Module for managing content links

Hello experts. I am new in this forum and not sure if it is the right place for asking this question or not.
I have to check all the links inside the huge number of posts of a website based on Drupal 7.x.
The problem is that, authors addressed links like this :
but I want to convert them to /node1. Because in future we want to change our domain.

Creating Fullnews (blog) and some "shortnews" (without a node-page)?

For a project i need two kind of news-content:

- Title
- Body
- Teaser-Image (or other media)
- Taxonomies
- some other fields
- Viewmodes: Teaser + Full

- Title
- Teaser-Image (or other Media)
- Taxonomies
- some other fields
- Viewmodes: only teaser
- no node-page

Where blog should be a normal blog-post with a node-page and some additional configuration/fields the "short-news" should only be visible via views module and should not occur in sitemap.xml nor have a node-page.

How can i use taxonomy name in url page using a view

I have a taxonomy terms like:

How can I build a view with url page like this: being % christmas or wedding,
If users go to just display nodes with christmas taxonomy.
If users go to just display nodes with wedding taxonomy.

I have to build X Number of views with same fields that why I want to do just one generic view.

Drupal Search Question (Code/how to?)

I'm not really sure where this should be posted, and I'm not sure what module it belongs under so I was hoping it would be okay to ask here.

I have a view that has a search field where users can type text. The fields are names. So let's say I have a person listed as:
Firstname Lastname

I also have them as:
Firstname M.I. Lastname

If I search for Lastname, it will return all of the items. If I search for Firstname Lastname, it will only return the results of the first, but not the second because of the middle initial.

Limiting Displayed Content Using Contextual Filters Taxonomy

Hi! I have some tricky contextual filters logic.

Let's say I have a taxonomy set up like this:

- Food
--- Fruit
----- Bananas
----- Apples
------- Granny Smith
------- Red Delicious
----- Grapes
--- Vegetables
----- Carrots
----- Potatoes

Right now, I can be on the Fruit page and display all articles with the taxonomy "fruit", and even "bananas", "apples" (and its children), and "grapes" if I want. No problem!

Geolocations Module

Hi all,

I am in the process of trying to create a review platform which will use the geolocation module. I am having trouble getting it to work...although I did have it working about 5 months ago.

At the moment my site is NOT open to the public, however thats the plan in the future. Am I victim of the Google Maps JavaScritp API?


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