Show Full Page with other view design


I have a big trouble doing something specific. I have this page that is ok. This page have some content. I want to show each content in other page individually but that keeps the design that is in

Theme stopped being responsive after update

I installed the system update SA-CORE-2015-002 a few weeks ago and then when the website is viewed on mobile devices it isn't responsive any more. Does anyone know the reason and the solution to this?
Sorry I'm still new to Drupal and the theme was designed by a web designer.
The link to the website is

on views validate change url (page + arg)

I have a front page with a views-exposed-form build with "Views".
I need to get from the user a town value (from a taxonomy) and then go to another view page (accueil) and change the value of the filter to get a number not a name value.

it works like this
on submit front page here is the url :

And I need
12225 is the nid of the town Sauve

Prepopulate a Webform from another Node

Hello, I am running into the problem of translating field values from one node into another node. I have a page setup where an administrator enters four different rates in four different text fields. Another page allows a user to click on a given rate which then is suppose to link to a webform with the relative fields from that rate filled out. I have tried the prepopulate module to no avail. If someone has a suggestion on how to go about doing this I would be more than appreciative! Thanks!

Module Installed but not visible

I have installed a few different modules SmartIP, Weather and FilterIP and while they are installed and visible in modules i cannot access them to configure them. I have full admin rights to the modules and have ensured the boxes are ticked for the permissions but they still do not give me any access. Both modules should give additional links in he config menu i have ran Cron and cleared the cache what am i missing?

How to get Paragraph module field data from template.php

I am using paragraphs module for a content type. I have created two paragraph module bundles, each contains 3-4 field types. (HTML editor, text fields and file browser).

I am planning to create a custom template for this particular content type. I used hook_preprocess_page() to to get the saved data and apply logic for ,tpl file.

But I found that the array I've received has 8 level nested and it's very hard to read the data. I tried the below code to read a particular field data.


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