.htaccess file created at root

Drupal ver.: 7.38
php ver: 5.3.29
OS: QNAP - BusyBox?


Excuse me if this has already been solved but I'm new to Drupal (today!) and while installing I ran into several issues. I wont get into details about all of them but I managed to finally install Drupal and was hoping someone could give me some pointers for next time.

The issue: After what appears to be a successful install, I get a:


You don't have permission to access /drupal/ on this server.

I've been hacked! Help please.

My home page now shows:
Cyber Command0S
Pwn3d By Kazi Shaheb

I did a search but can't find anything about how to clean it.

For a look, see c7.mbhco.com

Facebook and drupal

Hallo Forum,

I try to find a solution to the following question: when on the website is published a new content or comment, a notice should be sent to the facebook adress of the users (who wanted to get the notification).
How can I realize this?

Thank you

How a public user can add content


I have created a content type which has the following fields: Title, Name, Address, phone, and Specialty.

I like to give anonymous users to add the content without the Title field. I am not sure how i can give public users to add the content without the title field.

Can you please help?


cron.php and drupal_goto

Hello everyone,
when I run cron.php I get a redirect to a page.
Maybe I've a drupal_goto inside a node, but I don't know which node (I've thousands of them).

How can I find where drupal_goto is?

Many thanks to all!


Create Unique user page

Hi. I'm developing a new site for a company who want to add a log-in for each customer where they will be able to download files specific to their project.

How do I create a content type that can only be viewed by ONE user (and the admin, of course) when they are logged in only? I think there are module(s) out there that will do this but I cannot find one that describes what I want.

I also need the user to be redirected straight to this unique page once they click login.

The user doesn't need to edit anything, just view this one page.

Thank in advance.


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