calling a path built by hook_menu programatically

Dear everyone,

I am building this module where I am passing a variable to hook_menu through AJAX like this:

Getting the value or arg(1);

I am getting very confused trying to figure out how to pass my record $id back to page without using $arg = arg(1); which I believe is bad practice.

in my mymodule_menu() I have

Problem with DDBlock Module

I was working on my Drupal site and I added an existing block to another page through the DDBlock Module "configure block" "show block on specific pages" and then I get this message and now my block won't show up anywhere.

Notice: Undefined index: input_type in ddblock_block_save() (line 201 of C:\xampp\apps\drupal\htdocs\sites\all\modules\contrib\ddblock\ddblock.module).

Need help figuring out how to fix this problem... I'm not sure what it means... It happens every time I add another page to display an existing block on.

Access management example


I have a created a form that returns information to mymodule_item_form_page.

I have set up through the menu hook access permissions for the items that get returned but I would like to add the ability to allow additional users who would not normally have access to the item to be able to see it.

I have created a table that contains the id of the item and the uid from users,

does anyone have an example of how I can manage access permissions in this way please (i.e. group access + defined users


Schedule Live Meeting


My website will connect clients with instructors. I need every instructor to set his own Calendar "Available / Unavailable".
The client will then click on an "Available" time to schedule a session with the instructor.
Bonus points if we can link this to a payment system (Ubercart or Drupal Commerce Marketplace).

Something very similar to

I don't need a full-blown LMS, just a simple mechanism to schedule sessions. Appreciate if someone can guide me to the suitable modules and (if possible) give me a quick walk-through.


Path Breadcrumbs - Using Node:title instead of Menu Title

I'm new to Drupal (working with Drupal version 7.53 currently) and have spent the last couple days attempting to wrap my head around how to best organize/categorize/etc the site pages. There is a wealth of content surrounding recommendations and suggestions. But I'm still struggling to solve this.

Here's the situation:

I'm building an area of our site that is designed to manage events. Foe ease of use to our site visitors, I've decided to organize the structure like so:


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