Move to new Hosting Service causes "strict warnings" messages


Total Drupal novice here that took over administration of 2 websites running Drupal 6.26. I transferred them from being hosted on one hosting service to my existing host account on another provider (Jumpline to Hostmonster if it matters).

Can't get Jcarousel to work...

This what I have done:

1. Get Jcarousel module and install:

2. Got Jcarousel Pluggin zipped files

3. Created sites/all/libraries/jquery.jcarousel folder

4. Moved the content of the downloaded folder into the sites/all/libraries/jquery.jcarousel folder

Can't install Zen theme

I downloaded the Zen theme and FTP'ed it to sites/all/themes.

It appeared in my list of themes, and I clicked on the Default setting. I got this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function render() in /home2/wvwworg/public_html/scholaclasses/forum/sites/all/themes/zen/templates/block.tpl.php on line 12

and now I can't get back to my Administration Themes page to change it back to Garland.

I was hoping it would be a simple matter to change the theme to a mobile-friendly theme, but apparently I got in over my head very quickly.

Can anyone help?

New to Drupal

I am new to drupal i built drupal web site and right now I don`t know how to install new themes (I can`t find anywhere step-by-step explanation) and most important how to place two hyperlink on main page for users to choose languages.If someone can help me I will be grateful.


AHAH image remove issues

I have used AHAH feature to upload/remove images on my website. At present i am facing a very strange issue. Images not removed when click on remove button. The problem is when i click on remove button image disappear from the screen then i click on submit button to save the changes. What happened next, when i go back to the edit form again the image remains there it wasn't removed. I have to do the procedure again and images got removed in second attempt. I tired some solutions like disabling form cache,cache exclude, but this didn't helped in this case.


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