RDF API concepts

Note that this document is not intended at introducing the RDF model or assorted specifications, but rather at introducing their specific application in the context of the RDF API for Drupal. If any of the basic concepts touched upon in the following are unfamiliar, you may wish to consult the RDF introduction and glossary before proceeding onwards.


A repository is a storage container for RDF data, and can be implemented, for instance, in terms of an in-memory triple store, a serialized file on disk, an RDBMS database, or even an RPC connection to a remote service.

For example, the RDF DB module implements RDBMS-backed repositories, and the RDF Import module allows any serialized RDF graph (e.g. an RDF/XML file) to be used as a read-only repository.

Drupal modules can define repositories by implementing the hook_rdf_repositories() hook.


Resource Description Framework (RDF)

The Resource Description Framework project is an ensemble of modules providing comprehensive RDF functionality and interoperability. In 2009, Stéphane "scor" Corlosquet and others published Produce and Consume Linked Data with Drupal! which presents the approach for using Drupal (or any other CMS) as a Linked Data producer and consumer platform.

Group level administration


The site I'm building needs to support creation of accounts with multiple users and an account administrator. Features I'd like to implement:

Various questions: Comments, OpenID, etc.

Hi there!

I'm in the process of moving my website to drupal (6). Currently I'm using a homebrewn CMS but I think drupal is the way to go. There are some things I can't get to work though and searching and irc'ing has brought me no further. So here's whats bugging me:

1. OpenID is nice. Very nice. So nice I want to make it the default and only login mechanism on my site. Right now when a user goes to user/login he has to follow yet another link for OpenID login. I don't like this. Is there no way to disable the default login mechanism alltogether? I think this should be a theme thing but I can't find any documentation here. Any hints?

2. I don't like the default way comments are handled in drupal. I'd like the current fields and everything stay just the way it is. But additionally there should be an OpenID field for those, who are not yet logged in. The data from OpenID should then be populated on my website. To sum it up:
required input: OpenID, comment text
optional input: comment title
output: comment, number, openID (linked)
-> optional output (if supplied by openID resource): website, email

Do I have to implement all that on my own? Or are there modules I haven't found out there which can help me with that?

Why doesn't gallery module use menu_set_location()? Also, gallery's breadcrumb is wrong.

I don't understand why the gallery module goes through so much work to set the page title and breadcrumb when all it needs to do is call menu_set_location(). I upgraded to a more recent release of the Gallery Module thinking that it would actually integrate with the menu system only to find that it only adds its OWN menu, it still doesn't integrate correctly (well, at least I don't think it operates the way I would expect...)

The gallery modules seem to think that a callback function and menu item is required to register within Drupal's menu system, but I don't think that is true. If Gallery would only take all of the work that it does to figure out the tree to (incorrectly) set the breadcrumb, and instead use menu_set_location, it would get the correct page title, the correct breadcrumb(and actually, I think it's currently doing this incorrectly too, see below), and way more: any menus that the user had set up to correspond to an album or item name would automatically become active, and any blocks that depended upon a certain link becoming active would show automatically. I'm pretty darn sure that this automatic behavior, this true menu integration, is what the menu_set_location function is for, and yet the gallery module doesn't use it. Why not?

Actor/Model Resume Module?


I am looking for a module that will allow someone to register and setup their profile for models/actors. I'd like to have a consistent look to the pages have the users enter their info pictures, video, audio etc...

Thanks for any help!


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