Mobile site load time is slow


I visited my mobile site from different phones and networks. It takes 5 to 20 seconds to load the front page. I used advagg module and bootstrap theme.

How to make faster load?


hook_form_alter on

Dear everyone,

Serve resources from a consistent URL


I tested my site with some performance tool. I got this error. I am not sure how I can fix it.

Serve resources from a consistent URL

The following resources have identical contents, but are served from different URLs. Serve these resources from a consistent URL to save 1 request(s) and 17.4KiB.

Migrating a single site to Multisite

Dear All

I have a new multisite install of Drupal which works perfectly with new websites. My aim is to move about 10 sites which are currently configured for a single install over to this new system, I am, however, having a problem with converting the single install's database to work with a multisite system. I'm running the following SQL within the MySQL command line tool but I receive an error telling me that. Table 'sites__db.FILES' doesn't exist.

Render page on view

I have a headache :) trying to make it work. What i want to achieve is to display the content of the selected link on a div. So i made a graphic so you can understand.

When i click on link 1, i want to display on the main div the content of the link 1, the same with link 2, 3 and X.

Is there any way to achieve that? tried with jQuery AJAX but the performance is poor, the same programatically making an ajax call.

I know i can do something like an slideshow but with content, but i cannot figure it out. Could you lend me a hand please? I will appreciate it. Thanks!

Migration Module - Rules not working properly

Hi There,

I'm using the migration module to import information from a legacy database and having a little bit of trouble.

The migration class in question imports pets from a table (old db) and creates new pet nodes in the drupal database. So far, so good. The pet migration class is also connected to the user migration class. This means that I can set the author (uid) of each pet to the appropriate new drupal user. Again so far so good. This also means the setup is more or less the same as the old database.


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