Yandex Webmaster

Yandex Webmaster module integrates the Yandex Webmaster tools with your Drupal site via Yandex.Webmaster API.




  • Download and unpack the IDNA Converter PHP class into sites/all/libraries/idna_convert so that the path to the idna_convert.class.php file is sites/all/libraries/idna_convert/idna_convert.class.php
  • Download and install Yandex Services Authorization API
  • Download and install this module





Integrates Yandex.Webmaster with your site

Search API Statistics GSoC '12 Project

Module closely integrates with Search and Facet APIs, it logs search queries (keywords and facets) and provides site maintainers with a visual representation of the collected data, which can be shown as a simple list in a block or as a chart. It integrates here with the Views module.
Some usage-scenarios:

Cookie Log

Records all cookies that all users have set when they load a page.

This allows easier auditing of cookies on your websites for conformance with the EU cookie law.

Information appears under admin/reports/cookies


LimeSurvey Sync

Logo LimeSurvey Sync

In a nutshell, the LimeSurvey Sync module is a new and powerfull survey module on Drupal integrating in a user-friendly way the best free open source survey software : LimeSurvey.

Compared to the well known webform module : this module does everything that webform does and much more.
Specifically :

  • manage answers as nodes (allowing to manage access to answers),
  • store revisions (older versions) of answers,
  • make graph results availables,
  • manage huge surveys,
  • compare answers.

LimeSurvey Sync V3

The LimeSurvey Sync v7.x-3.x handles LimeSurvey datas as Entities (not nodes anymore).
All LimeSurvey datas are availables from Drupal.
If your start using the LimeSurvey Sync module, you should use this version.
Because of the significant new structure, there is no update script from 7.x-1.x. If you want to upgrade, you should do it as a fresh new start.
More information on the V3.
This version has a dependency to the Customizable entities module



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