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Hello everyone, I effettuaton migrate from one site to one in D6 in D7. Obviously the migration is done by making a copy of the site locally and working on that.
Now I find myself with the site locally, in D7, with different content than that in D6 which remained in production, esmpio forum posts increased.
I wonder, is there a way to synchronize the contents of two sites and migrate content from that in D6 that in D7?
Thank you all.

Arrowchat and Drupal avatars

I got arrowchat but it doesn't show Drupal avatars, did anyone manage to make them work, or any suggestions on how to do it? My current code looks like this but it's rubbish since it only shows pics that are of jpg format and sadly user avatars can be any format.

hide footer in node type "cursos"

Hi, I'm newbie with drupal, and I have to do some changes in one website.
Right now, I need to hide the footer in pages from node type "cursos", but I'm a little confused.

Here's some code, located in the file /mytheme/page.tpl.php:

Tried to migrate the site from dev to production


I tried to migrate the site from dev to production and I am getting below errors:

warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'ctools_access_menu' not found or invalid function name

I have checked it google community and tried to fix u no luck yet, I have tried to clearing cache, disabling modules etc, but no luck, please help me in this regard.

Steps which I performed

Integrate Honeypot with Fail2ban

If you have control over your webserver and can install Fail2ban on the server, you can add configuration that will automatically ban bots on the system level if they trigger enough Honeypot rejections, saving your webserver from having to deal with these bots in the first place!

Since Drupal (and, by extension, Honeypot) writes to the system log, we can use fail2ban to ban IP addresses of hosts (bots) that have too many failed login attempts.


NEWBE: Can't install Drupal; Ftp credentials fail.

I can't get past Drupal's 'Supply your info' page. Ftp credentials fail. Web host claims they're valid. Any ideas?


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