Logo Issue

I only want to use my header logo. However, unable to get rid of the default one. How can this be done? http://www.dollsgen.com.

Show last 2 posts in template.php

Been playing around with template.php. Can anyone show me how to output the last 2 published works of any custom type (e.g. 'products') so I can easily add it to page.tpl.php using only print $show_last_2_posts;

I'm thinking of adding them to the top of my theme where users can click on.

POST data empty with Clean URLs

I wasn't sure where else to ask about this one, but thought if any progress is made it is useful as part of setting up Drupal.

I've got a Drupal 7 installation working perfectly with clean urls locally. But as soon as I upload to the server, clean URLs causes all POST requests to be empty.

That is, $_POST is completely empty as well as file_get_contents('php://input') being empty.

If I then turn off clean urls, it works fine again. All GET requests and other pages work fine with Clean URLs though.

PHP version is 5.3.3. post max size is 8M.

TinyMCE 3.4 & Drupal 7. (<b><b/> coming out as [b][b/] etc.(SOLVED)


I installed Wysiwyg 7.x-2.0 module (via drupal) and then the TinyMCE 3.4 via Filezilla, into the LIBRARIES folder, which is situated in the ALL folder, within the SITES folder.

The issue:
The TinyMCE icons appear as per normal in the Articles and Pages. However, when I use the functions on TinyMCE, they do not seem to be doing what the functions should do. (I have previously used TinyMCE extensively with Joomla)

For instance when I press the bold button to make a subtitle bold, when the article is saved it comes out as per follows: [b]Subtitle[/b]

how do I take off the 'submitted by --', date and time from my articles

i am very new to Drupal. pls how do i remove the 'submitted by --' and the date and time that is posted along with my articles. i want my articles to display without those information.

and can i add animated contents like flash .swf files along with my posts?

and can i decide the position and size of my images on my pages?

i am reading up on drupal documentation but i would appreciate any help i can get from here.


Accessing existing Database Connection through PDO

I need to access the Drupal Database by means of PDO (no Drupal API). SInce the connection is already open I would like to use it to perform my subsequent queries, instead of opening a new connection, e.g. new PDO (...). But til now I have not been able to discover how to reference the existing connection. I would like to avoid to issue a new PDO also because, sometimes, I get "too many connection" errors.
Is there a way to issue query on the existing Drupal database connection without using Drupal API, but PDO?
Thanks in adavance

(DRUPAL 7.2)


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