Uploading a file to an external server by default

Is it possible to change where files are uploaded to by default? I have an external server that I use for storage and that is where I would like my files to go when I upload images and videos, rather than in the default /files/ section on my site's server. I can provide authentication through SFTP or SSH to the external server. Is there a module out there or a way to accomplish this? I tried searching but couldn't find a clear answer to this question.

Node limit: another approach

Hi to all!

I use Node Limit with roles (no Rules integration yet). When the limit is reached, the user has to erase a content to add a new one. But what if, when the limit is reached, adding a new content would automatically erase the oldest node posted by a specific user?

Rules would be the way with: VBO? Computed field? Views calculation? Can this be done without coding?

The trick is to make a link between the limit (number of nodes), the role and the Rules action (erase oldest content of a specific user when his role limit number is reached).

Publish content in a view not published in a different view in the same page


I am creating a magazine, with two views:

The first one has the last featured article
The second one has the history of all the articles of the site

I want the second view to hide the last featured article once it is featured on the home page. I dont know how to do that.

Once I create a new featured article I want the general view to be allowed to display by defaule the article, since it is not more in the featured section of my website.

How can I do that?

Date (Unix timestamp) field to Date field

I've added a default "field_valido_hasta_geo_oferta" to my content type, but only shows available Date (Unix timestamp) field, and I need to change a Date field in short format (yyyy-mm-dd).

can anyone help me?

Block visibility

For RestFul 1.x


You have a content type that you want to be display on specific pages. You want to use the same system as Drupal core block visibility.

Proposed resolution

Add a textarea field to your content type called visibility, with a machine name of field_block_visibility.

Visibility Block Textarea field

Create or add to your endpoint the following code:

Drupal Views Tables & jQuery UI Resizable?

I have a Drupal View that generates multiple tables in the markup but for the end-user, it looks like only 1 single table. I want to make the first table's TH elements control the resizing for every column it applies to. Can this be done with jQuery resizable? If so, how?

Here's an example of my view results that I'm seeing in Firebug:


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