Change drupal domain name local installation problem

Hi, I am changing my drupal site to a different domain name, same host, different user accounts.

I changed settings.php like base_url and cleared caches.

The site is running at new domain but sometimes it calls the old domain mainly in admin pages, sometimes I rename the url address at browser and I note it runs ok.

There is a copy of Drupal 6 (old domain) at new domain where I changed to Garland theme and left only drupal core modules enabled.

How do I make drop down menus that list sub-set pages

Hi all,

Id like to add a drop down menu for some TABS on my webpage. I have read this link and it shows various options.

I have just installed Drupal and much to learn, could someone point me in the easiest direction to create a Drop Down. E.g The Home page has a TAB called example , then Id like several other pages e.g example 1,2,3, etc that can be access by hover of the main example TAB.

Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM)


ASTEM is the public organization that make researches of Advanced Science and Technology, software technology, system technology. They've been engaged in researches for more than 25 years and trusted by many companies and organization in the region.

This website is to encourage internal discussions online in Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM) attendees.

Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. - Umeda MAG

Umeda MAG

“Umeda MAG” is the project for business people to interact with each other in Umeda, the heart of Osaka. Many workshops related to company operation are held in this project to make Umeda a more attractive area.

This website, “Umeda MAG,” is to showcase what’s happening in the community.

“Umeda MAG” shows event listings for attendees and also has SNS functionality to encourage every stakeholder to join the conversation.

Getting "Access denied" on PDF files in older drupal 6 site


I have an older Drupal 6.26/PHP 5.6.30 internal website that we moved to another server. Everything is working with the exception of 1 thing.

I'm unable to view any attached PDF files to a node. If the attached file is any other type (txt, doc, jpg, etc) things work just fine.

Johnson & Johnson

Operating out of over 60 companies utilizing thousands of websites spanning a variety of languages, products, and geographies, a centralized and standardized approach to digital was essential for the company, their partners, and their stakeholders.
Prior to our work, various regions and brands were using many different hosts and developers, leading to a lack of project governance across the digital portfolio and requiring many unusual considerations and specialists to make things work.


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