Use the main menu to display a second menu without parents...

Hello everyone,
Here, I do not know if this is possible but I try to use it for one second navigation main menu. My goal is to display in this submenu only children of the parent page on which you are. The goal is not to create a sub-menu item by page only the children.

I do not know if that is clear but if anyone can tell me it would be great.


Authenticational Login

I'm fighting with a "secondary" login form for users who have to less privileges. I made up a custom module to provide a login-form for anon user – like logintoboggan - to improve access denied pages. This works well so far and should also be available to already logged-in users in case to authenticate to a higher privileged role. But this drives me in to nuts, and Drupal into a loop. As I figured out, one can’t call ‘user-login’ redirect twice a session.

How can I save view exposed filter result as user location

I am creating a website that allow people from different location of world to post information. I am using view exposed filter for user to enter location and filter the resulting node based on that location. But when I leave the page and reload the website, I need to select it again. Is there any way I can save that location for each user and display the location on their custom home page? Also, I want that location to be selected when that specific user wants to create post. How can I achieve this? I really need help!

Some questions about XML RPC


i have some questions about xmlrpc:
1) Can remote users stay logged it? I mean, they are not browsers, they are native apps on iphone & android, so there are no cookies to set. How in this case staying logged in works?
2) What is the use of services module? Do I need it? I thought xmlrpc is enough for communication between drupal and remote clients.


Uploading drupal site on godaddy hosting

What are the steps to host my drupal site that I finished on godaddy? Here is what I have tried to no avail:

Drupal shows full feeds instead of partial ones (with only the teaser)


I recently migrated from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and since day 1 of the migration, I have a very weird problem: the feed of the website shows a full feed, instead of a partial one with just the title & the teaser.
I went through the configuration menu and set the RSS feed to be a partial one. And even though the setting made there is the one I need, it looks like Drupal 7 totally ignores my setting.

Can you help me out with some ideas on what to do to fix this issue?

Thanks a lot for the help.


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