Adding Drupal 8 as cPAddon in WHM/cPanel Dedicated Server

Dear All,
I have a dedicated server and i want drupal 8 available as cpadon site software in CPanel for all clients.
Please help me where i can find Drupal's Vendor Information URL to complete my installation.

EntityForm submit without presistence

In EntityForm, is there a way to stop it from saving submissions to database?

Need a form with two text fields, after submission it displays calculated numbers results and that is it, no database saving is required.

[Solved] How do I change Bootstrap column classes based on node or page

Hi all

I'm using Bootstrap 3 as a sub theme, works as expected. The problem I'm having is the column classes and how to change these, based on a node, view, or page basis. I have already changed page.tpl and page-node.tpl.php, which achieves 80% of the results I need.

Is there a way I can target the below based on node view, content type etc. Ideally with some code, it would be nice if I could avoid creating lots of overrides.tpl.php just to change a few classes.



Need info on Affiliate Tracking system in Drupal7

  • What I need is to track who the referrer is so I will need a referrer URL that auto-fills a sign up form.
  • Ideally I would also be able to manually edit the referrer field as the admin.
  • I think there are already user profile modules available that will allow me to create new fields.
  • I want each member to be able to see user names of the people they've referred and be able to contact them.
  • I want each member to be able to see how many people their referrals have referred but not the names or contact info of the indirect referrals.

Using ajax and an SVG xlink element Flowchart


I've written a custom module (my first) that calls content via a nid using a html based a href using nojs and class="use-ajax" . Works great. Thanks to & Codekarate tutorials.

Unfortunately I want to do the same thing within an SVG flowchart I've embedded on a page. Problem is I can't get it to work and it defaults back to the nojs instead of swapping it out with the ajax and displaying the content in my special display div.

[Solved] Issue trying to set active link on frontpage for one page template

Wondered if anyone can help me on this?

I'm trying to create a one page template that also has internal menu links to another non frontpage pages. All the primary links for anchor links use:

menu one --> <front>#about
menu two --> <front>#contact

These link shows up as


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