Drupal core governance

The canonical version of this document is at http://cgit.drupalcode.org/governance/plain/drupal-core.html?id=refs/hea.... If you have suggestions/amendments, please file an issue to the Drupal core queue with the "Project governance" tag.

Cross-module updating

Hello, all. I'm the maintainer for the Discogs for Drupal project:

I have sort of an obscure question. The 6.x version of the project was a single module that provided a "discogs" node type, and imported releases from Discogs.com into that node type. I did NOT use CCK for the fields, because I wanted to avoid dependencies, instead creating my own fields.

cck field is not saved with node_save

Hey, I'm experiencing an interesting issue that cck field can not be saved to one node with node_save, while the other node can be done saved.

Users are automatically logged out

Hey, we have a Drupal site. The users are automatically logged out once a week. We have set following at settings.php

admin has not been activated or is blocked.

I did something very stupid. I was blocking older users that never logged I have blocked also the admin access, becuase I am getting the message that is not activated.
Can somebody help me, please. I am feeling a little nervous :-/

Found the solution


Aweber or Mailchimp with Drupal 6 Ubercart 2 shop ?

Aweber or Mailchimp with Drupal 6 Ubercart 2 shop ?


Which service do you use or would you use on a Drupal 6 Ubercart 2 shop ?

Aweber or Mailchimp ?

Thank you if you also give me some reasons why choosing one rather than the other one.


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