Can't add taxonomy terms.

Hello --

I'm working on site and I need to add a new taxonomy vocabulary with terms. I'm able to add a new vocabulary (see image 1). For existing vocabularies, I'm able to "Edit Vocabulary" and "List Terms". I cannot add terms. When I select "add terms" I get a broken page (see image 2). Sorry for the links but I couldn't figure out how to post images.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I've got no idea how to determine what's causing the breakdown. How do I debug this?

thanks in advanced.

how to disable Author username for specific content type

I want to disable Author username for specific content type, but i want to let the date published

One Or More Problem Detected With Your Drupal Instalation.

Hi there,This is abdullah zubair here from hyderabad, pakistan.
I would like to ask a question on my drupal 7 site i don't have any problem but still drupal on the configuration page a message is showing that one or more problem detected with your drupal installation.
what should i do, when i chheck status report everything is fine there.

Print individual fields from Node Reference field in node template - Drupal 7

I've done a lot of googling and can't figure out how to do this.

I have a content type, Course, which uses a node reference field to pull in another content type, Faculty. We are using custom node templates for each of these content types.

How to pass variables between iterations of bulk operations

I have a view listing poems entered in a contest. Each poem has been given a number of points. So the best poem has the most points. The view sorts the poems according to their points total. Each poem node also has a ranking field. I am now trying to create a component rule for a bulk operation on this view to deduce the ranking of each poem and save it in said field. I try to do this by passing component variables as "parameters+provided" between iterations of the bulk operation.

drupal install checklist ...

Just a note to anyone installing Drupal to check the following list of PHP settings and ensure that they are all correct before installing Drupal:

After installing Drupal, many of the settings listed above can be verified directly from the admin status report page which includes a link to view PHP settings right on it.


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