Total Gallery Formatter

The Total Gallery Formatter module creates a gallery formatter for image fields with more than one number of values, It gives you the full control over its funtionality and styling.

Basic Usage

When this module is enabled two new formatters will appear in manage display section for fields type image.

  • TGF: Gallery with carousel - Use this to create a gallery with thumbnails.
  • TGF: Carousel - Use this to create a simple carousel.

TGF Formatters

Seeking freelancer to port part of ColdFusion site to Drupal

I am not a programmer, so forgive me in advance if any of my terminology is unclear or incorrect. :)

Specific link not appearing in block

I have a custom menu with a specific link. This menu is set up to appear in a block in a sidebar. That link is not appearing. The link is supposed to direct to an add content form. When I place that link in another menu, in another block (the header), it works fine.

What should I be looking at in order to figure out the problem? What could I be missing? The block that is in the sidebar shows one of the links from the menu. It is just skipping a specific link.

Juicebox module XML

The Drupal Juicebox module as installed as an Article works well. Many options provide for flexible implementations. One function I have not been able to define is the ability to link an image to a separate page. The use of purchaseURL in JuiceBoxPro allows this by manually editing the XML file.

e.g. purchaseURL=""

Can this be done with the Drupal implementation?

Cannot load local site using devdesktop 2

Hello...i follow the instruction...start from scratch...using the core...set it up to the directory to my e:drive under drupal folder...everything done but i can't load the local site...what i do wrong?

Content types being disabled

Been developing a site for a while in D7 and recently updated to 7.36 when noticed several (not all) of my custom content types disappeared from all menus and node/add/my-content-type was no longer available.
q=admin/content listed all my content with the 'Type' missing from many entries (the types which had disappeared).


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