Render function special characters


I've a problem on my Drupal 7 website. To display an image in a custom field (view module).
When I display my image, a special characters is added like "71api111775"

anybody to help me ?

Using a Views exposed Sort Criteria redirects to home page

I'm using the Content: Title Sort Criteria as part of a View and I've exposed that so that site visitors can sort results.

However, when (on the front end) I hit the Sort Criteria's "Apply" button I get redirected to the home page.

The URL does retain the sort critieria information, eg:, it just is missing the rest of the URL (should be

Would anyone know how to fix this?

Many thanks in advance!

Bought theme, frontpage different header/footer

Morning people :-)

I have recently bought a theme that I really like with a lot of cool features.

I has different headers and footers I can choose among and a lot of different layout styles. And I have a styleswitcher on the frontpage to look at all the different ones. That I have deactivated when I found the ones I wanted to use.

I have installed the theme and it works like a charm, except that the frontpage won't use the same header and footer as the rest og the pages.

Parse Import Data in a CSV from a Webform into SQL

Hi all,

I am running the most recent Drupal 7 edition, with the Webform module. I am trying to allow anonymous users to upload csv files that should be parsed by column header and stored in a single MySQL table. As of my current set-up, csv files uploaded are being stored as rows in of themselves, as medium-text types. I cannot seem to find an appropriate module for this task. The help would be tremendously appreciated.

Add Webform to Content Node?

Hi. I'm using the Webform module and it's working great. I'd like to know how I can add one of these forms to a node, though.

I know I can use the webform page itself as the node, and that I can add it using PHP, and that I can add a block and place it in the page, but I'll have some non-techy users making updates to some of these pages, and I'd like to have them add a form to content (like page) by clicking a button or copy-pasting a code.

Is this possible? Is there an easy way to do this?


File Uploads with CK Editor?

I'm using CK Editor as my text editor and I'd like to add the ability to upload files. I already have the ability to upload images, but if we need to place a link to a PDF on the page, the image field won't help.

What's the easiest way to do this in CK Editor? I found a few approaches and modules recommended in other threads, but those were dated 5 years ago or more, and I'm wondering if there was any other simple approach.



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