PHOTOS not showing in published Gallery

We have a magazine we publish with content that includes a gallery and a chart area. When we upload pics to this new gallery, it's not showing on the live site. We associated the new picture in the new publication issue block, we made sure they were "published" but it's still not triggering.

Simple mysql query to access data fields in Drupal 7

I have some trouble with Drupal 7. What I want to do is read out all field_data_fields from a database with drupal scheme of one objects with php.

Example: I need to show a CAR Entry and I need to access field_data_field_speed field_data_field_size


The Problem is that I can't find out where all these field entries are connected to an object id. Is there maybe a very easy solution to get all fields connected to an object id?

Anyone who knows Drupal and can help me? :) Thx

How to create contact form using mail addresses from nodes

I am building a Drupal site with contact addresses and e-mail addresses as nodes (1 person per node, their names are title of the node, e-mail address is a field on that node). I'd like to know whether it is possible to make a contact form using this data, i.e. to make a selection list out of the node titles, so that the form will post an e-mail to the selected names (i.e. e-mail addresses).

Feed item not behaving properly - really stuck!

We have a view set up to display new blog post items from this feed (Wordpress):

It is supposed to display with the blog title and some teaser text with a Read more link. You can see examples (Spring 2016 Course Offerings) here under Library News:

lost some links in admin panel

Hi 2 all!
I have a problem with my admin panel on Drupal 7.
I've found this problem in admin menu, content page and in Rules settings.
Drupal add empty ul class="menu" width some also empty elements.
See screenshots below.

Error Message: Rules Evaluation Exception

TL:DR Any idea how to fix this error message?: RulesEvaluationException: Argument email_subject is missing. in RulesPlugin->setUpState() (line 717 of /home/oxford/public_html/oxford/sites/all/modules/rules/includes/

Drupal 7.34

I have a site that allows users to load papers using an entity form. Very simple design:

As of this morning, users cannot submit their paper without getting this error message:


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