Is anyone able to give me some tips why my site is so slow?

The website is...

I'm using an nginx cluster shared hosting package.

I'm with Fast Hosts

I've enabled load balancing, and a boost service they offer, as well as upgrading to a low contention database.

The site is quite basic and doesn't have a huge amount of modules installed.

It's just extremely slow to load and can't work out why.

Fast Hosts keep insisiting it's fine.

ajax refresh content, formatting and images dissapear

EDIT: Fixed. It was my mistake, I used same div id as drupal does... so there was a bit of mix-up


I'm having troubles with Implementing an already working code of stand-alone webpage (index.php and ajax.php) into content of php node of drupal 7.5.


I solved my question. There is no way to delete a post?

Describe foreign key in hook_schema so a Views exposed filter shows a select box

I want to describe an external table in hook_schema so that a foreign key field, when used in a View an exposed filter, will provide a drop down selection box rather than a simple text box. For example if the external table has a Country field with valid countries specified in a Country table, I'd like the exposed filter to show a list of countries for the user to select. Is this possible and if so can someone give me a push in the right direction on this please. Thanks.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '_drupal_session_open' (T_STRING), expecting '('

A while back someone hacked into my site. Aside from the large amount of files I've never seen before, after deleting them I am getting an error on my homepage. I don't see any other file manipulation other than the folder and 'movies' they added.
I get the following error at the homepage of

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '_drupal_session_open' (T_STRING), expecting '(' in /home/bigrookgames/ on line 31

Webform Calendar View

Hello! I am new to Drupal and i am trying to create a Calendar View from webform submissions. I didn't find anything helpful online. If anyone has any ideas i would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance


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