Field Columns

I'm working with a new module, Math Fields, and have a list of 20 entries corresponding to annual cash flows made over a 30 year period. Instead of 30 fields, I'm thinking to utilize the feature of 20 values for a single field...makes sense to me. For appearance sake and ease of data entry on the screen, I'd like to show these 20 boxes in columns of 5 each, with heading Yr1-5, Yr6-10, etc. It seems easy enough to refer the field order and column to do the calculations, but HOW does one get the display for data entry into these columns?

Custom configuration textarea with editor

Hi all,

New on the Drupal Forums, I have come across something I wouldn't say is a problem but more of something that's bugging me. I'm building a custom module for newsletter signups, functionality is great and it all works well. This module has a configuration page in which there's a confirmation message textarea.

Is there anyway to configure the textarea to be an editor? I'm thinking in future if any users of the backend want to edit it and aren't familiar with HTML.

My taxonomy terms are not mapping properly. What should I do:

OK, the other day I was moving data from one site to another. Site A is the origin and site B the destination

The node type being exported/imported contains:

  1. title
  2. platform: taxonomy reference, rendered as a drop-down
  3. field collection

The field collection contains:
1. publish date
2. category: term reference
3. status: text select list, returned as a set of radio buttons

Workbench Access using Menu scheme problem

I would like to use the Menu access scheme for my site, but when enabled it takes away the option to add the content to the Menu.

If I enable "Require Workbench Access form element", the option to add to menu returns, but it also adds a new field called "Section" that is required, but nothing is populated in the dropdown.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Paypal Pro and Paypal Advanced difference

Can anyone explain in detail about the difference for Paypal Advanced and Paypal Pro hosted payments? as i'm having website hosted in US

Payment Module


Can anyone suggest me a payment module for Drupal 7?


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