Paragraphs in Drupal 7

Paragraphs in Drupal 7


  • Changing bundle type on existing paragraph item
  • Default item on new entity
  • Better UX for new paragraph option list
  • Demo module for
  • Proper revision support
  • Bundle permissions
  • Sortable bundle list
  • Select a view mode per paragraph item
  • Views support
  • Confirm delete without saving the entity/node
  • Being able to select a limit of items, not only Unlimited

Working with Paragraphs

Paragraphs is the new way of content creation!
It allows you — Site Builders — to make things cleaner so that you can give more editing power to your end-users.

This documentation will contain sitebuilder/backend-developer/frontend-developer information for the Paragraphs project.

Using view URL in a block ( problems )

Hi There

I am reasonably new to drupal so apologies if i sound vague or un sure.

I have a view which displays a single content type record "attractions"

I have created a path on this view to be attractions/% and a contextual filter Content: Title defined with a option "Provide default value" -> Content ID from url

my view works fine and below are some example urls


Performance Issue

We are having the Drupal 7.34 on both Ubuntu and CentOS.
We are experiencing series performance issue on the CentOS platform.
It takes 7-10 seconds to response to every link I click.

The problem doesn't happen on Ubuntu.

Anyone have the same experience?

I've tried to
1) Enable cache on Drupal,
2) Increase the cache on MySQL
3) Install php-apc (which some forums said that's help)
But these just didn't seems help much.

How to break/terminate a loop in rules?

I have created a loop in the rules actions and using conditional_rules module.

If a certain condition is true I am setting variable to a specific value and want to terminate that loop so that my variable have that update value.

Is there any way to break/terminate the loop or should I create a custom action for this?

If YES to custom action then what will be the return value for the custom action callback function?

I have tried the following in the custom action callback function but did not work.

Acquia Certification Validity

Hi All,

Can anyone let me know the time for which "Acquia certification Exams" are valid ?

For Ex : 1 year, 2 years e.t.c ?


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