Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

Commerce Google Customer Reviews

This module adds Google Customer Reviews functionality to a Drupal Commerce site.

What is does:
There are two components to this module. The first is the javascript to load the badge on every page, the second is the checkout opt-in and survey javascript.

Commerce Shipping AJAX

Provides additional AJAX support for Commerce Shipping 2.x.

The primary purpose is to reload the checkout form via AJAX when selecting a shipping method, so that prices are updated before submitting the form.

Note: This module is not yet stable. Once it's working properly, I'll release it as a full project. In the meantime, beware!

Todo Pago Payment for Ubercart

This modules provides a payment method for Ubercart that allows you to use the Todo Pago Payment gateway in your Ubercart site.

Commerce Combine Carts

Commerce Combine Carts is a very simple module for Drupal Commerce 2.x which combines multiple carts so that users only ever have one.

There is no configuration needed. The module works in two ways to ensure carts are always combined:

  1. When a cart is assigned to a user, it combines all order items into the user's main cart.
  2. When a user logs in, all of the user's carts are combined into one and any extra carts are deleted.


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