data being stored is suffixed with _skip in type column

For some of my nodes, data being stored is suffixed with _skip.

For example if content type is twitter than for some of the nodes it is stored like twitter_skip.

User Registrations


We are getting a ton of spam user registrations on our site and I am taking steps to correct this (closing public registration, adding honeypot module). However, I can't figure out where people are even registering on our site. Is there a default page where users can register on Drupal sites?

On our website user page ( there is only an option to login but not signup. Any insight you can provide would be great.


Create New User page is missing!!

In Drupal 6, using the Admin account. When I go to create a new user, the Add User menu item is missing. When I type the link manually [...admin/user/user/create], it gives me the following error:

Page Not Found
This web page allows administrators to register new users. Users' e-mail addresses and usernames must be unique.
The requested page could not be found.

Upgrade (Google) Mapping D6-D7; whats the best mapping solution?


I am still in my drupal nightmare ( , but the first chapter; migration content is I need to find correct (google) mapping solution.


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