Change Main Menu Link Code Format

Quick Question: How do I reverse the output of main menu links from
to be

Long Explanation of the Question:

I tried searching for this but I'm not sure how to phrase what I'm looking for.
I've dug around in the tables, theme files, etc for a while too.

I'm using Drupal 7.38 and the theme is Responsive Bartik.

I need the links to be reversed in the current format. I would like the link element to enclose the list element.

Custom Content Type Form, Field collection not working

Custom Content Type Form, Field collection not working

when I click the "Add More" button the app/browser crashes.

How to display validation errors to checkout panes

Hi, I am trying to validate checkout forms. I did manage to validate checkout form fields but could not display the validation errors to its specific checkout panes.

Unluckily the validation for checkout panes is not as simple as traditional form validation, as validation errors are supposed to be displayed with its specific panes rather than all at one place. I did find the validation handler for the continue button of checkout form in the following link as it is said to display errors with its specific panes.

How to have a slideshow and contact form side by side


I like to create a contact form using webform module. I like to put the form on the left and small image slide show on the right. I will be using some responsive theme like bartik, bootstrap. I like to have HEADER, LEFT and RIGHT col, FOOTER. LEFT col for FORM and RIGHT col for IMAGE SLIDESHOW.

How can I do it?


Dynamic Documents in Erpal for Service Providers

I am fairly new to Erpal.

I just want to create a few standard document templates (Order form, request a quote, job site specifications, work order, etc) and have the site auto-fill those forms for me, so I can print them out prefilled with the customer's name, address, phone, etc.

Basically, I would like to simply open a contact, click "Generate {name of form}" and click "print" or "print as PDF". (this is best-case scenario)

Single cart for single product

I am using ubercart for my ecommerce website. I want to use the cart, single product wise instead of all added products in a single cart. more clearly if user select product "A"-price $30 & "B"- price$40, first product should show with total $30 in a cart with count 1 of 2 and second product should show with total $40 in another cart showing count 2 of 2. please help.


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