show parent taxonomy content

With my live website as an example.

I have a parent taxonomy Vacation, children are 2002 Dahab, 2003 Aruba. When ik click 2002 Dahab is see all content of that vacation. Easy. But i also want when clicking the parent Vacation, to show all content (2002 Dahab, 2003 Aruba, an so on)

I remembered you have to put /all to de url. But this does not work for me.

How do i get this to work?
(I didn't use Drupal for a long time, so maybe it's a change in Drupal7)

Installation and configuration of Xhprof for Drupal in Centos/Ubuntu

XHProf is a function-level hierarchical profiler for PHP and has a simple HTML based navigational interface. The raw data collection component is implemented in C (as a PHP extension). The reporting/UI layer is all in PHP.

Common Terms:

Inclusive Time includes the time spent in the function itself and in all the descendant functions;
Exclusive Time only measures time spent in the function itself, without including the descendant calls.

Install the PHP5 module:

That calls for rapid action. It got me pondering though about the future of Testorip X. Let me give you a high-five in order that right, not by a long shot. I was deaf to the biggest change to ever hit the Testorip X business.

Upgrade D6 -> D7 user pictures (avatars) not preserved

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a testbed upgrade of my D6 forum site to D7. It's working pretty well except for the users' pictures (avatars), which are not showing. I'm not sure why, I verified that the filesystem path is the same and that it is readable/writable. Any other suggestions to help me figure this out?

Thanks a lot!

Registration doesn't show up in content

Hi, I would appreciate very much if someone could give me a hand with this issue I am having. Let me explain.

Drupal and georeferencing


can you give me some tips to help to solve my issue?

I must make a website with geo-referenced content. The idea is building a website with contents like this or this .

Also I would like to add POI and the possibility to download this POI for GPX, KML\KMZ (Google Earth), etc ..


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