Urgent problem with drupal site

Hi I have some old articles with an image in the directory /sites/default/files

However whenever I load any old article on my browser the page shows garbage characters such as the following:

����JFIF��;CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75 ��C

Can anyone please assist? Thanks!

Limiting what entity reference can point to

I'm creating a hierarchy. Let's say:

- Library
-- Section
--- Book
---- Page

Each level is a different content type, and each level should only be able to point up to the level above.

There seem to be two ways of doing this:

CiviCRM Entity

See wiki for CiviCRM Documentation - This documentation is for the CiviCRM Entity module. For CiviCRM documentation, see wiki.civicrm.org.


Intitial focus was on Rules & there is reasonable progress there. (see below)

The areas I have looked at so far are mostly rules integration, entity reference fields

How to add Label for Child in Hierarchical Select ?


I am using the Hierarchical select module for State, District, Blocks and Villages dropdown but the problem is that only one label is displaying for all four fields. Please let me know how to display the label for Child in Hierarchical Select,

I am doing this with custom jquery but it is not working properly on changing the values in child dropdowns.

Thanks & Regards
Arvind Kumar Gupta

What is a single project promotion?

If a project is useful but only has few lines of code then git administrators will promote the project for you instead of giving you the git vetted user role. You will only be able to create releases for this one project. If you need to promote another project you will have to create a new project application.


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