Possible for Views to make submittable text fields?

Hey guys,

Drupal 6.38 / Views 6-2.18 (I am about 40% done with our site upgrade to D7)

I searched around and either this is too unique or it's not possible.

I'm wondering if I can create a View that displays a text field for a node's vocabulary that I can submit to update said node's vocabulary?

Why? We have recently added a new vocabulary to all our nodes and we have to edit each node one by one to see what the node is (just need to see the title) and then update the new vocabulary accordingly.

E-Learning , Social Media and Learning Community a website purely developed in Drupal.

Hi Guys,

www.classle.net - A web site fully developed in Drupal. Its core of E- Learning, Social Media and user engagement platform.

This website has been furnished for more than 6 yrs to get its current position. Visit the website and experience the true face of Open Source content management which can used at most to the extent.
This web site has used more than 200 plus modules and also include several custom modules. If you have any doubts u can check the website .

CALL to DRUPAL MANAGEMENT : D6 modules' downloads vanished!!!

At the time D6 became "unsupported", all direct download links disappeared.
This strange policy seems recent, as we could get D4 and D5 downloads available too before that date.
What happened?

I thought it was not so problematic as "View all releases" was still available.
But it is for all modules. for example, I need to access old versions of code for File Framework
https://www.drupal.org/project/fileframework an invaluable module that nothing replaced after D6.

Cannot run Update on 6.38 site to upgrade to Drupal 7, PDOException

I've been working hard on upgrading our drupal 6 site to drupal 7. Have been following steps in upgrade.txt; and am working on my second practice site. With core at 6.38 and all my contrib modules updated, when I run update.php, with the latest 7.x core I get this error:

Parse error in ViewsPHPfilter field in Views

I have ViewsPHPfilter 6.x.1.0 module installed on my site and I'm using PHP filter in one of my views. When the views display block is executed I am not getting the desired results. When I checked the dblog entries it is saying there is Parse error in PHP with the following message


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