How to pass variables between iterations of bulk operations

I have a view listing poems entered in a contest. Each poem has been given a number of points. So the best poem has the most points. The view sorts the poems according to their points total. Each poem node also has a ranking field. I am now trying to create a component rule for a bulk operation on this view to deduce the ranking of each poem and save it in said field. I try to do this by passing component variables as "parameters+provided" between iterations of the bulk operation.

drupal install checklist ...

Just a note to anyone installing Drupal to check the following list of PHP settings and ensure that they are all correct before installing Drupal:

After installing Drupal, many of the settings listed above can be verified directly from the admin status report page which includes a link to view PHP settings right on it.

Problem when actived mask

Can someone help me ?? The problem occurs when I activate the mask in the configuration of my domain provider.
I have 2 domain name with 2 different vendors and I have the same problem with the 2.

So is it at the level of drupal or vendors ??
No problem with the mask for sites made with software other than drupal 7

Changing colors Drupal 7

I'm very new to Drupal and know little about editing in general.

My company website has Drupal 7 installed. We have a main menu bar that is currently orange. I want to change it to black. I went to "Appearance" and managed to get to Pixture settings. I changed the colors with the color picker but as far as I've seen, it only changed the background and administration menu colors and not the block/menu/etc colors.

How do I change these colors?

I've read a lot on changing CSS stuff and I have absolutely no clue on how to go about that.


How to create drop down menu in view by category?


I have a content type with category field which is a select list field.

Added nodes.

Node1 category1
Node 2 category 1

Node3 category 2
Node4 category 2

I created a view which now displays just the titles.

In addition, it needs to do two more things:

View should display categories by default.
Then each category should be expandable to see the corresponding titles

How can I do it?

stack exchange like site in drupal

How can i create community forum so that new communities can be created and on clicking the community discussions can be done relating to that community only.Just like this drupal forum. Ex- Post installation, Before Installation. Please suggest. Thanks.


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