User File Uploads

I recently started a project for a client in which I need to be able to allow users to log in to the Drupal 7 site that I am building and upload data files for administrative review. I was able to add the upload field when creating new content, but have yet to be able to determine how to add an upload file option somewhere actually within the content of the user's page. Can someone please help me? I am new to Drupal but really feel that it is a great CMS. I want to make this work, as I'd like to keep it as the CMS of choice. Thanks, in advance for any help that anyone can be.

How to prevent automatically escaped quotes in queries

Hello, I'm still new and might be taking the totally wrong approach to this, but I have a query I'm building where a section of the WHERE clause is put together by imploding the values of an array. When I pass it to db_query() drupal automatically escapes the single quotes. I'm wondering if there's a way to prevent this, or if maybe there's a different approach.

Here's the troublesome bit, $entity_ids is the string with the single quotes:


Index of inteface patterns for lists:

Table for items with their operations.
Drag and drop (todo)
Draggable table data to set the order or to create a hierarchy.
Filters (todo)
Filter listed data to aid finding and browsing.

Using subdomain as default Term reference value with autocomplete widget?

Subject pretty much says it all. I'm looking to have 'bmw' be the default value in a Term reference field at this address:

Is this possible?

Page other CSS


I would like to create a new module. Unfortunately it does not work.

If I submit this link "node/%/iframe", then It show page with CSS file based (only page content).

Ex.: I want insert a webform other site without themes or other CSS themes.
Only webform content without menu, etc...

Locked out

I put my Drupal site in Maintenance mode and i hit a button to save a command and the browser i cant get back in! I signed in under admin still brings me to the down for maintenance screen. How do I get back in my site can anyone help me???


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