Panel Title

I have the panel nodes module (7.x-3.4) installed. I've run into a glitch. On my contact page, I selected "Panel Title" from the right side gear and it shows the page title TWICE. It looks really dorky but now I cannot deselect "Panel Title" from the gear. The cursor turns into a crosshair thinking I want to move the panel node. Can anyone help me deselect Panel Title so my title doesn't show up twice? Keyboard tricks? I tried arrow keys to go down the list of options but it skipped Panel Title!! Help...

Start fresh

One of my colleagues started developing a new site and didn't get any significant content created, but fiddled with some views setup and the like before getting busy with something else, so at this point we have little idea of what was done. She would like to start over, although presumably we would want to keep all the modules and themes that are installed.

What is the best way to do this on 7.x?

Help - I don't have access to my access

I don't have access to my drupal site!!!!!

I see only the logo of the site.

I never succeed to get the login window.
I have tried user/login our admin

So I have tried:

drush uli

I get the message :

The drush command 'uli' could not be found.

What can I do?



Colorbox - Access bypass - Less Critical - SA-CONTRIB-2015-156

Stickynote - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - Moderately Critical - SA-CONTRIB-2015-154

Template suggestion shows in dev module, but is ignored

I am using Drupal 7.39 with Bootstrap as my theme. I have added custom hooks to my page.vars file in the Bootstrap theme. They are as follows:


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