Site availability

Provides configurable set of rule actions to check the availability of predefined sites.


Development and issue management moved to Github

About this module

This module creates an integration with Recline.js to visualize user-submitted data.


This is a simple implementation of pardot for D7.

Code taken from



This module provides a complete and dynamic way to implement SiteCatalyst Omniture tracking.


  • Possibility of separating tracking by role, per page, per content type or selectors.
  • Parameterized options on administration section.
  • Easy way to add/update Omniture Plugins and modules.

Similar projects

CIM Metriweb

Metriweb is an implementation of the CIM Metriweb tool.
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Search API stats


Enabling the recording and presentation of statistics for the Search API module. There are plans to implement usage and performance statistics in the near future. For now this module gives your Drupal site a top search phrases block for all the Search API indices on your site.


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