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This dashboard module is one of the works in progress after the Drupal UX weekend code sprint. As a webmaster the user will be able to create multiple dashboards. Dashboards contain widgets which come out of the box (like google analytics, user and content overviews) and are also extendable by an API. Be aware of dirty coding, but be amazed of an improved user experience.


Integration of the popular Bulgarian web counter.

Project Estimator

Project Estimator

This module can be used to count the number of lines and characters contained in the files of a project.

It can traverse a given project directory recursively and process files that match a given file name pattern.

The module counts the number of lines of the matched files and the total number characters excluding white space or just considering alphabetic characters.

The module can also display the statistics in a Web page.



This module adds a dquarks content type to your Drupal site.
A dquarks can be a questionnaire, request form...
These can be used by visitor to make contact or to enable a more complex survey than polls provide.

Submissions from a dquarks are saved in a database table and can optionally be mailed to e-mail addresses upon submission.

DQuarks includes:
- Creating quiz and surveys
- Showing correct answer and score of users
- Notify administrator after submission
- Download results into excel file
- Notify users by sending him emails
- Manage rules of direction: the form will be created based on responses recorded during the primary configuration.

Common features between the DQuarks module and the Webform module:

- Create a new form / quiz
- Send a notification mail after submission of form / quiz
- Display submissions
- Export results into Excel file
- Analyze results of form / quiz

Additional features in the DQuarks module:

- Show results: allow users to choose how to display and publish results of the quiz. Available ways are listed below:

  • After every page
  • Only on the end
  • Don't show result
  • Include the result with e-mails
  • Show score


Webform Quizz

Transforms a Webform in a full-featured Quizz.
Can define rules for various webform components to give points.
On submit, total score is calculated, and actions can be thrown depending defined conditions.

Work in Progress : the module is not usable yet !

Developed on Drupal 7 and Webform 3.x.


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