Override display template for field_attachment in custom content type


I have created a custom content type and added a field_attachment field. I create new content using the New content type and add some files. When I browse the page / node, the files are listed together with very large icons in the top.
I am unable to find out how to override these default settings.

I think I need to create an override file, but how ?

Please help

Where is the default IMAGES folder set in Drupal 6

Hello - total Drupal novice here. I have recently successfully migrated two Drupal instances from one host to another.


upgrade D6 to D7

Hi to all!
I have a problem with upgrade D6 to D7.
What I did:
1) Ugrade D6 to latest version;
2) Disable all modules (exept core modules)
3) Delete all files, exept my own files and "sites" folder;
4) Download latest D7 version, start update.php;
Than I have some warnings and errors.
The first, and the main, I can't use admin page. Drupal says: "you have no administer elements". I can only enable/disable modules on "admin/modules" and give permissions to them.
Also, on update.php drupal says:

How can I exclude content older than... with Views


I'm trying to get my head around a Views setting, I can't find how to exclude older than two years old content from Views. I know it has to be somewhere in the Filter section. I would expect this to work, but it doesn't...

Content: Date (field_publication_date) - From date <= now + 2 year

I'm doing something wrong, can someone please help me out?

Thanks a lot!

Backup and restore MySQL to a new database?

I have a Drupal 6.x based website that was created 4 years ago. At that time, the web host was offering MySQL databases with a 100MB maximum size. Since then, the plan now offers 1GB limits. However, they host MySQL on separate servers, and the server that hosts this website's database will not support them increasing the database size after the fact.

Move to new Hosting Service causes "strict warnings" messages


Total Drupal novice here that took over administration of 2 websites running Drupal 6.26. I transferred them from being hosted on one hosting service to my existing host account on another provider (Jumpline to Hostmonster if it matters).



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