Database scheme inconsistant warning

I'm not familiar with troubleshooting this type of error I'm seeing in the Status report screen.

How should I proceed?


How to make a webhosting site with drupal?

I am going to make a web site for a web-hosting company. I am wondering what modules to use for the sells part, so that I can replicate WHMCS functionalities, including selecting packages, checking available domains, recurring bills, etc.?

I am thinking of using ubercart module as the basis for the e-shop and domain finder for check available domain.


Working with cropping tools

There are a number of modules which try to do cropping automatically and intelligently, for example Smart Crop. However, it seems that most of the time manual intervention will be necessary or at least highly desirable.
We will describe four modules which aim to address this problem. They all have essentially the same workflow:

Limit term to one node

Hi Drupalers,

Ok so I have come accross a need for this in a project and have been trying to rack my brains on how to achieve it cleanly, maybe im overlooking something easy but the requirement is this:

Create a vocabulary with terms such as: Foods (Vocab) - Sandwhich, Pizza, Fruit, Burger (Terms)

Reference the term from a node such as: Storage (Content type) - Box 1, Box 2, Box3, Box 4 (Nodes)

Translation in french doesn't work in drupal7

We are using drupal in French and English language. By default language is French.

But when we try to convert it to English at front end using "Locale" module, Translation did not work.

We have tried below functionality but it also didnt help.

Can you tell us what we have to do?

Thank you in advance.

jplayer Showing 00 duration in Chrome and Safari

When i try to load more than 30 .mp3 songs, jPlayer showing 00 duration in chrome & safari Drupal 7

But its working fine when i have 4-6 songs.

Project Details:
jplayer Version: 7.x-2.0-beta1 and Drupal 7


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