Drupal 6 - Cache & header Error Messages

My Drupal 6 website has been working fine for many months.

Now all of a sudden, it's displaying the following error messages:

white screen of death drupal6 upgrade

over the past 2 years i have tried several times to upgrade my drupal 6 installation to drupal7. each time i do, i get the white screen of death.
i do not see any errors when i do.

pls. help, i need to get to drupal8 so this is still step 1 of stage 1 of a long journey.
ps. if there is a workaround, pls do tell

thank you very much in advance

webform mysql or feeds to connect to external mysql database?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with connecting to an external mysql database with either feeds or webform mysql. I currently have drupal 7 installed and am willing to switch to drupal 6. Any advice would be helpful. Which is the better way to do this?

LSCache Litespeed avoid cache the home page

Hey Guys,

I've installed on LSCache on my server and enabled it at server level. Currently, that server only contains Drupal websites version 6 and 7. All it's working fine except for the homepage for logged in users.

Basically, When I logged in as an administrator LSCache is still caching the home page and I have to hard refresh the page (Command + Shift + R) to be able to perform admin action on it, like edit a block, menu or use the admin menu. I'd had excluded the admin section, therefore, I am not having problems with it at all.

Drupal 6 or 7 for easier import of a MySQL database

Am working on a project and we are going to do it in Drupal. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on if it is easier to import a MySQL database in drupal 6 or 7. This project needs to be done relatively quickly and I am unsure which one to install on the server.
Please any help would be appreciated,

Multiple Aliases within VirtualHost

I have a request for a new subdomain, let's call it new.site.com, that will redirect to a current site at original.site.com. From what I've researched, this should be as simple as adding new.site.com to ServerAlias tag within the VirtualHosts file. But it's not working...

First, here's the relevant portion from VH:


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