My Drupal 6 website was hacked


My Drupal 6 website was hacked. This is a not so active website, so I don't know when it was hacked:

I did not allow the creation of any users to the website.

What can I do to fix the hack and return the website to the previous state?


SA-CONTRIB-2015-051 - Term Queue - Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

SA-CONTRIB-2015-049 - Navigate - Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Hidden SPAM in events listings

I did a quick forum search, and while I am sure there must be some references out there, I can't find any.

I took over as volunteer webmaster for an non-profit association Drupal-based web site about a year ago. While I have built HTML and ASP websites from scratch I had never worked with Drupal. As time allows I have learned quite a bit about the day-to-day management of Drupal, but am now dealing with a SPAM problem, something I am not at all prepared to deal with on my own!

How to install Backup & Migrate Module, run backup and restore my drupal 6.22 site

Hi All,

Am very new to drupal, even though i have vast experience in joomla.

Since am very new to drupal, Please help me by providing step by step process in the below.

1. Intalling backup and migrate module in drupal 6.22 (backup_migrate-6.x-2.8)

2. Running backup of the full website.

3. Installing the backup file in my local.

I could find many tutorials for Drupal 7, but not for drupal 6.

I have done the below points,

I downloaded for my drupla 6.22 version.

Split Testing Side Bar Boxes

I run Drupal 6. I'd like to be able to create two different boxes in my side bar and A/B test them against each other. I found Multivariate for Drupal 6 and tried to install it, but it said I needed the "Chart" module. So I downloaded "Charts" but Multivariate didn't recognize it; it was still looking for a module named "Chart," which I was unable to find on

So my question is, what's the best way to go about being able to split test two different text boxes in the side bar of my Drupal 6 site?


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