cck for 7.x not found

where can i download CCK fpor drupal 7.x

import different db table to drupal db

I need to import the table of phpmyadmin of non drupal to drupal db such that ,the non drupal db table that i am going to import is content type in which all the fields are in a single table structure containing values but in drupal db each field creates the new can i import such that it converts into drupal db table structure and creates the new content type based on the non drupal db and storing the values present in imported db to drupal created table field .can anyone please help me.

bug : date and author of unpublished contents publicly visible

I’ve a display problem.
Unpublished contents wrongly have a piece which is publicly visible : date, author, avatar, everything on a single line.
Its making a lonely line between publish contents lists.
The only way to avoid this display is to delete the content.
This unwanted display is visible by anonymous as well as by authenticated users.

Portal Development Needed


We are looking for a Drupal Development company based in India and specializing is custom coding and module customization. Requesting only companies to apply

Rahul Sheth

Issue with Syntax highlighter and TinyMCE


I followed the steps to install and configure these modules. I'm using to integrate these two modules. Follow the steps in the readme files but I'm having many issues with integrations these modules:

How to print Taxonomy term on page.tpl drupal7

Hi everyone, i can't figure out how to print a taxonomy term on a drupal page.tpl file.
I'm not a php developer and there's something missing in my code (and in my mind), in addiction to the fact that i can't find solution working for D7.
That's my scenario:
i'd like to have a page that shows:
- The taxonomy term
- The title
- The body
(optionally, additional fields, no problems for that)

what i try (better saying one of the stuff i tried ;-)


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