Parse error in ViewsPHPfilter field in Views

I have ViewsPHPfilter 6.x.1.0 module installed on my site and I'm using PHP filter in one of my views. When the views display block is executed I am not getting the desired results. When I checked the dblog entries it is saying there is Parse error in PHP with the following message

Cherche bruxellois ayant fait une migration d6->d8


J’ai fait quelques sites D6 en autodidacte, je veux les passer en D8. Je coince.
Dès que cela dépasse un site de base, j’ai des difficultés.
Je pense qu’il ne s’agit pas de grand-chose, sans doute quelques concepts qui m’ont échappé, mais j’ai besoin d’un coup de main.
J’ai demandé à des professionnels trouvés dans l’annuaire s’ils étaient prêts à me consacrer quelques heures (payées bien sûr), pas de réponses.
Si vous êtes expérimentés et que vous pouvez m’aider, vous pouvez me contacter.
merci d’avance

SQL query cck fields

I want to query if a specific content type has a photo in a custom cck field. I could probably create a View to find this? My mock up query is below. the photo is inside the table 'content_field_photo' in the row 'field_photo_data' inside this table is another row called 'nid' and this nid value should be present in the content type table called 'content_type_contenttype'

SELECT * from content_field_photo WHERE content_field_photo.field_photo_data IS NOT NULL AND nid is in content_type_contenttype.nid

Drupal 6.38 and error 500 - server can not handle the request

Hello guys,

I am a new guy here, so please feel free to move my post to a different category if you would consider that it was posted in the improper one.

I have occurred a 500 server error while building a site on Drupal 6.38 and it's driving me crazy.
I know, it's a pretty old one, but I had no choice in this case. :)

Just to specify - there is a description for the error showed by the web browser, talking that server can not handle the request at this moment.

I did a little research and a few test. Please take a look what I have found:

Not able to creat new field?

Not able to create new field and can't figure out what my problem is and hope some one could help me, please?

Tine, not a programmer

Exclude node details page from Google

Hi All,
How can I exclude node details URL from search engine(Google)?
For Example:
I have a link like and I want to remove the pages like this from search engine results page.

Is it possible to make it work via the robots.txt file?
If so please let me know what is rule for the same for robots.txt.

Thanks in Advance.


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