Looking for Drupal Programmer for Front End UI Design / Backend Database Conversion

I'm looking for a Drupal programmer to transfer data and re-design the UI of my website.


> installing drupal
> adding modules
> importing data from previous site (stored with MySQL database)
> importing blogs from wordpress (wordpress_import-5.x-1.x-dev)
> customizing page layout (PSD assets will be supplied)
> building and configuring views
> building and configuring menus
> enabling and styling blocks
> installing and configuring modules
> configuring user access / roles
> theme tweaking (never seen a site that didn't need a little work)
> server configuration


Modules: Share This


Sub categories

Each sub category has the items categorized by date as a default, with the option to sort alphabetically. Show only ones from the past week, month, or featured

Sub categories
Feature include multi-page features with Unique Images

Sub Categories
Ability to sort based on Title, Photographer, Date
Each Image appears with unique URL+ Share links

Sub categories
Blog list automatically updates order by post frequency
Color halo around image of blogger identifying recency of post
Import all current data from wordpress database
Unique RSS feeds

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hello all,
i want to be able to set permissions in a way so that anonymous users can only see the teasers and when they click to view the full entry they are redirected to a login page, which then takes them to full article after they fill in their login details.
I'm in immediate need of this, even if anyone could mention other cms systems which can do this for me would be very helpful.

thanks for all you help.

Drupal / Front End UI Design / Backend Database / Website

I have two projects and am looking for a drupal developer that has strong user interface design skills, along with strong project management skills.

The first project would be a classifieds ad website, very similar to craigslist, except this would be for just ONE city only. (There would not be 100+ cities like you see on the current CL site, just one.). Example sites I like for modelilng this include backpages.com, kijiji.com, and of course, craigslist. Remember, one city only.

Display list of attachments in teaser view for each node.

If you put this in your node.tpl.php, it will display a list of attachments in all teasers

   <?php if ($page == 0) {      // dont list them in full node view

Hosting Co. uncapable of hosting Drupal sites


I am very new to Drupal so please excuse my, I am sure, obvious question.

I red in some threads that certain companies cannot host Drupal sites. I wonder why. What is the limitation. Currently I use Free Virtual Servers http://www.freevirtualservers.com/.

Anybody knows whether I can use Drupal with them?

Many thanks


Help needed for relaunch of community site (Germany)

Hello there,

we are just about to relaunch the community / portal site skateboard.de in Drupal 5.
For this we would need a experienced Drupal Pro helping us to set up, customize and test the new site.
Google Maps Intergration is a major part of the work needed.

German speaking developers preferred. Best in Berlin or Munich.

Instersted? Contact me best via mail: gw@skateboard.de



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