How to have slideshows in mobile device


I have created a region in tpl file:

<div class="slideshow row ">
<?php print render($page['slideshow']); ?>

I have created a content type. Then added the contents/slides. Created views slideshow block. Placed the views slideshow block to the above region.

I added a .htaccess to enable clean URLs and can't load gif files

I enabled clean URLs succesfully but now, images in gif format and images and files with "-" or "_" are not loaded in drupal site.
I can access these images and files with path.
I really appreciate any suggestions.

Take fields from one submitted node, and using data in those fields create new node of different content type.


So i have a content type called "Submit a photo" where anonymous users can upload photo alongside with their name,email and short description. And i have another content type where admin upload images and publish them as Looks, and Looks are more complicated content type, with image tags, categories....

Than i have view where i list all of the submitted images so editor can pick and create new node "Look" using existing fileds, but im looking for a way to somehow pre populate fields in that new content type with fields of "submit a photo".

Drupal site is hacked

I get message from my server host owner that my site is hacked and they had to close it. Now I should find the suspicious file with ftp but I don't find any. I have checked theme- and modules-files and no one is created or modified in last 3 month.

Can there be hidden files? Or how I can find where is the problem?

I have to tell that one reason that it was possible to hacked my site was I haven't updated my drupal for a while :/ Version is 7.21.

Cannot install any module Drupal 7 on OpenServer

I can`t install any module. I get error:
Warning: ZipArchive::extractTo(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(temporary://update-extraction-de746978/image_resize_filter) is not within the allowed path(s): (d:/openserver/domains;d:/openserver/userdata/temp;d:/openserver/modules/system/html/openserver;d:/openserver/modules/php/PHP-5.5) in ArchiverZip->extract() (line 112 of D:\openserver\domains\drupal.loc\modules\system\

Custom Menu - Parent Item not showing when editing simple page

I have created a custom menu where some of its items have child items. When editing the nodes these child items point to (eg. so as to specify a different parent), my custom-built menu is not selectable (not shown) within the list of parent links. In fact, only "Navigation" with sub-items is shown. My menu is created using Superfish. I wonder what I am missing...
H. Stoellinger


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