Disable email on test site

I have a test copy of my web site in DrupalPro that I was using to test a glitch in my Ubercart ordering process. I discovered after placing some orders that the site was sending out real emails confirming the orders and notifying the customers that accounts were created for them. (Fortunately I had used phony email addresses.) An earlier test copy had failed to send emails, which is what I want, but a lot has changed since I created that copy.

Cache of body_value from field_data_body


accidently I replaced every text from 'body_value' from the table 'field_data_body '... is there any chance to get the contents back?
Maybe in some of the cache tables?
Or at least- can I somehow switch all pages to the last version (where the text is still unchanged)...?

Thanks and regards


Elimai Theme Installation

Elimai means Simplicity in Tamil Language. This is a simple responsive theme with minimum colors. This theme has been developed with the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

Export workflow with Node Export in Drupal 7

Hey guys!

1 - I have to export many nodes from one Drupal installation to another Drupal installation. For this, I am using Node Export module (https://www.drupal.org/project/node_export), that do almost all job that I need. But, when I export the nodes, the workflow transitions existing on each one of them does not export together.

Make keyword search return results in same way as Views exposed filters?

We have a View displayed as a table, reporting multiple fields from a custom content type. The page provides both a set of exposed dropdown filters and a keyword search field. The dropdowns of course will just temporarily modify the table's contents to match the criteria. The keyword search has its own display, via Display Suite. The Question: Is there a way to have keyword searches return the results display in the same way as exposed filters, by just keeping the Views table but displaying only the matches?

PHP for Contextual filter

I am using Quicktabs in combination with a View. I have a number of tabs in a certain content type, that shows different content from the current node. Which works fine.

But I also have a tab that is supposed to show content from another node, by the means of a "node reference field". In my test node I have a node reference field with this content:

"product1 [nid:56]"

In my devel module I can see that the nid is indeed 56 for the referenced node.


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