Views multiple contextual filters?

I have Views block that displays one image from a current node, but some nodes dont have image in that field and I want to use image from another node with the same taxonomy term as currently viewed node.
I can use contextual filters for that, but two filters (first by NID, second by taxonomy term) not work correctly, only the first one is used.

Is there any way to resolve that problem by standard views features or I should install additional module like views_contextual_filters_or?

How to transfer a component from one site to another? Guide?

Hi all,

I'm new to Drupal and am working on pre-established sites.

I've been given a task to transfer a Component (a simply image gallery) from a sub-site to its global, parent site.

Digging through the sub-sites directories I found the Component's files in modules/custom/site_components/plugins/content_types/gallery_component.

I then copied these files to the same directory in the global, parent site.

Looking for help with Drupal 7 PayPal Donation customization

Hello Forum,

I am using Drupal 7 and the paypal donation plug-in. I have it installed and working as it should be.

I have a request from the friend whom I am doing the web site for.

He said he wants additional fields put into the form that the user fills out when selection is made to donate.

As you might know if you are familiar with this mod, there is a spreadsheet that shows information about the doners at:


So, this modification would add a column or two to this speadsheet.

Moving Features from a sub-site to global location?

Hi all, apologies in advance as I am a new Drupal user.

I made a Page with Panels and MiniPanels on a sub-site (multi-site situation) and created a new Feature so I could export the files and move them with Git.

I realised that what I was making should've been a Global Feature, accessible to all sub-sites.

I took my Feature files and moved them from root/sites/ to root/all/modules/features/global/ and cleared my cache.

Looking for a volunteer webmaster for our non-profit organization

Looking for a volunteer webmaster for our non-profit organization

The People's Fund for Global Health and Development are looking for a webmaster for our Drupal 7 site

Presentation of the organization

The People's Fund are working to democratize decision making for distributing funds to people in developing countries

Learn more here:

Display articles and comments on same screen

This may be something I have broken myself, I have been searching all day and nobody seems to have the same problem. On my front page I have 2 links under every teaser, one for "read more" and one for "add new comment" I would be happy with only the "read more" link but when you click it there is no way to comment. This is a 12 year old site and I don't remember ever having this happen on any of my sites. I am using a Zen subtheme.


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