Javascript substitution text

A new installation of flash node uses direct embedding to output the flash content, using the <object> and <embed> tags. That's fine for basic use but javascript methods have a number of advantages. In particular users who do not have flash and javascript will see some meaningful content in place of the animation, while a search engine such as Google will index the substitution content. To use javascript embedding you must download and install SWF Tools.

Example sites using flash node

You can get an idea of the sites that are using Drupal and flash node by following this link. This will open a query in Google that lists sites that are (probably!) using Drupal and flash node to create their flash content.

Drupal Coach/Ace trouble shooter needed

I have a full scale drupal site all finished and done. I need to form a relationship with a skilled drupal pro who can coach me when I have drupal questions, offer me site suggestions, make improvements etc. I am very much looking for a part time, contract person who can and will use the phone/skype to talk. I do not want someone who hides behind email to avoid personal contact. I have no problem hiring foreign professionals as long as you have excellent English skills.

Flash node input filter

When you install flash node it provides a new input filter. By enabling the filter as part of an input format you can you re-use content from a flash node in other nodes by using a "macro". By using flash node macros you can, for example, use the same flash material in several nodes, fine tune exactly where the flash appears in a node, and you can also use it as a quick way to add flash content to a block.

Macros are written in the format [flashnode|nid=<nid>] and placed in the body. You can pass optional parameters to manipulate the display of the Flash content by including them in the macro.

Parameters that can be used in a flash node macro are as follows:

  • width - set a specific width, in pixels
  • height - set a specific height, in pixels
  • scale - scale both width and height to a multiple of the original size
  • xscale - scale just the width to a multiple of the original size
  • yscale - scale just the height to a multiple of the original size
  • scalewidth - set a specific width, in pixels, and automatically adjust the height to maintain the aspect ratio

Highlight a tab in navigation bar based on taxonomy term

I have a navigation bar like:

Home | News | Features | Politics | Media | Sport

I have set up a template page-taxonomy.tpl.php that automatically displays the title and teaser when a navigation button is pressed.

Doing this places a class = "active" in the

How to download and install the latest version of drupal?

Hi Sir,
How can I download the latest version of Drupal?

I visited your official web site

But I could see only
DownloadDrupal 5.6.
Download Drupal 4.7.11
How can I download the latest version which you have mentioned in the above list bbox
ie Drupal 6.x

My michine's operating system is windows XP Professional.


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