Problem uploading


Ever since I started setting up a D7 site, I have been having this problem, which has now however become a nuisance.

When uploading files, such as images, you have this blue rotating image, which I suppose is supposed to show an upload is in progress. The problem is it never stops to show the upload is complete & one just has to guess it is & click preview or save to move to the next step.

I have now been trying to upload audio files, which are larger, same problem.

What causes it & how could it be stopped?

D7 - Is there anyway to make it so authenticated users have the (pop out lightbox) administration theme like I do as admin?

As admin of a D7 site my administration theme pops out at me like a lightbox picture. Is there anyway to make it so my authenticated users have this rather then them just seeing the plain administration theme?

Also, speaking of lightbox I understand there is no version for D7 yet, but does anyone have any alternatives that are better then the good old fashioned click on a picture and it takes u to a new page with the original?

D7 website on GoDaddy keeps shutting down randomly for 3 minutes, then back up.

My D7 site is freshly uploaded to a GoDaddy server. The first time I experienced the site shutdown is when I manually ran cron. I almsot experience random site shutdown when configuring things on the site. Two things that definately shut it down for 5 mins are when a Authenticated User trys to go to their Dashboard and when I manually run cron.

By shutdown I mean this: the google chrome error is:

Access node variables like picture->uri but in page templates...


I'm trying to add an 'author-pane' to node pages (a bit like author profile module but that isn't ready for D7).

The info I need is basically just the author pic, node-type, and creation date. These are all present in the node object.

But I'm not sure how to print the pic uri in a page.tpl.php file.

How to place my module in a block ?


I have developed a module and i want to place it in a block.

I would like to find it when i am on the structure block page and where you can select content or module and select the block where you want to put it.

How can I do to have my module in this page ? or can i do to place my module for example in the featured block of Bartik ?

thanks a lot

Adding custom targeting attributes

To target ads to particular pages (e.g. sporting goods ads to a sports page), Google DFP can be set up (via custom targeting) to use attributes that have been defined on your Drupal page through calls to GA_googleAddAttr. Google_admanager implements this through a function called google_admanager_add_attribute($key, $value), where $key and $value correspond to targeting keys and targeting values you created in your DFP custom targeting setup. This function should be called through a hook_init function in a custom module to ensure that it occurs before google_admanager runs its function to build the javascript that will be output to the page.

In this example, we have created a custom module, and in it we are defining a hook_init function. This hook_init function is using a path argument [arg(0)] to determine what section of the site we're on, and then add attribute key/values based on that:

* Implementation of hook_init
function [YOUR CUSTOM MODULE NAME]_init() {
// add google admanager section keys and values
if (module_exists('google_admanager')) {
// we use the first argument in the path for the sections we care about
switch (arg(0)) {
case 'dining':


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