FIXED: Module on/off not saving? Drupal Commons


I am trying to activate a module on my D7 site, but it is not saving when I set it to "On" - I am using Drupal Commons and have jQuery Update set to 1.9

Please let me know if there is a known solution, for how I can turn the module on bypassing the UI (not with command line though)

Thank you!

How to reduce server response time


I am using advagg module to increase pagespeed. I ran my test in google to test speed. I got error stating to reduce the server response time. I got this link from them.

But I not sure whether this is something I could do myself.

Please advise how to reduce the server response time.


Google can't access my site

Alright, I'm at a loss here... Since I upgraded to Duple 7.54 I have noticed that when I search for my site in google, then click on the link it returns an Internal Server Error message. I can access my site directly, search for it in other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo with no issues. Also, in my Google Search Console ,when I Fetch as Google, it returns an error saying it is unreachable.

Pass node id to view in entityreference field

Hi guys,
i have a content type(Match) with a entityreference field(Table). This field(Table) reference a EntityForm(EF_ticket) create with entity form module.

Do not work external connections for the site


Faced with the problem of not working external connection to 1 of the many sites on the account on the hosting (i.e. on all the sites everything is fine, but only 1 problem).

1. When loading in the browser page-nodes (done from the admin area of Drupal CMS 7.54) with the following php code:
<strong><?php print_r(drupal_http_request('')); ?></strong>

the following text is displayed:

stdClass Object ( [code] => -61 [error] => Connection refused )

[Drush] Cannot download modules and/or updates from

Hello everybody,

since a reinstallation of my dev-enviroment I can't do any downloads with drush. All other drush features seems to be running fine.

Here is the error message when I try to download the D8 module "dynamictagclouds":


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