RFP Available for NGO Site - Requires Custom Module Development

I am currently working on a consulting assignment for the NGO, Peace Dividend Trust. I will be releasing in the next 48 hours an RFP for the rebuild of this site: http://www.procurementdirectory.af

menu path error - The path 'home' is either invalid or you do not have access to it

Hello users,

I am new with drupal! I just installed Drupal 6 on my server and would like to our website base on Drupal CMS. However, I just got stuck right on a beginning, which is make a "menu".

I've logged in as admin: Administrator->Site Building ->Menus>Primary Links ->Add Item> then I add

Path: home
Menu Link Title: home
Enabled: yes
Parent Items: Primary Links

I like the URL like: www.mysite.con/home

Using pager with taxonomy -- do I need Views?


Hopefully one of you clever folk can help with this. I have a home page with a navigation bar at the top. The navigation bar will read:

home | news | politics | world | sport | showbiz

What I do when I create a new node is to use the taxonomy module to classify all content into one of these buckets (not home obviously, but the rest).

Then all I do is to link the navigation bar to taxonomy/term

However, what I want to do is to just have, say, 10 articles come up when I click on "news". I need to use pager functions to do this.

h1 through h6 xhtml tags

I'm new to Drupal and I feel sheepish posting such a basic question. But I spent considerable time checking the forums and the online support materials and haven't gotten anywhere with this issue. Can somebody tell me what the deal is with why Drupal doesn't output h1 through h6 tags to the browser? I've uploaded a document with these tags to my Drupal installation and I find that the tags appear on the stored document on my server, but when Drupal outputs the document to a webpage it omits all these header tags. What's up with that, and how do I fix this problem?

Using flashvars

If you want to use flashvars to create dynamic flash content then this is easily done with flash node. You can set flashvars under Advanced flash node options. Simply write the flashvars string, separating each parameter with an ampersand. To illustrate how you might use flashvars some links to examples are provided below.

Simple example

In this example we are simply passing a very basic string that says first=These&second=Are&third=Flashvars.

Using PHP code

Where things get interesting is if you then enable the PHP input filter. You can then write PHP code in the Flashvars field and use that to generate the flashvars string. Here is another very simple example that uses the following code to generate the string.

global $user;
$rand = rand(0,100);
$now = date('Y-m-d');
$uid = $user->uid;
'first='.$rand.'&second='.$now.'&third=UID '.$uid;

In this case we generate a random number, the date, and retrieve the user id of the person viewing the page. Bear in mind that anonymous users get served cached pages so the content won't be that random as it will only update when the cache is refreshed.

Complex PHP example

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