Creating a workflow

hello i'm new to drupal, i create a webform with diferents fields (picture, listbox, text...) & conditions and i'd like that this webform after submission by an authentificated user must be sent to the manager user , the manager user download the pitures and alsso upload others pictures then he validate the webform and send it to his super manager that he validate to or cancell it , i try with module webformworkflow but i didn't get how can i adding fields, editing and validating or cancell

How can I share a photo or video to Social Media?

I have a photo album where I want to put the share option on every picture in the slide show. Also I embed videos from YouTube that people should be able to share. Is there a module that can share images and videos?
Note that I don't want to share the whole node of the photo album, just a single item in it.

I have seen and tried several modules, including AddToAny and Social Share but they just put the share button on the node, content, teaser. Not on the image pop-up.

Translating comments


I have translated all the fields on my website including the comment fields, I'm left with only one hard nut to crack, could you please give me a hand.

After having added a few comments, drupal displays a count of the comments, such as "6 comments"

I found the "@count comments" and translated it in all the languages (via the translate interface). I translated it into French as "@count commentaires"
I have also found the "1 comment" and translated it in all languages (via the translate interface).

Blank screen after upgrade to D7

I used UPGRADE.TXT meticulously to convert a D6 multisite to D7 but after running update.php all I have is a blank screen despite efforts to access admin, home, etc. All the sites are therefore stuck in maintenance mode. However update.php did report about 150 changes to the database for each site. Apart from that update.php listed some custom blocks and two warnings (languageinterface and ping modules) but no fatal errors.

configure Drupal for a reverse proxy

I have the following setup:

browser -> reverse proxy -> web server 1 -> database
reverse proxy private address =
web server private address =

If I request the website through the public IP of the reverse proxy, I get a private IP ( in the links of index.php. Like this:

Multi-level drop-down menus with Professional Theme 7

Hi! I'm using Professional Theme 7.x-2.05! i have some trouble about the Multi-level drop-down menus ! ! Then when i try superfish i can't replace the default main-menu! Help pleeease! thx :)


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