Drupal 6 Contact Form in a Block

Any idea how to put a contact form in a block for Drupal 6? I used to do it with http://drupal.org/node/166432 but it doesn't seem to work in 6. Also, why does Drupal 6 not include a PHP Input Filter. I had to create my own, which isn't hard, but I wasn't certain if the PHP Input Filter in Drupal 5 had anything special.

Use drupal accounts for other parts of site

I am thinking about moving my site to Drupal, but I need to know a few things. The most important is can I use the drupal logins created by users to control access to other parts of my site. Also, is the username easily stored in a session variable so I can use that login to control some dynamic content?


Custom login sequence

Thanks for any advice offered; I'm new to Drupal so I'm sure there will be something simple I've missed.

I am trying to modify the new user registration steps so that when a user registers a new account, they receive an email with a confirmation url (similar to the one-time login) that they have to click on to confirm their email address belongs to them. Only when they follow the url does Drupal email the administrator to say the user account needs to be approved.

The changes are mainly:

1) Suppression of administrator email on initial user account creation
2) New field added to user notification email with a confirmation url
3) New page handler for confirmation url that does a one-time validation check and then emails administrator to approve the user account.

Book menu doesn't translate

This has been posted elsewhere on these forums without a reply.

I've created a book and have it's navigation menu as a block on my site. The book menu works fine in the default language, but when I translate the book into other languages, the menu doesn't translate, even though the book page does.

Is there any solution to this? I need the book to be in several languages, so it would be great to have confirmation that this can or will work in the future before I add more content.

WTF - blocks???

This is very frustrating and I have no clue what the problem is.

1. all blocks generated by modules, and added manually show correctly.
2. the following code below, some how manages to make ALL blocks disappear, even with the cache cleared.

then when I remove that code, everything works fine again, this is not rocket science but I have never had this problem before until recently this has happened on two sites!!

feed aggregator errors on 6.x

Newbie learning fast! 6.x - Feed Aggrigator - where (how) do I deal with this "The feed from Gulf News Online, Tech News seems to be broken, because of error "XML_ERR_NAME_REQUIRED" on line 8"

and "The feed from Xinhua, Business News, China seems to be broken, because of error "Mismatched tag" on line 6."

The URL is correct when accessed directly so I am lost. This is a tough one to find searching everything.


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