Non-existent URLs does not redirect

On my Drupal 7 site, all non-existing URLs are not redirecting to 404 or any error page it should. Instead, it still remains showing its top parent URL.

For example:

the content

is visible for any url like

7.50 - Guestbook Module: Recognizing for Spam Protection, Editing Fields

Good morning!

I've recently installed the Guestbook module on one of the sites I manage. The immediate problem is that neither of the site's anti-spam modules recognize it as an entry form, so I'm not able to turn on protection for it. As you can imagine, I've learned about half a million times since the install that I can get a great price on Cialis by shopping somewhere "totally reliable."

High Performance JavaScript using Drupal 7's JavaScript API

My newest tutorial: High Performance JavaScript Using Drupal 7's JavaScript API.

This tutorial presents in detail the information I presented at the Drupal Tokyo Meetup #3 on September 23, 2016.

Accompanying video (Japanese only):

Can't import .po file for custom module

I seem to be unable to import a .po file I have created for my custom module.

Using D7.44 and Commerce Kickstart (commerce_kickstart-7.x-2.38)

When I go to /admin/config/regional/translate/import and select my .po file I get the following messages:

For security reasons, your upload has been renamed to commerce_stripe.de_.po.txt.

The specified file commerce_stripe.de_.po.txt could not be uploaded. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: po.
File to import not found.

Image import

Hi all,
I know, I waited way to long, but I'm upgrading my website from drupal 6 to 7. I know the image module is in core now but I have a lot of image galleries on my website. In drupal 6 I uploaded all the pictures via ftp (to the map file/images/import) and then I could click image import after I created a gallery in taxonomy. But how can I do this in drupal 7 ?

Can some help me to set up this in drupal 7 ? which modules to use (I have ctool already).

thank you

Taxonomy - PDO Exception?


Although we're not professional developers, we have followed advice found here and elsewhere and built some small (non-profit) website projects successfully. However, on one of our live sites, the taxonomy links (which had been working fine up until now) have suddenly started giving the following error:-


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