404 not found for js and css files

My browser says:
The requested URL "/sites/default/files/js/js_x7z7D0FdDjI_pVmQU4hIvU34FysrJBkdJFuFDH2RraQ.js" was not found on this server.

However, my system says:
ls /var/www/html/sites/default/files/js/js_x7z7D0FdDjI_pVmQU4hIvU34FysrJBkdJFuFDH2RraQ.js

So if the system finds it, why can't the browser??

Looking for a developer to make an fb events import module

Hey there

I am trying for a while now to make a module to import fb events onto my website. I gave the Facebook API a shot but I just lack knowledge to get the job done.

Our website (Drupal 7.52) is an online music magazine. We have our own events agenda where users can manually add their music events. It contains an image, start & end date, title and info fields. I've seen several websites using some sort of tool to import facebook events onto their website and I'd like to implement the same to save the users some time creating events.

Is there any way to validate webform submissions uploaded in xls form?

I created a module that allows me to import webform submissions in xls form. But I can't control my submissions with my webform conditions so I need help.

Upload image to field without accessing edit page

I've been searching for a module that will allow a user to upload an image file to an image field without having to access the edit page.

My Drupal site does project management for musicians. I have an image field called "Album Artwork" in a content type with node access privileges based on a user reference field. I'd like a user to be able to click the "place-holder" image and replace it with an uploaded image, without having to have full edit privelages and without having to use the node edit overlay if possible.

Rule module send email

I have set up a rule triggered by node publish, however the email sending is 5 -20 mins delay. Is that any way I could let the email sending out quick as instant?

Or I have to hood the form submission? The reason for using the rule is because I could use input filters.

Many thanks!

How to translate a custom module data?

I have a custom module which is used to insert the data related employees but i need to translate that data into hindi language as well but i didn't know how can i do that as other content type automatically have translate tab where data can be inserted in different different languages. can anyone help me how can translate my custom module data. Here is my custom module file:


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