Module Tracker

This module tracks all the modules. It displays the module information how many files are using the module's function. It will be easy to track unused module.

Module Tracker Features

  • Modules status (Enable/Disable)
  • Dependency/Dependent
  • Functions usability
  • List of files those are using module's function

Views Simple Chart

This is simple Bar Chart,Pie Chart,Column Chart,Timeline Chart and Organization Chart Visualization based on Views.

I have used Google Graph API for visualizations. No third party libraries are required because Google Graph library is already included.

Ad Block Tracker

Detects if a user has an ad blocker enabled and tracks the following information:
- is it a new user or a returning user
- is the ad block enabled
- if it's a returning user if the ad block was enabled or disabled from the last visit

Triggers a JS event so that other modules can act on the information detected.

If Google Analytics is detected a GA event will be triggered.

AdTego SiteIntel

AdTego was created to help Web Publishers recover the money, often greater than 20% of their revenue, they are losing to AdBlockers.

“Tego” is the Latin word for “shield”, at AdTego we see our first of its kind patented technology as a revenue shield for Publishers.

Web Publishers brought us the free internet we know and love and have been at the forefront of creating content we read and view on a daily basis. Through the use of AdBlockers, Publisher’s revenue is under increasingly aggressive threat.

Tracking code persist

This module detects specially-defined URL paths and/or query-string
parameters, stores them in a cookie for later, and strips them from the
browser location bar.

Such "remembered" codes may then be injected into arbitrary form
submissions on the site. Webform integration is provided too.

Audience Pixel

The Audience Pixel plugin easily installs and enables the tracking code on your Drupal website.


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