What is a single project promotion?

If a project is useful but only has few lines of code then git administrators will promote the project for you instead of giving you the git vetted user role. You will only be able to create releases for this one project. If you need to promote another project you will have to create a new project application.

Contrib modules in default/modules not all/modules

Is this a problem, I tried to move them but got many errors. Can they stay there? If not, how do I move them?

Membership status based Block

I'm looking for a way to display either a Shadowbox or a Modal window to expired members when they log in telling them their membership has expired. Is there a way to use a Block to display a modal window based on a member's status?

Paypal Change to SHA-256

My site runs Drupal 6.34 and Ubercart 6.x-2.14.

I received a notice (below) from my merchant processor Paypal that says they are changing to a SHA-256 certificate and that the old certificate will no longer work shortly. Is there something that I need to do like some update to Ubercart that is not yet being worked on that we all will need? I searched on this and found that something is being done in the development community for the Commerce module but I find nothing about Ubercart.

Thanks in advance, Marc

Event isn't formatting

Hi there,

I'm looking after a website www.cityhall.bm

There is a new event posted which has completely changed the look of the event page. I've gone through it but can't figure out why this would happen or why this one looks different to the others.


Any ideas?

Storm Project Management 6.x-2.x to Drupal PM 7.x-1.x

Drupal PM is the successor of Storm Project Management.

Though for most of the content it will just work, be ready for some missing data and manual reconfiguration.

Before attempting the migration, make sure you go through and understand the difference between the two version. Many settings have been changed. So please, read all this page before doing anything.


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