Contact form sends HTML


using Drupal 6 and nicEdit (and Gmail)

Somehow the Contact Form comes with HTML:

ho are you?

Is it in Drupal, or nicEdit, or Gmail?
And what can I do in order to prevent this and send only plain text?


Panels 2: Creating a mini panel and passing arguments through context


Passing an argument from the URL into a block is a common thing. The idea is that the content of a block will change according to what is viewed. For example, we would like a block to show us all the taxonomy terms of a certain node. For this reason we need to pass to the block the argument of the node id (nid). In the following url http://xxx/node/123 argument number 1, which we will call %1, and is equal to 123.

When creating a mini panel, you get the functionality of Panel pages, but the outcome is a block that can be either configured through the blocks admin (http://xxx/admin/build/block), or added to a panel page.


  • Panels
  • Panel pages
  • Mini panels
  • Views


  • Create a mini panel that shows the comments the currently signed-in user has written in the currently viewed page.
  • Enable the block on nodes.


  1. Create a view according to the requirement- user_comments_per_node. (Example attached at bottom of page.)
  2. We need to prepare the integration of our view 'user_comments_per_node' with panels.
    1. Go to Admin, Panels, Views, or http://xxx/admin/panels/views.

Can't set database host with Konqueror on Drupal 6 RC2

Hello everyone,

when installing Drupal 6 RC2, Konqueror 3.5.5 is unable to expand the "Advanced options" pane on the installation page. Is this a known/interesting issue and where would I report it? I'm not too familiar with Drupal bug tracking...

Many thanks in advance!

Upgrade from 6.0 RC2 to 6.0 Stable

Hey all. i am new to drupal....I used joomla for 1,5 years... but 2 weeks ago installed drupal 6.0 rc2...and was amazed by flexibility and ability to make many customizations.

The question is if I install the RC2 to a production site...and when RC3 will be shipped or later 6.0 Final - won't it be a problem of online upgrade of the site from RC2 to Stable version ?

And when approximately the stable release will be shipped?

Thanks a lot for your responses.


Helpers Form Functions


countries_select_for_form($title = '', $default_value = NULL, $required = FALSE, $description = '', $multiple = FALSE)

Build a form-structure filled with countries; this can be used in a select list.

Helpers Node Functions



Find out if the current page is a node page.

  • Calling parameters
  • none
  • Return
  • TRUE
    if the page is a node,
    if it is another page.


Grab the current 'active' node. An active node is the one node 123 as shown on page with path node/123, or its aliased path(s).


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