Exchanging variables across hook_form_validate and hook_form_submit

Dear everyone,

I have a module with "mymodule_form_validate" and "mymodule_form_submit" functions. I have a "db_insert" function inside "mymodule_form_validate". I retrieve the last SQL id number in "mymodule_form_validate" but I need to take it to "mymodule_form_submit function".

Help removing theme wrapper


I'm trying to remove a region wrapper from a block. Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out where this gets generated and how to remove it? Essentially my block is generating a

wrapper and I am trying to remove it. It does not seem to be controlled by any template file.

Thanks for your help!

How Can I Make My Registration Module Save_Users

I have downloaded a Registration Module and added a username and password fields to the form.

I am trying to call the Save_User function from within the hook_form_alter() as shown in the code.

However I keep getting message "duplicate entry '' for key 'name' insert into users". This led me to see that the field $form_state['value']['field_username'] was empty, that is the value is not being passed in the Post action. I ahve also tried

Using result of a Views conditional field in a math expression not working

I'm using a Views conditional field to display the result of a global math expression field if a specific choice is made from a drop-down.

Overlay default GMap view

Hi there,

Is there any solution for this feature already available on Drupal 7 ? I wonder if the module GMap Drupal 7 already has the functionality to amend GMaps API function initMap();

Basically, I need to amend GoogleMaps API source, within the fuction initMap()... in order to overlay the default GMap image. However, I'm unable to do so through GMap module GUI parameters. I believe I'd need to amend directly in the source code. Not sure where...

Does anyone have a clue where those function calls are located within the source code?

Best wishes

Dynamic Pages module: Avoiding core SQL queries in exchange for REDIS cache

Hi guys, I've been using Drupal for about a year, and now I'm trying to start working with hooks to do some cool stuff also to making an increase in our Drupal's performance .

I'm trying to create a dynamic pages module, which is intended to grab selected content types configured in a backend config form.

I managed to create a new "dynamic_page" content type, which holds the configuration of the content i need to show using some custom tables and the following fields:

Custom node type DYNAMIC_PAGE fields:
- Page ID
- Page title
- max nodes count


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