Will the addition of ad module disturb/affect other modules/functionalities in a drupal 6.34 site

Dear Drupal studs,

This is pertaining to the site www.dentistrytoday.info (made in drupal 6.34) . Basically it is a forum to discuss dentistry related topics.

I want to add a advertisement module on the site. This is the link :-


The site (www.dentistrytoday.info ) contains mostly contributed modules. There is only one customized module.

How to find out where homebox is adding boxes?

I have installed homebox module and no blocks are enabled for it. But still it shows some content with blocks in it. How can I know where blocks are added to homebox page? I am wondering from where blocks are added to homebox page?

remove a module completly

I would like to remove all traces of a module from the database and any references to it. Where should I be looking. Using phpmyadmin. Centos7, drush6.
The modules are:
SWFUpload JavaScript library
jQp module

Exporting D6 content to D7 website

Now that D6 is no longer supported, it was a must to move D6 sites I maintain to D7. This guide is the recipe to moving simple content with non-complicated CCK fields from D6 site to a D7 site.

Prepare your new site

Create all required content types on the new D7 site. Add all required fields to content types.

sql can i check if a field is being used anywhere

I want to do a sql search to find out if some of these custom cck fields are used anywhere on my site.
This are custom fields and I am using cck_blocks to display as a right side block in the right side region only when its added to a page by the editor.

I came up with this but its not correct syntax

SELECT * from content_field_sidebar_content WHERE content_field_sidebar_content.field_sidebar_content_value IS NOT NULL

if the value in column field_sidebar_content_value is not null this means it means this nid is using the cck field.

USASearch - Moderately Critical - Access Bypass - SA-CONTRIB-2016-010


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