D6 Screwed up updating Drupal core

I have an old D6 site I was trying to prepare for migrating to a new server and screwed up updating Drupal core. There were a couple updates pending, so I was trying to do those before migrating. The server is running Ubuntu. I was having trouble finding update instructions for core on D6 so I put the site in test mode, downloaded drupal-6.38.tar.gz, and expanded it in sites/all/modules. Once I did this I cannot access the site and keep getting an error as follows:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_xss_bad_protocol() in /var/ ... /includes/common.inc on line 999

Cannot enable any wysiwyg editor

Hi, I have a website on Drupal 6.35 and I'm issuing a strange problem.

Last time I changed some text I was using normally tinyMCE, now all I can see is plain text.

In WYSIWYG profiles I can see that both tinyMCE 3.5.8 and openWYSIWYG 1.4.7 are installed but if I choose one of them from the dropdown of Filtered HTML, Full HTML or PHP Code and Save it will return to at No editor...

Any ideas whay may cause the problem?
Is there any way to force tinyMCE selection from somewhere? From the database maybe?

Thanks in advance.

Can still see users in " SEARCH" even after deleting them

Greetings Drupal gurus,

This is pertaining to the site www.dentistrytoday.info made in Drupal 6.34.

I would be migrating the site to some other CMS. Before I actually migrate the site I wanted to delete spam users from the existing site.

I therefore asked my programmer to make a deleting page which shows the following details.

1. Name 2.E-mail 3.Active/ Inactive users 4.IP Address 5.Created date 6. Last access

Drupal 6

I am trying to copy an old site across to a new server. I have successfully copied it across but every time I click on a link it takes me to the wamp page where the whole site sits. Why does it do this? I can't even type in user or admin/settings as these all take me to the wamp page.

Drupal 6 admin pages very slow [solved]

The symptoms

Yes, I know it is an old version. But I recently found that a number of my Drupal 6 websites would take a long time to load various Admin screens, and on occassion, would timeout past the allocated 30 seconds. In particular, displaying the Theme and Modules pages, and clearing the cache, seemed to cause the longest delays. Other sites did not seem to be affected, and displayed the necessary admin pages in under 5 seconds.

Google Analytics Reports 6.x

This documentation is for the Drupal 6 of Google Analytics Reports. For Drupal 7, click here.


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