Online Shop Application eg T-Shirt designer Printenator

i got an iquiry from a client who want his own online shop with a Product designer application.

I know he could buy certain shop software or a licence.

But is there a coder out there who has intrest and the power todo this for my client AND the community.
i think i would make it free avaiable to drupal.

Custom mail handling - drupal_mail_wrapper() changed

Drupal allows you to override its default mail handling, by setting the 'smtp_library' variable to a file name, and including in that file a function called drupal_mail_wrapper() that will send the mail. This function is called from drupal_mail_send() in Drupal 6.x, and from drupal_mail() in Drupal 5.x.

Changable content

Hi to everyone

I would like to make a changable content on my site. I would like that every day the content change itself. For example on mondys i would have content n1, on thuesdays content n2...

Can anyone tell me how?


Blocks Missing

I have created a new theme, and have been prepping it for Drupal 6. There's not much to it, so all I changed was putting in a .info file, and so forth. On my Drupal 6 installation, when using this theme there are many blocks missing, including Login and Navigation. They don't show up in the Blocks configuration page at all.

But when I switch to the Garland theme, they all show back up.

What would make them do this? Do I need to call them somehow? I've looked through the Garland code and don't see anything.


error after install D6rc2

I have error after install D6 Rc2 and enable my modules.

Warning: openlog() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/irdrupal/public_html/ on line 77

Warning: syslog() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/irdrupal/public_html/ on line 80

what is it?

my site is

JQUERY: Inserting a php statement in drupal_add_js()


I am trying to start my JQUERY statement like so:

$("div.block-user") ...

Except I want to replace the "block-user" with the name of the block module that I am calling.

I thought that I could simply add a statement like:

<?php print $block->module?>

But it seemingly doesn't recognise the php call from within the drupal_add_js() function.


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