Clear cache? 500 server errors


I tried to change something in a template I had created and when I realized my changes didn't work, I undid them and resaved my file again. Now my page is loading very slowly and once i'm logged and I wanna click on Configuration to clear the caches (or any other admin link), i always get a server error 500. How can I get this fixed? I'm desperate!

Thank you!

Counting recurring Events in a calendar

Thanks in advance for all help,

I am using the Date module and creating events that recur at regular intervals.
Say EVENT-A occurs every Monday, between start-date and end-date.
Is there a way, I could calculate number of times EVEN-A occurs. I already have a view that displays a list of such events with start date, end date, etc. , but i cannot figure out a way to display the number of times a given event occurs,

If you can point me to some documentation, I will be happy to read it as well.

easy ajax call?

I'm looking into scripting a block of code that has an image map. when you click on an area, it'll fetch all of a custom content type with a certain parameter.

I know the coding, outside of the drupal interface. Is there a method already available that I can have an ajax script call that'll return content based on certain parameters?

Temporal Database Module

Hello every one

I have User Entity in my Data Base and I want to save any change in any User information Such (Address , Email , .....)
and the Date of change in another Entity Called "User History".

User History Entity will contain (ID , User Entity ID , Date Change , Field Name , Value).

I want to apply this at all Entity in my Data Base and in Automatic Manner.
Later I want to Get Result for similar queries such as " at this date **/**/**** What is Address for this User ID ".


feed aggregator block not showing

Followed the community drupal docs and set external link in config- web services -feed aggregator
Set the link and it shows up under navigation >feed aggregator>sources BUT when I find it in
blocks and configure to main content of specific page it does not show up.
You can seehere
the feed link shows up under source after stupid url and 'never updated' message.

DrupalGap Mobile Application

DrupalGap Mobile Application

The DrupalGap mobile application is built using the DrupalGap mobile application development kit and is available for Android and iOS. The mobile application can communicate with Drupal 7 sites that have the DrupalGap module enabled.

Try a Demo

Android - Download: Google Play

iOS - Download: iTunes


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