comments in vews or panels

im trying to display nodes and their threaded comments in either views or panels.

after some reading i learned that views suggests creating a comments view/display to avoid creating duplicate but filtering those comments to show only for the corresponding article is next to impossible - currently at least. so ppl suggested using panels.

so i have a view tht lists the titles of article nodes. i would lie to rewrite the titles of my nodes to link to the panel pages using [title]. currently, it seems the only method tht works is [nid]

installing moodle 2.0 within Drupal 7.8

How to install moodle 2.0 within drupal 7.x?

Please explain in a detailed way.


Media Recipes

Here are a list of Drupal 7 Media module recipes or code samples that others have found useful.

Problem upgrading from 6 to 7: blank page on update.php

Hi there,

I have, to the best of my knowledge, followed the steps outlined in the d7 upgrade.txt. However I get a blank page when update.php is run. I am trying (as the subject says) to go from 6.22 to 7.8.

Any help appreciated I'm floundering with this.


Views2: how to merge fields values?

Hi everyone,

I'm searching for a solution to my problem and I hope you can help me.

My site has 4 different content types: Cont_A, Cont_B, Cont_C and Cont_D.
Then I've 4 different taxonomies: Tax_A, Tax_B, Tax_C and Tax_D.

Each content type has a Term reference associated: Cont_A has the field "Term reference" for the vocabulary Tax_A, Cont_B fot Tax_B and so on...

Is there a module that "grabs" the page title of an external page and uses this as anchor text for the link?

I first encountered this feature on a vbulletin board. What is does is this:

When you post a link to a website, it automaticaly grabs the <title> of the page you are linking to and uses this as the anchore text of the link. I really would like something like this on drupal forums I'm playing with but I haven't been able to find anything related to/like it.



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