Special Field Permissions

I am putting together a website that is using custom CCK fields. I need to limit viewing of this field(s) to people that will:

Access denied during batch job

Hi, I am running Drupal 7.7. For some reasons, I got access denied in batch jobs. This isn't happening before. Now I can't delete users, update modules. Does anyone know why? Thanks in advance.

Reset/reinstall custom field module and affect content-type


I'm developing a custom xxx_field module which is used in a custom content-type. I started using a renamed version of the field_example and progressed from there.

The problems is that now that I've changed the xxx_field.install and added my own hook_field_schema(), I still have in the DB the old field_example schema.

I've tried deleting all content and reinstalling my xxx_field module, but the DB remains unchanged. I would not like to go by removing all the fields in my custom content-types and adding them after xxx_field reinstall.

Drupal 7 doesn't send emails

I am testing a new instalation of drupal 7 and it looks like it doesn't support reseting user password.

You go to the reset-password path, give your email but it doesn't send anything nor submit error message to the user or in the logs.

making Drupal my index page

I would like to make drupal theme my index page and I am having trouble...


Tom Lagace

Manually add to end of logo URL

I need to add a ?A to the end of the logo on my page. Because it's a gif image and I want to make sure it will start over when you go from page to page. Where in the code would I do this?


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