Own Webform results viewed only by certain roles in a view

Hi everybody hope somenone could help me :-)
If I add a filter (current:user) to the "Webform Results" view, the current user (role B registered user) views only his results and this is fine but I want also that role A (manager) views all results.
I've tried to clone the view removing the filter and adding a page to the view to have a path for all the results but it doesn't work.
I'm using Drupal 7.56



Views - How do you display group headings?

I've created a block view of images that is grouped on a specific field. The preview shows the block title, group headers, and images:

  • Group1:
    • Image 1
    • Image 2
  • Group2:
    • Image A
    • Image B

When I display the block in a page, the images are grouped but the Group Headers do not show up (only the block title and images). I checked "view source" of the page and the group headers are not part of the source. How do you display group headers of a view in a block on a page?



Hello !

After several research without results, i really need your help.

The pager is displayed but

  1. Its "href" is pointing at n-1
  2. The query doesn't get forward. I have always the same nodes.

Here is the case :

I get a list of nodes via db_select.
I add this line to have a pager : $q=$q->extend('PagerDefault')->limit(3);

Here is a demo video : https://cl.ly/3c0m1d0Q0M2A

Product options not working correctly with ubercart pricing volumes

In my Drupal Shop I have some products with different edits. For example the Colour 300ml with option yellow, green and brown. And the Colour 500ml with the option yellow, green and brown. I also have different pricing volumes (ubercart pricing volumes) -> At a quantity of min. 14 pieces, the product is 1$ cheeper etc.

How to show icomoon custom font in Menu icon selection

I installed modules Icomoon and IconAPI in order to be able to use custom icon fonts I created. However, as I try to select the icon for the main menu, I cannot see icomoon fonts, only fontawesome and bootstrap icons.

I have added fonts and css for the new custom fonts but how do I show them in the selections.?

Any help.

How to access translated nodes with field_get_items / field_view_value according to global $language

I am overwriting a field in a certain view. However, I want to overwrite that field with the Arabic translation if global $language->language == 'ar'. I am a bit confused as to the function of argument #4 in field_get_items. I am passing in $lang, because I am under the impression that it will return the field of that language—however, I am not sure this is correct.


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