Log In when box is hidden???

I just installed Drupal, having no problems. However, I accidentally clicked log-out, but I set the log-in box thingy to be hidden (it defaults to the left hand side menu). So... how do I log back in?

I'd rather keep that log-in box hidden because I will be the only user who will be using the site, so I don't want everybody to have to look at the log-in box.


multi language front page in 6.0

Is there anyway to make the front page respect the language the user is reading in.

I have translated several stories to both english and spanish. When I have a user that has his/her default language in english, I want just the english translated nodes to show up in the front page. Right now, my front page shows both english and spanish regardless of what the user's languge is set to.

any help?


phpBB3 integration


I have installed latest version of Drupal and phpBB3 on my local server (wamp).

I've read this article about how to integrate phpBB3 in drupal (with the module phpBB).


I've done everything like it says, but I still have a problem.

When I create a new account on drupal, I see in the mysql database that the user is also in the phpBB database (nice so far).

Sites with two languages - help needed

I would need a button to my Drupal site, where visitors could change the language of the content and links. I can't figure out a way to do this. Could some one help me?

Server error (500) - Apparmor


Considering this is related to the new 6.x Drupal, I don't know whether to consider it a "problem" or a "bug"/"issue", but here it goes anyway:

I have extracted the archive and pointed the browser to the site. I get this: The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there was an error in a CGI script.


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