UBERCART DRUPAL 8 Review Test Discussion Opinion Feedback on Drupal 8 Ubercart Shop

UBERCART DRUPAL 8 Review Test Discussion Opinion Feedback on Drupal 8 Ubercart Shop


Anybody has started working on Drupal 8 ubercart ? I am trying to develop the community to get the job done faster.

Maybe you also need some modules to be adapted faster and we should share the cost ?

Please tell us if you were using ubercart drupal 6 and now want to work on drupal 8 ubercart ?

Thank you for your feeedback.

D6 Event Calendar "no more Events"

Hi everyone and a very happy 2016!
I posted this on the Event module issues page (https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/event?categories=All) but no response.
Something is passing data to my calendar that there are "no more Events", but there are around 1,000.
My website has been working robustly for 8 years (www.sgi-uk-lipc.com) now running Drupal 6.35 with Event 6.x-2.x-dev.

Deleted sidebar block has the text 'n/a' in it's place

I recently 'inherited' the upkeep of a website that was created with Drupal.

In 'Sitebuilding'/ 'Blocks' -I deleted a few blocks from the sidebar. After deleting one of the blocks, the text 'n/a' appeared in it's place. (I am thinking I should of 'disabled' it instead.) How can I remove the 'n/a'?

I've experimented with disabling all the blocks in the sidebar, but there are two that remain visible. Do you know where I can access those?

Thank you!

Settings for image height and width are lost between edits

I managed to configure CKEditor to accept the img tag and can insert an image and specity a certain width. When I store it, the node is displayed with this setting, but when I edit the node again, that setting is lost.
I'm using CKEdior 4.5.6 standard.
What is going wrong here? What can I do to make it work right?

Upgrade from Drupal 6 with a custom modules

Hi All!
I've just joined to this community and I hope that you can help me! :)
I have a Drupal 6 site with some modules that are not available for Drupal 8 (contemplate for example).
Drupal 8 should be quite different than 6 so I'd like to ask, what is the best approach to upgrade from 6 to 8?


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