Trouble trying to add extra submit functionality on an object via jquery

Hi all,

For the module, I'm currently working on, there is a page where multiple pieces of submitted content are shown to the user (the user can then allow/remove/etc this content from the site). I've been working with JQuery to bring down the request times on the site so the page does not have to be constantly reloaded. The functionality would be (for a given item):

1) Perform operation on item.
2) Get status back on item and show it in the assigned section.
3) Remove item from page if the status back was successful.

I initially had the page working with JQuery Forms but I have now learnt about the AHAH functionality that was added (and feel adding the important bit regarding displaying status info and performing the action would be better off in there). However, when I try to bind extra functionality to the form submit via an additional js file, it won't get performed (I first tried removing the ticket but am just hoping to get the intended alert to pop up without any issues). Any suggestions on what I may be doing incorrectly?

This is the js that I am adding in a separate js file:

  $ticket = $(this);
  $("form", $ticket).each(function(){
    $form = $(this);
    $form.bind("submit", function(){
      alert('yay, extra functionality worked');

Change Status Report on Drupal 6

I am setting up my server to host Drupal 6 on a IIS 5.

On the /admin page, it tells me "One or more problems were detected with your Drupal installation. Check the status report for more information." The only "problems" is that Update notifications is not enabled and the fact its on IIS is highlighted in yellow.

Since non-technical people will be administering the site and since I made changes to the core, I don't want the update notifications enabled but I also don't want people thinking there is a problem with their site when there really isn't.

ldap integration for drupal 6.0

Hi All,

Does anyone know if the ldap integration module will be available for drupal 6.0?

I have tried and tested 6.0 rc1 and it's fantastic. Most notably the improvement in the method in which books work over previous versions. I would like to begin to use drupal 6.0 in a closed environment the problem is that I need ldap integration :(

Can anyone shed any light?

Warm Regards

module naming convention feedback: HEAD, DEV, BETA, etc.

I would like to get feedback on what everyone thinks about module naming.
What file name should be used at what stage of development for the module?
Right now, there is no consistent naming between module developers.

Some modules are in endless DEV and the module is usable.
Some modules are DEV only when the developer feels it is not ready for testing and change to BETA when they feel it is OK to test.

What would the name be for a fix? For example, some developer releases a module as a point release 1.0 but users report an major bug. So the developer fixes the bug and releases a DEV version with the fix. Should this be the standard? Or should DEV only be for testing? And the developer should release a 1.01 point release for the fix?

Here is what I am thinking.

HEAD - base for all different branches of drupal. ie 4.7x, 5.x, 6.x Not for use. Not listed in update status module.
DEV - only for development, not even beta yet. Not listed in update status module.
ALPHA - have not seen anyone use it and maybe not necessary. kind of like DEV
BETA - some bugs, but ready for general public testing. the module will not cause major harm to the system. Listed in update status module.
RC - beta complete, if no bugs found then create a point release. Listed in update status module.

Advanced Profile Kit

The Advanced Profile Kit provides building blocks for putting together fancy user profile pages like those commonly found on social networking sites. It is meant to work with Page Manager / Panels, but the provided pieces can be used independently as well. The provided instructions are meant to get you up and running with a nice looking profile with no coding but are only one example of how this module can be used.

Brain-dead simple way to add media to content


I have been working on a way to transform Drupal into a terribly simple website management system. I use Drupal for all my clients, most of which are small businesses with 10-15 pages. It works very well for many things, such as content editing, user management, and document uploads.

But where Drupal really lacks in usability is a simple way to manage menus, blocks, forms, and media within the content. (images, flash, links to uploaded files) It seems easy enough for many of us, with Drupal experience, but for a first-time computer-illiterate user, Drupal is quite overwhelming.


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