How do I add fields to multiple images?

I have an Article content type on my site. I have a multiple image uploader on the article content type as a field. I'd like to add a caption, photographer, and date field to each image, but I don't know how.

Is there a default functionality which allows me to add custom fields to this? Do I need to make images a content type of its own and tie it in to my articles content type somehow? Is there a module I need?

Any help would be appreciated!


What tokens to use for anonymouse users


I have this field:

I am allowing anonymous users to submit the form using email contact module. What tokens should I use for name and email?

I have used this for name and email and it did not work. [current-user:name] [site:mail]


Employee Dashboard for Payroll Tracking

Employee Dashboard for Payroll Tracking

Pet Scoop is a pet poop pickup and cleaning service in Denver Colorado, providing services to individual dog owners as well as commercial services for apartment complexes and municipalities. Pet Scoop field technicians used a paper-based process to report their work hours. Because field staff had to make a trip to the office just to deliver their time sheets, this added unnecessary mileage, time wast and additional company expenses.

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Drupal - drush installation on mamp server

I am trying to install drush for mamp server on a mac machine. I have run:

composer global require drush/drush:dev-master

In the directory of my project, but when I am trying to run:

drush status
I get:

command not found: drush

Rework module Poll (add field and uploading a list of replies from taxonomy module)

I have the following task.
The user creates a poll material, which indicates a question, and choose from a list of predefined options in the taxonomy module, he can not enter own response options. Next to the answer choice to be a field for entering the number, we call it the maximum score. The administrator can set up: whether the field is displayed or not.


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