Two columns at content (two entries at one row)

Hello all.

I want to convert my frontpage to 2 columns content as follows at the picture below.

May I do this via CSS? Or How can I perform this?

Pls help.


SA-CONTRIB-2015-045 - Node Access Product - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - Unsupported

SA-CONTRIB-2015-042 - Node basket - Multiple vulnerabilities - Unsupported

SA-CONTRIB-2015-039 - Views - Multiple vulnerabilities

Using the Charts API

The Charts module can be used as a developer module that provides a unified API for the integration of various charting solutions into Drupal.

Out-of-the-box examples

Example Charts created by the charts module

$form_state issue on dev machine

I have this problem and maybe it's something really obvious, but I have not been able to figure it out.

I'm working on a form api form on Drupal 6, and for some reason on my development machine (my local computer), on which I'm using xampp, the $form_state['storage'] NEVER persists. On the rebuild of a form (e.g. going to the second page), the key is just not there and I lose key information from the first page (and from elsewhere). Does anyone have any insight into this? It seems to persist into the submit handler from the first page, but doesn't make it to the rebuild.


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