webform conditionals does not allow date range usage?


I'm creating a webform to let users to request booking between two date.
As there is no webform "date range" component I added a "start date" and a "end date" and would like to compare them to be sure that the user choose a start date after the current date and an end date later than the start date.

Is there a way to do it?

Thanks in advance for your help

Add to cart the product automatically in drupal 7 Commerce with Rules

Hi !
How i can Add to cart the product automatically in drupal 7 Commerce with Rules ?
Thanks to a friend

Howto get both default Drupal people administration page, and "Adminsitration views" users?

Hi all,

I installed "Administration views" module to delegate some user's administration tasks.
But this added a (structure/)view "Administration: Users" which replace the default system users administration page and do not allow the same actions.

I tried to clone this views to create a view with display type "page" that I would like to be accessible only for the delegated users admin (with restricted permissions) but I don't know how to remove the "System" display type from the view and I got a lot of reported "errors" doing that.

Real time field calculation

I've two fields, one with the height and another one with the weight and I need to calculate the body mass index and show it on a third field/text area as soon as I populate the first two fields. Is this possible?

I've been trying with Computed Field, but it doesn't work on real time.
Thank you!

Technicolor Games

The Client
A subsidiary of Technicolor, Technicolor Games focuses on the creative needs of the gaming industry. In collaboration with many of the top game developers in the world, Technicolor Games has produced some of the most regarded titles in gaming today. From FIFA to Call of Duty, title by title they continue to deliver high-end content and immersive experiences, pushing the market forward.

CSS Won't Show Up On Sub-Theme

I'm assisting in migrating a site for a friend that was being hosted by someone else. I'm a Drupal newbie, so any help is appreciated. The previous host had created a sub-theme in Omega for the site. I installed all of the Drupal core files onto the new host, and imported the database. All went well, but the site won't display the css of the sub-theme. It is an https site, and an SSL has been implemented on the site. All of the calls to the theme are in https. I've tried multiple things, but nothing seems to point to the fix.


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