Issue with inline fields if one of them is empty

I'm displaying a several "set" of field like "product/description/cost" as a table
First and second field has css "float:left" to do that, but when one of field "cost" is empty the conscutive "product" field shift
to the row above.

How can avoid this behaviour?

D7 Admin Menu pushed to bottom (i.e. into .region-page-bottom div)

In Drupal 7.52, I’m using Administration Menu module (7.x-3.0-rc1). Initially Administration Menu shows up inside the top level block element, div.region-page-bottom which is below div#page. So it displays visually at the bottom of the page. If I reload the page div#admin-menu is it’s own top level block element and, as desired, is the 1st one. So visually all is well with admin menu at the top. I want it to always be this way.

Any ideas why #admin-menu is appearing within .region-page-bottom and how I can avoid that happening?

Update to Drupal 7.56 triggers massive failure

When I tried upgrading Drupal core from 7.54 to 7.56, I ran into major problems so I had to about the upgrade and revert to the backup. The site became completely broken after I ran update.php. I have to do updates manually since we are running Drupal on IIS. The home page was flooded with raw php code such as:

Is there some code that strips out <span> tags in all input formats besides Full HTML?

I am using the AsciiDoc filter module to display some text, and I see that syntax highlighted code has the span tags stripped out.

When I examine that module's code, there is no sign that it does anything besides running the code through the AsciiDoc program.

Prevent download embbeded html on iframe or object

I have a problem in drupal 7 directory. I have an animation i have did with google web designer which exports a folder with html code an images.
I uploaded this on a /sites/default/dir inside my drupal web space and embed the content in a block with iframe (also tried object and embed).
When accessing website it show a prompt offering index.html inside iframe to be downloaded intead of be redered in website.
If a put the folder outside my drupal web space it works ok, so i think the problem is on .htaccess.
How can i fix this?


Commerce : Content type and product

Hello everybody,

I know that there are a lot of topics about this but I didn't find the right one about what I would like to do.

Here is the full description of what I have (and would like to do):

The user can create a content type ACTIVITY which is directly available on the website. This ACTIVITY has some available places and the places can be booked. Once a place is booked then the available places are updated (-1). So to book a place the visitor must use the Commerce module (to pay).

So what I would like to do is :


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