Clean Urls

Ok so I go to administration> configuration> clean urls> run the clean url test and I click on the link to run the test, the little internet whirlygig thingy spins around and around then stops, and that's it, it doesn't go any further, and I don't have clean urls on my site. So i click on the online handbook link, and it says that I am supposed to have an option to Check or uncheck the Enable clean URLs checkbox

unable to create a field with a type other than "text"

Hi all,

I'm creating a new type with a new field. If the new field is of type "text", there's no problem. If the new field is of type "integer", here's the warning :

FieldException: Attempt to create a field of unknown type integer. in field_create_field() (line 106 of /home/scanagen/public_html/dev/modules/field/

Here's the code working, placed in _mymodulename_installed_instances() and in _mymodulename_installed_fields():

Webform Associated with OG

Very simply, I want each Organic Group to link a Webform that can be used to add a node to the OG. I think I'm right in thinking that I just need to add the OG Audience field to the Webform, but how can I set things up so that every new OG has an associated Webform with the correct Audience field already assigned?

Basically I want to set it up the way that Forum is set up, where you can click "Add new Forum topic" and create a topic in the forum.

Thanks for your help!

How to Change Back ground color of Marinelli

I am using the Marinelli Theme but need to change the complete background to black to suit my product range. I have managed to change to black the areas outside the text area (css) but i can not find the css file that changes the main body area (text area).
Can someone advise me the correct css file that needs to be changed. If possible please provide the line of css code to change the white to black.

Thank you


Quickly installing Drupal like a desktop application

One alternative to setting up a development environment from scratch or using a virtual machine is to use one of a couple applications that let you install Drupal like a desktop application. This is probably the most rapid way of getting started working with Drupal.

Count of Taxonomy terms

I have a content type called pets. When creating content, I select the type of pet from a list of terms I created - Dog, cat, Bird, etc. I want to create a block where the taxonomy term is listed with a count of the number of pets it contains. For example:

Dogs (5)
Brids (2)
Cats (10)


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