Countries Modules v. Country Taxonomy + Can I move between them?

I've got a project that requires classifying each node as representative of a specific country. I'm not quite sure I can appreciate the distinction between creating a taxonomy (and having 200 countries entered manually) or using the module (which separates countries by continent for a hierarchical list.) I can then enter a field in CCK of which there is a "country" type stored in the database. What I need most is to have the ability to use the field in a faceted search to drill down to find nodes/documents that are associated with a specific country.

Change Alpine theme pictures.


I'm a newbie about Drupal.
But my question is, how do I change the Theme Alpine pictures?
I can't find anything about this, and I will change the standard Mountain in a own picture.

So the background... now there are trees, but how do I changen this picture in a own picture?

Thanks you for your help.....

Thanks in advanced..


Render page using only NID

I have problem with generating HTML for page using node ID. I have content type: page and redirect_page.
I would like to make new node using redirect_page type with the same content and template as on page which I've already made. I hook template page--redirect_page.tpl.php to my content type redirect_page. This content type has field with ID of page I would like to render.

My code for page--redirect_page.tpl.php :

Contact modul...


I've got Drupal 7.41, ATT Commerce and Superfish menu. My problem arrives when I install the CONTACT MODUL. Superfish in the MENU BAR and the CONTACT MODUL works in the NAVEGATION MENU.

When I'm working in my drupal like administrator, I can see my link contact in my website. But when I close drupal like administrator and open my website the contact link disappear.

I try everything but I can't do it.

Could you help me please???

Thanks a lot for your time.

subnodes depending on two joined references

I wish to have a hint on how to obtain this behaviour:

I' have a companies and each company has more "activity" and "post-activities". I create "activity" by entityreference prepopulate module.
I wish to save "post-activities" for each "activity" of each single company.
Problem is that "activity" (term reference) may be the same for many companies, than i wish to create a "unique" company-activity key. i'm imaging something like this:


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