probably it's easy for you

i made my own module to hide a boolean when its value is "0"
but something won't work

this is the code

function MYTHEME_node_view($node, $view_mode, $langcode) {
if($node->content['field_members_only']['#items']['0']['value']=="0") {

sorry for the newbie question

Multisite and multidomain issue with login

We have a multisite installation where we run a number of sites. Some of these sites has multiple domains. This is not domains sharing a domain base, but quite different domain names ( and These have been implemented using Apache ServerAlias and works fine. The problem comes when a user want to log in. The original domain works, but the new ones are not working (returning to starting page upon log in).

Additional Fields in Views 'Group By' Header

I am trying to create a 1-to-many view.

In this screenshot I have a list of jobs grouped by manager. The view as it stands justs shows the Group By field, Manager. The content type manager has additional data, shown in red, that I would like placed at the head of the job records. Is it possible to do this in the way I am suggesting, or if not, what other approach should I take ? Thanks.

css file placeholder for my custom styles for fine-tuning (not heavy theme-ing)

I am trying to convert my plain html site
to drupal.
I am collecting here
the modules I need and want to start a bit of css styling.
- I do not want to start editing the theme's css files because I am not sure I will stay with this theme.

New whois protection service built on Drupal:

Just wanted to spread a word about a new Drupal project for protecting the domain name whois information.

When registering a domain name you have to specify your real name, address, email and phone number to comply with ICANN regulations. However, because the whois database is accessible to anyone on Internet you risk exposing your personal information to spammers, marketing companies and online fraudsters. And here is when our service comes into use: with PrivyWhois in place your confidential information is no longer available for public consumption.

Drupal developer wanted for community library project

I'm looking to contract an experienced freelance Drupal developer to assist with migrating a Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7 (or possibly 8). I am a library and information management consultant with experience building Drupal sites but I'm not a PHP programmer or developer, so I need assistance with module and backend development and the developer I usually work with is unavailable.


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