Is there a way to accomplish this with Taxonomy

I'm building a movie review website and have run into a task that I can't find a solution for.

I'm trying to accomplish something similar to the IMDB 'Cast ' display where my movie review will list the actors (I'm using taxonomy) as well as the character name they portray in the particular film.

This is how my display currently works:

I get errors no matter what them I use front end and back end, what could be the problem?

I get errors on my local host site but not on live server, same files...

I can't figure out what the problem is because the erros shows up regardless of the theme...I'm at a loss..!

Flexible form with the option to add more rows

I would like to create a content - "flexible" form on the drupal like this one:
I want to give the user the ability to add any number of rows (objects) by using the add button. Please hint how to create this type of form, what modules will help?
Regards and thanks in advance for your help.

Display suite extra expert mode field classes not working on entity form fields

I'm using display suite extra and trying to ad classes to fields via expert mode, but it's not working, I tried both teaser and full content, am I missing something here?

Using boostrap theme and this works with all content items and fields, but not with entity forms, any idea?

School Administration Module

How to use School Administration module for creating attendance, Classes and Lessons ,Class Lists in my project

views: pulling custom entity id without id in URL

I know there's a way to reference a node id in views without it being in the URL, but it doesn't seem to work for a custom entity. At least not for me.

I built several block views, that have contextual filters to my custom entity bundle "Plants" - Plant: Id. These views' blocks get placed onto the plant bundle display page, which is using aliases for clean URLs.

But the views couldn't detect what item page was being viewed. I had to add the entity id into the URL So I had to build a pattern: plants/[plant:id]/[plant:title]


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