HTML table background color

I'm still working in the default Bartik theme that came with Drupal core. I've put an HTML table on a page to organize some information. It is just a vanilla HTML table:

<TR><TD> ... </TD><TD> ... </TD><TD> ... </TD> etc. </TR>
<TR><TD> ... </TD><TD> ... </TD><TD> ... </TD> etc. </TR>
<TR><TD> ... </TD><TD> ... </TD><TD> ... </TD> etc. </TR>

fresh windows install and dev desktop sites

i've been using acquia dev-desktop to learn more about drupal sites. i had it set up nicely so i could access a few different sites directly from the dev-desktop-control-panel.
unfortunately i then had to make a fresh windows install on my computer. i backed up the various folders i thought i would need, like the sites folder and program files etc, but i didn't do an export or any other preparations.
now it's not quite clear to me how i access those sites from a fresh DD install.
i can't find the database file that i need to point to.

Help create a filter page

Is there a module in Drupal which can help me create a page like this (with the filters as shown):

Can the Backup & Migrate module do this?


Fairly new to drupal.

I have been developing a new website locally on my lamp setup.

Now I want to put it onto a live webserver on the internet, but under a development domain of mine that I use for testing stuff, before then going live on the correct domain name.

I am trying to understand what the Backup and Migrate module actually does.

I know there is a quick backup and advanced backup available. I have done both and obviously the advanced backup is much bigger.

But what does this "full" backup contain?


Does anyone who is using subject theme, know how to increase the slide from the default 3 to more? Why would anyone design a theme (which otherwise is great) with only 3 slides and no documentation as to how to increase it? Help, advice, reference are all appreciated.

How to include an external class?

I thought this would be easier than it turns out. I am using sendgrid for emailing some other transactional emails outside of the drupal context. It works well and now I want to include the library in my Volunteer custom module. I've attempted to include it in my module in many different places. The old send mail was in the volunteer_submit so I attempted there. I looked at drupal_add_library and most recently module_load_include(). Because the sendgrid library works for other parts of the application it is placed external to the custom modules and


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