Display PDF files

I'm trying to upload PDF files so that they will display in nodes. I have the PDF module. I have downloaded PDF.js and it's files into \sites\all\libraries. But I don't know where to go from there. Presumably, I create in new field in the content type I want to use, but how do I create the new field for this module?
Thank you.
David Hilfiker

Webform submissions in Views?

This case seems all too common and I believe I'm overlooking something, but what I want to do is view the Webform submissions within views, so I could use Views Bulk Operations to perform some operation.

The problem I'm having is viewing submissions (first name, last name, e-mail, etc) from the webform. I can pull the SID, which is the submission ID and use webform_get_submission(), but I'd rather not use php filter within views to get this information.

Menu won't merge into #main in specific page


I have the following (weird) problem: in all my site (delengua.es) the menu is working as it should, but in one specific page (this one: http://www.delengua.es/corsi-spagnolo-spagna/prezzi-e-date/prezzi-e-date.html ), as you can see, it won't merge into #main element.

Commerce USPS


We are having trouble getting Commerce USPS configured properly to return rates. We are also unable to assign dimensions and weights to products, and are thinking this is perhaps related.

We have a Product Type defined as "Product". We have Dimensions and Weight fields defined as follows:
Dimensions: field_product_dimensions / Physical dimensions / Dimensions textfields
Weight: field_product_weight / Physical weight / Weight textfield

Apache Solr Integration module crashing with 403 errors on indexing

I'm using Solr 5.2.1 and Apache Solr integration 7.x-1.7 on a Drupal 7.34 site. When I index all queued content, it errors out after exactly 250 items. When I *deselect* the "Basic page" entity type from being indexed, all other entity types index fine (apx 3000 items). Using the same module and Solr versions on another site, everything indexes fine.

Validate File Extensions

This is mind bogglingly frustrating. I'm working with Views_Send and have made a few modifications to great success and one glaring failure.

My issue is simple: The attachments field will not allow me to attach docx, complaining the extension is not allowed. Easy enough to fix, riiiiight?

Here's the form_alter code behind the attachment field as per my feature module:


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