Trying to update through update.php leads to error

I am on Drupal 6.16. I am trying to update few modules and in the long run update the core also, but I am running into a major issue.

Every time I try to run an update I get an error. When I go to /update.php, review the updates, and then click on "Update" button, it results in an error. The error I get is below:

Search not working


I am using Drupal 6.2.

And my serach was working fine, but now is not working.

I allready do this steps:

1 - disable the search module
2 - save
3 - clear site cache
4 - re-enabling the Search module,
5 - save
6 - clearing cache again
7 - reindex the site
8 - run cron

But still dosen´t work.
Any ideas?


Migrate user - content profile (D6) --> user core (D8)

Ciao, devo convertire il mio sito drupal 6 in Drupal 8. Il primo problema è la conversione degli utenti dal vecchio modulo "content profile" al core di drupal 8.
Come posso fare?
Grazie mille

How to add an announcement block to Drupal forum


I'd like to add an announcement block in one of my subforums (Drupal 6). Just a paragraph of text after forum name and before the list of threads. Is it possible to do so easily? I tried adding a block via /admin/build/block/add, but it can only be positioned in "Header", "Footer", "Content" and so on, however I need to position it in the middle of content… Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Possible for Views to make submittable text fields?

Hey guys,

Drupal 6.38 / Views 6-2.18 (I am about 40% done with our site upgrade to D7)

I searched around and either this is too unique or it's not possible.

I'm wondering if I can create a View that displays a text field for a node's vocabulary that I can submit to update said node's vocabulary?

Why? We have recently added a new vocabulary to all our nodes and we have to edit each node one by one to see what the node is (just need to see the title) and then update the new vocabulary accordingly.

E-Learning , Social Media and Learning Community a website purely developed in Drupal.

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