voipcall table to large


We are using voipdrupal for more than one year in one of our sites. There is one table "voipcall" that has grow considerable during this time, currently has 3.9GB.

Is this just a "log" table? Could we reduce its size "pruning" older entries?

Thanks in advance,

how do you create a teaser?

i am trying to make a teaser block from the most recent news articles but i have not being able to get much help or information on the subject. If you know how to can you kindly let me know what are the steps to follow.

"Site Off-line" -- Aging Drupal 6 site

Hi folks. I'm trying to track down an issue with a D6 site that's being migrated from an internal server to an AWS instance. We're getting the dreaded "site off-line" error (copied at the end of this post).

Subsections on page edit cannot be opened

After upgrading from 6.30 to 6.34 some time ago, everything looked good, but then someone found an issue with one edit page: if editing an existing (biblio) page, subsections don't show an arrow on the left, so one cannot open them.

On creating a new (biblio) page everything is normal and fine, just when editing an existing page, the problem arises.

See http://th-mack.de/download/bugs/drupal_edit_biblio.png for screenshots (left buggy behaviour, right side shows normal behaviour).

Finding Drupal Work

I've heard that people who know Drupal are in high demand at the moment. Does anyone have tips on how I could find some part-time subcontracting work? For example, are there Drupal companies that are so overloaded with clients that they would want to outsource some of their site-building tasks?

My experience:


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