Module that generates a list of modules which have drupal 7 version or not?

I need to migrate a site from D6 to D7. Is there a module that generates a list of all third-party modules that have a drupal 7 version or not?

I have been searching for a module in vain.

Organic group, spaces, purl migration questions

I have a website which consists of "subsites". These subsites have their own different admin, subdomain (using purl), content and theme/homepage.

It's on drupal 6 and this is achieved using spaces, purl and organic group module.

I need to migrate this drupal 6 to 7 now..

Lost editor dropdowns and WYSIWYG after upgrade to 6.34

I just finished upgrading my site from 6.28 to 6.34 and find I no longer have a WYSIWYG editor for the post body or any dropdowns to select input format, publishing options, etc.

I've searched for previous posts about this but nothing came up that helped to resolve it.


PS I should add that all the previous modules have been re-enabled and no module upgrades were indicated. I am using Input Filters and WYSISYG UI module. I also have CKEDITOR but not enabled.

Force all HTTPS except for one node?

Hello Drupal,

I've been at this off and on since last November and decided to finally post about it here.

Exactly what we are trying to do: We've enabled htaccess RewriteCond/Rule to force all pages as HTTPS, but now we'd like to enable ordinary HTTP for just one page node. How can we do this?

Drupal fatal error when searching the term trial?

We had a report come in today that baffles me. One of our users noticed that if they perform a search on our main website for the term trial without any special characters or anything I would expect to throw an exception on this poorly coded piece of crap (company website I inherited administration of from some prior morons).

We receive the below error. Does anyone have any idea where to start troubleshooting?

Users unable to link their post to a forum

When using the Forum and advance forum module as the admin I am able to post new topics and correctly link them to their intended Forum. Everything works great. The issue I am having is when authenticated users go to post a new forum topic their post is not displaying. I have uninstalled and re-installed both modules. I have updated user permissions, I have tried removing the forums and re-posting them. And I still run into the same problem.


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