Can any one tell me how to set the default for creating new content, i. E. pages, to have the Send subscriptions notifications not checked as the default? I just can't seem to find a way to do this.

Running Drupal 7



Post to be deleted

I rebuilt the views from scratch and somehow it fixed the problem

Contextual filters for a two views

I have a view with exposed filters that displays a content from a content type "Offers".

The second view is displayed as a block, positioned under the first view. It shows Gmap with objects from a content type "Objects".

The content type "Offers" has three fields that uses terms from a taxonomy. So, when I select some exposed term of the filters, the content from the first view is filtering great.

Drupal commerce product presentation

(UC3, D7) Custom display price in teaser view (template?)


I'm trying to change the Ubercart product display in teaser view (and full view if possible), but don't know where to start.

What files need to be created, copied, edited, in order to accomplish my goal?

In the long run, I'm trying to display discount price (display price) as RED only if there exists listing price and listing price is larger than display price. If those two conditions are non-existant, product displays display price as normally (unedited).

Thanks in advance,


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