robots.txt and clean urls

I want to hide a part (actually a content type) of my drupal site. I'm using clean urls and url alias and read about how to do it with robots.txt
But now I'm a little bit confused. I have the following example page: Now I want to hide all pages /nosearch/, i do this like this:

Disallow: /nosearch/

Everythins fine. But now I found out that I can reach "" also with "" (if I know the node number of course). So do I need to put this also in my robots.txt file? Like "Disallow: /node/233"?

Five star and review

Hi all,

I'm searching (for a week) for a good tutorial that can show my how to create a star and review system (Drupal 7.7). I know I can do it with fields and the star module but I don't know how...

I have found a lot of materials about it for drupal 6 but I'm using Drupal 7.7 and can not find anything about it.
Five star- 7.x-2.x-dev
Thank you.

closed bounty for module that renders txt document & attaches to node on save

I need a module which is triggered when the user saves a node. The module generates a text file, containing themed (I'm using a custom node view with a tpl.php override) node output and attaches it to the node using filefield.

Custom 'node view' code example:

questions about views

How to create views in Drupal 7? I did not see it in administrator side. Thanks.

Make block visible to spiders only.

Is there a way to create a block that is only visible to google robots. That way I can put search terms into it.

Cannot remove publisher name, date and time

Hi, I cannot remove author name, date and time. I use Drupal 7. Here is the screen shot

Only local images are allowed.

I tried to change in Admin--> Structure --> Page --> edit --> Display settings. Did not worked :(

Here is the screen shot


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