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What cms they use to build this type of website?


Helpers Theme Functions


theme_empty_placeholder($message = NULL)

Theme an "empty" placeholder.

  • Calling parameters
  • $message
    Optional. Provide a translated message string.
  • Return
  • a string that can be used as placeholder for non existing content. Defaults to a translated "not available."

theme_read_more($path, $title = NULL)

Function to consistently theme "read more" links. Core patch pending at http://drupal.org/node/69571

Seeking Full time Drupal Developer in Washington D.C. Metro Area

Blackbarn Media, a premier provider of custom web applications, Open Source content management system implementations, and high-end interactive and print design is seeking to expand our development team. We are looking for a full-time Drupal developer with a strong skill set in customizing modules. We're focused on one large roll-out right now, but also have many other ongoing projects utilizing Drupal and Joomla. The right candidate would assist with the large roll-out if they are senior enough or work with our smaller projects if they are junior level.


Has anyone used theme_menu_item to set an "active-trail" class for their primary links. If so I am stuck on how best to implement it through a block of menu (primary) links.

Any pointers much appreciated.

Active trail in primary links: PLEASE HELP

Please can someone help with this. I have a very simple site and taxonomy. The taxonony is:

1) News
1.1) US
1.2) Europe
1.3) Rest of World

2) Sport
2.1) Football
2.2) Baseball


Whenever I create a new node you can only select one taxonomy term. For instance News-Rest of World.

In this case the term is Rest of World and the parent is News.

My primary links are simply driven off the taxonomy eg, by linking to taxonomy/term/3/all where term 3 is News. This displays a list of all the nodes filed under US, Europe of Rest of World. Using either theme_links or displaying the primary links as a menu block I can generate an active class allowing me to highlight the primary link the tab falls under

The problem is when I click on a single node. This node will have been filed under "Rest of World" but when I display the full node the primary link loses its tab.

I have developed a workaround to query the database to find the parent and I can overide theme_links() to highlight the tab. The query code is stored in the page-node.tpl.php file and is:

= db_result(db_query("SELECT tid FROM {term_node} WHERE nid = $node->nid"));
= db_result(db_query("SELECT h.parent, d.tid FROM {term_data} d INNER JOIN {term_hierarchy} h ON d.tid = h.tid WHERE d.tid = $result"));

CCK Imagefield Bulk Import

This is my goal.

Has it been done?

Any Suggestions, Comments, Smart Remarks?


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