How to remember the value for an exposed field in 2 different views

I have 2 views with their own pages. I have an exposed field in each view called location. I do not want my users to input their location on every view/page. I clicked on remember value in the view however it will only remember for that certain page. Is there a way to remember the previously input value in the location exposed field so that no matter which page the users goes to, they have their previously input location already filled and results displayed using that value? for example i have shows and venues. If the user goes to shows they can search for all shows in sacramento, ca.

Can't install new modules

I'm a beginner in Drupal and I have no big experience with it. I'm using Acquia cloud for working with drupal distributions (currently with Open Atrium) and after new installation of the distribution, a problem occurred with the link for installing new modules. I tried twice with fresh install, but nothing has changed.

Actually, the link 'Install new module' doesn't appear on /admin/modules page.

Who created the account (User Registration Notification Module)

I use the User Registration Notification Module (Version: 7.x-1.0-alpha2+3-dev) and I use some tokens for fields.
I just want to know if it is possible to put in the email template the information of who created the account (admin or user himself).

Thank you very much!

International Youth Foundaton

IYF homepage

The International Youth Foundation (IYF) works around the world to ensure youth develop the leadership, technical, and life skills to earn a livelihood. Whether it’s landing a first job, growing a business, or driving social change, IYF believes every young person deserves the opportunity to realize his or her full potential.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
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How do i customize display of each node?

When a node is displayed such as article, i have everything showing in not such a good format. i did manage display on the content type, however, i have the author image showing which i do not want (but i do want author name and date), i want an actual block showing author image, name, and short bio under the body of the content. If i check do not display author name and date on content type author information. i takes away the the author image on top but also the date and name of the author which is what i want under the title.

Taxonomy Term page display

Hello guys (sorry about my english) I am developer php, but I am starting now with Drupal, and i am being raped by it, I would be so happy if i could just develop to my client with php code, but I need to use their cms Drupal.

I have on my site a Vocabulary called 'Part Number' with some terms(categories) :
3352395 - 3352810 -3352815


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