Hello, totally new to Drupal and decided to go 6.x-rc2. I am a bit confused about the menus. I don't see any docs that refer to D6.x menus and everything I read is that the menus are totally rewritten and different. Is there a step by step explanation about the menus somewhere? How about a complete version 6 manual even if it is still a work in progress?

Access Denied: Sites folder, wont let me delete!!! (going crazy)

I tried giving myself permission, i even tried setting permission to 7 7 7, and no matter what i do, i cannot get rid of this folder, nor any of the settings.php files in there individually.

im trying to get a clean install of drupal, and these monsters wont die. wtf do i do?

Theme installation

I've uploaded 2 themes to the theme folder. but it did appear in the themes administration panel. i tried to follow some topics about them engine, bu it didnt work.
any help around?
Thank you


I set up a role for a specific user. How do I attach the role to a user/group?

SEO for images

Rewriting my site that previously was runing xoops CMS. Well i don't like that it has no SEO friendly paths:, and file name of image I already worked a lot with engine/teplate of xoops, but now considering drupal. I instaled version 6. with image and pathauto modules.

Support for Drupal 6

In drupal handbooks there is no link for Drupal 6. Where can I find information about installing Drupal 6, for example?


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