Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

Commerce PagaMasTarde


The extension provides Paga Más Tarde ( ) payment integration for DrupalCommerce which enables payment processing using financing.

= Benefits for your customers =
Diferenciate with competition via financing payments!

Paga Más Tarde offers the way to finance your sales, allowing customers split the payments and boost the sales.

= Features =
- Provide fractioned payments
- Boost sales
- No technical configuration


Double entry bookkeeping to track the movement of moneys.

Ledger Reports

This is a module which produces standard accounting reports from the Ledger module

Commerce Payment Select

If you are using Drupal Commerce and more than one payment method, the top payment method automatically becomes the default. The user may submit to the payment stage without mentally making the decision of which method to choose.

Normally this is fine, but if you have some conditional fields involved, or some legal reason to FORCE the user to select a payment method this module is for you!


this module provides support for viva payments ( gateway), supports uc_recurring payments

Requires: Ubercart version 3.x


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