Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules


Razorpay ( is a payment gateway that offers offer a fast, affordable and secure way for merchants, schools, ecommerce and other companies to accept payments online.

This modules attempts to create razorpay API integration with Payment module:

Ubercart Patron

Ubercart Patron

Ubercart Patron is a set of modules designed to allow you:

1) Ubercart Product field
Having product field and payment field available in entity form.(Those fields
are based on field API which potentially could be used in any field API based
entity structure eg: node field with some code base change)


C-my3D is a powerfull Solution to create and configure a 3D configurator on your website.

This module provides a connector that automatically connects your Drupal Commerce Website to the C-my3D platform to integrate the Configurator on each customisable product you have.

First go to and create your configurator. Then, you just need to import/create your product on the SAAS platform or on your website directly.


This project integrates Drupal with QuickWeb system maintained as Westpac Australia hosted payment gateway.

This project implements functionality of

The project integrates the "Secure token handoff" method to send data to Westpac and redirect to the hosted QuickWeb payment page as the next step.

For now the project is in active development and is not production ready.

Commerce License Billing Pricing

This module provides a new field type which allows custom pricing logic to be applied to the recurring charges generated by the Commerce License Billing module. This field type can be applied to license bundles or user accounts and handles various license-related conditions, possible pricing actions, and expiration handling all within the UI of the new field type.

This module is under active development at and is on its way to being ready for prime-time (although it is not there yet.)


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