Best practice - How to deal with fields programatically..?


This question concerns best practices.

If I want to set a field of a node in code I could write something like:

Navigation menu question

I'm trying to make a navigation menu like the website
Can you recommend how to do the same?
what modules do you recommend?
Thank you very much!

Custom html.tpl.php per Content Type

In short, I need to execute a php function in the html.tpl.php file on a particular content type and I'm curious as to the best way to do this. I tried just changing the filename to html-contenttype.tpl.php and cleared cache but that didn't seem to work.

Thank you in advance for any help you could give me ^_^

Remove title from comments

I'm new to Drupal, and have been struggling to figure out how to remove the title field/link from comments in Drupal 7. I'd like to completely remove the option to create or display it. Any help would be appreciated. I think I've exhausted searches on Bing and Google. :)

Blacklist IP address Module??


I am looking for a particular sort of module to assist a friend of mine having problems with Spammers and Scammers on his site.

We have put in Mollom and also tried using Captcha and Re-Captcha etc however we are finding that now they are just continually attempting to hit comment pages to post additional comments even though the module is now disabled. This is putting a massive load on the server and of course putting in heaps of alerts into the watchdog log etc.

Where is the <head> section generated?

I'm trying to pare down the drupal code so that I can get a better understanding of how everything is generated from user-input content; so far, I've been unable to determine where all the content in the <head> section of the default (Bartik) pages. Some suggestions said that <head> tags could be inserted into page.tpl.php, but material added to the beginning of that sheet still shows up below the <head> section.


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