IVW Integration

Configure content to print IVW tags. Tags can be defined hierarchically. define default tags for your site and overwrite them for single articles or all article having a spezific taxonomy term.

CNZZ Statistics - CNZZ统计


This is a small module for using [CNZZ] statistics on your site.

The reason why I create this module:

If you create a custom block using the core module : block content. that block you created couldn't be exported.

But this module using Drupal 8 Configuration api to export your settings. So it's very convenient.


No special requirements.



Google Analytics Recover

A module to allow site administrators to set text which allows /analytics.txt to respond as google would like when access to the root of the webfolder on disk is not possible (permissions), or inconvenient (eg. the site is hosted in Aegir).

Tablefield Chart

A new field display formatter for TableField fields which displays the tabular data as a chart using the Charts module

Originally based on this issue #2086993: Integrate with google charts and/or charts module?



AdobeAnalytics Module under Development



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