Creating image galleries

The image gallery module lets you organize your image nodes into galleries, showing thumbnails that link to the image nodes. This levers Drupal's taxonomy, creating galleries as terms in a vocabulary.

  1. Enable the image gallery module
  2. Go to administer >> image galleries. You create galleries here the same way as taxonomy terms. Galleries can be nested.
  3. The module provides a menu item for your galleries, which is disabled by default. To enable it, go to admin >> build >> menu. Find the 'Image galleries' menu item in the Navigation menu settings (on Drupal 6 these are on a child page). Alternatively, you can create your own links and menus.

Galleries with Views

In versions 5.x-2.x-dev and 6.x-1.0 of the image module package, image galleries are optionally created with the Views module. This gives you considerable control over the display of image galleries. Install the Views module to get this functionality instead of the old built-in galleries, and enable the Views UI module to customize the views.

On Drupal 6

Zen Cart + Drupal 6.0 for online store with blog and forum, or Joomla with its extentions?

What I need:
1. Shopping cart
2. Blog
3. Fourm
4. Event Calendar(it can be simple)

Web2.0 style is appreciate(that means, each user can find blog of others, what others bought, what's commets from others for one goods, they can have their own group, etc...)

I'm new to Drupal, but it sounds attractive, pls give me some suggestion, I would really appreciate them, thx a lot....

Any recommended Forum, Blog, Event calendar for Drupal6.0?

Any recommended Forum, Blog, Event Calendar for Drupal6.0?
Need we integrate it with phpBB, wordPress and webCalendar?
so much effort to integrate them.

Drupal 6 - Consistent variable names for filters

In the User section, you can set the message you want to send to users. It allows you to use some variables that will be filled in when the message is actually sent.

User Variable Options:
!username, !site, !password, !uri, !uri_brief, !mailto, !date, !login_uri, !edit_uri, !login_url

Under trigger / Actions (module - off by default)... they are this:
%author ,%site_name, %username, %node_url, %node_type, %title, %teaser, %body,

Is this on purpose or just tow different paths for different modules?

Any Best Australian Hosting Solutions for Drupal?

Can any one suggest best Australian hosting company for Drupal?

Also if any one uses australian based hosting solution for hosting drupal website please share some info on the usability of webhosting interface and level support provided by the company.


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