Online reservation / booking

I need to develop a site for a restaurant which should include online reservation / booking feature. how can i achieve this???
is there any modules for online booking or reservation???

Cannot turn off automatic alias

In node form is the option to turn off automatic alias and set your own. It works ok untill I set path which is coincidentally the same as auto alias. When I save such custom alias and leave autoalias checkbox uncheked, it is checked again when I am editing the node next time.
Is this a bug or purpose that it works like this?

No htaccess

Running D7 on a dedicated Ubuntu v10 'Lucid' WebDev 'desktop' box at home using localhost/sitename/

Clean URLs not working at all, and there is no htaccess nor .htaccess in any of the site folders.

I've checked a similar setup on my various hosting providers (Greengeeks and Bluehost) and there is a htaccess file in the root and clean URLs works fine, so presume it's a local webbox issue in my workroom.

Views display nodes for author and admin

I've made a view to display content to only the person who created it by using the argument UID from the logged in user. This works because it only displays content that person has made, but i want the admin to see all of the content from the view.

I tried adding another argument using user:name 'admin' but the query became UID and user:name.

How do i get the view to display content to only the person who created but display all of the content for the admin?


Styling new post page taxo terms

Hi, now I have created quite many taxonomy terms, the post new article page now show them in vertical which is a little space consuming. How can I make them a little neat, like aligning them in a horizon line? Or is there any better way available?

jquery ui accordian configuring options

I'd appreciate any help on the following problem.

I'm new to drupal and tried to add an jquery ui accordian to one of my pages. De accordian works fine with below code but I'd like to change some of the default settings for the accordion. I would like for instance to change the autoheight and collapsible option (to false and true respectively). I thought I simply had to change these settings in the "jquery.ui.accordion.min.js" file in the misc/ui/ folder. Changing it there however doesn't seem to have any effect.

Where do I change these options?


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