Form submit problem

I have a prolem when submitting a form.
The code is basically built up like this:

function myform(){ 
  .......(make the form).....
  return $form;

function myform_submit($form, &$form_state){
  drupal_set_message(t('The settings have been saved'));

function myformpage(){
  return drupal_get_form('myform');

A link to the formpage is added using hook_menu:

installing drupal 7 with database on different server

OK i'm trying to be clever here but got stuck.

Basically I have setup my drupal server using debian squeeze with the address I have created a virtual host for the database using KVM on

When I run the install script using the UI I enter as the database host but it can't connect (system error: 111)

Not sure what's missing, any help?

CSS Newbie - centering header image - please help

Hi there,

I am very much a newbie in css, but, having a go at it, so, here goes. Anyway, my problem is that I am trying to center my header image. I am trying to edit the css in Firebug - here's what happens :

I click on the arrow on the toolbar which says 'click on the element to inspect the image'
I hover and select the image and this is the css that appears highlighted :

*Solved* Text Module not active and not clickable, new install 7.8

Hello all,

as said in the title, new install of 7.8 and the text module is not installed and can not be ticked either, just a grey box. This (supposedly) causes the problem that when I click on "add content" the "body" field doesn't show up at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hide a block if in https

We use secure Pages, but having some issues in mixed-mode when in the admin overlay. Main reason for mixed-mode is that the majority of the site does not need https, and also every other page has a block that pulls in a flickr 'badge' I don't see an https link for the flickr badge.

Other approach would be to not show the block if the user connection is https. Is there a straight forward way of doing this?

using ubercart roles i want created nodes to expire/unpublish when role does

Hi i have set up ubercart role assignment to purchase a role giving the user access to create certain content types/ user nodes, in this case short business listings or advertisements. Is there a way that once the ubercart role expires and is not renewed after a period of time eg 60 days to make the content type expire/unpublish. Somebody mentioned rules

any help would be appreciated


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