JQUERY: Inserting a php statement in drupal_add_js()


I am trying to start my JQUERY statement like so:

$("div.block-user") ...

Except I want to replace the "block-user" with the name of the block module that I am calling.

I thought that I could simply add a statement like:

<?php print $block->module?>

But it seemingly doesn't recognise the php call from within the drupal_add_js() function.

Adding PostrgeSQL schema to Drupal

Dear friends,

I am a newcomer on Drupal mailing list
and I would like to thank you all for developing this great tool.

I would like to integrate Drupal with existing web services.
Our database is running PostgreSQL 8.2+

PostgreSQL has a neat feature called schema.
A schema is some kind of logical partition in a database.
It is a more powerfull feature than table_prefix as it is more general and built-in.

In database.pgsql.inc, here is what I modified:

  if (isset($url['port'])) {
    $conn_string .= ' port='. urldecode($url['port']);
  if (isset($url['schema'])) {
    $schema .= urldecode($url['schema']);

  // pg_last_error() does not return a useful error message for database
  // connection errors. We must turn on error tracking to get at a good error
  // message, which will be stored in $php_errormsg.
  $track_errors_previous = ini_get('track_errors');
  ini_set('track_errors', 1);
  if ($schema !== '')
    @pg_query($this->db_connect_id, 'SET search_path TO ' . $schema);

  $connection = @pg_connect($conn_string);
  if (!$connection) {
    require_once './includes/unicode.inc';

I think it is a valuable addition, as it has zero impact on the existing code.

FAPI: Render and store some filter format settings separately

My xbbcode filter module uses its own table to store its extensive markup settings (tags, weights, etc.). Currently it uses its own settings page (admin/settings/xbbcode) to manage this configuration.

In an effort to make the module easier to configure per input format, I would like to move this form into the input format settings that are generated by hook_filter('settings'). However, this way does not seem to provide any way to avoid storing the settings in {variables}, nor do I know how to render the form as a table like it is now.

Hotel Online booking system

Can anyone help me, i need to do an online booking system for a hotel, with further custimisations. Will drupal help me with this? If not, can anyone give me any good hotel online booking systems with php and/ or java? Which maybe are open source or any package software which proves its good?



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Automatic email addresses to users through Sendmail/Postfix ?

I am considering setting up a new Drupal site with a function that each visitor that register a new account gets automatically also an email address like username@domain.com, but the big thing is, are there any kind of solutions for this or has someone done the similar before and how to do it ?

If there are no solution for this as of today I am ready to develop a such feature, but I dont want to develop anything and waste a lot of time when there are similar solutions almost or entirely finished for use.


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