LinkedIn Insight

Allows you to add the LinkedIn Insight tracking code on specific paths.

Facebook Marketing API

Provides a module that makes it easier to obtain data from Facebook's Marketing API.

Currently it does only supports getting insights about a campaign.

Module Tracker

This module tracks all the modules. It displays the module information how many files are using the module's function. It will be easy to track unused module.

Module Tracker Features

  • Modules status (Enable/Disable)
  • Dependency/Dependent
  • Functions usability
  • List of files those are using module's function

Views Simple Chart

This is simple Bar Chart,Pie Chart,Column Chart,Timeline Chart and Organization Chart Visualization based on Views.

I have used Google Graph API for visualizations. No third party libraries are required because Google Graph library is already included.

Ad Block Tracker

Detects if a user has an ad blocker enabled and tracks the following information:
- is it a new user or a returning user
- is the ad block enabled
- if it's a returning user if the ad block was enabled or disabled from the last visit

Triggers a JS event so that other modules can act on the information detected.

If Google Analytics is detected a GA event will be triggered.

AdTego SiteIntel

In 2016 it is predicted that Internet Publishers will lose over $30 Billion dollars in revenue as the direct result of AdBlocking technology.

This significant loss of revenue is threatening the future of advertiser funded free information on the Internet.

Intrusive advertising is not acceptable. But there needs to be a balance between intrusive advertising and the reality that publishers do require an income.


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