Watchdog digest

This module sends watchdog entries by email in a digested format.

Hudson - status report

This module was put together in order to provide access to the status of current Hudson builds without ssh tunneling. Since administrators are usually logged on to the site, they might as well be able to access that data here. Hope it's useful for somebody.

Form Maker

Drupal Form Maker is an advanced and easy-to-use module for creating submission forms and is one of the best form builders available for Drupal. The back-end interface of the Form Maker is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing the users to easily create forms without being familiar with scripting and programming.

Hupso Social Share Buttons

Add Hupso Social Share Buttons to your articles and help visitors share your content on the most popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Bebo and Delicous.

Share buttons are very easy to configure. Just select button size, button type and configure which services do you want to offer to your visitors.

Supported version: Drupal 7


Makes minor UI improvements to webforms that you only want people to respond to once.


Scoville tracks the "hotness" of content of your site. The hotness score is calculated from the number of hits the content has received, but the score "cools down" over time, so nodes which are newer but have fewer reads will be "hotter" than nodes which have more reads but are far older. The hotness score is exposed to Views, making it easy to create a block or page which lists your site's recently popular content.


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