What is the equivalent of #page & #page-wrapper in Bootstrap theme?

In most of the Drupal themes I find the IDs #page and #page-wrapper, but it is not available in the Drupal Bootstrap theme.

I tried to find in theme, but maximum I could find is class .container but is covers only that particulate section i.e. header, main-content, footer.

Is there any ID or class in Bootstrap theme which covers entire webpage like #page does in almost all other themes OR if there is not how can I add that?

For styling the theme and applying CSS, I need the #page and #page-wrapper which we can find in most of otehr themes.

How to paste image link in facebook


I have a content type which has a body and image field. When I add a content, I add text in body field and attach few images. I added a content with few images > node/5. When I paste the url xxx.com/node/5 in facebook, sometimes I see image and sometimes I dont. I also dont see same image all the time. How should I develop my node, so I can paste url with a specific image even though node has multiple images?


How to give node permission to a role


I created a node/56. I simply like to give view permission to specific roles only. I can give permission to a specific users(edit node>grant tab> select user > give permission). I am not sure how i can give permission to a role?


How to manage a response from API after posting data with a custom form ?

I am using my custom module to build a form which i should use like a search form, but this search is consuming an API (SearchAPI) in other server, so i need to post data from this form into the API, i posted the data and i got the response as a json, i tested that with
"drupal_set_message(print_r($data_json,true)); " into the submit function in my form.
I would like to consume this response and build with it a new page in my site, i didn't find any source in the internet can help me !
I would be grateful if someone can help me.

Errors with file uploads after updating form with ajax and drupal_build_form

I've been searching for a long time on this issue and still can't figure out a solution. I've got a form that is built with custom fields and a large section of the form that is built from different content types, depending on which option you choose, updated via ajax. The first part of the form has a couple of dropdowns that are always there. Depending on your selection, most of the form below is updated via an ajax callback. All of the page looks fine. It even submits fine as long as there are no file fields.

Module XML sitemap: the sitemap does not completely updated when launching the cron

I do not understand why there are so many problems ...

I'm using XML sitemap 7.x-2.3 and i noticed that when cron is run sitemap does not completely updated. It adds few nodes not all...

For example in this moment i have this situation:

A list with 878 links and 1 pages

But if click in "setting box" and then in the bottom on "content", i read that:

Indexed 906
Visible 877

I don't understand why is not completely updated ! :/


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