Reaction module provides ability to react on content. Inspired by facebook reactions.

Content reactions

Elasticsearch Helper

As the name indicates it, Elasticsearch Helper is a helper module to work with Elasticsearch on Drupal project.

Whereas modules like elasticsearch_connector and other search_api plugins try to abstract away the actual API of Elasticsearch, this module tries to embrace it instead. It provides some common tools on which to build your own integration.

The module defines an "ElasticsearchIndex" plugin type and a base implementation for you to extend. Unless you define your own plugin, this module will not do anything.

Form Tracking

A spiritual successor to Drupal 6's "visitorpath" module in many ways, Form Tracking is an extensible base for injecting any sort of tracking information into any sort of form submission data.

Out of the box, it supports some basic internal data, as well as full visitor path information from the Statistics module. Additionally, out of the box it supports injecting this data into forms built with either Webforms or Entityform.

Google Analytics Reports D8

This is a sandbox for Google Analytics Reports for drupal 8.
Porting from 7.x-3.0


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