Showing 'Loading' Indicator after form submit

I have a custom module that is altering a webform to add custom submission handling using:


From the time the user clicks the submit button, until the paymentComplete() function completes it takes 2-3 seconds, but the user experience doesn't really indicate what is going on. How can I add some type of 'waiting indicator' that starts right BEFORE the request to execute paymentComplete()?

Availability Calendar

The Available Calendar module allows you to add an availability calendar to entities. Example use cases are tourist accommodation, e.g. bed and breakfast, holiday homes or self catered apartments, and car or motor bike rental.

An availability calendar shows your customers at what dates your accommodation is still available and at what dates it is already booked.

Modules for logged in users to find friends and invite friends to join site.

Hi all,

Okay, I've a D7 professional network site, and I want logged in users to be able to 2 things, any ideas?

1) I want logged in users to be able to find their friends via importing email from their contacts list, like Linkedin for example.
2) I want logged in users to be able to invite their friends to my site, also like Linkedin.

Is it possible to detect access to table on site db table and redirect the db query to a db shared by multiple websites?

I'm working on a project where I use a database that is common to all sites and another that is specific to each. Is there a way to detect access to a specific table on a contrib module (maybe using a hook) and redirect the queries to a table on the db of the shared site?

The contrib module in question is Oauth2.0 server and the table in question is the one where clients are stored, namely oauth2_server_client .

Simplenews Deliverability Results

I've been doing a little research on email marketing. I installed Simplenews, configured it, uploaded my email list, wrote my first newsletter and am standing by ready to pull the trigger. I recently received advice against maintaining my "list" and sending emails from my own site do to deliverability issues that could arise from spam filtering. The claim is that mailchimp and aweber services have higher rates of delivery.

I see alot of folks are using simplenews. I wonder if that many people would use it didn't provide good results.

Any thoughts?


Logout destination

Support question.

Currently, when I log out of my site, I end up on the front page of my old site:
(for new site and old site
log out as admin from drops me (logged out) at homepage.

Where is the logout destination for a site set?

(Problem may be a result of restoring a DB for into (dev site), but I don't know where to look).

Thanks, Jeff


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