Where is "default content feed" when not at Front Page?

Using Views to publish the Front Page feed at a different URL works fine, to make the Front Page content virtually appear somewhere else when a static page is at the front, but is there a more canonical way of doing this? Seems strange that Views might really be required.

Computed Field: Node Author Name

I have 2 computed field, i need the author name of the node and the author name of the last edit of the node.

For Node Author i use this:
$uid = $entity->uid;
$user = user_load($uid);
$entity_field[0]['value'] = $user->name;

What code should I put in the computed field for last edit node author?

tnx for help ;)

File permission in Drupal 7.x

Is there any web site from where I know what permission should be granted to to major important files? Important files means for example php.ini, .htaccess, index.php etc? If I update the Drupal core then should it put the permission to default.

Security of drupal site

Hello Folks,

I have a site that I built using some contributed modules, and a certain hosting provider says it's insecure and spammers are using it for sending emails.

I have tried to increase security on this site by updating drupal to latest version, updating the modules and denying account creation to users.

So I was wondering if I can post my development URL here so you guys can try to check for vulnerabilities.


customization of commerce_recurring module

We need to be able to customize the initial period (and thus due date) on a recurring entity. The initial period should equal the time between purchase and the date field on the recurring product (so the due date on the recurring entity should equal the date field on the recurring product).

I have some existing code that does this but the problem is that recurring orders don't get created when cron runs. So this code could be used or discarded, whatever makes sense.

Migrate module problem

I have all the lastest modules updates but this is the error I get

I used commerce kickstart migrate module plus migrate


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