This module is intended as an API module, to simplify integration of a Drupal web site with an OpenTracker BitTorrent tracker. It allows you to create .torrent files, and parse the statistics provided by the OpenTracker instance.

This module does not provide a UI. It's an API module only.

Running live on


Userpoints Meter


The userpoints meter module provides a block to output the current points of a user styled as a meter. Take a look at the image.


New Features: see the config page of the blocks. To set special permissions to the blocks, also use the block config page.

Setting for creating multiple blocks: admin/config/people/userpoints/userpoints_meter
So you can create multiple blocks. Like one for each category of userpoints.


Quiz Reports

This is a report module for Quiz (


  • Supports revisions.
  • Accumulated data for takes, score and time spent
  • Module based. Easy to add reports for new question types.
  • If a question type is not supported, it will still give an overall report.
  • Is HTML based. Does not rely on any other module other than Quiz.

This module doesn't alter any data.



Marketing Automation

This project is designed to facilitate MARKETING AUTOMATION rules for drupal sites. The module serves as a locally hosted replacement for 3rd party services like Pardot, Marketo or Eloqua, allowing you to track individual user paths through your site and assign rules for marketing automation in the form of drip campaigns triggered from user interaction. For example, imagine a user comes to your site and downloads a whitepaper... with this module installed, you can assign rules for automated marketing to these prospects, like sending an email offer or assigning them to a particular list. These 3rd party services are expensive and slow! I began building this module after noticing a serious performance delay with 3rd party marketing automation on my company's website.

What this module does:

  1. Creates a unique cookie for individual users
  2. tracks all page visits, file downloads, and form submissions on your site.
  3. assigns points(configurable amount) to pages, forms and files.
  4. shows prospect interactions in admin view
  5. creates useful reports
  6. Allows use of 3rd party email sending or built in

I am a creative director/designer, and have moderate php coding skills.



This module which I hope one day will be able to do is track trending changes over time for any type of data on a site. I will start off by implementing an ubercart trending feature that tracks what certain users buy over time. Then not only will I have a way of displaying the data but the data will be able to be used by other modules. (suggestions)



This module allows you to profile your Drupal application without external PHP extension required.
Step by step code analyser with profiler summary.
Difference between this Drupal profiler and the others is that, you can check the execution times per file, module or even hook to find the weakest parts.



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