe not very well maybe not the last patch maybe a patch for another version... I dont know).

Pre-populate comment fields with values from user fields

I created some new comment fields ('Institutional Affiliation', for example) and would like to pre-populate the values for these based on user/account fields. I started down a path to use PHP to define the default value (via CCK module), but found that PHP code for default values is not available for text fields (although it is available for lists). I'm now trying to use hook_form_alter in template.php to pre-populate these fields, but am a PHP newbie and haven't been able to find a solution documented that I can use successfully.

I followed a very helpful guide to start using hook_form_alter (, but don't know how to correctly assign default values / pre-populate the values for my custom comment fields.

In case it is unclear, the desired end user experience is: the comment form contains the typical text area for the comment body as well as some additional fields, like Institutional Affiliation. The Institutional Affiliation field is pre-populated with a value from the user's account, 'Harvard University', for instance. The user can submit the comment with the pre-populated value, or can edit it before submitting (changing 'Harvard University' to 'UCLA', for instance).


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