node table records editing user as anonymous (0), revision has real

I've got a weird problem showing up where sometimes, the 'node' table has a uid of 0, indicating that anonymous did the last update, except that it's on items that the anonymous user can't update.

The node_revision table shows an actual uid. (Occasionally these are swapped, so that node has a uid and the revision has 0 - but usually it's node that shows it.)

These are on current/published revisions - in fact, we don't have it creating revisions at all for this content type, I think.

db_select returns empty array, yet the query returns records.

I've written a query to get records that `start` column is later than a given time.

Syncing one Salesforce instance with multiple Drupal 7 sites.

I have multiple separate Drupal 7 sites (think chapters of an organisation) with one central Salesforce instance. Will it be possible to sync all the user accounts from each site to Salesforce using something like the Salesforce Suite module on each site, while maintaining a single record for each contact in the CRM.

This is effectively a Web-based Contact Database. I want users to be able to log into any site and update their profile stored in the CRM. So that one profile should be persistent across every chapter's website no matter where you login.

Disclaimer shows in footer

Hi everyone,

I'm one of those guys making their first steps in Drupal.
I went for Drupal 7.50 since that has more modules available that I could use.

I'm trying to build a site which requires a "splash/disclaimer/whatever you call it" screen when a visitor enters the site for the first time. I only want to show this screen once during the session of this visit, and regardless of the page that the visitor is opening.

Schaffhauser Kantonalbank

Homepage of

The Schaffhauser Kantonalbank (SHKB) is one of Switzerland’s 24 cantonal banks with government guarantee. The banking and even more so the local banking business has traditionally been a very personal matter. With the entire industry transforming towards more flexible and on-demand solutions it has become a requirement even for local businesses to offer state of the art online services. SHKB sees great potential in offering its clients fast, easy and target group specific access to products.

Organizations involved: 
Team members: 

Problem with user's creation date drupal 7

Hello I've converted a Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7, but I've a problem with user's creation date:

there are some users with creation date = 0 sec, so I can't see the latest users in the latest users block or in the users administration area, I simply see those users with creation date = 0 sec.

Can I reset the user's creation date may be with a module or directly from phpMyAdmyn?


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