Node File connection

I've a Database Dump of a Drupal 6 installation (but not the installation istself!) where I need to create an export from. I found the nodes (Artikels) I need and I see the files table. But I can't finde a connecting Key or a matching table.

Can annyone help me please? I just need the link between files and nodes.

Comparison of Salesforce-Webform integration modules

There are several modules in Drupal that act as a way to integrate Salesforce and Webform. Ideally, we'd only have one, but this page attempts to point them out and highlight some differences. At some point, perhaps for Drupal 8, we'll be able to merge all of these.

Ban IP when a certain page is visited / Prevent bots from hogging server cpu


We're getting tons of bots visiting node/add and attempting to post spam.
We have good spam-prevention modules so they can't, but all those requests to node/add are wasting bandwitch.

Because only bots visit the particular page node/add, I was wondering if there's a way to ban the IP of whoever visits node/add, because it's certainly a bot and banning them one by one is futile as they're tens of thousands different IP's.

Drupal 6 install creating table but not fields - WAS working!

I am a maintainer for a Drupal module that I'm in the process of updating from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. The Drupal 6 version has been working fine, but now, out of the blue, I'm having a weird problem with it on a new site. It's a chatbox (phpfreechat) and it creates its own table in phpfreechat.install. Now, all of a sudden, it's creating the table, but the fields in the table are not being created.

My Drupal 6 website was hacked


My Drupal 6 website was hacked. This is a not so active website, so I don't know when it was hacked:

I did not allow the creation of any users to the website.

What can I do to fix the hack and return the website to the previous state?


SA-CONTRIB-2015-051 - Term Queue - Cross Site Scripting (XSS)


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