System mail works fine, but Drupal cannot send mail...

I have searched and got nowhere so far. Running Drupal 7 on Debian Wheezy with postfix.

Sendmail works from the command line. Pasting a basic PHP block into a page which sends an email works fine. Contact forms or webforms cannot seem to successfully send mail.

I have tried setting up the SMTP module with no change in success rates.

No errors are appearing in /var/log/mail*

Drupal logs just say "error", unless there's a more verbose log I have yet to find.

This is my first Drupal install.

Webform Circular Reference Error

I'm not sure whether this is the correct place to make this post. Please clarify me of the correct place to do it, if I'm wrong posting it here. I thought of creating an issue but there is already an issue that mentions this ( I tried posting this in the thread in question but since it was closed (fixed), I thought it might not be the best idea.

403 when editing content


I was trying to edit a content (text area), and when I inserted a few phone numbers I got 403, and not able to update.
Phone numbers were in this format (+int-3digits-6digits)

first contact
phone: +nn-nnn-nnnnnn
second contact
phone: +nn-nnn-nnnnnn or +nn-nnn-nnnnnn

Trying to find the culprit I added them progressively like

first contact
next adding "phone"
first contact
phone: +nn-nnn-nnnnnn

Hacked several times.

Hi folks!
I have this issue, because now my site has been shut down 3 times, because the site is sending thousands of spam mails, and I dont why or how. I just got an email from my hosting site telling me the problem. I've remove the suspicious files, and closed some holes but it has happend 3 times now. I code HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP but is no programmer, and do not have the biggest knowledge.. I have no idea how to prevent this from happening, since I can't find the way the hacker gets access.

Drupal commons and OG privacy content


Possible to call extern files for hook_install?

Atm I have a hook_install with about 3000 lines. So for making the code more transparent, is there an option to divide this up into multiple external files bei .inc?


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