How to get HybridAuth Social Login functioning

I installed HybridAuth Social Login on Drupal 7, and tested it with Facebook and Twitter. Both of these return my name or username, as I click the Facebook or Twitter link in the log in form of Drupal, and a form offers me to create an account to my Drupal site. But when I click Create account, my web browser says Page not found, as the social network returns the browser into one of these addresses:

Themes that have multiple selection filtering

I am looking for either free or purchasable themes for drupal that have a very good and stylish multiple selection filtering using tags or taxonomy. Of course, I can build something from the ground up but we are on a tight turn around. I thought this theme would work:

but it need to be able to filter on multiple tag items, does anyone know any good free themes or that cost money?

My Theme Changes When I Edit

Hello All,

I have been wondering how I can edit my website using the same custom theme that users view it in? Each time I log in and then edit the page or refresh it, the theme changes. It goes from being my customer bartik theme to the regular one. It makes editing very difficult.

For instance, here are two pictures. The first picture shows the view when I am logged out. This would be what a user would see. The second picture shows the view when I'm logged in.

get default node by content type

when adding a node of a specific content type drupal loads the content type as an empty object with all fields and default values in a form page for adding/editing.

How can i create that object programmatically? how can I create an empty object based on a specific content type with all fields and default values already loaded that can be populated and saved programmatically?

Unexpected content type [RESOLVED]

I use a Drpal Commerce. I was build my own product display type and named it spa. When I tried to use a node--spa.tpl.php Drupal ignored it. When I checked a node type through a node.tpl.php I have found that type set to article. Yes I really have the article type but I never used it.
How to set the node type as the spa and use the node--spa.tpl.php. Why is this substitution of type occurred at all?


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