Installation Guide

Installation instructions

  1. Download and enable libraries module.
  2. Download Context.IO PHP API from and extract it to sites/all/libraries or sites/ the name of the folder must be PHP-ContextIO (the version number from the end should be removed).
  3. Navigate to the sites/all/libraries/PHP-ContextIO folder from terminal.
  4. Run `composer install` command.
  5. Enable contextio and contextio_admin modules on your site.


Documentation for the Context.IO module, a powerful mailhandler alternative for Drupal.

Superfish shows Main Menu text

I like to remove the Main menu text shown when I activated superfish menu what should I do to remove the text?

Also I would like to reduce the margin of the region where the menu is located (probably feature region), what can I do for that?

Module: pdf_to_imagefield and more then one PDF

I am building up a site with a content type, which has the option to upload PDF files to. To generate preview jpeg's from the PDF files I configured pdf_to_imagefield, that will generate the previews and add them to the note. This module works really great! But I run into the problem that it only will process one PDF-file. If I upload only one PDF-file (with one or more pages) the “pdf_to_imagefield” module generates the previews okay. But if I add an extra PDF to the same note the new PDF that is uploaded will not be used to add previews.

Strange Drupal behavior

Hello fellas. Today I meet strange Drupal behavior and don't know what to do. I'm using template for my view, everythinkg render fine but Drupal unexpectedly put a close tag to my A HREF and copied this A HREF two times into different places. Please help me to fix that.

Here is my view template:

Search form


How can I create a search form that will only search in specific content types?

I don't want to use the advance search because people get confused seeing all the different content types available.



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