Message History

The Message History module adds "new" markers to messages created by the Message module.

Commerce Exit Bee


This is a contribution to Drupal Commerce. This module adds the possibility to send the order data to the Exit Bee service.
This helps you determine the generated revenue from all your website users that have converted on your Exit Bee campaigns.


Rules implementation which let you control when to send the tracking code to Exit Bee. This is useful if you redirect the user to a different page than the default checkout complete page.

Node Like/Dislike Field

Node Like/Dislike Field is a fully customizable module which allows visitors to like , dislike and report abuse the node anonymously . This module defines a field type that can be added to any content type .This field integrates the statistical graphs into node edit page which allows the admin to have knowledge about total number of likes and dislikes and users statistics according to selected date in 1 to 15 days.

Advance Currency Converter


Advance Currency Converter
This module was created for currency conversion. In this module we can select the
multiple currency which we are used in our websites. It provide a currency conversion


* Any currency can be enabled or disabled.
* We can select the Google Finance API or database to convert the currency.
* If we use Database so you can get the graph of the currency trends.

Time spend plus visitors

THis module is a simple combination of module time_spent and visitors


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