How do i change the status color of nodes in drupal admin content page?

Hello Friends,

I tried to change the color of the text under the "Published" column of the node content listing.

I need the published text to be in green color and the unpublished text to be in red color.

Theme for admin: seven

In the view I have edited the output of the following field:

Administration: Nodes (Content)

Configure field: Content: Published

Rewrite Output :


How can I display multiple videos in one player inside a node.

I was wondering if anyone has any idea on how to do this. Basically I want to paste several video urls that may be even from different sources. Instead of showing several videos in the node I want to show only one player with the list of videos on the side.

Basically what mediafront module does but requires to create a views and I just wanted to use the functionality in a single node without having to create a views for this.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Specify Entity Reference View data to save in Entityforms?

Hi all,

Not quite a PHP/Drupal newbie here, but definitely rusty.

I've set up an Entity Reference View which collects and displays submission data from an Entityform. The relevant fields on view are:


I'm pulling these fields into another Entityform through an Entity Reference checkbox option. So far, so good - I've got the right data showing and the checkboxes are working as expected.

Unable to edit Views

I have my Drupal 7 site successfully uploading to the hosting service and running.

However, I found I need to edit of the views. When I went to edit it (Sort Criteria->Add), I get the usual popup form and select my field. But when I click the button "Apply (all displays)", the button changes to "Add and configure sort criteria" for a little while, then changes back to "Apply (all displays)". It never gets past this. The cancel button also doesn't work, but the "X" at the top-right of the form does.

View for listing all days in a month

What would the best way be to create a view that lists ALL days in a month given month and year?

SO if the month/year given was August 2016, the view would list 31 days... Monday, August 1st, 2016 through Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 ....


Appreciate your help!

Which rules conditions should I use for organic groups?

I have Rules (7.x-2.7) and Organic groups (7.x-2.7) as well.

Within the Rules Conditions I have the following organic groups options:

  • entity is group.
  • entity is group content.
  • entity is in group.
  • user has group permission.
  • user has group role.
  • user is group member.

If I try selecting user is group member for example, I have to select "user and group data selectors", and I get confused ...


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