A Drupal 7-compatible solution for sending email notifications if your site or sites runs into errors. Unlike other solutions, also lets you set thresholds, so you only get an email if, say, 10 Warnings happen in the course of 15 minutes (which might indicate something is wrong).


For those who don't want to store all their sites logging into their database (?!) and for various reasons cannot use the syslog alternative (due to network or server policies), this is a simple module that simply lets you move all drupal logging into your PHP error log.

As a plus, all the logged notices are formatted in a way to enable easy pattern matching for developing various log monitoring solutions.

Keen IO

This module will serve as a wrapper around the KeenIO API and functions.
It provides the a PHP library, the JS integration and an admin interface to configure the access.


This module provides Drupal integration with Rollbar . Rollbar provides a central point for managing code errors and warnings on your site. Users can easlily track when errors begin to occur and how often.

Combined with client infomation. Like, browser, page plugins etc it can be very powerful at aiding development.

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This module currently supports

HTML5 Autocomplete

Allows HTML5 autocomplete attributes to be set for form input elements to help browsers to autofill them. Speed up prospective form filling times by helping browsers autocomplete your form fields with the correct type of data. Alternatively, disable autofill suggestions if your webform fields contain sensitive information.

Conversion Tracker

Tracks conversions on your site in Facebook and AdWords.


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