Interactive Knowledgebase/support site possible with Drupal?

I'm a Drupal newbie but almost certainly going to dive in over the next few months to redevelop my existing sites and some new ones. Drupal looks amazingly powerful.

For one of the new sites, I'm looking at developing an area where a user can enter a search term, choose the closest result and then follow a step-by-step diagnostic process to resolve their issue. So they'd get some text and/or image saying "Does it look like this?". If they answer "Yes" then page A loads, if they answer "No", then page B loads and so on.

community blogs

Hi everyone,
I am new here. One of my clients wants to setup a site with community blogs, i.e., each member can have a blog on this site. Does Drupal handle this? Would registration be automated like

If Drupal doesn't have such a feature, do you have any suggestions for a softwrae that can do this.

Thanks for any advise.

Layout Limitations in 6.0

I've been using Drupal for a week, and have gotten a basic feel for it, but now I've hit a wall in designing my site.

I've got a three-column theme for my front page (Amadou); and I've created three types of content: blogs, podcasts, and vidcasts. I'd like my blog entries to go into the left column of my front page and my podcast/vidcast entries to go into the center column. I'd also like three separate pages dedicated to archiving my blog, my podcast, and my vidcast.

I've gotten it through my head that the intuitive solution doesn't work: I can't simply enter

OG User Roles: Registration Codes

As of version 2.8, OGUR allows you to create registration codes to be used to subscribe to groups.

Some basic rules:

  • Registration codes can be used by users to subscribe to groups in *any* status: Open, closed, invite only and/or moderated.
  • There is a global setting (in OGUR Settings: to turn on registration code usage, but it is in the individual groups where group admins actually determine if a) the group will use registration codes and; b) what those codes will be.
  • A single registration code can only be used to subscribe to only one group.
  • Every registration code must be unique. It can NOT be duplicated in any other group.
  • "Anonymous" users can see the "Enter registration code" tab on the Groups listing page, but cannot enter registration codes here. Only valid users who are logged in, i.e. "authenticated", can enter registration codes on this page. Anonymous users can only use registration codes, if allowed, as part of the initial account signup process.

The process for using registration codes:

  1. In OGUR settings ( click on Allow Group Admins to define Registration Codes for new group subscribers to moderated groups option. This will create a new Registration code for new subscribers to this group setting in all groups.

creating second-level pages

I'm new to Drupal and could use some general advice. I don't know what keywords relate to what I'm looking to do, so I can't do a relevant search to answer my question. But what I want to accomplish is simple to describe.

I'm building a site that will feature a blog, a podcast, and a vidcast on its front page. I understand blocks well enough at this point that I can bring these three types of content onto my front page. All well and good.

But what I also want are second level pages for my blog, podcast, and vidcast, at these URLs:

So if you visit you'll have a more detailed directory of my podcasts than what you would get on my front page. Where the front page would simply link to my podcasts by title, the page would also include show summaries. And the archive of shows on the page would go back much further.

Similarly, some of my blog entries might have photos. These photos will never show up next to the blog entry on my front page, but they would show up next to the entry on the page.

Can somebody tell me the basics of configuring these blog, podcast, and vidcast second level pages, so that new content automatically ends up not just on the front page but also on the appropriate second level page?

Are these things possible

I'm new to drupal and just downloaded the 6.0
I am curious if it the following is possible when a new user registers:

can I let the new user choose between 2 different accounts (with different profiles)
So when he chooses the first option he will only have to fill in his name and some other stuff, but when he is choosing the second option he will be asked for other information like address and phone number or something.
So I need to define 2 different forms (profiles) for 2 different user accounts.


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