Live stream and vod on Drupal 7 website

Hi, I have a Wowza server setup and I am ready to make a live stream online or vod just fine and this is how i had troubling in finding the module that will work on drupal 7 website to use my Wowza content. previously i used to install SWf module in my Drupal 6 which was perfect but i am troubling in drupal 7 please help me to install best module for video streaming or Anyone else doing live streaming and/or on a Drupal 7 website? Please share any code or modules to help me, thanks!

Best Drupal distribution for LMS?

Hey Folks!
I want to set up a Learning Management System (LMS).
I am looking for a good LMS distribution on Drupal.

Please suggest the top 3 LMS distributions in Drupal.

Can beta module version or view be an issue in Drupal multisite ?

I have installed the module Taxonomy Term Reference Filter by Views(beta 2 version) in a drupal multisite environment to implement the functionality to list term reference field to show only parent terms.

I have set up the view as follows to get the parent terms
View to display Taxonomy Terms
Field: Taxonomy Term:Name

Filter Criteria:
Vocabulary: Machine name(=custom_vocabulary_name)
(Parent) Taxonomy term: Term ID(empty)

How to get a field to display in the header region.

I'm trying to get a custom field to display in the header region of a content type.

Currently I'm displaying this custom field (a video embed) below my headline, in the main content area. I'm new to theme development, and have been doing a lot of searching, but I don't think I'm using the correct terminology to the find the answer.

So basically, when you create a new field for a content type, how do you get that field to display anywhere you want on that page?

SQL Error - not finding a "deleted field" table

I'm getting the following error during every cron run...



Environment Libraries allows themers to manage external css & js through the a Drupal admin UI & optionally with contexts (the recommended approach). Files support multiple versions based on prod/stage/dev environments for easier development on production instances. A basic role based permission allows access to non-production versions of a library.


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