Why doesn't gallery module use menu_set_location()? Also, gallery's breadcrumb is wrong.

I don't understand why the gallery module goes through so much work to set the page title and breadcrumb when all it needs to do is call menu_set_location(). I upgraded to a more recent release of the Gallery Module thinking that it would actually integrate with the menu system only to find that it only adds its OWN menu, it still doesn't integrate correctly (well, at least I don't think it operates the way I would expect...)

The gallery modules seem to think that a callback function and menu item is required to register within Drupal's menu system, but I don't think that is true. If Gallery would only take all of the work that it does to figure out the tree to (incorrectly) set the breadcrumb, and instead use menu_set_location, it would get the correct page title, the correct breadcrumb(and actually, I think it's currently doing this incorrectly too, see below), and way more: any menus that the user had set up to correspond to an album or item name would automatically become active, and any blocks that depended upon a certain link becoming active would show automatically. I'm pretty darn sure that this automatic behavior, this true menu integration, is what the menu_set_location function is for, and yet the gallery module doesn't use it. Why not?

Actor/Model Resume Module?


I am looking for a module that will allow someone to register and setup their profile for models/actors. I'd like to have a consistent look to the pages have the users enter their info pictures, video, audio etc...

Thanks for any help!

Help with Batch API - phpBB2Drupal

Hi all

I am trying to update the phpbb2drupal module to use the batch api for drupal 6, but well, not succeeding.

I have issue open at http://drupal.org/node/218966 where I am tracking this, but would love extra eyes as I am stumped. There is a patch in that queue to change the user import function (phpbb2drupal_import_users) to the batch API, but I cannot get it to work.

Just to simplify that patch, what I have done is something like changing this original code:

$user_ids = db_query('SELECT user_id FROM %susers WHERE user_id > 2 ORDER BY user_id', $pre);
while ($result = db_fetch_object($user_ids)) {
//Do the import stuff here - this is done once per User-id


if (!isset($context['sandbox']['progress'])) {
  $context['sandbox']['progress'] = 0;
  $context['sandbox']['user_row'] = 0;
  $user_count = db_result(db_query('SELECT COUNT(user_id) FROM %susers WHERE user_id > 2 ORDER BY user_id', $pre));
  $context['sandbox']['max'] = $usercount;


$limit = 5;
$user_ids = db_query_range('SELECT user_id FROM %susers WHERE user_id > 2 ORDER BY user_id', $pre, $context['sandbox']['user_row'], $limit);

while ($result = db_fetch_object($user_ids)) {
//Do import stuff here



Need help/info regarding project mgmt in Drupal

A while back, I looked at creating a site with Drupal (was either late 4.x or 5beta), and kept hitting roadblocks where it came to project management and the various modules available then.

Converting my CSS Theme to Drupal (Totally New to Drupal)

I have a css theme that I've built for a news site. I was recently using Joomla for the cms, but now I'm choosing to use Drupal for varies reasons (I just think Drupal is better that Joomla overall). The problem is that I do not as of yet grasp how to use Drupal. I've been reading tutorials here and there but they seem to only cover the basics. I need more dynamic examples. I'm not good with PHP which could be part of the problem as Drupal seems more for PHP Developers. I hear alot about CCK, Views, and Panels being basically foundation for building a site. What I need is a real world example for using this elements. My site has varies sections where article teasers/list are. I read about nodes and understand what they are and how to use them in a basic manner and about adding $content in the main content area in the page.tpl.php but what if my main content area has different content areas? Here's my CSS theme and maybe someone is willing to help me understand how to structure it correctly for use in drupal.
I'm not looking for someone to do it for me as I like learning own my own. I just need a push in the right direction!
Here it is:



Is Drupal the tool for my new project?


Untill present day I have coded my own applications or use a complex CMS called eZ publish, but the performance osf this tool is not, so to say, convincing.

I'm planning to start a new project, which bassically has to achieve the following features:


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