upgrade D7 to D8 failing with mysql error (using web migration interface)

I am getting MYSQL error when trying to migrate from D7 to D8:
Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes: CREATE TABLE {migrate_map_58f7923f89f06} ( `source_ids_hash` VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Hash of source ids. Used as primary key', `sourceid1` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, `sourceid2` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, `sourceid3` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,

I can see this is some migration table that is just being created and I am not sure why the keys in it are too long.



GoSend is a global eCommerce and shipping company (package consolidation) enabling consumers around the world to buy products from retailers in the United States that are not shipped outside USA and save on sales tax and shipping costs. GoSend being still a startup project in its initial phase, approached Websolutions Agency with a decision already made to use Drupal to build a complete solution that provides warehouse management with all necessary integrations and eCommerce making the system almost fully automated.

Adding thumb picture and original picture in once

so I use ckeditor and IMCE. First I add a picture via IMCE and create a thumb (small pic) then bridge it to original pic.

why I'm doing is: to make web page mobile friendly. Problem is it's quite boring for my users. How can I make it easy for them? IMCE (or some other module) creates the thumb and automatically bridges to original pic?

Disable Radio button if default value is "inactive"

Hi there, I need to disable other radio button(s) when [#default_value] => Inactive as in below code it is?


foreach($form['field_complaint_status'] as $key=>$val)
	echo '<pre>'; print_r($val['field_complaint_status']); exit;


How to call Soap web service in drupal7

How to call Soap webservice in drupal and contrib module available ?
I have check webservice module and soap_server module but soap_server module is beta version.

Apache authn_dbd crypt to generate Drupal 7 SHA512 passwords\

Hi All,

I'm a newbie and have an issue setting up Apache authn_dbd mysql authentication to work with Drupal 7 db.

Passwords stored in db start with substr $S$ and from here I can see that they are sha512 crypted passwords:


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