Redirect page

We have a TinyURL that points to an incorrect page on our site, i.e., it points to and it really should be pointing to Can we create the Books page and have it automatically redirect to the BestBooks page somehow?

The actual URLs are more complicated than this of course and include many existing pages with variations by year.

Multiple organization site question

Apologies now if this isn't the right location for this question. I'm new to Drupal. My company had developed at Drupal site that allowed multiple clients to login and access various features/functions/documentation several years ago. The developers who built it did not document it and have since left the company. The situation I'm facing now is the need to migrate the site to new hardware, along with DNS, network/firewalls, etc.

Changing table name 'users' to avoid mySQL injection

Is there a way to change the table name users after a mySQL attack, presumably an injection? I've changed all the usernames for now, but am wondering if there is something I can do through Drupal.

Is there an easy way to locate content blocks?

Hey everyone, me again.

So I gotta level with you - Drupal's layout is confounding me no matter what I do. I have a client who needs a lot of content edited on their website, but nothing about the way Drupal is setup or organized makes any sense and I'm having an extremely difficult time locating the content I need to edit. Is there any easy way to identify what content blocks make up a webpage and then find them for editing? Am I going about this all wrong?


Show node reference by profile extended user selection

I am trying to do the next thing in Drupal 6.2 (yes... i know it is old..):
I have a content type(FOOD) that contains a node reference to a a taxonomy(SWEETS), that taxonomy have 10 values(CAKE, CANDY, LOLLYPOP ...).

I have some users, I added profile check boxes. Those check boxes are selected by each user. the check boxes have the same value as the values in the SWEETS taxonomy I described earlier.

Mysql out of date

I am about to conduct an update of Mysql but a drush report shows I ned to conduct a Drupal core update.
Is it ok to do the core update first or after the Mysql upgrade?
Here is the drush report. The modules are not supported I guess because of Mysql issue
Thanks any advice here.


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