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The Professional Golf Association of British Columbia (PGA of BC) “is an association of highly skilled and dedicated golf professionals who promote, play, develop and advance the game and business of golf for the benefit of its members and the people of British Columbia.”

When they came to Cheeky Monkey Media, the PGA of BC felt that their website just wasn’t doing their organization justice:

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Office Hours - Moderately Critical - Cross Site Scripting - DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2017-032

Changing field type from 'integer' to 'decimal' and copying fields within a content type

Hi guys,

hope you are all doing fine :)

I´ve got two quick questions:

1.) I unfortunately have made lots of field types with the type integer for "price", but I would like to have the price in the field type "decimal" without deleting them and adding them again. Is there a way to do this, without lots of programming?

2.) Is there a way to copy field types and past them into the same or at least at a different content type
E.g. I have the fields
Price (Decimal)
Adress (Text)
Birthdate (date)

Restrict Fields per Role

I want to restrict access (view/edit/delete) of specific fields, per role.

D7 - 500 Internal Error for /admin

Good morning,
Recently I came across specific problem. After upgrade to D7.54 everything related to /admin gives 500 Internal Error. Site works fine, I can add/edit/remove content as I please, but when I try to go to modules, people, reports or so I get an error.

I tried to put fresh .htaccess instead of the modified one I use, no difference.

Please tell me where should I start looking, what can be done?

Can we create a Channel Manager System using Drupal?


We are currently working on Drupal Rooms for Booking and E-commerce solutions. We also want to add a Channel manager system that can be used with our Rooms. Is there any guide or resources that could help in this project? Any interested developers that would like to work together and share ideas?

Thank you.


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