Error Messages

So my theme is broken (Corporate Clean) and I also get this message.

Error reaching the Node.js server. Make sure your Node.js service key matches the key set in the server application. Enable HTTP error-logging and check the dblog page for more details.

Can Drupal connect to the Node.js server?

This message at the very top of the page.

error on line 181 at column 44: Entity 'nbsp' not defined
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

HT hide date last changed for nodes promoted to front page

I'm using the following code at the bottom of my theme's node.tpl.php template to display the date last changed for each node...

<?php print "<br><span align='right'><font color='#ccc' size='-2'>Date last changed " . date("M jS, Y @ H:i:s T",$node->changed) . "</font></span>"; ?>

Help needed with Google Translate for Website


I have added the following code to one of my Drupal content pages which I received from Website Translator - Google Translate:

function googleTranslateElementInit() { new google.translate.TranslateElement({pageLanguage: 'en', layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.HORIZONTAL}, 'google_translate_element'); }

It works great but I have a question.

Drupal theme responsive problem in mobile devices/toggle

Drupal theme - Flat Zymphonies Theme, I have one problem with this theme, it is impossible to switch to mobile resposnive in mobile devices/view. Responsive works good when you change a width in browser but after switch to mobile toggle return to normal no responsive style. There is a live demo of this theme.

Any ideas to fix it?

Adding some text under the home page search (commerce)

Whats the easiest way to add some text like a phone number or lead time to the header of a drupal site. I'd like to put it right under the search bar and in color like red?

N00b here so go easy ;)

Is it possible to call ajax (or JS) from within page HTML?

My module renders a page with a picture and a table within. The table holds a list of properties of something. When user clicks on one table cell it fires JS function which loads a picture of it and replaces the existing one on the page. Sounds simple, but how do I put a JQ listener on page element using Drupal way?
for now there is a hook_menu:


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