The smarty theme engine cannot be loaded

Preferred Download Links for Smarty project are dead

can you please give me a working links for smarty libs

Need help upgrading a custom module from D6 to D7

I wrote the "Metis" module for a non-profit project I'm collaborating with. Now I'm working on an upgrade of the website to Drupal 7 and I need to have a D7 version of the module. But I'm not a very experienced module developer, which is why I'm seeking for help.

The module isn't really complex. Basically, it provides a field (in D6: CCK field) that contains a checkbox and, if activated, saves a so called "metis code" to include it in the HTML source.

How to import Multiple users

I have installed drupal on my localhost server and I have already install quiz module for Computer Based Test (CBT). I have a lot of students that want to attend the exam which I have their details on a excel sheet document. I need help on how to upload multiple users to my drupal site.
Thank you for your support.

Synchronizing D6 & D8 user data

We're beginning an effort to migrate from D6 to D8. Since the application being migrated is large, complex, and mission-critical; our plan is to port over and deploy small bits of functionality to D8 over time. Both D6 and D8 will be running simultaneously on production until a total migration of all functionality is complete.

Say what? Essentially, we'll be routing certain URLs to the D8 instance (ie: /featureB/), and leave the others to route to the D6 instance (/featureA/).

/featureB/ ----> Drupal 8
/featureA/ ----> Drupal 6

Features for Drupal 6 and 7

The following sections cover Features for Drupal versions 6 and 7.

A blast from the past: in 2009 when the Features module was first developed, this graphic represented the (then) present of Drupal and the projected future that Features could enable:

Implementation of Widget on Drupal 6 site


I have a very easy job to install a widget on my website. It basically has all of the instructions and simply needs to be uploaded and implemented.
If you complete this job well. I will need some more work done. I am including the link to the widget's github, so that you can review it.

Please give send me an estimate with your reply.

Best Regards,



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