drupal 7 multisites with subdomain

I have a drupal multi-site and work ok with differents data base but they use the same files folder and I want a different files folder..



[sites] folder structure




The connection to different data base is ok
but teh subdomain reef.tfe.com still point to sites/default/files

I want the subdomain point to sites/reef.tfe.com/files

Node content doesnt appear + The requested page could not be found.

When I use chrome the node content of main page doesnt appear: http://www.artedepassaremconcursos.com.br

When I put a direct link like: http://www.artedepassaremconcursos.com.br/quem-sou-eu or http://www.artedepassaremconcursos.com.br/tutoria

I receive the msg: "The requested page "/quem-sou-eu" could not be found."

CARE Action! (www.careaction.org)

CARE, a leading international humanitarian organization, established CARE Action! to support the organization's core mission, advocating for the world’s poor by influencing policymakers. Since it was first launched in 2007, CARE Action! lived online as part of CARE.org.

Organizations involved: 

Huge problem making my drupal site read custom js.

I need to write some custom js lines into my drupal site, but whatever i do, my drupal site won't
i have implemented the files using this line into my .info file

"scripts[] = js/myscript.js"

the code is

(function ($) {

When looking at the source code on the side.. everything seems ok. The file is implemented.

entity reference view widget: hook for after item was chosen

i'm searching the net up and down for hours now, and can't find anything related to this

here is the task i'm working on:

Recharge card Module for wallet activity

Hello people , I am using Drupal 7.50 to build a site. I have been searching for module that can help to manage online wallet activity specific to a company. So this is the scenario, the user will have a dashboard to manage their account, to recharge the wallet the user will buy a scratch card and enter the pin in the giving area. When the user clicks ok the value of the scratch card is added to the wallet. and then the user can use the wallet to carry out activity on the site.

Any help will be appreciated. I am still searching for a suitable module to help do this.


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