Extend ERPAL for Service Providers capabilities, behavior, and appearance

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Drush D7 update fails "Illegal string"

I recently installed drush 7.0 and used it to update my D6 multisite on shared hosting. That was a struggle due to my lack of experience but I eventually got it working smoothly. Now I want to update a D7 single site in a subdirectory of /public_html using the same drush7.

Contributed modules

The following modules can be added to ERPAL to extend its capabilities, behavior, and appearance

Dynamic web pages

There are many options to add dynamic web pages to ERPAL. Such as ASYNC Drupal, jQuery, AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And Xml). Do you know other option? You're welcome to post a comment on this page.

Here is an awesome video showing how ERPAL looks and feels like with dynamic web pages using ASYNC Drupal. That video includes installation, configuration, and lots of examples at https://youtu.be/TkqL4lfvavM


Customize ERPAL for Service Providers

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Get users fields from non-drupal app in same root folder and rules

I'm sorry if my question in incorrect forum category.
I write web-app and I need to use drupal (version 7.39) users from my site. To they can log in my app if they have account on my site. I want get list of users to register their accounts in my app.
How can I do it?
Now, I try so:


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