Pluralism Template Ported to Drupal 6 Theme

After a Toronto Drupal User Group meet up discussion and presentation by walkah on the changes to Drupal's theme system for Drupal 6, I was inspired to create and share a Drupal theme for Drupal 6 with the community. I looked around and found the Pluralism template and thought it was a good candidate to create the new theme.

Multistep Forms Drupal 6

I haven't found many examples of multistep forms in Drupal 6. I know they implement a new system for this in 6 but I have yet to stumble across any information about it outside of the Drupal API, which is not always as descriptive as I would like. Any help would be appreciated.

Drupal Development Schedule

When companies like Microsoft or Apple plan to release a new version of their software, they give developers plenty of advance notice so that they have time to update their code and plan for the new release.

Drupal of course also provides advance notice, and Drupal 6 is currently at RC1 which gives developers and users a chance to try out the new features and become familiar with it. However, Drupal does not offer any set development dates:

Comparison of CCK/Taxonomy Modules

"There is more than one way to do it™." This philosophy isn’t limited to Perl; it generally extends to open source software itself. Likewise, there are four modules that are intended to integrate taxonomy fields into the Content Construction Kit (CCK) for Drupal; these modules have been identified to have similar or overlapping functionality. Below is a list of the 4 modules.

Name / Project link Jump 5.x 6.x 7.x
Taxonomy Super Select Only local images are allowed.
Content Taxonomy Only local images are allowed.

HELP -- Lost admin site!


My site runs two themes ... I user theme that I have built myself and Bluemarine as the admin theme. I was just changing the theme defaults today when I accidently clicked on a particular theme that was an evolution of my user but wasn't working properly. Two things happened:

1) My user theme has screwed up -- no big deal

2) I can't get into ANY admin part of the website. Any admin area I go to I get the following message:

Page not found
The requested page could not be found.

Albeit nicely displayed in the Bluemarine theme

Email on Specific Content Add/Create/delete

In a system where users will be able to make their own appointments, I would like an email address to be emailed any time a change, addition or entry is deleted.

I would also like the content to be present in the email.

Is there a module out there that would help


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