Intranet IP Address to determine search

I have a Drupal 7 Intranet site which we would like to use in other locations off campus. Some of the views and search's would need to be different is there a module i can use that will see a different IP address (which will be different as it is a different campus) and then changes the search or view based on this. Most of the modules i have seen are using external links for geographical location i just need something to look at a given IP range and determine weather it is visible or not. I am not great with code so a module would be best.


Customize comments-reply page


Sorry for bad english...

There my problem:
When i open some content type coment and click reply link i get something like this:

When does "advance action" gets triggered

I have a Drupal 7 application up and running with lot of nodes, I wish to unpublish content containing some keyword(s).

To achieve this, I have created an 'advanced action' at '/admin/config/system/actions' and saved it.
I want to know that when this action gets triggered ?

Although I have run the cron manually, but the action did not get triggered and hence the contents are still under 'PUBLISHED' state....

Drush and Synchronization Databases

Hi everybody,

I'm using Drush with localhost MAMP (dev) and on a remote shared server 1&1 (prod). I have a ssh access! I setted my file "aliases.drushrc.php" on each server (in directory .drush). Commands as drush @alias cc all, drush @alias status, drush @alias sql-dump >myfile.sql.gz --gzip,.. and it works :)

But I can't synchronized these 2 databases... drush sql-sync @alias1 @alias2

[Solved] Remove empty class from view list

Hi all

I'm using a view which I have setup to remove html and row classes, though when I view the code I'm still seeing a empty class added to the li's.

<li class>Some text</li>

Is there a easy way to remove these?


finding useagesof a global setting

I am using a module which connects to external APIs

I need to find out when the module uses this information (to connect) but this is proving difficult because it is a large module.

I know that the login information is stored in the $conf[] in settings.php so i have thought of looking for instances of this variable in the module (since such an instance must exist and it must be the access point)


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