Need help

Hello All,

I'm new to drupal and new to creating websites. I'm looking to put a banner across the top of my website or maybe in the header? Please help

Thank you.

Social network / Facebook framework for Drupal

I am curious if anyone has recommendations for me as I look towards a new Drupal-based site and trying to integrate a lot of features common to social networks like Facebook into it.

Is there a frame work that has been previously developed for Drupal that might be a good place to start or is this something that we'd have to develop from the ground up?

Just to be clear: we aren't looking for implementation with existing social networks, but instead would like to create a new community for a specific group of users.

When will Drupal 6 finally be released?

I'm having trouble finding any information about when Drupal 6 is coming out for real. Any information out there? Should I wait a bit to start new projects so that I can take advantage of the new features in Drupal 6?

Thanks for any advice.

User edited taxonomy ... suggestions

Completely new to Drupal, very impressed! Wow!

Sorry if this has been answered 10 million times and i could not find it.

I am looking to put on my site a method for the user to add a category or subcategory ( or sub subcategory etc.) as they see fit.

Any suggestions to the better modules (if any for this).

Thank you in advance.

How to change RSS icon?

I would like to replace the RSS icon with a different icon. How would I do this? Is there a way to specify it from the theme instead of replacing the default icon?

D6 How to restrict menu item (Local task) to nodes of a given content-type

I've read the new menu documentation for D6 and implemented a hook_menu with the following code, which create a tab on each node .... fine.


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