RSS feed category by user

Good day. I am an intermediate developer with a question about RSS feeds. I am developing a sports site and I would like to import RSS feeds from sports news organizations. My site will be a member site and members will see the news feeds. My users will be able to select the teams they like and that will determine what feeds they see (i.e. a user who identifies themselves as a LA Galaxy fan would only get news about that team).

How can I embed youtube video like on FB to body field?

Hi there,
I'm looking for solution for D7 to inserting youtube video into body field like on Facebook. I don't want any additional tags ([bla]URL[/bla]), buttons or other things. I should only paste the link, save the node and see embed video.
So, I found suitable module but it works only for D8.
Can anybody help me?
Thx for any advice.

How to impose a global limit on two webform number fields ?


I'm using a webform as an online reservation form.
Apart from the name, email phone number fields, there are two number fields to ask how many adults and how many children will be attending an event.

The thing is we want to restrict the online reservation to 8 participants (adults and children combined)
For example : It can be 8 adults or 4 adults and 4 children or 6 adults and 2 children etc..

Is there a way to use some sort of rule to impose this ?

Ofarmakopoiosmou: Drupal 7 pharmacy online commerre store

ofarmakopoiosmou homepage is one of the biggest online pharmacies in Greece. The physical store operates since 1977 and in 2012 the digital version was created. Having a huge variety of products and special offers, it needed functionality that few could offer. So, in 2017 it was redesigned and modernized with the help of Netstudio!

Node validation

i'm developing hospital management product.
Blood Management is there which is having blood status contains blood group and blood quantity.
While giving blood to patient i need to refer blood status table & quantity should be less than or equal.

i want throw error back if quantity is more than available blood .
How can i implement this.?

Mayo Theme does not fill browser page

I just upgraded to Mayo 7.x - 2.6 from 7.x - 1.2. My pages no longer span the width of the browser page and leaves a white border. The top/bottom do span the height of the page. What changes should I make?


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