How to access translated nodes with field_get_items / field_view_value according to global $language

I am overwriting a field in a certain view. However, I want to overwrite that field with the Arabic translation if global $language->language == 'ar'. I am a bit confused as to the function of argument #4 in field_get_items. I am passing in $lang, because I am under the impression that it will return the field of that language—however, I am not sure this is correct.

Convert order currency (XAF) to paypal supported currency


I have a problem and I solicit your help. I use commerce kickstart on drupal 7 where i have a shop that uses XAF (currency used in Central Africa).

I want to propose a payment by paypal payment standart. But paypal does not carry this currency. So for an order of 20000 XAF paypal ask the client to pay 20000 EURO (I use the euro as my default currency on papal) instead of 30.49 £.

How do i make paypal display euro converted the value (30.49 £) instead of 20000£ Without having to change the currency of my site.

thank's in advance

Problem with my payment module

Allow Drupal users to view and edit their CiviCRM profiles?

When a user logs into their Drupal account, we want them to see their Civi profile so that they can edit it. This used to be a function that was automatically available with an earlier version of Civi but it is no longer there. What do I need to do to allow users to view and edit their Civi profile? We have Drupal 7 and CiviCRM 4.6.X. Thanks.

How to set up an url alias pattern for nodes using ascribed taxonomy term as part of the url?

I am using both path auto and taxonomy modules. For my content type "blog entry" I am using a category field which references to taxonomy terms (e. g. food blog, outdoor blog, writing blog ... also only one term can and must be selected upon creating the node type "blog entry") of a certain taxonomy vocabulary (e. g. blog categories).

Now I want the url to look like this: root/blogs/food-blog/node-title

I thought that it can be accomplished by using this pattern in the url alias settings:


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