Multiple domains on one installation with one database?

Hi all,

This is my first post here, so I'm hoping that I've posted to the right place. I've spent quite some time searching, and can find similar posts but no specific answers to the question i've got buzzing around my head!

Before I go down the route of installing and learning how to use Drupal, which I'm really quite happy to do (and looking forward to!) could anyone just answer the following . . .

I have a site on one domain name ie.

I also have a similar site, but with different content, contact details etc etc, and I have this on, a totally seperate domain

I also have,,, etc etc

ALL domains are on the same hosting package, just in seperate folders on the server

Is it possible to create ONE Drupal installation, with ONE Mysql database that can serve all of the domains? Even if the sites look the same, with the same theme etc, that's not a problem (although different themes would be nice)

Also, would the individual person who's details and content is on each seperate domain be able to log into their area, and no other area, to make changes to site content?

Matchmaking / Dating / Personals / HotOrNot / PlentyOfFish - Doing it the same using Drupal

Hey all Drupallers!

I have searching around using the search form in Drupal, Drupal groups, etc... And, I can't seem to find a direct answer / solution to it. This group discussion ( doesn't point out any modules used.

Drupal Theme Garden Statistics

Few days ago, in a expectation of Drupal 6 release, we celebrated the first birthday of Drupal Theme Garden. By this occasion we are disclosing many interesting statistical data, gathered in a past year.">The statistics shown at the Theme Garden is based on the phpMyVisites installed on our server.

i wanna to make the module of internal search for my site using dpupal

Dear Developers

I am having problem while choosing different search techniques in Drupal. I want the frame work of internal search for my site and i am going to using CMS and trying to customizing.

i will be very grateful to u. if you advise me correctly


Install site is not link


I have installed apache/mysql using XAMPP. While installing in early stage I got a message that

Consider increasing your PHP memory limit to 16M to help prevent errors in the installation process. Increase the memory limit by editing the memory_limit parameter in the file /opt/lampp/etc/php.ini and then restart your web server (or contact your system administrator or hosting provider for assistance). See the Drupal requirements for more information. (Currently using PHP memory limit 8M)

Multiple themes in section module revisted

The old topic is at but seeing as that I am getting no response I have decided to recreate the topic and to build onto it.

So another thing I was thinking I could do was having some kind of code that I could put on the page itself to switch the banner image to another or something? of course this is a last resort solution but Is it possible? if so I would like to know and please understand my Drupal knowledge is int exactly expertise.


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