How to re-attach clientside validation to form ajax via $.ajax

As the title says

How can I re-attach drupal behavior to the form that was loaded via ajax, i've tried different approach on the forum.

Here's how i call my ajax menu

type: 'GET',
     url: baseUrl + '/' + lang + 'blocks/remote/my_form',
     success: function (data) {
           // console.log(data[0]['settings']);
           //Drupal.attachBehaviors(document, Drupal.settings);


and here's my php code

How to have responsive block in bootstrap


I created a block. On the inspect page, I see this:

Create simple Commerce products view

How could I build a page (I’m guessing it’s just a view), that will be a list of all my products with just minimal info per row like so:

Product 1 — { 1 } + / - Quantity — Add to cart
Product 2 — { 1 } + / - Quantity — Add to cart
Product 3 — { 1 } + / - Quantity — Add to cart

There may be some other info on the page, like breaking the products down by taxonomies or something, but that's the gist of it.


Apache mod_php vs. FastCGI


Recently I had one of my websites hacked. I took this as an opportunity to read more about security.

I used the security_review module to check for issues on the website and it turned out the web-server had the permission to write to the php files.

Among others, I read this article:



There are two different common locking problems you will likely encounter and it is very common to assume you have a single locking problem. Since these two locking problems are actually completely unrelated, it causes a lot of confusion as people look for the solution to “the locking problem” and get stuck on the wrong fix or a combination of the two.

Locked out of Default Install site

I was working on a default install site that I would use as a starting point for most Drupal projects so I would not have to recreate the wheel each time. I was adding security features and now I am locked out and, after playing with the database to try and correct the problem, the login form is not showing as well.

I have tried resetting the password and, on occasion that has worked to get me in for a little bit, but then I kept getting locked out due to failing a login to many time - cache clearing has not solved this.


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