Filter View - match two taxonomy terms and negate two other terms

Need to filter a view so that it selects all nodes that are in one of two types of organic groups but not in either of two other types of organic groups. Filter is on a taxonomy term of Group Type. I have tried creating two filters on taxonomy - one that uses the "is one of" options and a second filter that uses the "is none of" but only the "is one of" option seems to be having an effect. I have also tried the positive taxonomy term filter with a "is none of" filter on the individual groups. Again only the positive (is one of) filter seems to be having an effect.

New content type node not showing up

Hello everyone,

I've created a new content type and I set all the necessary permissions. Yet as soon as I add a new node using this content type and I click publish, it gives me a Page not found error. If I go to admin/content/node to see it, it's not there, yet in phpMyAdmin I can see the node is there.

I'm not sure what creates this problem.

Thank you for your help.

Analytics: set an event to know when people visit my blog ?


I would like to know how many of my visitors find my shop thanks to the blog, I think I have to add an EVENT ?

But I tried everything and failed.

Can you tell me what is the php to put in a block to tell Analytics that someone is on a blog page ? (i will show this block only on blog pages).

Thank you.

Print a Div from ID/Class in tpl.php

I have a bit of content that is being strung into a site through CiviCRM and would like to print the region directly to the page.tpl.php file to get it into a specific region with PHP - can anyone provide me with what that code would look like as a template?

Thank you!

HTML intro to replace Flash

Hey guys, I am currently doing some volunteer work for a local farming advocacy bureau and they are having me work on their website. I have no experience with Drupal but was able to update the outdated core. It is currently running Drupal 6.35 (yea I know but I am not about to do a complete update with very little knowledge of the system) and has a nice little flash .swf intro page running off the Flash Node module. Well its 2015 and flash is out. I already extracted the .swf file and had Swiffy convert it to a .html.

Learning how to migrate calendar data from d6 to d7

I'm slowly teaching myself Drupal... next step is to understand how to migrate data from a live Drupal 6 to a development Drupal 7 site.
With some help, I figured out the basics of Migrate, and am now looking migrating calendar data.
The d6 site in question has a calendar with repeating events. While I could plow through learning how to migrate that on the job, with real data, it's complicated enough to make my head hurt, so I'm procrastinating.


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