Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules


Extend cataolg to cart

Commerce GLS HU Shipping

Commerce GLS HU select mode

This is an implementation of hungarian shipping method GLS point for drupal commerce shops.

The GLS point module read from automatic generated validboltlista.xml and create data of shops.

The gls_hu_field is create a field for commerce order.

The gls_hu_shipping module is "clone" of commerce_flat_rate module. Able to create GLS point shipping types and rates.


Node IP Ban


"Node Ip Ban" provide functionality to ban nodes on IPs.

If you want to restrict a nodes on IPs then you can use this module.
Node can be your e-commerce product , story or static page any thing.


There is no requirement for using this module.

Invoicing Service

Integrates with Digitale Factuur. To be released soon...


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