Series Plus TV Channel Web Site

We build this website for a french TV channel in Canada. As the nature of the business, we will need to deal with a lot of videos. The graphic is a big thing here. The site needs to be fully responsive and integrate with in-house TV schedule service.

For the schedule, we have built a dedicated schedule server with Drupal. It provides schedule as a micro service. Want to know more about it check out the article Content As A Service.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 

Costumizing a Calendar View header

Hey all,

I am using the Calendar Module which relies on Views to display a month view. The current header shows a date in format such as "Friday, April 1, 2016" but my client wishes to only have "April 2016." I could not find a setting for it (and the actual View does not have a header set), so trying to override the .tpl file in the theme that handles it, but not having much luck finding where it is. Anyone got an idea or a better way to change it?

Thanks for any Hints!

Webform: result not sending


I have Webform installed, got a form built and setup properly with the recipient email for the result. I installed MIME Mail and Mail System.

Am I missing something? Thanks.

Problem with Drush

Hello all,

I am having some problem with Drush. Actually I am suspecting it is a server configuration issue. Yet when I go to Drush homepage it says latest version of build error... so maybe not?

Anyway I've been searching for two days and haven't found any related issues.

I have a new server and go through the standard Drush install procedure outlined here

I've done this many times for many sites and never had a problem.

Panels and Node Hierarchy Module

For my project I need to use the node hierarchy module. It was pretty straightforward to integrate, but now I'm having an issue with Panels.

All main menu items need to be a panel. Now I know I can add the panel into the main menu by going to Structure > Menus > Main Menu. Unfortunately, this doesn't set the panel page as a parent in the node hierarchy, so when I go to create a child to the main menu panel page, the panel name doesn't appear in the list and I get an error.

Any ideas?


Manage fields/Manage display won't generate form_build_id

Dear all,

For some mysterious reason, the form_build_id field won't generate when Drupal builds Manage Fields / Manage Display forms as I cannot edit fields properties. It's broken for all the content types.

Error log : "Notice : Undefined index: form_build_id dans ajax_get_form()... "

Anyone knows how to fix this ??

Last installed module is faqfield but I couldn't find anything there...


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