Too many redirects for multilingual site and HTTPS protocol

Hi, I'm looking for a solution for our website that has been translated into 7 languages:

We recently changed our domain name twice in the last 2 years and moved to the HTTPS protocol this year.

For these changes we are using 301 redirects, However the Google bot does not like to many redirects and a Drupal multilingual site already hops twice. In our case:

Drupal 7 registration form should behave differently for anonymous user and authenticated user

i have added fields in registration form from here "admin/config/people/accounts/fields" and also rendered it.

Cron not running automatically?

I've have searched on this for hours...

So I've got a large website that's updated with new nodes all the time, and I'm also using aggregator and have 4 different feeds being imported into the site and displayed using views.

For some reason my cron will not run automatically. It used to work but not any more. For example I just went into cron and it was last run 6 days and 21 hours ago (when I did it manually)

It's fine manually ie if I click the 'Run cron' button it works.

Drupal 7.5 Problem after update

Shortly after updating to Drupal 7.5, I tried to edit a node and got this message instead:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting ')' in /home/k1744371/public_html/includes/ on line 134

The same error appeared when I tried to edit other nodes too. Please help, thanks


Hi I am seriously in need of some advice here. I am importing a 16 000 page website to drupal. The largest problem is that through the years every time they redesigned the website they just carried links from the new to the old so in effect there are 4 'layers' to the old site. (Big mess - circular links and dead ends - thank goodness they never bothered to change the old 'look' to the 'new')

I have over 8000 users who will be assigned into various groups.

One of the groups will have about 200 'users' who perform various actions within the site.

How to reorder a content type in a block?


I am quite new to using Drupal although the website I am working on was originally developed several years ago. I have been searching the Drupal forums and other forums online and I can't seem to find the answer that I am looking for.

What I would like to know is how to reorder content types within a block. Please see this page as an example:


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