Add programatically existing fields to a view

Hi guys and thanks for your time.

I've been struggling with an issue for days now, and after a lot of research I couldn't find my way out as I am still new to drupal :

using OR in db_query for custom module

I have a query which works in phpmyadmin:

SELECT `data` FROM `webform_submitted_data` WHERE  `nid` = 1 and (`cid`=1 or `cid`=2 or `cid`=3 ...)

However, I need to use this in db_query, but with the cid values as dynamically fetched from the sql below, where f1 stores the cid 1, f2 = cid 2 etc. :

My initial query was:

db_query("SELECT f1, f2, f3, f4 ... from my_custom_table where webformID=".$nodeID);

Can't see my node title in the content!

I've installed automatic nodetitle module to hide the nodetitle.
Afterwards I've switched the module off, uninstalled it, but I still can't see the node title on any of my content pages.
I can see the title if i make a view, but on the originally node, I can't see the title anymore.
Any suggestions what I can do to see the title again in my nodes ?

Total Views?

I'm trying to figure out how to display the total page views of my website. Not the hits, the page views, including articles. I'd rather have the Page Views and not the Hits displayed. In other words, when someone actually loads the page, it gets counted, not necessarily a ping or pingback.

Does anyone know how to do this?

DAM module not working

i am trying to install DAM (Digital Asset Management ) module in drupal 7.38 . The embridge module version is embridge-7.x-3.x-dev ...But not installing properly . Please help...after installing the embridge module ,when i go to configuration page..then the status field showing error. it should show OK..due to this unable to connect to Entermedia server to upload images.

Problem getting popup on-load to work


This may be an old method, but I have followed thread ... ... to create a popup on-load newsletter subscription box, and have placed a link to the popup on the front page, link code is below:


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