Best replacement for custom speadsheet parser

My client has a Web site that we are converting to Drupal 7. For the most part this has gone smoothly. However there are a few pages that contain complex custom PHP that I am not sure how to go about porting. This thread will be the first of several as we go through this process.

db_select two tables generates "unknown column" error


I'm attempting to select columns across two tables in Drupal. My code is currently the following :

$query = db_select('field_data_field_table1', 'field_data_field_table2');
->fields('field_data_table1', array('entity_id'))
->fields('field_data_table2', array('entity_id'));

The above code produces the following SQL :

[7.53] Uninstalled modules still appear on admin/modules. How to remove them?

Good morning!

I've had one module with this issue for the last six months. Today, I uninstalled a number of other modules I either no longer use, or evaluated and decided against keeping. All other references to these modules on the back end as well as any front end functions are gone. Any database tables related to these modules were deleted during the uninstall process. About half of the uninstalled modules remained in sites/all/modules after the process was run, so I manually deleted them from there. Once all this was done, I cleared the site cache.

to flag certain images on a grid

i have a content type called EVENT... image and text and a boolean which set the event for members only or not.

then i have a view, a grid of the events... pics and trimmed text. my goal is to mark a few images on the grid... with a caption , something like: "MEMBERS ONLY" image.
to do that i've set a boolean field on the content type.. which should trigger the image visibility.

now... i haven't realized yet what's the best way to do that.

Adding User Inputable Fields to Content Types

I know we can add fields with field_create_field($field) and field_create_instance($instance). But I only know how to add text, images, and files. I want to add inputable fields that are the same for every content type, but just has different text beside the inputable field for each content type node. How would I go about doing this?

Note I don't want to use other modules such as Webforms or Entityforms.

How to add language element in custom form with multi-lingual support

I want to add language element in form for multilingual support and accessed in submit handler and saved into database.

Here is my custom module file


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