One time login URL | Drush uli

What exactly happens behind the scene when we generate one time login URL or use Drush uli.

Does it make a database entry with the generated key and then matches this with the key at the generated URL ?

Just curious to know how does it works.

Site Not showing anything after upgradation.

I am not very well versed with Drupal, but one of our site is made in Drupal(by our previous employee): It was not upgraded since 2013. So I took a backup of DMS through FTP and upgraded it. After the upgradations, I tried to open the site but, it is not showing anything. Just a blank page, no Login page, neither showing any error. I tried other paths too, but none of them are opening.



I own 8 domains all running one drupal page, but with different content. (languages :-) ) etc etc

I've just bought the domain

Add Greek in Node

I’m using D6, don’t know exactly which version. I do have access to the admin part of the site, but not to MySQL, and not to the Drupal files (so, no access to the template files). Just the browser admin part, that’s all.

I’m using TinyMCE as an editor.

My problem: I need to input some Greek letters in a number of nodes.

Several Drupal versions configuration

We are going to organise our site into several subdomains the following way: - Drupal 7 - Drupal 7 - Drupal 6 - Drupal 8

Drupal 6 to 7, Migrate Module VS Upgrade Method

Hello Drupal-ers,

I'm looking to upgrade several sites from Drupal 6 to 7.
After some research, I have come across two solutions, some use the Migrate module for less complicated sites, while some use the more manual method as stated in the Upgrade.txt documentation.

I believe the Migrate module is more suitable for simpler sites and is a little bit more straightforward. While the manual method essentially works around the /sites directory.


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