Frozen DB - Cannot make any changes to site!

We have community website, with the following specs running on Drupal. For some time we have not been able to update the site. It simply does not make the requested changes in the DB.

Can anyone please enlighten me how do I check the DB and how to I fix this?

How to modify contents of e-commerce module?

I do a lot of PHP but I know little about Drupal. I have a client (using Drupal 6.28) who wants me to modify the contents of the "enter your credit card info" form within this module. I have done global searches for a *file* with these credit card fields on them, but no matching file exists. So I'm 99% sure that the CC form is being constructed from the database. I don't need (and really don't have time) to find and modify those contents the correct/true Drupal DB-driven way, etc. What I need to do is this:

how to upgrade hostmaster-6.x-2.5 to hostmaster-7.x-3.2 with drupal 7.41


I am working on aegir2 system, in that default hostmaster configured is hostmaster-6.x-2.5 with drupal 3.36 and i need to upgrade hostmater to hostmaster-7.x-3.2 with drupal 7.41.
I am using drsh 6.6.0

I tried to using script upgrade method, but drupal version also not allow me to upgrade after it.

Can anyone guide me here how can i upgrade ?

How to export excel list of Product Pages from Drupal 6.37?


It would be really useful if I could export a list of product Pages into excel from a Drupal 6.37 site.

Is there some simple, built-in function to do this that doesn't require a bunch of coding or fiddling around in the back end?


Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration - How to find corresponding D7 module?

I am migrating an existing D6 site to D7. The D6 installed module list includes 102 enabled contrib modules (although the required modules are probably considerably less). Using the "Download & Extend" tool on, I began searching for corresponding D7 versions of the site's D6 enabled modules, but am having a difficult time making a 1:1 correspondence between the enabled D6 and available D7 modules based on deprecation, name changes, and inclusion in core.

Is there a better way to identify the available Drupal 7 contrib modules I may need in this upgrade? Thanks.

Drupal Security White Paper

Attached is a report (licensed CC-BY-ND) about Drupal's security. This report can help an organization answer the question "Is the Drupal project secure enough for my organization?"

You can read the PDF Drupal Security Report.


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