New to drupal, Can someone help me please??

Hi all, I am new to drupal just learning here for a university project. I am currently using drupal 7, My question is, on the reports i have an error saying "sites/default/settings.php does not exist." How do I fix this in any way? Also how do I locate the "sites/all/libraries" because I don't know where this is on my system so that I can update a module. Can someone help me please?


Commerce Avatax (5.x)

Connect to Avatax

After installing Commerce Avatax, configure the connection to AvaTax:

Where do I write the css code for the Block Class module


I am new to Drupal and CSS. I want to put a border around one block. I have installed the block class module & defined a css class. I am using the Adaptive theme so have tried writing the class into mysubtheme/css/global.styles.css. But nothing seems to work. I can get a border around all the blocks, but not the one I have defined the css class for. Please can someone advise on where to put the code and what the code should contain.

All I have go so far is outline-style: groove; outline-color: blue; outline-width: thin;

Many thanks

Help with SimpleCorp Menue configuration

Dear Drupal experts

i am running a site / blog ->

on the main page you find the "Blog" menue. I did assign all the blog entries to that menue and it opens out while mouseover - so far so good

BUT ;-) the menue entry "Blog" is cklicable as wenn and if you click on it you will get to the basic page which i created to assign the other blog entries (which only shows the content/ word "Blog"

Google Chart Tools

Dear Drupal community,


Hi all,

Cannot seem to get the Lightbox display to show the title of the image
or the alternative title. It will show the file name but thats all.

I have tried different versions and reinstalled but no luck.
When I google this problem most of the posts and answers seem
to be several years out of date.
Does this mean this problem has been solved or that there is an

I have tried some alternatives but cannot get these to work as I
would wish.

Have spent a whole day trying to get this to work.


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