Primary links as nice menus

This post is in the issue queue related to the Nice_menus module. It could be a help to a lot of people.

Basically you can use the theme_nice_menu_primary_links function like any other theme function. You can call it directly in your page.tpl.php or add it as a variable in your template.php.

Why Drupal Translation is not killer feature

Regarding to Dries Blog Post, which is or isn't killer feature, I will say, isnt. Why?
It doesn't make sense to me. How you are be able to translate everything but menus.

Ok, the way that drupal 6 translates content its cool, but still cannot understand why you have to use Contrib module for a built in feature.
This can be implemented so simple, just like the path module. so if you make a translation of menu it will be displayed else original language will be used.

nicEdit Module - Link transformation in forum not working.

Hi, i got the nicEdit Editor running but it makes problems

- Inside the forum link/URL transformation is not happening.
- Below the post edit it even displays that it would transform them.
- Input types -> FULL HTML all enabled.

On a sidenote,
Post split is not visible but is happening i belive.
removing amdin editor not working either.

Anyone has experienced these or can point me to a fix?


Creating dynamic field-input content type. Anyone know how?

I'm trying to figure out a way of presenting a user with a dynamic page where they can enter some information, then click a button to add a new input field in which they add more information. Each line would be saved as a separate node - but all nodes saved would be 'bundled' together..

As an example, imagine a user entering a list of college courses, all on one page (representing a single semester). They'd fill in some fields to describe a course, then click "Add New Course", which would create a series of new input fields where they'd add a new course.

Is it possible with Drupal to manage one blog for...


first iam new to Drupal and i never testet it bevor. Yet i will be able the next days to test it by myself.

Here is my question:

Is it possible to let each user to creat his own blog? I think yes?!.. alright

1. But is there a way to let some users get startet with one blog? That two or more users can work on only one blog?
2. Is there a function like in wordpress etc. to handel with rpc pings from other blogs?

Thank you very much!



Cut and Paste does not keep formatting

I have been trying to get Drupal setup so that if I cut-and-paste formatted text, that it will keep the formatting, including links to images, when pasted into Drupal on a page or a story. When I have tried to cut-and-paste it gives me text with no formatting and no pictures. I am running 6 RC2.


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