Download Stats

Download Stats depends on the module Download Count.

This module gathers statistics from the Download Count module and will display the amount of the used bandwidth per day, week, month or year.

The style of the graphs is made for dark backgrounds.
It will look ugly on white pages.

Webform XML Export


Webform XML Export provides Webform module with an XML download option. It also provides an API to further extend the XML download option to allow a developer to customize the output of the XML document. This module depends on Webform 3.x and Drupal core 7.x.

BumpIn SocialBar

BumpIn SocialBar adds a rich set of features to your website making it engaging, sticky and social; resulting in increased traffic SocialBar is meant to enhance visitor experience with interactive and intuitive features. The bar rests at the bottom of the page and provides a variety of social and site specific features at just a click of a button. SocialBar is comprehensive and can be customized. BumpIn SocialBar's features include IM Chat, Shoutbox, Social Share, Navigation and many more.

Retain Users:

Enable visitors to do more right from your page. BumpIn SocialBar enables users to search your site, search google, post on social networks, share on social networks, chat with their friends, and translate your website without having to close your page or changing tabs.

Increase Time Spent by Users:

Make your website much more engaging by using SocialBar. Enable users to share their opinions, see the most recent and the most popular content on your website and view your photo and video albums, thus increasing the time they spend on your website.

Increase Social Traffic:

By making your portal more accessible through social portals such as facebook and twitter, SocialBar increases traffic coming to your website through social sites.

Remove Clutter:


GoingUp! Logo 2

This module integrates your site with the GoingUp! analytics service.

Initially it will provide just page tracking integration, but will ultimately integrate analytics reports directly into the Drupal admin interface via the service's API.


Requirement: PHP 5.2 or higher is required for this module. This is due to the GoingUp! API returning JSON-encoded results, which I'm using the PHP function json_decode to process - which was only generally available from 5.2 and up.

  1. Install the module as usual - download, extract the tarball, and enable it. There are no external dependencies (yet).
  2. Get a GoingUp! account - they're free (and a lot easier to set up than Google, IMHO).
  3. Add your site if you didn't do it during your account set up.
  4. Navigate to the Website Settings page for your site.
  5. Select the menu item Site & API Key from the navigation on the left of the page.
  6. Record both the Site ID and API Key.
  7. On your Drupal installation, navigate to Admin » Site Configuration » GoingUp! to access the module's settings page


User IP Log

User IP Log Snapshot

User IP Log is a simple module that logs the IP address of users on login event to table {uiplog}.


Editor Dashboard

Displays content of interest to editors.


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