Drupal themes and login.

I'm pretty sure Drupal will be the best CMS for me (though I'm not 100% sure yet) but my biggest problem is that there seem to be VERY few free, or not free themes. Does anyone have links to any good sites with more than a couple of mediocre themes? I don't even mind paying for pre-designed or custom themes but I'm finding very little support for how big of a CMS Drupal appears to be.

Also, is there a way I can avoid re-logging into this site every time I come? It isn't saving my login.

Dreamweaver Drupal theme extension survey

Hi Friends,
Thanking All for the supports extended to the project 'Dreamweaver Drupal theme extension' I would like to invite the dupal community to participate a survey pertinent to it.

1 Which version of the Drupal is impotant for you to be supported by DW extension, 5 or 6?

2 If the support for the both versions are important to you, How do you want the extension to be packed, A single extension or Seperate?

Kindly express your views at below blog.

Installing Drupal 6

This tutorial covers the installation of Drupal 6.

The video goes through each of the steps needed to properly setup Drupal including downloading, database set up and running the installation script. It also covers some common roadblocks and how to deal with them.

Lost in Images

I've been running Drupal on a number of non-work related project for more than two years. I'm now currently working on implementing/promoting Drupal for the Intranet at my "day job" which will be used by employees of various levels of skill in IT. One of the most confusing aspects about Drupal is finding the right suite of "image" modules from a usability point of view for my users. I'm not new to Drupal, but with regards to images I still feel like one confused newbie.

Most of my experience is with the Image module and/or IMCE (though still fuzzy whether they compete or complement one another). Image Picker and a host of other contributed modules also intrigue me.

So I have some questions for those with more experience in this matter, what suite/combination of image modules would you use to support a Drupal-based intranet? Which combination of modules makes the most sense from a usability point of view, especially when the user needs to upload images to the server, display/link to images in a post, and or display the images in a photo gallery? If someone asked you to produce a Drupal Installation profile for handling images, what image modules/configuration would you choose to include in that profile? If it helps to know, we will also be implementing a WYSIWYG editor, more than likely TinyMCE or FCKEditor.

Automatic taxonomy and link specific words in articles

I am looking for a module, function or solution which gives a site the ability to get automatic categorization/taxanomy and linking of specific words within specified area in each article under a node structure.

If I wants to build up a shopping cart (only an example so please do not suggest any shopping cart solution) and I want to give each product it's own article page where I can describe it and also also list which subparts it have, this is the the thing I want to auto category and link, those subparts (components) of the main product.

Calling menu hooks

How does one call the function associated with another module's menu hook?

For example how do I call admin/mymodule/myhook from another module?

Is there a specific drupal function to do this or is this even a good idea? I'm creating a module that will provide services to other modules and I want to expose an API via menu hooks.

Thanks for any help!!


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