Permission to rebuild permissions

Which permission gives users the permission to rebuild permissions? I'd like to restrict this to just admins rather than some of my higher level roles, but I can't find any documentation as to which permission I'd need to revoke?

Can't run site imported to local Acquia Dev Desktop

I have a live site running fine.

I have an Acquia Desktop Dev Stack running on my Windows desktop machine.

On many previous occasions I have imported the existing live site and run in on the Dev Stack.

I can still get my previous Dev Stack version of the site to open up.

BUT now when I try to go to the latest imported site, it appears to not recognize PHP.
Firefox tries to download the file.
Even when I try opening my "phpinfo.php" file from the latest import directory I get a browser dialog box

Features for Drupal 6 and 7

The following sections cover Features for Drupal versions 6 and 7.

A blast from the past: in 2009 when the Features module was first developed, this graphic represented the (then) present of Drupal and the projected future that Features could enable:

Content linki issue

Hello guys

How to add more than 1 node to a page?

I understand that in Drupal, a node is a entity in and of itself, and that when you create a node, it creates a webpage referencing to itself.

The problem i'm having is I'm use to hand coding my websites and I can put anything anywhere I want. If I want to move something to the left, I just update the CSS. If I want to add a title or add some text a section of a website, I just fill in the HTML.

eliminate tabs in favor of ordinary links

I have Drupal 7 up and running with the Bartik theme, which I have been attempting to modify with a sub-theme according to I assumed, apparently too innocently, that it would involve only a simple CSS edit to change the appearance of links from tabs to the no-tabs look that is in the navigator of this site. Please let me know what I must do to eliminate the file-folder look. Thanks.


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