ThemeRegistry is what kind of data ?

= theme_get_registry();

Then we dpm($hooks) and know $hooks is an object,
but failed to get the data via $hooks->storage;
It s not array, either.
So Can some one tell us what kind of structure this data get formed.
Or some thing very speical and different?

hook menu entry where and when to saved to menu router table ?

Dear all,
Can some one tell us when and where hook-menu-entry got save to menu-router table?
Seems can not find it.


ticket module - view - all register buttons go to same place

I have created content types/events and added tickets. if i view the node, and click on the register button, it renders a page to register for that event.
I created a simple view which lists all the events, displaying the field 'content:title' and 'content:ticket'. if you click on any of the register buttons (which are part of the ticket) for any event, they all render a page that allows you to register FOR THE SAME EVENT (whatever event was the first listed) rather than for the event button that was clicked.

Drupal core governance

The canonical version of this document is at If you have suggestions/amendments, please file an issue to the Drupal core queue with the "Project governance" tag.

Notice: Undefined variable: block_html_id in include()

I have an odd issue where the variable $block_html_id seems not to be found for a custom block that I have been trying to get working.

I get the notice: Notice: Undefined variable: block_html_id in include() (line 48 of /var/www/drupal/project.loc/sites/all/modules/custom/ng_blocks/ng-header.tpl.php)

This notice happens regardless of the theme being used.

The block is defined like so:

Horrible spacing between text no matter the module..

I've tried ckeditor and it's just horrible at maintaining whatever format, in whatever way I enter the data in the editor.

I've tried switching to Source view, pasting clean bonified HTML with just basic structure mark-up; p, ul/li, h2-3 etc and hitting 'preview' looks ok. Then I click "save" and it goes bonkers adding huge amounts of space inbetween paragraphs (not a css issue) and it adds extra paragraph. Sometimes, it converts the data within an li to first nested in paragraph tag, then wraps that content within an li.


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