NVD3 Visualisations

NVD3 Gallery of 12 different charts types

NVD3 Visualisations brings you tools on WordPress & Drupal 7 to generate impressive business quality charts based on the famous open NVD3 framework of JavaScript.

NVD3 Visualisations is a full set of visually interactive charts that you can control by simple options.

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SEO, presentation, themes, they all depend on an understanding of who visits your site and what they use to view your site. This module helps you develop responsive themes by showing you your screen/window size and anything wider than your design width.

Webform Scoring

An extension to THE LEGENDARY "webform" Module. If enabled, adds a hidden field to a webform to save overall score for a submission. This module is particularly useful if you want to rate/score the submissions of users. For eg. you are using webforms to create a survey, and you want to get the list of potential users/clients/people you wish to interact with. This module can come handy in this situation. This module allows to define scores for different type of inputs by user. For eg.

Content Score Report

The Content Score Report module provides a block to displays a node's acquisition and retention scores. See https://github.com/bmarshall511/content-score-report for more information.

Piwik noscript

Piwik is a free and open source web analytics application.

Some sites have a strict privacy policy which prohibits tracking of browser metadata tracked by the Piwik JavaScript client (piwik.js).

In addition, some sites have a significant user base using noscript and other browser extensions which limit ability to execute JavaScript.

This module uses an alternative syntax to setup Piwik tracking code via an image tag rather than loading piwik.js.


PayPal Reports

Provides you a report about PayPal transactions.


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