A very simple problem. (And probably a very simple answer)

I am trying to override the function theme_node_submitted(). I place the code below in my template.php file, but nothing happens. Any help is appreciated.

function phptemplate_node_submitted($node) {
  return t('This is a test... !username on @datetime',
      '!username' => theme('username', $node),
      '@datetime' => format_date($node->created, 'custom', 'M d, y'),

[REQ] Invision <> Drupal module


I was wondering if anyone has concidered making a module for drupal that just allows it to connect to Invision powerboard and starts to use Invision's user database instead of Drupals. Would this be possible at all and if so who can help?


Editing block code

Greetings all. I expect this is a very simple question, but when you are lost, everything seems difficult.

I work for a smaller company and our website was outsourced and built in Drupel 6. There are several blocks on the homepage I would like to edit, but under "Site Building" --> "Blocks" I find that some have "Block Body" where the code can be edited, and some do not. Does anyone know what would cause this or where to change the properties for a given block?

Much appreciated to all the community for this stellar tool.

Robert Bunch

Taxonomy Image APIs

Taxonomy Image APIs

taxonomy_image_display($tid, $tags = null, $profile = null, $overrides = array())

Display the image associated with the given term id.

Displaying content on page

First i am noob about drupal and i like it!
So i created the new page but how do i add content(news) on it???when i write new article it shows up on front page but i want it on another page...

Great Job

Wow, this thing is amazing. After reading the getting started doc, I was up and running the starter site in about 15 minutes. I never thought I'd want to go the CMS route, but now I may never write a site from scratch again. Really great job, folks... NBB


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