Can't update multiple values field of a node by services module(node update method)

I met a strange problem when I try to update a node by node update method via the service module. So far, I can create a node without any problem but the problem comes out when I want to update it. The situation is:

I have a few fields with multiple values, for example: field_relatedkeywords, a multiple text value field. If I create one keyword(the content type using this field) with a certain number of related keywords (let's say 3), then when I update the node with 10 related keywords, only one more can be saved, which means the saved node has 4 keywords now. The rest of passed in data are totally ignored.

So the problem is defined as: updating a node with multiple value fields fails via service module by node update methods.

Does any one could help me on this problem because I've been working on it for a few days but not progress at all. My code was written in C#, attaching as below:

public string ModifyKeywordRemotely(LoginState ls, Keyword k, Method m)
rc.BaseUrl = _serviceurl;
RestRequest rr = null;
if (m == Method.POST)
{ rr = new RestRequest("node", m); }
else if (m == Method.PUT)
{ rr = new RestRequest("node/" + k.nid, m); }
rr.AddParameter("node[uid]", ls.user.uid);

Problem with updating database

Hi there all
I have a custom form that needs to check the database for if an entry exists and if it does update it or if it doesn't create it.
Creating an entry works though the update throws an error.

function artistfield_profile_form_submit($form, &$form_state) {
$file = file_save_upload('picture', array(), "public://",FILE_EXISTS_RENAME);
if(isset($file->uri)){ //if you need this file to be not temporary
$file->status = 1;
global $user;
$theuserid = $user->uid;
$pic = 'none';
$name = $form_state['values']['name'];

$pic = $file->uri;
$pic=str_replace("public://", "sites/default/files/", $pic);
$age = $form_state['values']['age'];
$ins = $form_state['values']['instruments'];
$sex = $form_state['values']['sex'];
$desc = $form_state['values']['description'];
$result = db_query("SELECT 1 FROM {artistfield} WHERE uid = :uid", array(':uid' => $user->uid))->fetchField();

'uid' => $theuserid,
'picture' => $pic,
'name' => $name,
'age' => $age,
'sex' => $sex,
'instrument' => $ins,
'description' =>$desc,
'uid' => $theuserid,
'picture' => $pic,
'name' => $name,
'age' => $age,

Need an hour or so of telephone consulting/advice/basic training.

Here's an sample issue: Using Contextual Filters (and why mine don't work).

CKFinder & CKEditor No image in Article

Hi - forgive me if this has been answered but cant find any solution within forum. There are some mentions of this issue but no remedy apart from read the readme file, which I have done about 5 times now and checked and checked and checked.

CKEditor & Finder have both been installed - I can browse for an image and upload to server no probs - insert it into page or article no probs - but on viewing the post the image isn't there. Have tried on new article and editing an existing article, but no joy.

drupal update problem

Hello, I'm Polish. Not really know English. I have a problem. Drupal update I carried out 6 to 7 Everything went ok. only in the news content is missing. Comments are. what might be the problem?

Drupal 7 custom node view modes

Hello, I found this tutorial:

I dont understand few things.

I copy this to template.php:


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