Change the value of a field once used.

Hi !
I walk on a university website and I have "people" content type and it have "name" as title and "degree" field.
I have also some content types such as "research" and "course" etc. used referencing "people" as "researcher" or "lecture" etc.
I want when I use "people" name on views or node if the "people" "degree" field Equals "doctorate" add "Dr. " before "name".
I use hook_node_view($node) to do it on people single node view but I do not know how to do it in other content types.

Need Help To create parent child relationship


I want to create a multi user system where user have 4 level with following relation.
User level 4 can create user level-13 - level-1, Level-3 can create level-2 and level-1 and so on.
Also the can enable and disable their child account?

Please give some suggestion?

Problem with Javascript Ad Code


I am trying to add a Javascript ad code on our Drupal based website through a block and when I do this, the page doesn't display but only ads display. Please see this sample page:

I tried adding on different blocks and even added the ad code by directly inserting in the codes but no changes. Other Javascript based ad codes from other ad networks are working fine but only had problem with this one.

Default language menulinks do not dissapear when changing to other language

Hi all,

I am creating my site and I am using the porto template.
My default language is Dutch. I want to translate my site into 3 other languages (german, english and spanish)

The problem is, the Dutch menu links are still shown in the main menu when changing to a different language.
So, I see the Dutch menu links together with the menu links I just translated (but only for one translated language)

Edit Button Not Working


I recently copied my site to Unfortunately when I did this, it made it so I could no longer edit the home page on the production site. I can still edit the home page of the dev site though. When I click the "Edit" button on the home page of the production site, it simply loops back to the home page without opening the front-end of the site and adds a # to the URL. You can see what I mean by "Edit" button here.

issues width lightbox2, multiupload and classes


i have a huge problem on my site:
I used the modul "multiupload_imagefield_widget" for the multiupload and a Bootstrap based theme. Normaly i add the "col-md-4" class to the Only local images are allowed. field so i can display the images in three columns.
But when i change the format from "Image" to "Lightbox2" for my nodetyp in structure/nodetype/managedisplay it deletes my definied classes. Without the Lightbox it works perfectly...


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