PDOException error after 7.39 update

Hello everybody

Just done an update of my Distro (Acquia) Drupal 7 on my hosting website (I host it at Hostgator) and once I run a all cache cleaning I got this error message:

PDOException : SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'brunok_licencehistoire.cache_feeds_http' doesn't exist: TRUNCATE {cache_feeds_http} ; Array ( ) dans cache_clear_all() (ligne 167 dans /home1/brunok/public_html/includes/cache.inc).

wallof.me for sharing your social networks

If you are registered in many different social networks, you have many different addresses to remember and share. Facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin... how many? I wasn't able to write all of them in my business card... I wasn't able to remember most of them, really! So I created: "Wall of Me". Where everybody can collect all personal addresses in a single "wall".

Address is: http://wallof.me/

Written in Drupal (of course!)

class attribute ignored

tested with several themes i downloaded from Drupal (D7). a standard blog entry, using the Body field.


bla bla bla

in css,

p.upcaption {color:red;}

(just for testing purposes)

when i inspect element, the class is added, but the attribute ignored.
text format is full

have also tried and also ignored. this is driving me nuts. can't add a span, can't modify p with a class. wtf?




I'm wondering how to notify a user when new content was added.

I've been trying de notify module. The problem here is that the mail always contains the smae content.
It's like the content stays 'new' --> i would like to "un new" the content when ist has been send trough mail.

Then i was thinking about rules but find it difficult because i would like to recieve the mail once a day at 18.00h.


Guidance with forms API as a common way to work


I'm pretty new to drupal but understand you are working with nodes (and the Drupal 7 also entities). I have read in some books about Drupal how you usually work but I have not seen that one uses forms so much. My idea was to build a type ticket system and thought to use me the usual form, though using the Drupal security mechanisms. I have created some modules to test the api which relates to form.

Additional protection from malware ... ?


A week ago I discovered one of the 3 sites sharing an account was being blocked by Sophos antivirus, saying it had dangerous malware. When I crosschecked the other 2, I got the same message.
This made me start by checking the 2 Wordpress-based using Sucuri & Wordfence security plugins, including for changes in the integrity of the core, plugin & theme files. I discovered lots foreign files, which I managed to remove, because they could easily be found.


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