Help with SimpleCorp Menue configuration

Dear Drupal experts

i am running a site / blog ->

on the main page you find the "Blog" menue. I did assign all the blog entries to that menue and it opens out while mouseover - so far so good

BUT ;-) the menue entry "Blog" is cklicable as wenn and if you click on it you will get to the basic page which i created to assign the other blog entries (which only shows the content/ word "Blog"

Google Chart Tools

Dear Drupal community,


Hi all,

Cannot seem to get the Lightbox display to show the title of the image
or the alternative title. It will show the file name but thats all.

I have tried different versions and reinstalled but no luck.
When I google this problem most of the posts and answers seem
to be several years out of date.
Does this mean this problem has been solved or that there is an

I have tried some alternatives but cannot get these to work as I
would wish.

Have spent a whole day trying to get this to work.

RSS built from 1 of each category?

I'm building RSS feeds in the views tool on Drupal 7.

I want to pull 5 stories, but I'm unsure how I might be able to pull just one of each category in my content type "Blog post", and possibly list them in a specific story. Right now, I believe it just pulls the last 5 stories found, regardless of which of the categories they are.

Filter is set to:
Content: Published (Yes)
Content: Type (= Blog entry)
Content: Blog Category (or Cybersecurity, ...)

Sort is set to:
Content: Post date (desc)
Content: Blog Category (asc)

Custom searchbox

I want to make a custom searchbox that let the user select a ID from a dropbox or selectionmenu takes a value for this ID, searches a specific contenttype and returns al the content that have tis value for the specific ID, but dont know how to get started any idea's, maybe some javascript code?

How to track pages and links using google analytics


My website has two main links (node/1, node/2). I like to know how many people visited in node/1 and how many people visited in node/2.

I enabled google analytics module.
I have my tracking code from google analytics.
I entered the tracking code of my main site ( in drupal site using the GA module.
When I go to google analytics website > under audience > overview > I see sessions,users,pageviews,etc. I browsed thru audience menu. I could not find any info as for how many visited in node/1 and how many visited node/2.


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