Module for tracking fitness meassurements...


I may be looking for some help developing a module for a client.

I have a site, with a number of users. Some if these user have a role called Bootcamp - if the user has this role, they need to be able to track their measurements (like, wight, hip diameter, stomach diameter and thigh diameter. Also softer values like how much energy do you have, how well did you sleep - maybe more.

How to put commerce store in a menu item

That is pretty much the question. I'm completely new in drupal and I'm getting trouble putting commerce after a click on its menu item. How can I do that? Moreover, how can I ensure the log-in page is displayed right after I clicked the Store button on the menu and ignore this log-in if I'm logged in already?
Thanks in advance.

Cannot remove "More"link

I have created a block view for the titles of blog items. It displays allright, we it not for the fact that I
1. have a "more" link regardless of whether there are more items to display
2. the more link goes to a different page than as defined in the page view (it defaults to 'blogs' while this views page is supposed to be 'recentblogs'.
3. pagers do not appear regardless of the setting
4. less important: on de actual page the block has a setting to edit the block, but not to edit the view)

Any suggestions much appreciated

Form, Radios, #default_value - Blank

Good day

How does one go about making a "radios" option default to blank or unselected? This is essential as I need the user to to select the option for themselves, with out forcing a default onto them. Yet still re-completing the option if the form fails due to an error in a unrelated field, e.g.
if "name" is blank, make the user add their name but do not force them to re-add their "radios" selection.

For example:

Form which determines page content

I am building a form which when submitted loads a new page and the pages content is determined by the form.
I am using the forms [#action] property to load the new page.

The page in question is declared in hook_menu and has dummy callback function for now

The workflow involves the following steps (from submission)

1) load the new page
2) collect the form values
3) Make an external api call with the values
4) process the data returned from the api into a display ( theme() , render array , raw html ect).

Integrate HTML application to Drupal

Hello, What is the effective way to integrate HTML, Javascript application to Drupal 7?

We have Drupal site and Calculator application (HTML, Javascript). And what is the best way to integrate application to Drupal 7?

Appreciate your help.


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