Register to read more module?

I'm looking to find ways to restrict blog post access by either specific roles or else by a field that I can check off before publishing.

I'd like to tailor blog posts to specific audiences or to people who have yet to register to the site by checking a checkbox at the time of publish that restricts access or by having a reference field that determines which roles get access to the content. Most importantly, I'd love to have a teaser (up to a certain number of characters) for the users not in the bucket of referenced or allowed groups.

Change view css based on field value?

the view shows a simple article, i want to show the view in rtl direction if a specific field value is YES for example, if the value is NO, then the view will be displayed as ltr.

I have a hidden field that have two values, Yes or No, based on them i need to change the VIEW. only the view, everything else in the page must stay the same.

How to achieve that please

How to create a corresponding entity reference matrix view

I am using corresponding entity reference module to have a two way relationship between two content types (although I think I could do it just with a normal relationship). Basically content type A which are songs, reference one or more of content type B which are clubs. This is a many to many relationship.

What I really want is a view which is a matrix which simply shows which items have links e.g.

Some Pages Maintenance Mode, Some Not

Currently I'm attempting to move a Drupal 7.34 site from one cPanel server to another and having some crazy issues with some pages showing a maintenance screen while others do not. I'm doing this for someone and while I've moved plenty of Wordpress sites and have generally been able to fix them easily, I'm unfortunately not as familiar with Drupal and it's intricacies. The MySQL version is the same between the two servers. Apache version is now 2.4 but was 2.2 on the old server though I haven't found anything yet that would point to it being an Apache version issue.

Isotope module

Sorry for my English
I have problem with the Isotope module. After updating to a newer version, not load some pages. Message is displayed : Fatal error: Call to undefined function views_isotope_check_library() in......views_isotope/views_isotope.install on line 119

Does anyone know the solution?

How can I rewrite exposed filters to url argument in views?


I have a content type "cars" and a view "/cars" showing all nodes of this content type.

The car manufacturer (Chrysler, Mercedes) is defined as a tag. The view has an exposed tag filter, so that users can show all cars built by Chrysler or Mercedes.

However, what I need is a view with the manufacturer as an url argument plus exposed filter. I've already built a view with an url argument which works pretty good.


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