Create New User page is missing!!

In Drupal 6, using the Admin account. When I go to create a new user, the Add User menu item is missing. When I type the link manually [...admin/user/user/create], it gives me the following error:

Page Not Found
This web page allows administrators to register new users. Users' e-mail addresses and usernames must be unique.
The requested page could not be found.

Upgrade (Google) Mapping D6-D7; whats the best mapping solution?


I am still in my drupal nightmare ( , but the first chapter; migration content is I need to find correct (google) mapping solution.

Drupal 6 Query String Block?

I need to display a block on a specific query string URL (i.e.

I found this code which I believe is for D7, because it WSODs the site when used:

SOLVED: Pathauto using *literal* CCK token strings for automatic aliases

EDIT: I just noticed that the field itself has disappeared during some recent updates, not sure why. Other CCK tokens work just fine.

Drupal 6.35
Pathauto 6.x-1.6
CCK 6.x-2.9

In my Pathauto settings, for a certain node content type I'm using the CCK token [field_subtitle-raw]. Ever since updating Drupal and a bunch of plugins, new aliases are using that literal string, with the square brackets and CCK field name.

This doesn't seem to happen with standard token fields (like [title-raw] for instance).


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