How to track pages and links using google analytics


My website has two main links (node/1, node/2). I like to know how many people visited in node/1 and how many people visited in node/2.

I enabled google analytics module.
I have my tracking code from google analytics.
I entered the tracking code of my main site ( in drupal site using the GA module.
When I go to google analytics website > under audience > overview > I see sessions,users,pageviews,etc. I browsed thru audience menu. I could not find any info as for how many visited in node/1 and how many visited node/2.

Use multiple filters on a view: page display, alpha pagination, and BEF in block

I have a view which has several page displays, where each display filters by Movie Type (4 of types). The path for those page displays are like movies/drama or movies/comedy. I am using the views Alpha Pagination module on each page display to build a alphabetical glossary type index bar across the top of the view. Each page display has as it's alpha pagination "Path to results view" setting to the appropriate path (movies/drama or movies/comedy etc).

I broke the comments section

Before you start reading this i would like to thank you for taking the time.

So. i'm working on site (NSFW so wont post here) and i build the theme from the bottom up using stuff like:

Show First Image of Content Type in Field View


I'm trying to display the first image (from a multi-image upload) on my articles in field view in a FlexSlider gallery.

I've created some FlexSlider galleries on my site and was able to load information from my article content types to display the image, body, and title. However, I was asked to make it possible to add multiple images to each article.

Can not enable Formatted Titles (format_title)

Hello everyone,

I started working on a Drupal 7.52 and I am importing some content from rss feeds. Currently this is done via the aggregator module. The content is scientific so there is quite some latex jargon in it. I need to make this looking good. Please let me know if this is possible via the aggregator module cause I would love to use what is already there.

Forms API and Ajax

So, I'm working directly with the forms API, and Ajax to dynamically create a form. The form should work like this:

On form load, only one form element is visible ($form['date']), which contains a programmatically populated list of test dates based on a certain content type. (This field is an entity reference field)


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