Update from 6.3.5 to 6.3.7 No errors but still showing as 6.3.5

Yes! I did read the other forum topics on this site and searched google for an answer but no resolution was found.

We don't for some reason have ssh to the server so I'm stuck updating the site manually.

I used the process drupal explains here: update drupal

Quick synopsis:

Update Drupal 6.36 to Drupal 6.37 problems errors with Ubercart shop

Update Drupal 6.36 to Drupal 6.37 problems errors with Ubercart shop


Anybody else has experienced problems with Ubercart when updating drupal 6.36 to 6.37 ?


I had many things broken (imagine upload, etc...) and had to revert to 6.36.

Maybe we can share our problems here and try to find solutions ?

Thank you.

Help building an RSS feed by blog post topic


I've built a blog in Drupal for my organization, and I'm stuck on a final piece. I've created category terms (Blog General - Topics) to label blog posts in order to categorize them. For example, a blog post about a recipe has the label "Healthy Recipes." I now need to build an RSS feed view that pulls the blog posts that have been tagged with those labels.

Update from 6.3.6 to 6.3.7 throwing error, unsure how to move forward


I've little experience updating drupal. Trying to update to 6.3.7 and getting an error.


  • Throw site into maintenance mode
  • Remove folders from root folder (per documentation)
  • Copy up the folders specified from the drupal 637 tar
  • Run update.php

Here is the error:
warning: array_pop() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /mnt/stor3-wc2-dfw1/472004/WEBSITENAME/web/content/update.php on line 316.

Drupal LDAP Module support Windows 2012 Active Directory

Please help. We are planning to upgrade Windows 2012 Active Directory. Currently we use Drupal 6.22 syncing Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory. We like to know if Drupal 6.22 will support Windows 2012 Active Directory. Thank you!

Help us test DrupalCI

DrupalCI is the next generation testing infrastructure for Drupal. After years of development, DrupalCI has been rolled out for testing Drupal 8 Core and Contrib projects - and will soon be taking over testing Drupal 7 Core and Contrib as well and for Drupal 6 for the duration of its long term support window.


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