theme_field() is not invoked for add/edit forms

I am trying to wrap a div around a field's label using theme_field(), but it looks like my theme_field hook is not invoked for add/edit forms, but it is invoked for view form. My theme is called "maintheme". I put the following code inside template.php:

Change Stack order for Content & Sidebar Second Blocks

I humbly beseech the laudable drupal gurus to help me with this seemingly complex task.

As stated in other posts I am not a drupal expert NOR a programmer. We inherited this drupal site when I started in my current role and have been winging it and learning as we go since.

The main issue we would like resolved is the stack order for our page content. Our pages are not complicated but need some fine tuning.

Step by Step Way to Delete all Nodes on Certain Day?

I have a lot of nodes on my test site... about 40,000. I want to get rid of almost all of a certain kind of these in bulk. For example, I added 38,000 content type "article" nodes on June 14th I want to remove.

I understand there are many ways to do this, but what is the easiest? I've installed many plugins which supposedly do this, but I haven't been able to figure out how to use them to do what i need. I guess drush is an option, but I'm not sure where to run those command either.

What's the best way, step by step, to remove multiples nodes?


Template override Don't understand


I struggel with how to make a template override.

When I set up my site I started to make it multilingual but after a while I stopped it be becaue it was to complicated so now I run the site in French only but the basic multilingual settings are still around.

The standard template I use is "page--fr.tpl.php" but now I want to make a uniqe template for a certain Panel Page. It has the machine name "s_rie_sa_armoires_ignifuges_papier" and the URL "sa_armoires_ignifuges_papier_poids_leger_belle_esthetique"

View content access wrongly denied for certain pages for anonymous uses

During development I used the Menu Item Visibility module to prevent anonymous users from seeing any site content. I had two roles where logins were required and I used the module to hide certain menu items - it worked well.


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