How to migrate my site from drupal6.20 to drupal 8??

Now I have a drupal6.2 site. I want to migrate to drupal 8.0.
I have read the process of migrate from drupal 6 to drupal 8 on But there are a lot of details.

Anyone could give me some advices?

I think in this community will have someone did this work. It's better to talk about with you !!
My email is

Location 6.x-3.4 only 4 digits in Postal code, how?

On my site I ONLY want 4 digits in Postal code because I have problems when editor by a mistake make 4 digits and also a space.
I have made subtheme subgarland and got help 6 years ago with some other changes so maybe it's this file where I should change something. Hope some one can help me, please?


Uninstalling Public Download Count causes 404 errors

First let me say that I am total Drupal newbie. I'm trying to help a client out on a site he inherited. We have a site that is running Drupal 6 and had Public Download Count (PDC) installed. I suspected that PDC was interfering with Google Analytics tracking PDF downloads, and while researching that issue I noticed that PDC hasn't been supported for awhile due to a security issue.

Two sites and problem with modules: Internationalization and Ad

I have two sites with Drupal 6.38. One of them is a homepage, the second is an adserv. The homepage uses module Internationalization (i18n) 6.x-1.10 and the page is available in 6 languages. The adserv uses module Ad 6.x-2.4. The ads are displayed depends on selected language of homepage. Everything works fine and suddenly it broke down few weeks ago. The ads are the same in various language versions of homepage, but they have to be different.

I will be grateful if someone helps me resolve this problem.

Views fields - display only deepest child taxonomy term

Hi all,

I've been trying to figure this out for several days - I'm stuck.

Is it possible to have a views field that displays only the deepest taxonomy child term (multi-level taxonomy)?

My view display type is "node".
My taxonomy for the vocabulary I am using looks like this:

Term 1
-Child 1
--Sub-child 1
-Child 2
--Sub-child 2
-Child 3
--Sub-child 2

Term 2
-Child 1
--Sub-child 1
-Child 2
--Sub-child 2
-Child 3
--Sub-child 2

Drupal Open Curriculum Initiative


The objective of this initiative is to create an Open Curriculum for new developers to come into Drupal and get trained in the various aspects of Drupal development. The curriculum is aimed at helping Drupal companies train new recruits in Drupal in a systematic and structured manner. The training is expected to happen through in-class sessions, self-learning, training exercises and finally on-the-job learning. The open curriculum is expected to be a framework that will allow the developers to build an understanding of the technology and then fill in details as they go through the process of training and working on projects. See more at


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