How to truncate un-saved node fields

Hi guys,
i have a content type(team) with some fields(field1, field2, field3, ecc....).

For some reasons, sometimes, when a user clicks on the save button to create the node, the node is not saved but the fields in the database are compiled.

The address is created too, but when I click there is error, page not found.

I managed to find out in the Database what these fields are, but how can I do to truncate them ?

Thank you.

Google vrview not working well on Drupal new host

New host setup for drupal, but function fail, here the issue site:

Issue: Google VRVIEW couldn't full screen if press full screen button on desktop , and couldn't activate cardboard function after press button on mobile mode.

only installed as follow:

1. Druapl core 7.54

2. Chaos tool suite (ctools)

3. Drupal Commerce (7.x-1.13)

4. AdaptiveTheme (7.x-3.4)

can you help?thanks

File upload hangs "no error log"

I'm creating an "adult" content community and one of primary functions of the site is the ability to upload videos and other files.
I'm having one problem though.
File upload hangs with no errors or any other indication when the file is over 256MB or around that.
First thought was the php settings.
so i checked my server provider and this is what i have.

max_execution_time 300
max_input_time 300
memory_limit 256M
upload_max_filesize 1024M

Content Authoring Date pre-1900 for use in Timeline Module

I am using a timeline module to build a timeline. To add elements to the timeline, you create a new timeline content item and it's added to the timeline according to the created on date. I have some items that include events dated in the 1800s, however the content authoring date triggers an error if the content includes a year before 1901.

Theme needed

We are interested in redesigning our website with Drupal. We are mainly interested in having proper responsive theme for the website. Our company focuses on supply chain software targeting laboratory management and quality assurance in textile and apparel industries. Please advise if you will be able to handle it.

Sorry, has been banned - I banned myself - solved

Drupal 7 - IP banning
Fighting the hackers, I installed Honeypot some time ago and more recently IP Ranges.
Looking through the reports - especially the top visitor (.../admin/reports/visitors) I found some persistent IP addresses accessing the site endlessly and for no reason. As there were several IPs from a range, I banned the entire range - -
Unfortunately that included my own access IP and I was duly shut out of my own site.


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