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Listing order of content

I have a site where one content type serves as a "container" for another content type. Let's assume an example of garages and car content types, where each garage has a number of cars.

I need a way to allow the user to edit the listing order of cars. I looked into the entityqueues module, but can't figure out if it would work for my setting, as it seems that you create static lists and then feed these lists to a view or similar. What I need is sort of a unique queue of cars for each garage.

Data Module - entity type don't work

I have a problem with the Data Module.
- My custom table has been created with success,
- the associated view is able to reach the data,
but I don't understand how to generate the associated entity form.

In the "Entity Type" tab I have activated the check box "Define table as an entity type" but nothing appears in the menus (content type as content).

Code snippet safety


I would like some advice as to the safety of a code snippet I want to use.

The problem:
I am using Drupal's inbuilt cron to execute a Rule. The Rule has various actions including the loading of a View's results (Load a list of entity objects from a VBO View). The entities that are loaded via the View have restricted access - only certain roles can view them. Using cron, the View's results aren't returned - presumably because under normal circumstances cron is run as Anonymous? - and so the Rule does not execute the way I want.

Upgrade from 6 to 7 or do a clean install?


A client has a fairly large Drupal 6 site with a couple of thousand users. We're overhauling the site entirely (new design, new functionality). I'm wondering what the best approach would be.

  • Should I upgrade the current Drupal 6 installation to Drupal 7?
  • Should I do a clean install of Drupal 7, all new modules etc. then import users and nodes?

Just trying to make my life as easy as possible, thanks in advance!

Apache Regex - Locationmatch

I want to restrict access to edit/blog/add and user nodes but not effect any .css files.

would a locationmatch with this regex


do the job?


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