Flickr Editor Guide 7.x-1.7

This user manual is written from a content editor's perspective, but also sitebuilders should start here (after installation and configuration).

The Flickr module provides an easy way to embed Flickr images on your website. Some functionalities depend on the configuration by the sitebuilder. Most are covered here, including how to find out if they are activated.

Migrate Taxonomy Terms and Nodes With Terms hierarchy

I have created a custom module using the migration module.
I have created a separate table where i store all the data for the migration.
The terms are in a field in this format using a comma separator:
Term,Sub Term, Sub Sub Term, ETC
Usually there is a 4-5 Term hierarchy.

I need to import them into a vocabulary using that format and after that assign them to the imported nodes.
I have tried to option to only select the last subterm, it imported it ok, the only problem is when you have 2 terms with the same name but distinct parent.

Change title and sub-title colour according to taxonomy term in content type

Hi, I have created a content type which has a list of taxonomy terms associated with it. When adding a node of this content type I have a field where its term ref is selected. I'd like the title and sub-title of a page of this content type have particular colour according to its taxonomy term. What is the best approach for this?

Thanks in advance

Multi-Language path in custom module


I'm wondering how to do this:
For text for the interface I'd use t() (in D7) - how about the path in the frontend in my hook_menu() implementation?

Can I make this multi-language somehow or would I do this via a redirect? (which would be a visible 301 for Google?)


/admin/people/ "find by" Tab

I have some (older) websites and there is a "Find By" Tab at the user administration page:
click here for Findby screenprint

And I do not find how I enabled it (module or mark box)

can anybody help me out?

Multiple results being returned using search for same node

I have a view-based search in my site. I notice that when I type a phrase like so "search terms" or even just search terms (no quotes) into the search box it returns all results that match that exact phrase as you'd expect BUT it also returns multiple versions of the same node!


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