Google Analytics Module Not Tracking Pageviews & Ajax


The Google Analytics Module does not seem to be sending page requests generated by Ajax. Does anybody now what I can simply do so that Google Analytics can track all the page views? Here is my website:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,


Drupal commerce

i'm new here , i want to know ,how i can create relation between product type , and event display <

Does cron produce an output report of what has been run?

In an earlier post of mine I mentioned that drupal was very slow if the site hadn't been visited for a while etc.

It seems a big reason for this is cron running if the site hasn't been visited in a while.

Anyway, after lots of digging around I have come across a number of recommendations which suggest setting the cron function to never on the config/system/cron page

Then setup an external cron function on cpanel etc to have the server run it instead of the site itself.

Is there an easy way for users to change roles/themes?

I am doing a total rebuild on my website ( I would like to let users see different versions of the site, depending on whether they are teachers, students, etc. I can see how this could be done via roles, or via themes, but I would really like for them to be able to easily switch back and forth, such as having a set of radio buttons that users could click to switch from one mode to another, without having to go back to their user page and scroll down to themes every time they want to switch..

How to get text before the title?

I suppose this is something about theming, but I haven't found a way to do this. I'm using the Pixtures Reloaded subtheme of Adaptive Themes.

I have a group of pages that need to have the structure:


that should come out looking like this:

A true story:
               The Amazing Thing
              And Why it's Amazing
This is the story of...

The title and subtitle are centered.

Dynamic Content Editor (Panels? Context?)

Hey Drupal Community,

we are currently looking into CMS alternatives for the near to mid future with a very strong focus on easy content authoring / editing.

We pretty much like the editor weblication ships with, is something this flexible possible with Drupal when using Panels?
There are some pictures on the - sadly only german - documentation: Weblication Documentation


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