Translate options of a select list + hook_preprocess form element


In a view, I get a exposed filter with options that aren't translated (field with list text widget). The options are translated via the translation page of Drupal, but in this exposed filter the options have the default language.
I want to create a custom function to force the translation of these options. I use this code:

function mytheme_preprocess_form_element(&$variables) {

$element = $variables['element'];

changing base url and cookie domain custom module

I have a site that is reverce-proxyied to an other url. I am trying to make a small module to do this.
Drupal can see the module but when I click "ON" I am re-directed to a white page and eventually back to the module list where the module is not activated.

Currently I have this code in a file called proxy_name_change.module


function my_hacks_init(){
  global $base_url;
  global $cookie_domain;

  $is_https = isset($_SERVER ['HTTPS']) && strtolower($_SERVER ['HTTPS']) == 'on';

Integrate existing systems with

Could anyone tell if it's possible to integtarte Drupal with
The reason is that I want to advise our CEO to integrate ERP/Accounting systems, Custom Home grown databases, other web-based apps, e-Commerce, Point of Sale, Sites. We are clients of Customertimes ( All our apps and applications are in PHP.
Can someone give me a profound advise if such an integration is OK?

Update a feature

I don´t understand how work the features modules in drupal.

Does anyone know a module for cloning menus other than "Menu clone"?

I want to implement conditional menus, where different options appear depending on the user's rôle. There might be some overlap. In Display Different Menu links an content depending upon user role or user logged in, user "nevets" suggested making multiple menus each with the appropriate links, and then restricting the visibility of a particular menu by user rôle. In my case, the different menus might share a lot of links, so I thought of cloning the links to avoid having to re-enter them.

Put a custom form inside node form with own submit button

I have a small custom form which has its own submit button.


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