drupal 7 joins

This module denormalizes entities using database views.

These views can be saved in the current database or exported somewhere like a data warehouse so that reporting tools can use them.

Inspired by with a different approach (no entity loads).

To use, enable the module.

Add a hook to your custom module (for now, UI coming later?)


Google Analytics Master


Google Analytics Master is intended to be simple module that allows administrators to enable and insert Google Analytics tracking into a drupal powered website to generate statistics.

If you experience any issues get in touch via support.


Send Statistics to Google Analytics via Web Property tracking Id
Applies to all website


This module requires the following modules:

* No extra requirements are necessary to install or run the module

Monitoring Icinga

Monitoring Icinga module provides a connection between Monitoring and Icinga ( reporting tools. It can also be used also as connector Nagios ( as it uses same communication protocol.

In Drupal 7, this module was integrated inside the Monitoring package, as a submodule. However, in Drupal 8 it has its own standalone project.

Simple Access Log

Simple Access Log configuration page

Drupal 8 Simple Access Log replicates the basic features/functions of the Core Access Log functions that were included as part of the statisitics module, that were not ported to Drupal 8.

Installation and use
The Simple Access Log module can be installed like other Drupal modules by placing this directory in the Drupal file system (modules directory) and enabling on the Drupal Modules page (/admin/modules).

StatsD Queues


Provides StatsD metrics for all the configured queues' operations.

Spectra Analytics

Why Spectra?

The motivation for this module began with common requests we kept running into with custom modules! Many analytics programs allow for powerful segmentation, but you are often stuck having to write particular Javascript snippets over and over, and you cannot record anything that happens server side without exposing data to a frontend client. Spectra aims to collect a variety of common analytics needs into a Drupal module, and to increase your power to log events of interest.


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