PHP function run on multiple nodes

I have a php function that is pulling xml data from an external site and is then used to pass php variables to javascript to draw a svg object graph with the d3 library. To demo it I have just been running it in a custom node content with the php filter on and it works there. However, now I need to pull different xml data from different urls, and display them all in the same block, thus I have to call my php function multiple times. As I'm new to drupal, wondering where is the best location to initialize it so I can access it for each node without getting the duplicate calls error.


CacheFlush provides a fine granularity of control over cache tables, functions and permissions.

It ships with a predefined set of actions, but can be configured to build any number of custom presets suitable for both both development and production environments. Access to each preset can be limited by role-based permissions.

Version 3 of the project consists of the following modules:

Database differences web app

I am working on a project that get the data from 2 databases and shows the diferences between data and structure. It is important when there is a deploy-stage-dev workflow and some more dev2. Devs have changes that should be merged to stage, and the differences from stage made by one dev must be sync with another dev. moreover the new content from life also must be merge to stage and then to dev.

Webform submission tokens and Fillpdf

I can not see any webform submission tokens when I go to map the fields in fillpdf. How do I get these to be available to fillpdf? I tried downloading webform tokens (apparently it is used only to upgrade an old form and I have all the newest versions of Drupal 7 and its modules (fillpdf and webform).

I'm missing something on setup, I think.....

Any help/guidance much appreciated.


php db_insert


I want to use db_insert inside a custom created php file.
With some searching i found that i need to initialize soms files from the include directory.

While trying this, nothing seems to work.
my code from my custom php file.

the path to my, and are correct.

create a pdf file

Hello everyone,
I'm using the "registration" module and I need to create a pdf file (a certificate of participation at an event) that users who have registered event can downloaded there. The pdf file must have the name and the last name will be registered.
How can I do this?


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