Hide home page to logged users

I'd like to show the homepage of my site only to anonymous users, so if authenticated users click on the homepage link they are redirected to another page.

I tried with Rules module but in the condition I can't tell that the actual page is the front page.

Is there another solution/module that does this?

Adding ALT to file field

Hi, Can someone tell me is there a way to add custom "alt" to field type FILE?

Referencing between intances of Content Types


Who will help me with the following:

I’m a starter in Drupal, thinking about converting a website, created with HTML-code (written by myself and extracting data out of an Access-database, also created by myself) to Drupal. So I’m reading, testing... Moreover, I’m more in music then in Websites … :-)

Registration form issues

Hi, Since last week i have been designing a site and now on the verge of completion. i just need one more module to go with the site that is the "REGISTRATION FORM". The site provides different courses on some medical science and i have no idea how to create a form that will help the students to enroll into their choice of discipline. i need a drop down list and a few textboxes which i have to store into a database. I am new to Drupal so can you guys give me a head-start??

Change theme for add & edit node

Hello to all I have set as a default personal theme (theme 1), as Administration theme I set seven.
Now I would like users to edit and create a particular type of content use another theme (theme 2).
How can I do?

how many field types and where to see ?

we see there


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