Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

Commerce IML

Provides integration with popular Russian shipping service IML's API v4.0.

It currently does not provide Commerce Shipping method but only tools for Commerce Orders importing to IML system and service points information updates.



3PL Central warehouse stock information

This module will give warehouse stock information from your 3pl central warehouse.

REVE Chat - Live Chat Software

REVE Chat is a cloud based live chat platform that enables businesses with online presence to proactively engage with website visitors.


Studies show that 56% of shoppers prefer Live Chat over other communication methods.
As a live chat solution, REVE Chat facilitates online engagement to provide better customer service and boost sales conversions. It allows you to fully customize the chat experience to suit your brand, monitor website visitors, live chat with your Facebook fans, offer proactive chat invitations and many more.

Payment Method

Testing project

Commerce Product Popup


Commerce Product Popup allows for a customisable product popup that will appear when viewing the cart and pushing the continue to checkout button. An image can be selected, along with SKU and the quantity to be added to the cart, as well as a YES and NO dialog that can be customised to show the desired messages.


Drupal Commerce must be installed and enabled for the module to work.

Commerce ARB

This module allows you to integrate with the Drupal Commerce framework. This supports only the Authorize ARB (Recurring billing) for credit card payments and is ideal for sites that support subscriptions. The module supports ARB silent post.

This module was developed from the sandbox project of Vlkff Sandbox for authorize ARB and has been made production ready.



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