views log error - Undefined index: longitude in location

I've created a block view for node pages that displays other nodes that are nearby (based on location proximity).

contextual filter-> gloabal:null -> Provide default value -> content ID from URL
Filter -> Location: Distance / Proximity
filter -> location: LID not EMPTY

It's working properly but if the node page doesn't have location field I get the following error in log messages:
Notice: Undefined index: longitude in location_views_proximity_get_reference_location() (linea 550 ..sites/all/modules/location/

Can I display the current page's children?

I need to display children or siblings of the current page. I'm new to Drupal and haven't quite gotten the hang of even presenting all pages on the site, but in this particular case, I'm interested in showing doing the following:

Displaying only the next level of children for my current page
Displaying siblings of current page

I'm not interested in doing these at the same time, but in two different functions programatically.

So, for example, if my hierarchy is like this:

jQuery datepicker with Drupal behaviors

Hi everyone,

I'm building a module with a customized user profile page where the user can go and change their personal information. I'm working with jQuery UI dialog for entering the user data, but now I'm stuck on trying to pop up the jQuery UI date picker widget so that users can change their date of birth. The form parts of the module look like this:

different permissions for parts on a node (book page)

Hi folks,
can anyone suggest me a module or a way to permit different permissions for different parts of a node (possibly without programming code)?

how to show webform submissions in a view

How to show a webform submissions in a view i have tried many methodes but its not working can any one tell the way by which we ca access the form submissions in a view. there many answers of the fourm tells that select webform submissions data, but webform submission data is not appearing in the list

Two seperate views on a page - how do I get them to share exposed filter parameters?

Hi all, I've raised a question as stated in the title on SE:

In summary: I have two separate views on the same page - one Page and one Block that show two separate content types respectively, but have a filter exposed for a field that they share using the Location module.


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