Drupal site looks different after puting it online

I made my first drupal site and i wanted to put it online, after I found some free hosting and domain, I moved entire mysql database and all drupal file with FileZila. Site is up and running but it looks completely different, my first thought was that css files weren't transferred, but all :hover effects work properly. I checked if layout files are transferred and they are, everything is transferred fine, but it it seems to me that somehow layout isn't loaded ad all.

Modify frontpage

Hi friends,

I'm new in Drupal and my boss want I manage a website built in Drupal. There's one thing I don't know how to do, it is modify the name of the programs that appears at frontpage. If I go to the content I can't modify the podcast itself (delete, change link etc) but there's certain names that I would like to change. Is it a module or what? The website is www.ua1.cat and to find the podcast you have to scroll down

Thank you

Cant navigate localized terms in correct languages

Hi to all,
I have a taxonomy vocabulary setted to "localizable" in a two language website (EN-ES).

If I create a term for example "exampleterm" with the description "exampletermdesc" and i save it as english, when I translate it i wont be able to navigate it with the correct language.

So if visit the term throw the "es" website I will see the description in english as the title.
How is that possible? and how can i navigate the localized term?

I'm actually fixing this in a dirty way throw the preprocess_page hook:

No image showing when share on facebook for months ? please help!!


I have this problem for several months already, but no way to fix it.

Hacked but what next

My admin account was hacked and numerous pages called foo were created. I recovered the administrator account and deleted the pages but there could be more to do. I had the server act up and start spamming or at least it appeared to be spamming. Has this happened to anyone else and if so what did you do to recover?

Right now I am on the path to update core and all modules. Any other ideas as to how to recover.

wysiwyg does not show up on comments

I have searched high and low, and I can't seem to find out why wysiwyg functionality has vanished from comments. I have tried editing permissions, changing the text formats, looking at the content type settings, googled every single combination imaginable and have yet to find the answer to my question.

Everywhere else the wysiwyg shows up, but when it is a comment, the wysiwyg is not there.

I am using the advanced forums module, and the latest version of ckeditor available on the drupal site
I have tried different themes to be sure it is not a theme issue.


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