Put a custom form inside node form with own submit button

I have a small custom form which has its own submit button.

Problem with Insert Block

Hi, guys.
I have a problem with insert block, when I insert the token [block:views=listar_clientes] into node content for CKeditor, simply not show views or block.
Already enable insert block in format text into config page, but simply not show.
Sorry, I am learning english and I do not know write corretly.
Thank you so much.

Views Blocks heading alignment

How do i change Views Block Heading text alignment it show me Left side i want in heading in Middle

Superfish wider

how to make wider Menu Bar i m using superfish

Can't add/edit content of certain types and can't edit structure

I created some two custom types, let's call them a and b. Two days ago there were no problems at all with either. Now all of a sudden we cannot add content type a any more. Nor can we edit nor clone existing content of type a. We can still add/edit/clone content of type b and the default content types. In addition, we cannot add or edit content types, but can access manage fields and manage display for all content types.

Commerce Discount - Permissions is limited

Good day,

I am using Drupal 7 and installed the Commerce Discount module but the Commerce Discount - permissions section is very limited and only provides one permission setting which allows a role to have 'Administer discounts' permissions only.

Is it possible to add more permissions to the Commerce Discount section as follows;

- Create discount of any type
- Edit own discount of any type
- Edit any discount of any type
- View own discount of any type
- View any discount of any type

Thank you


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