SEO and Drupal

Can any one look at this site and tell me if there is a problem ie
duplicate content .
Peter Carey is very well known Australian author who now has his own

From a SEO perspective, he's his own worst competition because he's
been writing for many years, has over 20 books, one was made into a
movie, and he also won the Booker Prize for fiction twice. So there
are hundreds of sites he has to compete with even for his own name and
his book titles.

Voting, rating, and evaluation modules

These modules will help you (or your users) rate and evaluate content or users on your site.

Are all nodes in the same db table?

Just wondering if all content/pages in Drupal are in the same table in the db?

Eg, news stories, articles, forum threads etc Are they all in the same table? (I guess to make it easier to move from one section to another?)


Drupal 6 or Drupal 5 Redevelopment.

This is my first post on Drupal, so apologies if I've placed this in the wrong forum. I'm normally happy to sit and read from the sidelines, however new years resolutions and all...I'm jumping in!

I've already got a drupal website in version 5, I understand Taxonomies! I'd like to redevelop my site. What would the experts recommend, a redevelopment in version 5 or just jump to 6rc2 and have the patience for CCK to be updated alongside it?

I realise that there is no wrong or right answer, just thought someone might have a view?

Taxonomy / Modifications / Configuration - Developer Needed

Hello people!
I'm fairly new with at Drupal but I am convinced this is the system I need for the site I want.
However, I am more of a designer than a programmer, so this is were me asking for your help comes in.

First of all, I don't want to give anybody a headache, so I will say this is a project that I can only
start in 4 weeks from now, however since I'm in the planning of it I want to be prepared with what
my budget needs to be and what time line to expect. So I really appreciate the help and your thoughts
on this project.

avatar for aggregator feeds?

Is there a possibility (which I don't know) to place an avatar picture beside a feed in the aggregator page?


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