How to change RSS icon?

I would like to replace the RSS icon with a different icon. How would I do this? Is there a way to specify it from the theme instead of replacing the default icon?

D6 How to restrict menu item (Local task) to nodes of a given content-type

I've read the new menu documentation for D6 and implemented a hook_menu with the following code, which create a tab on each node .... fine.

Drupal 6 .po file location


I'm am testing out Drupal 6's translation capabilities and have a quick question... If I download, for example, the French translation package, do I then need to move each .po file to each module's translations directory, even for core modules like node.module? Or is there a central location I can place the whole package in? I like being able to place my custom modules in the sites/all/modules/ directory; I'd like to be able to place the French translation package in a folder such as sites/all/translations/fr/ which would be checked in addition to the standard locations. Perhaps this is already possible, but my searches didn't turn anything up.

When I look at the locale_batch_by_language function in, I see this line:

    $files = array_merge($files, file_scan_directory(dirname($component->filename) .'/translations', '(^|\.)'. $langcode .'\.po$', array('.', '..', 'CVS'), 0, FALSE));

I'm thinking that by adding the following line (and changing the SQL query to include the "type" column), it would support the centralized location option, assuming a standardized directory hierarchy:

    $files = array_merge($files, drupal_system_listing('\.po$', 'translations/' . $langcode . '/' . $component->type . 's/' . $component->name, 'filename', 0));

New website using the book module

I am in the process of developing a website, and I found Drupal after searching for "collaborative book". Right now I have Drupal installed, but finding the information that I need is strung out and hard to aggregate. I was hoping for some guidance in how to get Drupal to fit in my (albeit, flexible) paradigm; or if there are modules that exist for what I want to do. Here goes:

- One collaborative book to begin with. Multiple independent books could exist if the site gets popular.
- A menu structure for the book should have the chapters expanded, but pages contained underneath are hidden.
- The chapter structure needs to be "locked down" so no additional chapters can be created.
- When a user edits a page, versioning of that page is stored and is easy to navigate through.
- An administrator needs the ability to restore a version as the "live" version on the site.
- The ability for an administrator to "lock down" a page or chapter as a final revision. (I'm unsure whether the core security roles can accomplish this or not.)
- Users can attach a single image or multiple images to a page or chapter. Basically for illustrations to accompany the text.
- A voting system on the revisions would be great; to either a page or a full chapter. Perhaps a simple poll could accomplish this. Can a poll be attached to a page or chapter?

Limiting nodes displayed on front page

I want to limit the number of nodes displayed on the front page to the most recent 5. In my page-front.tpl.php all I do is call $content to print the nodes. Is there a simple way to restrict how many and which nodes are being called?

Here are a couple of options -- which is the best and "most drupal like"?

(1) Query the database and fetch the last five nodes sorted by however

(2) Use views ...

Should views be used for this. Looking for pointers as I am new to Drupal.


Image Block

The image module is installed but I want to resize the thumbnail, as it is too small. I read the documentation but there we not options to resize the thumbnail in any of the image module settings. Any ideas?



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