Too many Drupal bootstrap processes running at once

I have a multisite setup running several sites. As far as I know each page request in Drupal passes through index.php. I have an issue in server I see too many index.php being executed simultaneously:

/usr/bin/php  /home/username/public_html/index.php

This in turn eats up the memory and causes server to run out of memory. This issue happens off-peak hours and there is no regular pattern during which this occurs. There are no specific error messages indicated in the "Recent Log Messages".

Create multiple image upload field

Hi, I am creating custom form in drupal 7. I want to create an Image field which will upload multiple images with thumbnail. I tried

ISSUE: Correct execution of Jquery on Ajax Add to Cart form

Hi there!

Apologies if this is in the incorrect place, this is my first posting to try and find a solution to an issue.

The Problem:
I am using the ajax add to cart module on a commerce kickstart installation. Everything works as intended with the module, but, I have a need to adjust the classes on my add to cart buttons after a user clicks on one.

I'm really not sure how to go about this, currently I have the following:

Commerce Search API - not appearing on all pages

Hi all,

Any advice on getting the Commerce Search API box to appear on all pages throughout the site? Currently only sits on the 'Browse Store' page. Want it to appear on all product pages and homepage, but can't find how to adjust it from within the CMS.

Website is

Thanks in advance!

D7 views exposed filter for "multiple" author selection "dropdown"

Hello folks,

Need your help.

I want to have a D7 view with the exposed filter showing authors (Who has created nodes) in multi-select drop down. Right now I have authors in auto-complete. I tried using BEF (Better exposed filters) also but no luck with it. BEF allows me to show "multiple select" content types but its not showing that option for authors. How can I do that so that I can select multiple authors at a time with Ctrl+Click and filter nodes by selected authors to show?

Thank you,

seating allocated module converstion to Drupal 7

I have copied the allocated_seating module
Allocated PasteBin
Bookable PasteBin
1)I am having issue with ajax submit
When Column and Row value is changed it should trigger Ajax. Ajax request is not triggered


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