Drupal 6.38 and error 500 - server can not handle the request

Hello guys,

I am a new guy here, so please feel free to move my post to a different category if you would consider that it was posted in the improper one.

I have occurred a 500 server error while building a site on Drupal 6.38 and it's driving me crazy.
I know, it's a pretty old one, but I had no choice in this case. :)

Just to specify - there is a description for the error showed by the web browser, talking that server can not handle the request at this moment.

I did a little research and a few test. Please take a look what I have found:

Not able to creat new field?

Not able to create new field and can't figure out what my problem is http://tinemuller.dk/div/drupal_new_field.jpg and hope some one could help me, please?

Tine, not a programmer

Exclude node details page from Google

Hi All,
How can I exclude node details URL from search engine(Google)?
For Example:
I have a link like www.example.com/node_title and I want to remove the pages like this from search engine results page.

Is it possible to make it work via the robots.txt file?
If so please let me know what is rule for the same for robots.txt.

Thanks in Advance.

Amending MSQL database isn't updating my webpage?


If I change/amend text in a field in MYSQL database I would expect my website to update but it doesn't even after relinking?
Yet if I change/amend a text field in my website, MYSQL updates straight away!

What am I missing here, is there a time delay I'm unaware of? Is there a module that can pull in the data automatically?

Thanks in advance.

Homebox is not saving blocks to regions

The homebox module version 6.x-1.3 is not saving blocks or displaying blocks for existing homebox pages when I go to /admin/build/homebox/layout/ page. However the existing pages display content when viewed but I am not able to change their content . What could be the problem? I really don't know how to solve it .

Looking to contract for Drupal 6 to 8 migration (Acquia Slate)

I am looking for help migrating a Drupal 6 site (using the Acquia Slate theme) to Drupal 8.

The work would involve only the cloning of the layout setup to match current look & feel and the support for various front page panels, not involving any of the content migration. My initial attempts (with my limited knowledge of CSS wizardry) had surfaced challenges in rebuilding the layout in a seamless manner. Therefore, a good handle of CSS customization is likely required.


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