Create own login form module

I want to create my own module that allows new users to register and login to my site.
I have created the HTML form, PHP script and MySQL database already.

I am following the instructions using the Drupal tutorial on (
I have created .module and .info files under sites/all/modules/ directory.

I am unsure on how to proceed next and would like some guidance on this. Do I add the PHP to the .module file?

How to update entity field value

Hi all

Entity type: photos
Bundle: photo
Field: field_photo_counter (integer)

DB tables:


What I'd like to do is update +1 the value of 'field_photo_counter' each time the entity/page is viewed.

I used a similar method sometime back on a static site (not Drupal):

form search by ajax

Hello ,

i am a newer in Drupal 7. I need to do a simple form to search a client id and the result of the research should be in the same page by ajax .. how to do it please ?

Taxonomy term View: How to add "Exposed filter" (that work properly) ?

Hi Please forgive me if this topic has been explained already.
I can ensure I read the documentation but I couldn't find any information. Also I tried to search in the forum but I couldn't find the "advanced search" function of the forum.

Problem with DB prefix table not found

Hi all

I have a fairly new installation which has been running well until I added the entiy_view_count module trying to setup a view of entities ordering ASC of count. Worked well on previous versions.

The problem is the new drupal installation has a prefix on the db table names y7q_ now when I set up a view with entiy_view_count I keep getting the error:

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'test.entity_view_count' doesn't exist

Webform - default value of field3 = field1.value+field2.value

Newbie question.

How do I set the default value of field3 to the concatenated values of field1 & field2 in a webform that is being filled out?

Using webform 7.x.4-12 & D7.41




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