Drupal .htaccess

I am using Drupal in my website but there are some folders outside drupal. I want to exclude those folders from rewrite rules.

I already tried :

    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/admin/ in .htaccess
    Options +MultiViews in apache config

List out total who pick values from list/term reference field

Let say a list field/term reference field which have 3 values (example: A, B and C).
All I want to know is how many users pick the answers, maybe the information like:

Total user pick A: 10
Total user pick B: 25
Total user pick C: 1

The information is like in the Analysis tab of webform, but what I want is on content type.

moved site to new domain and have CKEditor errors about icons

Ok, so I moved a site from one new domain to another and now I have CKEditor errors about icons in Firefox only and I cannot get rid of it.

ckeditor.js:218 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'icons' of null
(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js:218
(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js:217
g @ ckeditor.js:212
n @ ckeditor.js:213
p @ ckeditor.js:213
(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js:214

This is line 218

drupal 7.51 commerce contrib modules fail to install ...

Problem Appearance in Drupal Version 7.51

Drupal Commerce contribu modules, such as:

- Commerce Addressbook
- Commerce Ajax Basket Link
- Checkout Page - dc_co_pages
- Commerce Ajax Cart
- Commerce Backoffice

all such commerce contrib modules fail to install, even on a clean fresh drupal 7.51 sandbox testing installation.

Notably, while diagnosing this critical problem, I was able to install other - none - commerce related modules without any problem, including:

Program a View Block to Appear on a Specific Node

I have a Content type COURSES which displays basic static information for a course: Title, Course Number and Course Description.

I also have a content type COURSE OFFERINGS that references the content type COURSE using an Entity Reference field. Each Course Offering displays specific information based on the Semester offered: Instructor, Date, Time, Location, etc. These variable all change based on semester.

Google Map Problems

I have installed the Location (7.x-3.7 ) and GMap (7.x-2.11) with Core 7.5.1. I have a custom content type with an automatically added Location field and a manually created field of type Location. The manually created field provides a Google Map from which to select Lat. and Long. but data entered here is not saved. If I want to create a marker on the Node Locations page then I need to open up the Location tab and enter data here - but the Google map selector is greyed out so I have to find the Lat. and Long. values by another method.


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