Drupal 6 to 7, Migrate Module VS Upgrade Method

Hello Drupal-ers,

I'm looking to upgrade several sites from Drupal 6 to 7.
After some research, I have come across two solutions, some use the Migrate module for less complicated sites, while some use the more manual method as stated in the Upgrade.txt documentation.

I believe the Migrate module is more suitable for simpler sites and is a little bit more straightforward. While the manual method essentially works around the /sites directory.

My website get redirected

My website I think has been hacked. When I write the URL in the address box of the browser, it almost immediately get redirected to another website. I checked the index.php and I think there was nothing wrong with it. I also deleted the the .htaccess files from many locations, no use. One important notice I would like to point out here that when I disable javascripts the website works normally and it does not redirect. Is this a database hack and if so, which table.

hook_views_pre_execute not work with view 6.x-3.x version

the hook_views_pre_execute work only with views 6.x-2.x version
not with 6.x-3.x;
someone solved this?
for who use drupal 6.

I posted the issue also in views module

Safe to use Devel/Theme developer on a site in maintenance mode?

Safe to use Devel/Theme developer on a site in maintenance mode?

Chage Module Settings in Drupal Theme

I have changed a module setting of a drupal site. which i did was enable page maker and cTool modules.

Then after that at the beginning of each page following error message dispalys! (Drupal Theme Aqua Mania)

"user warning: Table 'Math_home.delegator_handlers' doesn't exist query: SELECT * FROM delegator_handlers WHERE task = 'node_view' AND subtask = '' in /var/www/vhost/math/host/sites/all/modules/ctools/includes/export.inc on line 105."

How can I remove this error?

Conflict with autocomplete cck field and jquery on node edit form


I'm using jquery vertical tabs on node edit form for a more friendly page but autocomplete cck field (here nodereferrence field) doesn't work. The searching icone is always running...

I put this on the top of my-node-edit form.tpl:


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