404 not found

Hello i have a problem migrating drupal core (drupal6)
After uploading all of my sites exept the main site show 404 not found.
Whats wrong?
I was reading a lot about htaccess but and rewrite base, but dont have any idea what to change.
Server is IIS 7.5 running on windows

Thanks in advance

Edit: I checked the applicationHost.config:

Maybe thats has something to say?

Which is the best module to view activity stream ?

Dear Drupal gurus,

This is pertaining to the site www.dentistrytoday.info (mode in drupal 6.34).

I want to install a module to show the activity log (activity stream) on the home page. The log could be as fallows.

Please let me know which is the best module for the same.

The activity feed could be as follows:

 XYZ (This is a link) registration was approved by site admin. View profile.

 User XYZ (link to user profile) is viewing topic ABC (ABC will link to topic)

Admin Access denied. Admin permission changed

Hello, I apologize for my english. When I try to login my site, it give me "Access denied. You are not allowed...". My user name and password are correct. It is as if someone has changed the administrator permissions. How can I fix this?

Thank you very much for your support!


D6: Outputting additional HTML with CCK field data?

In Drupal 6, I want to customise some CCK field data with some added HTML, but am not sure of the best/easiest way to do this. I couldn't find a CCK module to do this.

For example, I want to enter a URL (which is stored in the field), and then when it is displayed, it is embedded in some HTML. eg.

CCK Field data: filename.jpg

Output HTML: <div id="uniqueid"><img src="http://example.com/{{CCK Field data}}" title="Text"><br />Picture</div>

File Uploads via Poll Submission

Hi all,

I'm new to Drupal and working on websites in general, so thanks for having a little patience.

I'm trying to create a poll where users can submit files by uploading them when they fill out the poll, but I'm having a lot of trouble creating an "Upload File" field in the poll itself.

I can modify the content type so that when someone is creating a poll, they can upload a file to accompany it, but I want the people filling out a poll that's already been created to be able to upload a file, and I'm not sure how to do that.

Thanks for suggestions!

how to add php member methods to own node type (own class)


i have an own node type holding some data. For reasons of clean code i want to implement a class representing this node type. in this class i want to implement private and public methods.

How can i do this ?

the node_load hook only produces an object with some additional data of my node type. Do i have simply create a class and have to load the set the right member variables in node_load hook ? and then use my class via phpdoc ?

Give me some hints please ;)


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