Need some help for building a taxonomy based navigation system

Hi !
I need some help for building my website navigation system :

all my nodes have at least a taxonomy term, and those terms have a tree-like organization

Four Seasons

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Custom date function in drupal 6

I have a question from you.

I create an Custom function in the name Jdate() . in get standard date format and change it in to my date format in my local.

for example it get 2008 and change it to 1385 ( Persian date standard ) .

now I want to use it for change base or shown date function .

what is your suggestion for it ?

edit date function in common.php file or edit themplate.php file .

with editing common I have a changing basically in my drupal system and I don't like it but I think this way is better than template way.

Taxonomy and primary links

I was hoping someone with a little more experience maybe able to help explain the best practice relationship between taxonomy and primary links.

Suppose you have a site (a newspaper/ magazine) with the following categories (there will be children of these categories too):
News | Politics | Sport | Entertainment | Business

and three geographies:
USA | Asia | Europe | Africa

Now it is pretty straight forward that you'll have two vocabularies. One, "topic" for to classify the content according to whether it is News, Politics, Sport, Entertainment ... and two, "region" for the appropriate region.

Question: What is the best way to select your primary links?

Should you link your primary links just to one of the vocabularies or doesn't it matter. In this instance I'd imagine that it makes sense to have "topic" as your primary link.

Okay, suppose you decide to mix the primary links between "topics" and "regions" then the designer faces a problem. If a node cuts across two of the "primary links" and you want to highlight and active-trail how do you decide which to highlight? Or do you simply highlight both? Question: What is the best way to handle this?

The latter solution feels messy. I think you'd only want to highlight one category ... therefore I think, for this type of newspaper website, mixing vocabularies as primary links is wrong.

Using thumbnails with Wijering player

If you are using flash node with the Wijering media player and SWF Tools then it is very easy to set a thumbnail that will display before the movie plays. To do this we need to provide the player with the path to the thumbnail image via a flash variable.

To do this with flash node simply add image=/path/to/image/file to Flashvars, found under Advanced flash node options when creating/editing a node.

If you upload the thumbnail using the upload module then you can simply write image=image filename. In this case just attach the image file when you create the node and flash node, SWF Tools and Wijering player sort it all out between them. Don't forget to uncheck the "List" option of the uploaded image file, unless you want people to be able to download the thumbnail!

If you upload the file by some other means (e.g. FTP) so that it isn't in your Drupal files directory then you'll need to put the full path to the image, rather than just the filename.

Simple Image Border Problem in my Theme

Rather a simple problem here. At least I think it is...

For some reason, when I specify a border of 1 on my blog, NO border shows up...

I've gone into the CSS for the site and have even created a new class that has all the border properties I want (border-width, style, etc...) and then wrap that div around an image or apply the class to the image... and nothing... it's like the site repels image borders...

Any ideas?


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