Slick carousel and colobox video / image display

I have set up slick carousel field formatter in a content type and used a field to store images & videos (youtube links). I have set up the carousel to dispay images & videos and to open colorbox when the main image is clicked. This works fine for the images but when the colorbox opens a window to display the video content all I can see in the overlay is the arrows to move to the previous/next content and a close button and an empty square where the video should be playing. I can hear the audio playing but cannot see the video.

Link to image showing empty video colorbox.

progress form

I need your help
I need to generate a form with fields retrieve a web service on the fly
if anyone can give me example
thank you
Drupal 7 home page screenshot

Frieze is both the publisher of the long-running magazine on contemporary arts and culture, and the organiser of the world’s leading annual contemporary arts fairs Frieze New York, Frieze London and Frieze Masters. The Frieze web presence had grown organically with the organisation and was spread over multiple domains - one for each of the publications, fairs and projects. Frieze wanted to consolidate all their content in a single site, under a single brand identity.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Organizations involved: 
Team members: 

Contact form on specific path

Hello everyone. I want to have a contact form on my website. I intend to use Drupal's core contact module. Now by default Drupal places the form at /contact. I have built a custom theme with a custom layout, I want the form to appear at a page I created, /contactus in a specific region of the page.

This is possible right?

drupal_goto issue with language and destination in D7

Hi friends,

I am working on a D7 multilingual site which have many languages - english, french, dutch etc.

I am trying to redirect the user to an internal path as

drupal_goto('my-internal-path', array('query' => drupal_get_destination());

It is giving --

Multified Module

I have created a "xyzfieldname" field in multifield module which contain "date" field and "longtext" field and i had kept the "xyzfieldname" as unlimited number of values what i want is simple thing but i couldnt figure it out how would i achieve it !!!

  • when i click on add more item from node edit form i want to display the counter value of "xyzfieldname" next to the label

for example if i added 2 field then label1, label2


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