Site maintenance

Hello everyone, my site, developed with Drupal 6, enters and exits maintenance mode automatically. In maintenance mode I can not access as an administrator. The manager host tells me that everything runs smoothly and that is an error code of CMS.
How can I check this?

Can't recover passwort for user 1

For reasons I cannot see, my Drupal 6 site tells me it cannot send me a new passwort. I checked with PHPMyAdmin that I got the right email address.

I then copied the hashed passwort from another site where I know the passwort, to this site's user 1, but I wasn't able to login.

What is missing?

How else can I recover my site?

How to dispaly Profile in a Block

I have created some forms under user profile, such as Names, Age, Sex etc. When the user have successfully registered with all this information, I want this information to display in a BLOCK for the specific user.

Thank you.

How to Personalise Menu and Content

Good Day.
I want a situation where I can create menu, content and other stuff and the menu or content can only be visible to some set of user group. I need a module that can do that for me. Please help.

Upgrading non-profit drupal 6 site

We are a non-profit club running drupal 6 on our website ( Our web hosting company has updated their php version and is requiring us to upgrade to a newer version of drupal. We are looking for someone that might be willing to assist the webmaster in this upgrade

UCLA Health Impact Assessment Project

The HIA-CLIC website was developed by UCLA Health Impact Assessment Project and designed by WebFirst. The website serves as a searchable/browsable catalog of current health impact assessments. WebFirst partnered with Drupal Connect to transition the static site design files to a fully integrated Drupal theme which takes full advantage of the Views module, Panels module, and Taxonomy system to create a site that is both easy to use and maintain.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Organizations involved: 
Team members: 


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