feed aggregator errors on 6.x

Newbie learning fast! 6.x - Feed Aggrigator - where (how) do I deal with this "The feed from Gulf News Online, Tech News seems to be broken, because of error "XML_ERR_NAME_REQUIRED" on line 8"

and "The feed from Xinhua, Business News, China seems to be broken, because of error "Mismatched tag" on line 6."

The URL is correct when accessed directly so I am lost. This is a tough one to find searching everything.

How to introduce Drupal to elementary school teachers with few knowledge about CMS?

For a school project I need to introduce Drupal to elemantary school teachers with few knowledge about CMS.
To prepare the presentation I have the following subjects:
* What is a CMS?
* What are the advantages of CMS (in general vs 'traditional websites')
* What is Drupal?
* What possibilities/features/modules/etc does the system have? (accounttypes, webbased agenda,...)
* How can one use Drupal in a school environment?

Drupal and the Desktop

Drupal and the Desktop covers getting Drupal to communicate with desktop applications. It uses C# and Drupal's XML-RPC Server to make a software application that posts stories to a website.


Full-time Drupal developer - Finland

Looking for a full-time Drupal developer in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Our company, Solidi, is concentrating in developing websites and web-software with Drupal. We're now looking for a Drupal-specific developer to come work with us.

Your job will be developing Drupal websites and modules. The projects will vary between mid-sized websites to webstores and large scale systems (for example a complex product registry). We are willing to help you grow in developing Drupal-software. So if you're not a 100%-ready developer, it's ok, we'll get better together! :)

Ixis IT Looking for a UK Developer to join the team

We're looking for a junior Drupal developer who is hungry to learn and ready to dive in on a diverse selection of Drupal orientated projects. We want to help you learn Drupal further whilst working on some great projects.

Your code may be shared with the open source community upon completion so good coding style and commenting is essential.

how to disable right click and save option??

i want to provide security for all uploaded images. So i want to disable rightclick and save option and print screen option for the whole website.


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