New to Drupal 6


I'm rather confused about what has replaced _phptemplate_callback in Drupal 6. I'm in the midst of converting an old theme that I have from version 5. I've tried a few things and I can't seem to get it to work.

In the old version I had the following in template.php:

function phptemplate_aggregator_page_item($item) {
  static $last;
  $date = date('l, jS F Y', $item->timestamp);
  if ($date != $last) {
    $newdate = TRUE;
    $last = $date;
  } else {
    $newdate = FALSE;
  $result = db_query('SELECT c.title, c.cid FROM {aggregator_category_item} ci LEFT JOIN {aggregator_category} c ON ci.cid = c.cid WHERE ci.iid = %d ORDER BY c.title', $item->iid);
  $categories = array();
  while ($category = db_fetch_object($result)) {
    $categories[] = l($category->title, 'aggregator/categories/'. $category->cid);
  return _phptemplate_callback('aggregator_page_item', array('newdate' => $newdate, 'date' => $date, 'categories' => $categories, 'item' => $item));

And the following in aggregator_page_item.tpl.php:

 if ($newdate) {

 print $date

 print $item->title

 print date('H:i', $item->timestamp);

Is Drupal right for me?

I currently am using Wordpress and have reached the limits of its possibilities.

I need the following features for my website that I want to build:

Multiple Blogs
Static pages
User Forum that connects with blog
User pages (something like myspace)
Comparison shopping tool ( i dont know if one has been developed yet for drupal, but something that can tie in with users)
Video serving

Out-of-the box Wordpress is horrible for SEO purposes. Does Drupal have SEO improving plugins or hacks?

Great thanks everyone!

Creating a wiki format with Flexifilter

Flexifilter currently ships with a wiki format, but let's step through it so you can understand how it works.

  1. Go to the flexifilter administration area by clicking Administer -> Site Building -> Flexifilters, and click 'Add new flexifilter'.
  2. Set the label to 'Wiki'.
  3. Set the description to 'A flexifilter for a wiki'.
  4. Prepend with </nowiki>.
  5. Append with <nowiki>
  6. Do a chunk grab on </nowiki> and <nowiki>.
  7. Add several pattern-based text replace components:
  8. Replace ''' (three single dashes) with alternating <strong> and </strong>.
  9. Replace '' (two single dashes) with alternating <em> and </em>.
  10. Replace ==== (four equals signs) with alternating <h4> and </h4>
  11. Replace === (three equals signs) with alternating <h3> and </h3>
  12. Replace == (two equals signs) with alternating <h2> and </h2>
  13. Create a chunk grabber on [[ and ]].
  14. Add an IF component within the chunk grabber.
  15. Add the condition "text contains" with the parameter |.
  16. As subcomponents of this IF statement, prepend with <a href="/drupalwikipath/
  17. String replace | with ">.
  18. Append </a>.

Idea : integrate xmlrpc to menu system


Drupal menu system has nice advanced features. Why not integrate xmlrpc with menu ?

We need to create a menu item type XMLRPC_MENU_ITEM for example. The menu item will have the same features as other menu items. But the page callback will automatically call xmlrpc callback function. User can get a lot of xmlrpc servers then .. like q?node/users/12/xmlrpc/ will show that users' xmlrpc methods and allow others to call them .. I do not know if it is needed :-P .

May be it can reuse menu code !!

Modules, Install v 5 or 6, beginner skins, mysql v posgresql

Hi folks --

I am planning an online publication, and am quite new to php. I had started off setting up the site using b2evolution but even this early in the test/learn/plan/prep phase I have already outgrown it. I needed a more complex taxonomy and, well, when it comes to taxonomy it seems that Drupal rocks.


While I wish, further down the road, to have a sophisticated site with "Sections" like a newspaper, a sort of recursive taxonomy, multiple authors, at first I just wish to bang out some blog entries. Does Drupal do this just by installing the core or do i need to install modules as well? I am not trying to be lazy by asking -- i've already spent hours just reading docs on this site and have found descriptions of what various modules do, but I still don't understand what "plain vanilla" core Drupal does out-of-the-box (as it were).

So, can I just install Drupal out of the box and start blogging? Also, would I be complicating my life by planning to add other modules later on, i.e., is it necessary or preferable to install them at the same time as Drupal?

QUESTION 2: install 5 or 6?


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