Webform Graphs

This module was developed with the intention of creating graphs for webform results. Further you can define as many charts you want for a particular webform and get them as charts in view fields. When you installed this webform_graphs module, you will get the following list of features.

GoSquared LiveStats

GoSquared LiveStats

This module allows site owners to easily integrate their GoSquared Tracking Code into their Drupal site without having to change any source code or theme files.

This enables you to monitor your Drupal site's traffic in real-time with LiveStats and Trends, the real-time analytics platform.

To use LiveStats and Trends on your site, simply download this module and sign up for a free account at https://www.gosquared.com/plans/


Smart IP Sandbox

This is an existing project, with additions agree to by the author.


A field that can be used to generate dynamic chart from data

IPv6 Greeter


The IPv6 Greeter module defines a new block which can be shown on your Drupal site in order to greet users connecting from an IPv6 address, or to inform the others about the existence of the new protocol.


The content of the block changes depending on the IP address of the user:

Node link statistic

Log access the link in node body.


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