Help! Error when registering

Encounter the error:
EntityMalformedException: There is no communication with the essence of the type property field_collection_item. in function entity_extract_ids () (line 7562 in file /includes/

Search the forums gave no answer.

Help please!

How I can apply exposed sort criteria after exposed filter criteria search result

Hello everybody,
After a search results by exposed filter criteria. I want to sort (order by) results by some conditions (title, Date, Topic). Note: only select box contained three options: Title, Date, Topic. How I can do it?
Thanks for your help,

Sql Injection through search field

sql injection through search field how to validate it

NodeStream 2 beta 3 release notes

This page is here since the beta3 release is unpublished and isn't accessible. We currently have problem with the build system.

Important changes!

This release comes with draggableviews 2, which doesn't have an upgrade path for draggableviews 1. This will be resolved for you automaticly if you are using the newspaper or the RSS product, they have an update hook that makes the upgrade for you, but you will have to take manual steps if you are using draggableviews in a custom project.

You will have to:

  • Uninstall draggableviews completely
  • Install draggableviews again
  • Upgrade any views that you have configured to use draggableviews 1.
  • We strongly recommend you take the time to do this, since development of the 1.x branch is dead, and will not be maintained any more, but we also realize that this might be hard for you to fit in into your schedule so we also provide a patch so that you can keep on use the latest release of NodeStream and NS Core without upgrading and still get the security upgrades. Check out #1738320: Provide patch to downgrade to draggableviews 1 for the patch, and file an issue if you need help with this.


  • The irritiating and non-functioning "No translation exists for this content" pane is removed.

How to use onclick event with drupal fieldset?

In drupal i have generated a list where each item is a fieldset with collapsible, that can contain extra information.

Because of the rather large list i want to avoid loading the extra information until a user clicks on the fieldset.

Best case scenario:

  • User clicks on collapsed fieldset.
  • Fieldset loads extra information.
  • Fieldset uncollapses.

Thx in advance.

Solr Search Result Page

Hi All,

I want to show two different search results in the same page (I am using solr search). Here is an example of the problem that I am facing

1. We have indexed 2 content types
2. The search result should have 10 results from 1st content type and the other 10 from the 2nd content type.
3. The results are displayed in a single page - one underneath the other

How can I do this in Solr? Appreciate all help.



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