Remove #theme_wrappers Enteirly

I'm writing my first module. And in the form drupal adds form-item form-type- for every item.
I was looking for a solution and find out this solution from stackoverflow
Couldn't understand much from api page
The answer works fine for one input item not for entire form.

Replace token with entire form

I want to add a form to an article in case a specific token is present. I replaced other tokens with strings successfully, but couldn't manage to insert an entire form. Is this even possible? Else, how to get the desired result?

Accessing custom field type in programatic form

I have installed the 'phone' module, which enables a new field type called 'phone'. (It's available through the Field UI by selected 'Phone Number' as the field type).

How do I gain access to this field type in a programatically created form? I have a form, that calls it like this:

Views & Blocks to production?


Display keyword in bibliography Module


so I have a site which manages it publications (papers) using bibtex database. The Module helps displaying them.

In some publications, we have something like keywords = { project:prc1 project:prc2}. Now, I'd like to create project tags for each publication. So in my view, which lists all these publications, I'd like to show a tag "Project 1", "Project 2" when project:prc1 project:prc2 is defined in keywords.

How can I do that?

Show a list with content that share same tags

Ok so i'm using view to make this list that are going to show content that share the same tags. The problem is that i get same content on the list 3 times. Example:

I have have a content with title "How to travel to Norway by boat" I will tags the content with the tags: Travel, Norway and boat.

So, when using view to show a list with content that are related to one of the 3 tags. the list will look like this


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