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Upgrade to Drupal 7 or 8?

We are a small non-profit and need to upgrade our Drupal 6 site. We are not looking for a web redesign yet. My instinct tells me we should upgrade to Drupal 7 first and that should give us at least a year to work on a redesign that we love. Then we could consider upgrading again to Drupal 8... or stick with 7 for a few more years and upgrade to Backdrop CMS instead...

PHP 5.3 support

I am using Drupal 6.20. This does not work with any PHP version other than PHP 5.3. When did Drupal drop PHP 5.3 support?

Drupal 6 “Access denied” on page content after moving ftp+sql

I moving my Drupal 6 website on a local wamp install to work on (same php and apache version with the domain in etc\hosts 127.0.01 etc...).

But I get a Drupal error "Access denied" on ALL Pages. (home /user /login etc.) I have just the header menu and the bottom of the pages displaying correctly. And between : the content is "Access denied".

It's been over 2 days I'm looking for a solution. Do you have an idea or getting a solution for the same problem ?

Thanks !

Drupal 6 tableselect - Retain checkbox values across pages

In Drupal 6, I am using tableselect theme with PagerSelect to generate table with checkboxes and pagination. Any thoughts on how to retain checkbox values on pagination using drupal API?

I used a method that does not follow the drupal standard coding like this :

Duplicate items display in a Views list

I created a Related Topics sidebar that displays related taxonomy nodes using Views and an argument. And just recently it has been displaying duplicate nodes, the same node 4 times. I don't know when this started? The View is set it to 'Reduce Duplicates'
My view uses: Arguments/Node: Nid/Taxonomy: Term ID
The php code is


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