[VIEWS] field linked to the content node?

Ey guys, I have a little question, that I can't resolve on module views.
Im printint a content type on a view, one of those fields is very large, cause is too much text.
So this field is visible if you go the content node url, but in my view I rewrite the result with a legend "Click here to see complete"

CKEditor + IMCE Drupal 7 - Solved

I´m new in Drupal, I have problem with the integration between CKEditor + IMCE, I install the two modules but I cant´t see the any icon in the view server screen, I follow diferents post but I don´t find where is the problem!

Different Advertising code for category and page

How is it possible to use different Advertising code for category and page?

At the moment I can set in taxonomy/category at 'Werbemittel' something like advertising a JS code. So the advertising will be used on all pages in that category.

But I also like to add a 'Werbemittel'/advertising an single pages. For that I have added a fileld on the page where I can add the jS code. But that JS code is not shown. How can I tell Drupal that on a page he should use my JS code for the page?

File manager with file versioning

Hi all,
is there a module, plugin or framework that I can use with Drupal to manage huge amount of files and all the revisions of these files?
I used some years ago the module "filedepot", but I don't know if it still is the best choice.

Thank you very much


No follow links to external links.


I apologize if this is off topic but I am in need of this solution.

Actually i want to apply Rel=nofollow to the external links under the text in the body.


This is to inform the Facebook that its a good page.

Thus the Rel=nofollow should be get applied to the facebook link i.e external link. But also it shouldn't be applied on internal links.

Kindly let know the solution for it.

Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'xxx.rules_config' doesn't exist

I'm trying to install rules module.
I put the rules directory in /sites/all/modules/ and run update.php.
It says :

No pending updates.
Front page
Administration pages

So I go to the modules administration page to enable the rules module and when I save, i have an error message :

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

When I run update.php again, i have a more explicit message :


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