Pixture Reloaded x Nginx Aggregator

I got this message:
There is no point in having core CSS aggregation enabled if using Nginx HTTP concat aggregation.
There is no point in having core JS aggregation enabled if using Nginx HTTP concat aggregation.

But if I disable core aggregation then the theme Pixture Reloaded gets broken. Everything is out of its place.
I thing it´s a theme issue because I got another site running perfectly with core aggregation disabled.

Yes, I am using Nginx. Page speed is >50% faster! \o/
Please help.

Drupal 6.38 in PHP 7

Hi guys

I try login in my site but i can't do it. Show message :

"Sorry, unrecognized username or password. Have you forgotten your password?"

It only occur when i use PHP7

i edited file /modules/user/user.module in function user_load, i added a line following for debug:

Upgrade Drupal 6.38 to 7.43

Hi guys.

I 'm tried upgrade my drupal 6.38 to 7.43 .

I disabled all modules , except core modules, put default theme, clear caches, disable url clean and Turn off clean URLs. But an error appear

How to migrate my site from drupal6.20 to drupal 8??

Now I have a drupal6.2 site. I want to migrate to drupal 8.0.
I have read the process of migrate from drupal 6 to drupal 8 on drupal.org. But there are a lot of details.

Anyone could give me some advices?

I think in this community will have someone did this work. It's better to talk about with you !!
My email is zhlccbd@gmail.com

Location 6.x-3.4 only 4 digits in Postal code, how?

On my site I ONLY want 4 digits in Postal code because I have problems when editor by a mistake make 4 digits and also a space.
I have made subtheme subgarland and got help 6 years ago with some other changes so maybe it's this file where I should change something. Hope some one can help me, please?


Uninstalling Public Download Count causes 404 errors

First let me say that I am total Drupal newbie. I'm trying to help a client out on a site he inherited. We have a site cachristmas.com that is running Drupal 6 and had Public Download Count (PDC) installed. I suspected that PDC was interfering with Google Analytics tracking PDF downloads, and while researching that issue I noticed that PDC hasn't been supported for awhile due to a security issue.


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