Drupal Partners with U of M Libraries - Formal Lab Usability Testing of D6

Drupal Usability Testing

A lab evaluator tests usability

An evaluator at the usability lab reviews a site.

Eye tracking technology

Eye tracking technology helps identify points of interest.

Heat maps

Heat maps indicate site usage patterns.

We are pleased to announce that the University of Minnesota Libraries are partnering with the Drupal development community on the first round of formal usability testing for the Drupal open source content management platform, to take place in February 2008.

  • Testing will be conducted at the University's Office for Information Technology’s usability lab with the generous support of Usability Services.
  • Seven Drupal community members, including project lead Dries Buytaert, will be on-site as members of the usability test team.
  • Results will be presented at Drupalcon Boston, where we’ll discuss future directions indicated by the test results as well as next steps for further usability testing.
  • To get involved or to learn more, see this post in the Usability Group.

Our goal is to provide the Drupal development community with a baseline picture of Drupal’s usability for common user tasks. In doing so, the University Libraries hope to improve user experience in a new generation of Drupal-based tools for discovering, managing, and sharing information.

Consultant Wanted: Writing "Request for Proposal" for KM / IM Project


I work for a NGO that is trying to find an experienced consultant who can help them write a "Request for Proposal" (RFP) that is not platform specific. We would prefer that the consultant will be available for this consultation in Geneva, Switzerland.

The requirement can be sketched as follows:

All the features below should be accessible via a login and password, using a web browser. All features will be interlinked, sharing data, all can be searchand all are available from the same interface.

This directory will be used by the Programme staff to find relevant staff for new projects and for workers in the field to seek experienced colleagues to assist them.

Details of the Projects, aims, sponsor, mandate, dates, project milestones, costs, who works on them, where it is, topics covered, outputs, documents.

All documents created by the central Programme staff and Project teams should be stored here. These will include, standard operating procedures, training documents, project reports, lessons to be learned.

There needs to be some feature that enables users to add comments to the above. This can be at the level of conversation about problems and also official comments about a documents provenance and influence on future documentation.

Can hook_update_N fail a module update?

I'm adding a module dependency to an existing module. If that dependent module is not present, then the original module will cause a WSOD. Despite my warnings on the project page, I am concerned that someone will upgrade without the dependent module. Is there a way to use hook_update_N to check for the dependent module and fail the upgrade or disable the original module?

Is there git repository that tracks the drupal cvs repository?

Hi folks,

Is there a public git repository that tracks drupal's cvs repository? I can do this locally but I was just wondering if anybody has already set one up and made it public.



Add content in sidebar relative to content in main page

I'm a Drupal newbie trying to set up my first site, a travel site.

When I have a content item about place 'a' I want to have ads that relate to country of place 'a' appear in the right sidebar. Same for place 'b', 'c' etc and country 'b', 'c' etc.

My taxonomy terms structure is as follows

-Country 'a'
--Place 'a'
--Place 'b'
--Place 'c'
-Country 'b'
--Place 'd'
--Place 'e'

Remove link from menu when node is deleted/unpublished

I'm new to Drupal, and not much of a programmer (I can edit pre-existing php code). The site I want to make won't have any community aspects, there will be only 2 levels of users, anonymous users and administrators.

I want to have a dynamic menu system where only published content (whatever type) will appear in the menus, when a document exists but is not published menu items that point to it aren't shown.

Currently when I unpublish a page the link remains in the menu and when you click it (as anon) you get an unauthorised message.


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