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Allows you to easily add scripts or tracking code from the administration interface to the bottom of your site's pages.


Google Analytics Per-Page

Google Analytics Per-Page adds a local menu task to the google analytics configuration to allow extra tracking snippets to be inserted on a per-path basis.

Depends on Google Analytics module.


Cache Manager

Cache Manager started as a suggestion for a Book Study homework problem for the chapter on Caching, designed originally to report the names of all tables starting with the name cach_ or prefix_cache_. As features were brainstormed, initially with reporting many statistics about each cache table, the slow realization came these new features could be very useful to select types of web sites, particularly heavy traffic sites.

Localization statistics

Crawls on a daily basis to get language statistics and to render them into charts using Highcharts (

It is used on (French translation community site) for now...

User Details

User Details admin

I will be back to work on User Details in the next month.

If you are reporting a issue please make sure to give as much information as possible so I can re-produce the issue.

The "User Details" module comes with two blocks, "User Detils: logged-in user" and "User Details: authored user".


The idea for "User Details" started as a request from an end-user, to have a centreal place for quick links to important locations on the website.
For Drupal 6 this was just some custom code you could add to a custom block.
For Drupal 7 the "User Details" module has expanded to its own module, which allows non-coders to alter and customize to thier liking.


The "User Details" module is a basic collection of user data (or variables) and commonly used links in a block. In no way is this a required part of any website, only for the ease of naviagtion.
Below is a list of all the stats and links that can be turned on as part of the "User Details" blocks.The links come with some default images, but you can change these by uploading an image to your web server and typing in the location for each image.

User Details: logged-in user



    Parses d.o commit messages to create a list of contributors.

    This code will probably be in a sandbox forever unless we move to a more structured form of commit messages.


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