Additional protection from malware ... ?


A week ago I discovered one of the 3 sites sharing an account was being blocked by Sophos antivirus, saying it had dangerous malware. When I crosschecked the other 2, I got the same message.
This made me start by checking the 2 Wordpress-based using Sucuri & Wordfence security plugins, including for changes in the integrity of the core, plugin & theme files. I discovered lots foreign files, which I managed to remove, because they could easily be found.

How do I index taxonomy description for a facet?


I have facet filtering enabled on my site using search api.
A number of facets comprise taxonomy terms, from a vocabulary, i.e.

Taxonomy Term 1
Taxonomy Term 2
Taxonomy Term 3

I want to enable a tooltip to be displayed, so that the Taxonomy Term description appears, when I rollover the individual Taxonomy Terms.

The problem is that the Taxonomy Term description field does not appear in the list of fields to index, and so it is not indexed, and so it does not appear to be able to be available to the facet, for display.

Webform - alter input radio HTML


I'm using Webform to create a three-step order form. Our first page we have radio inputs with three options. I would like to alter these three to have an HTML structure where I could insert content inside the label and use the label:checked in CSS to actually see which one gets selected and hide the input[type=radio] button. Basically:

Alternative of Field Collection to be able to use Node Access User Reference

In a content type I have to refer to more users (with a multivalue entity reference field) and in the same time have to set their status in an other field. So Field Collection module would be an obvious solution for this task. It's a key concept of this project that users gain access right to nodes through user reference field (with the Node Access User Reference module)

Fivestar will not display for new content (did before)

I've used fivestar for over a year and it has been working fine until I noticed it wasn't when I added new content today(haven't added content for a few months)

During the intervening time I updated Drupal and updated a number of other modules upon receiving notices but I didn't work on the site.

Old content still shows the fivestar rating fields but (edit)does not show new empty widgets when put as panel content directly. I haven't changed the content type I'm adding instances of. Empty 5 star widgets appear in view I discovered.

Building an e-commerce compatible webform?

I hope that title is the right description...


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