pre installation

Please, as someone who doesnt know about drupal, and want to learn to use it to build a website. How do I learn it very well? A sort of tutorial and videos. Thanks.

Drupal 6 addresses to Drupal 7 address field help

Hi All,

I have 1000's of addresses in my drupal 6 site using the 'Addresses' module. The developers recommend using the 'Address Field' module for Drupal 7?
Does anyone have any ideas on how to migrate these fields using the 'Address Field' module? It's not straight forward to use Feeds as the data for one address (name, street, city etc) is contained in one field.

I've looked all over for an answer to this but to no avail.

Cheers in advance

Welcome message is not send,when a new user creates the account

Hello friends,
I am developing a drupal 7 site on my Windows 7 PC using XAMP stack.I have managed to get the site up on local host and have added a few contents.I am using a skeleton theme.I have enabled the userlogin block so that people visiting the site can register.

When i create a new user,no email is send to the users email id (gmail id )which is used for registering.Drupal displays that a welcome message has been sent to the email id but no email is received in my inbox(I have checked the spam folder too).

Discount of 5 % for orders a certain amount

Hi. This is my first post and desperately I need your help. The case concerns Drupal Commerce (Kickstart 2). I implemented the 5% discount for orders over a certain amount (for example 300$). It seemed that everything works, but unfortunately only by the time. Yesterday client did shopping for 298$ (The discount is not entitled to) but additionally chose the shipping option (5$) and he got a discount :( . I wish the discount was only activated if a customer does shopping for a fixed amount but without delivery (shipping option). Any ideas?

hook_url_inbound_alter() on 'root' URLs?

I have a problem where hook_url_inbound_alter() doesn't seem to be able to operate on urls in the 'root'. That is, URLs like:


...don't seem to be alterable with this hook. Is there any way I can use Drupal to alter these URLs or do I have to resort to Apache or something?

ThemeRegistry is what kind of data ?

= theme_get_registry();

Then we dpm($hooks) and know $hooks is an object,
but failed to get the data via $hooks->storage;
It s not array, either.
So Can some one tell us what kind of structure this data get formed.
Or some thing very speical and different?


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