Need a Drupal expert to install security updates

A customer of ours has a few Drupal sites and we have no expertise in Drupal.

The site admin pages tells me there a few security updates that need to be done
Drupal Core 6.30 ==> 6.34
FileField 6.x-3.12 ==> 6.x-3.13
Organic Groups 6.x-2.1 ==> 6.x-2.4
Scheduler 6.x-1.9 ==> 6.x-1.10
Ubercart 6.x-2.13 ==> 6.x-2.14
Views 6.x-3.0 ==> 6.x-3.2
Webform 6.x-3.20 ==> 6.x-3.22

There are also 5 recommended updates flagged.

Can someone give me a quote to install these updates ?

Thank you

Fatal error

I keep getting this error randomly and every time I try to run cron:
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function views_save_view()"
Has anyone seen this or have any insight as to how I might troubleshoot it?

D5 to D6 usernode to Content profile

I'm trying to bring a site from D5 to D7 and am currently in the D6 phase.

The site was using usernode and I believe moving forward will be using Content Profile. I did run the SQL statement UPDATE node_type SET module='node' WHERE module='usernode'; as instructed on upgrade instruction of D5 to D6 if using UserNode.

Here's the problem I'm seeing:

input filter for user names


I have been searching for a while how to let my users easily and quickly link to other users in a post. something like @SomeUser would be ideal so user 1 can enter @SomeUser in a node and the input format would, on display, replace @SomeUser with a link to that users page ( does anything like this exist? hopefully a D6 version exists, but D7 would also work as i can probably backport it if needed.

Unable to edit content types links


On one of my website Drupal 6.x, when I edit content types, for example: page, its below links are disabled:

Submission form settings
Workflow settings
Image Attach settings
Page Title Settings
XML sitemap
Meta tags settings

All above links are disabled. I really need to edit XML sitemap to include it in XML sitemap, but unable to this. I tried after changing many themes, but no gain.


Add theme_pager() on news page?

Hi All,
Have page with news. Want to add pager on the end of page:
I have follow code


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