Can we create a Channel Manager System using Drupal?


We are currently working on Drupal Rooms for Booking and E-commerce solutions. We also want to add a Channel manager system that can be used with our Rooms. Is there any guide or resources that could help in this project? Any interested developers that would like to work together and share ideas?

Thank you.

Help with Ubercart


Looking for a developer who has experience with Ubercart and/or Drupal Commerce.

I am setting up a “freemium” website where a subscriber can first set up an unpaid account with one role. They can then pay for an additional role which will grant them additional benefits.

If the paid account is cancelled for any reason, I want to have the paid role removed from the account. I do not want to disturb the original role.

User decides to hide or show a field of a content?

Hey im working with Viewsmodules of drupal
Now im looking for something a little bit weird maybe
I have a content type that user can fill, one of those fields is they're facebook profile (link)

Hide a fields of Views to anonymous user

Hey guys im working with Module Views and I create a view for an especific content
Anonymus Users are able to create this type of content, and once they finish it gets posted on a view
But there is a field I dont want other users to see, only me

I know how to hide a field on views by using "Exclude from display"
I also know how to hide it from "manage presentation"
but what I want is that I (the admin) can see that field normally, but it be hidden for any other user
Can you help me?

Sharing Buttons


I'd like to have sharing buttons. I tried addToAny and it just does not work at all as expected. Also it just does not have any documentation at all...

So, since this is just a very basic task I'd like to do it myself. So I just know what's going on. So I have a content type called news-item and a page which crawls for it and displays them.

How can I now add my own html/js to this? What's the best practice here?

Erreur sur le site

Comment puis-je corriger cette erreur qui apparaît sur le site core Drupal 7.54:

Notice : Undefined offset: 462 dans admin_menu_tree_dynamic() (ligne 125 dans C:\wamp64\www\sotetel\sites\all\modules\admin_menu\



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