Looking for image preview module with preset crop

I'm looking for an module for Drupal 7 for making an image preview icon, with a preset cropping function. I'd like the cropping function to take the form of box with a pre-set aspect ratio and size (one I can set in advance) and move the box around in the image, maybe even zoom in. The profile pic-making function on Facebook and Flickr work a lot like this. Example here: https://goo.gl/2huxpa

Can somebody point me to a module like this? Preferably one that's in a stable release and actively maintained.


Drop in website traffic after Metatag module update


Our Metatag module was updated to 7.x-1.21 from 7.x-1.7 by the remote administration team at our hosting service on April 5th. Within a few days of this, we began to notice a significant drop in traffic across all pages of our website.

It's likely coincidental, but I'm wondering if anybody else has seen drops in traffic closely corresponding to running updates to this module.

A description of the updates can be seen here:

Metatag Module

Styling Ctools Pop-Up

I have some code which displays a teaser node in a default Ctools pop-up. It came from here and it works well. The solution was based on this article which managed to produce a fully styled pop-up.

Here is the code that, when used with Views UI settings described in the first post, produces a default style pop-up.


u-blox at a glance

u‑blox is a global leader in wireless communications and positioning semiconductors and modules for the industrial, automotive and consumer markets. Over the last 20 years, the company has established a broad and diverse customer base that now extends to 65 countries and includes some 5 700 customers worldwide and u-blox now offers products and services from 25 branch offices worldwide.

The problem with viewing valid tokens

Good afternoon.

There was a strange problem: when clicking on the link "viewing permissible tokens", when creating a field, a list is opened (screen).
This list is constantly increasing, at some point the lines begin to repeat, the page freezes.
What could be the problem?

Entity Meta Data Wrapper Exception

Recently I have started facing this error,whenever I create a new content type I face this error page(as attached below)
The error has two parts
1.In the upper half of the screen it shows the php code using print_r() of all the the content types of that page as an array
2.And in the lower half of the page it shows EntityMetaDataWrapperException

I don't know how and why this error is coming?
Is it related to installing OG module.


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