Automatic email addresses to users through Sendmail/Postfix ?

I am considering setting up a new Drupal site with a function that each visitor that register a new account gets automatically also an email address like, but the big thing is, are there any kind of solutions for this or has someone done the similar before and how to do it ?

If there are no solution for this as of today I am ready to develop a such feature, but I dont want to develop anything and waste a lot of time when there are similar solutions almost or entirely finished for use.

xhtml conformity

I am completely new to drupal and I am considering to move my page to drupal.
It looks all really great but I am concerned about one point: what about xhtml conformity?
I was not able to find a statement or an entry in the feature list.
So my question is, how much effort is put into valid code output? Can I rely on drupal that
it gives me 100% xhtml valid code?

Happy 7th Birthday Drupal!

January 15, 2001 Drupal came into this world. Now our little Druplicon is all of 7 years old. I wonder if Dries and Karlijn are going to bake a cake or

Running Drupal using different database servers.


I am a new Drupal user and I am attempting to run Drupal using a database server besides mysql or pgsql. I am currently running Windows XP, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.5, and mysql 5.0. I want to be able to swap mysql out and use any other database server.

Theme Programming Assistance / Hourly

I am looking for a web designer that is comfortable converting mock-ups into Drupal sites. I have one small project to start with the potential for more if the work is done well. Please email david at the domain and send some links to designs you've implemented. If possible, please leave a phone number as well.

Kind Regards,

storing/displaying projects/works done

currently i have a section 'projects' to display sites i've made ( the information is being displayed by means of html, is there some sort of module or something i can set up with fields (preview image, title, website link,), etc, and continuously post it on to that page?


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