meta tags

how do i edit meta tags? i don't see them anywhere in my B theme.

Can't Launch Drupal Page

Hi All,
I was having a problem with my drupal installation, where the system cannot find my page. I had created the site, running DAMP, all the themes and added blocks before trying to upload it to my site server. When trying to upload it, I changed settings.php to select my database, and had made a copy before changing it, but when I changed it back, it cannot find my site anymore on my localhost.

ical times wrong in outlook

Hi I am trying to find a solution for a problem with ical dates and timezones. When i create an event date it displays correctly in the calendar.
When I d/l the ical file the times are off by 4 hours. I checked a few threads, tried a patch and nothing.
I have the updated modue date_ical-7.x-1.1. Should the fix not be inlcuded in an update?

I have spent far too much time on this. Does anyone know of a sloution? thanks

Using panels to create a custom translation page?

I want to create a page with the translation form side by site with the node being translated. I figure the easiest way to do this would be with Panels but I can't figure out how. Is it possible to put the translation form on a panel?

Video Lessons Commerce Website


I have decided to build a Video Lessons selling Website, but I have almost zero experience with Drupal.

Is it doable?
I know how to setup a Kaltura CE 5 Server, which i already have installed on another machine and I have experimented with Drupal and with drush 5 CLI, but I still haven't figured out some things:

Create data subset...?

I am trying to find the best way to create a subset of data that will define what other users are able to view.

Basically, the 'web manager' role will somehow define a subset of a content type that other roles will then be able to view (on a map) and edit the field data.

The solution could be as simple as using views to create a subset of the data, then set publish/unpublish for the content. The 'web user' role can then be set up to only view published content. The problem is that I currently have 20,000+ items in this content, and will increase in the future. It is not feasible to have the web manager select each item individually to 'publish' for example. Is there a way to automatically publish (or unpublish) the views results?

It may be possible to add a new field, such as 'web_user' and set the value to 'yes' for each content item that should be accessible by the web users. But the problem listed above remains that it is not possible to set the field value for all content items that satisfy the view query at once (or is it?).

Another possible solution is to use views to create a subset of data, then make a new database table of content titles and link this new table back to the original table to view/edit the other field information.


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