Date Reminder and Rules

The current development release of determined 7.x-1.x includes minimal support for Rules. These will be in 7.x-1.10 once it's released. These rules don't support complete management of reminders via rules. They're primarily intended to let a site administrator create new reminders on existing nodes.

There's no attempt here to describe how Rules work. Read elsewhere for that. But if you already use Rules, this should tell you what's possible in Date Reminder.

Date Reminder Rules Conditions

Date Reminder supports the following conditions for a node:

How to clear uploaded file after validation fails in custom form

I have this custom form which allows user to upload files. managed_file field is used for this purpose. Now I want to validate the uploaded file content (eg. check virus) after user submit the form. How do I clear the file field that it only display an empty file upload widget in the form after the validation fails?

Entity Reference: need a widget to select existing but also create new

I'm afraid I need to write a custom widget for my Entity Reference field and I don't know where to start.

Basically I would like the functionality of the Inline Entity Form for adding new items but with a customized select widget for selecting existing items.

If I could alter or add to the existing Inline Entity Form module, that would be great. I'm just not sure how to do it.

Or perhaps there is a better solution.

Any suggestions would be very very welcome, thanks.

Why don't I see all the options that should be available for content types?

Hi there - I'm trying to create some new content types for our site, and I realized that I'm not seeing the same options when I create or edit a content type as what I should be seeing based on what I'm reading in Drupal documentation. For example, there are no options displayed for a content type's comment settings, and I can't add new fields to a content type. Is this hidden somewhere? Or could it have something to do with my role on the site? I'm an administrator, but I didn't develop the site; I wonder if they gave me less permissions than needed when they created the site.

Web hosting services


We are an hosting company and would like to offer to the drupal community web hosting for drupal script. If you want a nice server to run production, test or stage website with drupal we have them.

You can visit to start you account and run an hosting of drupal in 60 sec. Its fast and if you want to develop a new website with drupal.. The free web hosting package we have could be interresting

Drupal and SSL

I'm planning on setting up a small E Commerce site with the Commerce Kickoff distribution - D7.x. I have been researching it, but not finding any information on SSL. A forum search produces a module called SecurePages, but it is still in beta with nothing new posted since 2006.

I've done plenty of Drupal sites, but never had to use SSL. Is there anything I need to do in Drupal to use a SSL cert on my website? I'm not asking how to set one up - just wondering if there is necessary configuration steps to perform. The SecurePages module looks like a no-go.



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