Having issue with blocks


Bootstrap theme.

I placed three blocks in the order as below:

1. block 1 > col-md-7 > views slideshow block
2. block 2 > col-md-5 > webform block
3. block 3 > col-md-12 > text block

Force content to always render as PHP

I need to inject some content into a node dynamically, this content has some php code in it, i need it to render the php when the node is processed for displayed, how can i do this?

Multiple Tablesorter (Pager)

Using two tablesorter in a site, the initial pagesize is not set using this code:

$("#pager2 .pagesize").val(12);
.tablesorterPager({ container: $("#pager2"), size: 12});

by removing the first table pager, the initial setting to pager2 is applied. How can be handled a multiple tablesorter. Is there any example.


How to create functions and form elements dynamically

I have stored a list of form ID's as variables. I want to iterate through each of them (which I can do via the foreach loop) and create functions and form elements dynamically.

Here are two of the functions I'm trying to create dynamically. I have a total of 5 that I will be iterating through.

A million contrib Taxonomy modules, but which one?

I have a particular use case that I am trying to solve for, I didn't want to go custom and wanted to see if a contrib module exists that the community could point me to. I have a site locally only using D7

I have hotel Admins and Hotel Customers. I created terms in the vocabulary: Hotels (Hyatt, Holiday Inn, etc).

Hotel Admins are assigned a taxonomy term on user creation. I'm using Role Delegation to allow Hotel Admins to sign up Hotel Customers to use a service that the hotel offers.

Sauce Labs

Sauce LabsThanks to saucelabs.com for sponsoring testing and quality assurance tools for ERPAL


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