Contact form on specific path

Hello everyone. I want to have a contact form on my website. I intend to use Drupal's core contact module. Now by default Drupal places the form at /contact. I have built a custom theme with a custom layout, I want the form to appear at a page I created, /contactus in a specific region of the page.

This is possible right?

drupal_goto issue with language and destination in D7

Hi friends,

I am working on a D7 multilingual site which have many languages - english, french, dutch etc.

I am trying to redirect the user to an internal path as

drupal_goto('my-internal-path', array('query' => drupal_get_destination());

It is giving --

Multified Module

I have created a "xyzfieldname" field in multifield module which contain "date" field and "longtext" field and i had kept the "xyzfieldname" as unlimited number of values what i want is simple thing but i couldnt figure it out how would i achieve it !!!

  • when i click on add more item from node edit form i want to display the counter value of "xyzfieldname" next to the label

for example if i added 2 field then label1, label2

Need viewport assistance


I have set the viewport to 'device-width'...on the live site and the sandbox site....and it works almost perfectly.

This is hardcoded into the html.tpl.php file.

I'm trying to figure out why on the live site it says:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">

And on the sandbox site is says:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-1024">

The two sites should be 100% identical....but it looks...only 99% identical.

Temporary Content

Hi All,

I have a Content Type "Contacts" and another named "Tearsheet"

So that my users don't accidentally delete any contact, I want them to move these contacts to the tear-sheet before making any changes to them.

Any change that's made of a contact within the tearsheet, needs to reflect under the relevant contacts.

Are there any modules to achieve the above?

I am not a developer.

Please advise.


Drupal Commerce

Hi all,

I know this is the wrong place for this but I'm having truble finding documentation.

We are using:

It uses an API that I can't find the documentation for.

On their site they have a menu called Documentation and under it you can find API but the site is not available.

Anyone with info about this?

Best regards


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