Huge problem making my drupal site read custom js.

I need to write some custom js lines into my drupal site, but whatever i do, my drupal site won't
i have implemented the files using this line into my .info file

"scripts[] = js/myscript.js"

the code is

(function ($) {

When looking at the source code on the side.. everything seems ok. The file is implemented.

entity reference view widget: hook for after item was chosen

i'm searching the net up and down for hours now, and can't find anything related to this

here is the task i'm working on:

Recharge card Module for wallet activity

Hello people , I am using Drupal 7.50 to build a site. I have been searching for module that can help to manage online wallet activity specific to a company. So this is the scenario, the user will have a dashboard to manage their account, to recharge the wallet the user will buy a scratch card and enter the pin in the giving area. When the user clicks ok the value of the scratch card is added to the wallet. and then the user can use the wallet to carry out activity on the site.

Any help will be appreciated. I am still searching for a suitable module to help do this.

New Content types

Hello all,

This question is probaply in wrong forum but maybe you can help first-time Drupal Forum user (who has ofcourse read forum rules etc...)

In end of Add Content (like this page which I just use to write this topic...) page there is "Publishing options"/"Menu Settings"/etc tabs... Is there a way to add or remove those from certain users when user is creating content? I have tried to figure this out by my self but only achieved to hide whole node type from certain users :)

Enhanced multi-node main block?

I've seen a main view-block-like in a site that (seems) to inherit some node block with hovering effects for each one.
This is the site
I whish to know if there is something similar for Dupal cms
Thanks a lot.

Drupal on apache (xampp) doesn't work


First of all, I'm nost sure this is the right place to post my problem, but I spent hours trying to solve it with no success.

So we have a running drupal site at my office maintained by a colleague. Now we have to develop some extra modules so I got a copy of the site from the git repo and am trying to make it work using xampp apache server.


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