Help with developing mobile application with Drupal backend

Hi all,

As I am very new to Drupal, I would like to ask for experienced advice how exactly to achieve what I am trying.
What I want to do is like a quiz on the mobile device. I want to use Drupal as a backend for both managing questions and keeping track of the answers.

AJaX Menu - Callback not working

I am trying to build a simple AJaX menu: There is already a DIV with id ajaxDiv in my HTML structure. Its content should be replaced with the links of menu menu-test. As soon as one menu-link is clicked, the content of the DIV should be replaced with the content of a node.

The problem is that a node’s content is not delivered via AJaX. The function global_ajax_link_response($node = NULL, $type = 'ajax') does return a normal page instead of an AJaX response. Because the nojs token is not removed from the menu-link when clicked. And I don’t know why. Could you please give me some help?

Here is the code of module my_ajax:

function my_ajax_menu() {

$items = array();

// Register global menu callback for URLs beginnig with ajax.
$items['ajax/%'] = array(
'page callback' => 'global_ajax_link_response',
'access callback' => 'user_access',
'access arguments' => array('access content'),
'type' => MENU_CALLBACK,

return $items;

function ajax_menu() {
$build = array();

$links = menu_navigation_links('menu-test', 0);

foreach($links as $link) {
$build['ajax_link_' . str_replace (' ', '_', $link['title'])] = array(
'#type' => 'link',
'#title' => $link['title'],
'#href' => 'ajax/' . $link['href'] . '/nojs/', // add global identifier 'ajax/' to URL

Creating a page that has the most recent item from four different category

Hi All,

I'm working on a blog site that has 4 major blog categories, or "channels".

They want to have the blog homepage display the most recent item from each of the 4 categories.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. I think what I need to do is create 4 different views, each view showing the most recent entry for the respective taxonomy term.

But then I have to do two things that I'm not sure how to do:

images are not visible

Images seems are not visible after in drupal 7.12.

Being a newbie to drupal I have searching on the internet to understand why images uploaded in an "article" are not being displayed, while this worked fine in one of the previous versions. The "clean url" option that has been talked about on internet did not get the problem solved. The image is gone after a second reload of the page. The same goes for the option to display "full" or "filtered" html. For me this gave no solution at all.

Browser language detection problems

Hi all,
I'm working on a multilingual website, I configured the language detection in this way:
- User
- Browser

The problem is that When I type the root url for my site ( I expect that the language is detected by the browser 'cause the URL dosen't contain language, and the user is not logged in.
My problem is that the main menu is properly loaded but the content is in the default (english) language and is not display the correct translation.

Any idea on what I have to check?


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