Display message to the user during an external webservice call

Hi everyone,

Here is my problem : I would like to display a message to the user during an external webservice call. During this call, I'm not logged as an user but as a external application. I think about drupal_set_message() obviously but it tries to display my message to the external application and not to my Drupal application.

So, I have to tell to Drupal that I'm the physical user logged in the Drupal application and not an external application. Is it even possible ?

I'm so depressed that I tried something like :

Best module to add and/or edit node in modal dialog (modal window)

Hi there,

I'm trying to find best module or way to add/edit node on fly.
How to add/edit node in modal window and after submit, return to start page?

Thank you!

EntityFieldQuery load nodes with comments and pager

Hi all,
my goal is to load all nodes of specific content type with their comments and show results with pagination.
I successufully get the code working for loading the nodes and the pager

Clean urls using view pager

Hi all

I'm building a view which has a pager of about 3 pages so far, though all the urls seem to say:


I downloaded a module which was supposed to fix this, though nothing was maintained causing more problems than solutions.

Does anybody have a fix for this or a good recommended module I can use, maybe write a little mod_rewrite ourselves might be better? Whats the best way?

Thanks, Barry

Drupal 7.38 Upgrade . . .

I did the Drupal 7.38 upgrade I have the following issue.

After updating I got this message

The version of Drupal you are updating from has been automatically detected.

12 Pending Updates

Apply Pending Updates

When I click on the "Apply Pending Updates" I got this error.

Image/Picture Mapping issue

Drupal 7.38
CKEditor 7.1.16
IMCE 7.1.9
Breakpoints 7.1.3

Have an issue with placing uploading images on a page using the ckeditor wysiwyg which has seemed to pop up once we updated a few modules.

We have it set up so that signed in users can upload images using IMCE and have a responsive design theme which utilities Breakpoints...


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