Show node reference by profile extended user selection

I am trying to do the next thing in Drupal 6.2 (yes... i know it is old..):
I have a content type(FOOD) that contains a node reference to a a taxonomy(SWEETS), that taxonomy have 10 values(CAKE, CANDY, LOLLYPOP ...).

I have some users, I added profile check boxes. Those check boxes are selected by each user. the check boxes have the same value as the values in the SWEETS taxonomy I described earlier.

Mysql out of date

I am about to conduct an update of Mysql but a drush report shows I ned to conduct a Drupal core update.
Is it ok to do the core update first or after the Mysql upgrade?
Here is the drush report. The modules are not supported I guess because of Mysql issue
Thanks any advice here.

Help with lost permissions

I am new to Drupal.

Some of our roles have lost the ability to publish blog posts and pages. The publish option is no longer there. It was a couple of days ago. I believe this is version 6, and the only thing that has been done has been emptying the cache.

I don't see any publishing options in permissions.

Any help would be appreciated.

JohnR Llewellyn

Can I install Drupal 6.28 because I am unable to install it.

I have a website in drupal 6.28. The owner of the website doesn't want to upgrade it. I am changing its hosting to another server. I have tried several times but when i type database name and username, password and click the button it wont generate any error and just refresh the page. The database name, username and password are empty. I repeat the process but again it refresh the page and there is no error.
Can anybody tell me what is the problem and what can be the solution.

Drupal to Drupal Migration

I am attempting to migrate hosts and am having issues migrating from one Drupal instance to another. I have a multi-site install. I am attempting to maintain the files/code as well as databases. I have transferred the files from the instance of Drupal from my old server to the new server. I have exported the databases via phpmyadmin and imported them back in with click. For some reason the homepages for my sites work but the internal pages do not. When i try to navigate to a page I get The requested URL was not found.


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