Get value of webform select option

I'm writing some custom code and I need to translate the selected option from a webform submission on a select component to the nice value.

For example my select options are something like:
test|This is a test
demo|This is a demo
real|This is real

When I look at the webform submission the value for the component is understandably "demo" not "This is a demo". Is there any functions I can use to do this translation or do I need to do my own processing of the webform component options.

Testing the three versions of Drupal

I tested for speed three version of Drupal: 6, 7 and 8.

Environment for testing:

Clean up URL redirects

We normally create an attractive/meaningful URL for new pages on this particular site. It is a site where there are postings each year of recommended books on a Mystery list serve. To make it easy for people on the list to find the new posting a meaningful tinyurl is created and included on posts on the listserve.

Is this possible?...

I have given a user permission to edit their own posts. However when the user does edit their post, this overwrites the original post.

Is there a way I as an admin can see the original edited comment(s) and even have it so at the bottom of that post it displays; edited by (?) (so other members know that this has been edited.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Cloned pages not carrying over banner


We are currently using Drupal 6 for our website and recently whenever I try to clone an existing page, the photo banner doesn't clone over, even though it did in the past.

Does anyone know why this may be occurring?

Prevent detecting on which version of Drupal web site is running

I developed Chrome extension that is fingerprinting Drupal websites.

If you going to secure exact version of Drupal engine
then use free extension

If the version is determined then you neew to hide everything that can let extension know the version and hide it.
I will be very appreciated if you can leave your feedback.


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