Drupal 6.22... on Debian 8 ?

What is the upper version of Apache, PHP, MySQL can run Drupal 6.22 ?

Organic Groups Notifications (og notifications)

I have all modules installed and activated, but I cannot subscribe to groups

PHP updated now site giving error messages.

We're running a site that's had PHP upgraded on our server (hosting provider) which I'm finding I think is incompatible with a few of my modules. Initially the site went into maintenance mode. Changing the settings.php "$db_url" line from = 'mysqli: to 'mysql: (without the 'i') fixed this issue and brought the site backup. Host said something about it not being supported in the version of PHP we'd been upgraded to?

Copy sites directory when upgrading drupal?


I´ve just tried to upgrade from 6 to 7, used the upgrade.txt as a reference.

However, I tried to be smart and did not copy the sites directory, because I thought "I´d like to keep that".

The upgrade went wrong, and I researched and found that this is probably because by not copying the sites-diretory.

Referencing to tags and automatic title


I got a self-created content type where users will be able to create tags by free-tagging on every node. Same tags may be used afterwords by other user, too.

For example:

"Sun, freetime, water"
"Family, dog"
"Car, bicycle, outdoor"
and so on.

That´s easy going so far.

But now I want this:

For every single tag she or he used for own content, the user should be able to create exactly one another node, based on another content-type I created.

It's important users can only create one single content per tag!

Call to undefined function _privatemsg_get_new_messages

I'm getting pretty exasperated.

My server was upgraded to PHP and MySQL 5.5, and I've been scrambling ever since to get my multiple drupal sites up and running.

To my dismay, I've been finding that even major modules haven't been updated to handle the latest PHP versions.

Right now, I'm trying to get one site up, but when I login I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function _privatemsg_get_new_messages() in /home/rpgmap/public_html/includes/common.inc(1762) : eval()'d code on line 4


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