Place a block view with contextual filter on user page

I have a view with a contextual filter on user nid. This view displays content type information with a relationship to the user. So if I enter the nid of a user in the view preview box it correctly displays the information for that user.

How can I place this block on the user page ? I have put the block in Footer First with the box checked to show on all pages - but when I enter the page for a user ( with an nid that I tested in the Views edit preview ), nothing shows. Any ideas on what I have forgotten to do ? Thanks.

OpenID login with Google

I have been unable to establish an OpenID login. All my attempts tell me "Sorry, that is not a valid OpenID. Ensure you have spelled your ID correctly."

Any thoughts on how to establish an Google OpeniD login would be appreciated. I'm trying to develop an on-line course and wish to have an easy route for potential students to create accounts.

Any idea why my ajax call wouldnt be working please


I am trying to get my textbox to auto complete with the username of a user as someone types into the box but for some reason this isn't working

In my hook menu I have

Backgrond Video block

Hello all. My theme is bootstrap. I want to a video put in a block. How do I.

tip of the day - css twiddling


Run both Firefox and Google Chrome, both have their merits and features not available on both browsers.

Run the developer tools and/or firebug debugging utility.

Activate the developer utility to view the HTML and CSS related to a given element.

With these tools it is also possible to modify html and/or css on the fly and observe changes.

This is a great way to observe simple changes in CSS settings, such as color, size, margin, padding, and so on.

On Google Chrome install the CSSViewer utility.

Isotope (with Masonry and Packery)

Hello all. I install the isotope. And then put it views. and create content and taxonomy. But it do not working. Thanks help.
And following picture.

I want create portfolio.




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