changes from one server to another server without moving databse


I am working on a news site which is on client's test server. I have done my all changes on test website. Basically i have created some views and installed some modules. Now i have to done changes on his live website. My main concern is that i can't move my MySQL file because contents are updated ion live server day by day. Please suggest me the best possible solution to solve my issue.


Combine Field Filter with Contextual Filters

I have looked everywhere for a solution, but struggling to find one.

Access/Page Not Found Errors


I've been having some very bizarre errors on my website for the past 2 months and I'm at the end of my rope - I NEED help with this and it's a major problem. I'm unable to make any updates to modules or core, and also can't update some content. I am using Drupal 7.38.

Contributing to Coder Sniffer

Coder Sniffer is not perfect (yet) and you can contribute towards making it better. There are two parts to the coder_sniffer system - a part that catches violations in coding standards in your code and a part that automatically fixes those violations that are automatically fixable. The rule set that is included in the former is very comprehensive but is not completely exhaustive and there could be gaps in how violations are caught. Not all violations that can be automatically fixed have logic implemented for the automatic fixes.

Switching from other fields to Paragraphs

If you have an existing site, you may want to switch to using update Paragraphs on existing fields. You can utilize a custom module with an update hook to do this and then update your database through the UI or with "Drush updatedb". The follow is a sample of one. The things that you'll need to change are:

Responsive Page without Panels?

I created my own sub-theme and everything seems to be fine.. sort of. All of the top navigation landing pages are created with Panels so we can display XX amount of Node blocks in a specific order for each of these pages. The trouble is Panels isn't responsive. Argh!!


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