drupal 6 WYSIWYG editor

does anybody know of a drupal 6 WYSIWYG editor?


SUGGESTION - User posts summary in user profile

i just thought about this feature which i really miss in many forum software and for drupal user submitted content overall.

To have a user profil post summary.

Where you can easy keep track on your submitted posts, without the hazzle of searchign it everytime and such.

Ok maybe ther eis a module which gives you this, but i think this would extend the user functionality greatly :D


Attached Images want show up

hello, i enabled the "Attached Images" Block from SITEBUILDING ---> BLOCKS but it shows not up, i have attached images.

the random Images Block works fine though, but i miss more custom settings, eg. specific image gallerie folder or usch as custom folder assigning.


Creating a better email campaign module

I am looking to create a module that will bring the features of the popular website iContact.com to Drupal.  While it would take months of development to create a module that did everything that iContact does, I believe we can start with the following features and build from there:

Drupal 4.7.x Themes

Is anybody still downloading Drupal 4.7 Themes?

Is there any conditional tags for Drupal to particular thing on particular page

I have finished my drupal theme and want to add some stuffs on homepage only but I dont know how to that. Possible Its possible with conditional tags like wordpress conditional tags . For example If you put is_page(name) on the template file then that particular thing inside this tag will only appear on that particular post.

please tell me how can I add that


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