Hola me llamo jesus , estoy en un proyecto para una tienda online y utilizo el modulo ubercard.
Tengo una duda con el tema de PRODUCTOS por ejemplo.

Tengo un producto Camiseta .
quiero poner en la web 10 camisetas. y cuando los usuarios compren y llegue al limite me avise que debo agregar mas. --> foto1 Maximum package quantity --> foto2 option stock

Styling a Ctools Modal Pop-up

I would like some help to style a Ctools modal pop-up. I have added a theme and views template but it has no effect so it looks as though I am missing some fundamental point.

Here is a picture of the default style and the styled box, as per the article above.

You can see the pop-up in its current state here. Just click the link on the single Views record.

How to customize Rules: check for the uniqueness of one field, depending on the selected value of another field.

Good day.

There are two fields:
1. specialist - a text field with a drop-down list (specialist number 1, specialist number 2 and specialist number 3);
2. date with a dropdown calendar for the week (for each day there are intervals of recording, for example, from 9.00 to 10.00, from 10.00 to 11.00, etc.)

Alter node view mode when opening node in Colorbox pop-up from a View

I want to use a different display format ( hiding selected fields ) for a node when opened in a Colorbox pop-up from a specific View table record. I understand this is possible using hook_node_view and passing the view mode as a parameter - i.e.

function hook_node_view($node, $view_mode, $langcode)

Will this work ? And if so:

Simple Dialog Module to load node ?

I have installed the Simple Dialog module and looked at the example code -

<a href="/D3022/dr/simple-dialog-example/target-page" class="simple-dialog" name="load-this-element" title="My Dialog Title">Click Me To See The Dialog</a>

which shows a dialog pop-up with dummy text.

However when I substitute a node page e.g

Adding HTML to Text field?

I'm using Fields. I'd like to add HTML to a text field (not a text area) so it will be processed on the site, but it encodes all tags I add. Therefore, instead of seeing the result of the tag in my site's content, I see the actual tag. Is there a way around this?



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