Help Migrating Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Using Drupal-to-Drupal Module - Unfilled Dependencies Custom Content Types

Hi All,

We're trying to migrate an old Drupal 6 site with tons of custom content types over to Drupal 7. Needless to say, this has been a very difficult process.

Number of items to display within a content type scope

I do not actively use Drupal so i am not certain what are the correct terms to explain this issue.

There is a content type ( say xyz )

and I have created content within this xyz content type.

Say i have created 60 instances ( or pages of separate/unique contents within xyz content type).

However When i go to the site and click on mydrupalsite/xyz , it does not list all 60. In fact just 8 only.

Screen error when add modules

I'm doing commerce websites [link removed] but when added to about 7-8 module and activate up to be white screen on Aministrator.Khi -> Site building -> Modules also similar errors.

I use Drupal version 6.19
Can you help me solve it? Thanks!

fix a problem with image uploads?

I am currently having an issue with images on my Drupal hosted website that I could do with some urgent help on if possible.

I was originally having the issue of not being able to upload any images with an error message of 'The file could not be uploaded.' appearing.

How can I share a photo or video to Social Media?

I have a photo album where I want to put the share option on every picture in the slide show. Also I embed videos from YouTube that people should be able to share. Is there a module that can share images and videos?
Note that I don't want to share the whole node of the photo album, just a single item in it.

I have seen and tried several modules, including AddToAny and Social Share but they just put the share button on the node, content, teaser. Not on the image pop-up.

Set Windows to "Show hidden files, folders, or drives", and to NOT "Hide extensions for known file types"

If you are using Windows,
it is important that you
set Windows to display hidden files.
And it is even more important
that you display all file extensions.

By default, Windows hides certain files
that it has classified as worthy of being 'hidden'.
And, by default, Windows does not display
certain file extensions.

I have no doubt that MicroSoft did this
to reduce the burden upon
their telephone support department
by reducing the number of calls
from parents whose 2- and 3-year-olds
play 'drums' on the keyboard.

This is, however,
a completely unacceptable situation
for you as you work on your Drupal site,
and you should adjust Windows
to display all files,
and all file extensions.


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