Grid view for YouTube embed content


At my church, we regularly upload videos to YouTube and embed them in our site (currently wordpress). I want a page to show them in a grid view or list view with a thumbnail from the video which I can upload.

I am a beginner and have multiple questions:
1. Which content type should I use for this? (I am only embedding the video not hosting)
2. How do I dedicate a page to show these videos in the grid view with thumbnails

I am currently using the Bootstrap template.


Views rewriting - dynamic content base on URL query string


I am trying to accomplish what I think is a simple task.

Here it is:

Example of the URL:

1. I have a homepage that I would like to change dynamically based on the URLs string (dc=apples)

Views result: more fields in one div

<div class="viewsrow">
<div class="photo_field"><img src="photo.jpg"></div><!--end of photo_field div -->
<div class="description_field">	
<h6 class="time_field">za 24 juni 20.15</h6>
<h3 class="title_field">Title </h3>
<p>Description will stay here. Description will stay here.
Description will stay here.Description will stay here.
Description will stay here.</p>
<h5 class="price_field">euro:7</h5>
</div><!--end of description_field div -->

Editing the "Comments" Box?

I have a comments bo at the bottmo of my pages. It's pretty typical, but I'd like to make a bunch of edits to it. I'd like to change the text, add my own HTML, and simplify it so that the user doesn't have a choice whether to use HTML or Plain Text, and the editor has many editng options excluded.

Something like this:

How would I do this? I haven't found anything which explains this in too much detail.

What does "storage" mean in relation to Mini Panels?

I am working on a site that uses Mini Panels. In the Mini Panels List I see a column called "STORAGE". The column contains the values, overridden, default, and normal (which is the storage for a Mini Panel I just created).

What does "storage" mean in relation to Mini Panels and what do each of the storage values (overridden, default, and normal) mean?

One of the reasons I am asking this is because I have a Feature that is stuck in the Overridden state and the default and overriden diffs show:

How to approach "conditional" function

I have a content type for for an employee certification. The content type has a date field for the cert's expiration. I've created a view that shows the name field, cert type, and expiration date.

I'd like the view to rewrite the expiration results to show "current" (green), "expiring soon" (yellow), "expired" (red).

Any thoughts on how to approach this? Thanks


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