did not fined single type question in quiz module

i installed quiz module but did not find option of single type answer in this..please help me in fixing this problem

Help with hook_form_alter()

So what I want to do is change the user registration form from displaying "Username" to "Call Sign"
This is what I have so far but it won't work at all...


name = Custom Site functions
description = Custom functions for this site.
core = 7.x


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Displaying a taxonomy field in a view?

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get some of your expertise on this issue.

I have a Taxonomy called Organisation Names. In each Organisation name entry, there is an sub-field called Org Code. It looks something like this

Org Name: Melbourne Drupal Fanclub (this taxonomy term is selected in the content type)
--- Org Code: MEL-001 (this is a subfield of the taxonomy term)

When users are creating page, they are selecting the organisation name which is taken from the taxonomy called orgnisation name. They don't need to reference the Organisation Code.

Drupal login with 3rd party site

I have a drupal install, and also a another webserver. I am trying to setup a link in drupal that the users can click, and will re-direct the user to my "other" webserver. The problem that I am having, is both sites have their own authentication methods. I dont want the users to have to log into Drupal, then log in again on the other website.

The secondary website supports authentication in the URL as follows: http://www.myothersite.com/index.aspx?username=user&password=password

Devel module dpm() doesn't show.


I just installed the devel module and added this to my page.tpl.php.


It did not display anything.

Am I doing something wrong?



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