Fieldgroup module strange behaviour

Hello to all. Today i was really excited because i found the fieldgroup module for D7. It's a really useful. But when i was experimented with it, it seems that the horizontal tabs and the accordion options don't work at all. The only options that display the fields properly is the vertical tab.

Does anyone faced this problem?

Correct way to update form via AJAX from outside the form

I'd like to be able to create a link on a page that changes the values in a form, via an AJAX call, on that page.
It's easy enough to create a link to a callback that calls drupal_get_form and passes some arguments to it.
It's straightforward enough to pass the newly created form back to the page via an ajax_command_replace call.

Drupal Block Configuration Button in the Way


I am wondering if there is a way to block the configuration button all together on the superfish block, as it adds the config button to the left (where the menu items are). I would just either like to take out the block config option all together, even for admins, but only when on the pages I still need admins to be able to edit the blocks. I would be fine with editing out one or all of them since I just edit them from the blocks page anyways, or editing certain blocks so the button can not be seen.

Zack Hawkins

Is it ok to copy the selectors for minor changes

Drupal 7, Marinelli 7.x-3.0-beta11 theme, I am subtheming as per base theme documentation. The Base theme is the closest to what I want except for some 25% of modification that I want, that too solely on css level. The subtheming handbook asks for copying the whole of stylesheet from the base theme and override if modifications are required. I don't need to alter everything but just a few selectors. I have a custom.css file in my subtheme that has got additional stylings in it.

The content is not displayed on the page, but it is in the database


I've upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.7 successfully, but I've only had one problem. The title of all nodes are displayed correctly, but the content is not displayed on the page.

Checking the database tables I found field_data_body field_revision_body and content still there.

When I try to create a new content, all is well, the language field for this tables is 'und'. I was tried to changing this value, but doesn't work...

Does anyone help me?


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