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Backstory is a contextual website optimization service. It allows you to modify the content or HTML on any given page request, display messages across the top or bottom of the page, or request specific actions from visitors based on any number of criteria if known - the referring site or social network, the specific page being viewed, or even the visitor's device type (desktop vs. mobile), gender, or location.

All actions and filters are configured through Backstory's own interface, and they are evaluated and executed client-side through a small bit of JavaScript inserted to the footer of your page. The interface for configuring these actions is a akin to a simplified version of the Rules interface, allowing only a single action per rule and presenting all known filters on a single form instead of letting you add conditions one by one.


Piwik Rules

This module adds an action to rules to track goals in Piwik.


Commerce Yandex.Metrics

Commerce Yandex Mertics
Яндекс Метрика отчет "Параметры интернет-магазинов" для Drupal Commerce

This module provides e-commerce statistics tracking through Yandex Metrics service.


To install and configure


Webform Triple-S

Exports Webform data to Triple-S format (survey interchange standard).
For starters, implements only Triple-S Version 1.

Triple-S format is compatible with SoftConcept's Ethnos, so you will be able to import in Ethnos results from a webform.
Work in Progress : the module is not usable yet !

Developed on Drupal 7 and Webform 3.x.


Inject LeadLander code into document.


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