Replicate "Create Story" Functionality

I'm building a news site with Drupal. I want to write a cron that picks up the news stories from XML files and inserts them into the Drupal database. Is there a way to replicate the functionality of the "Create Story" page at "/node/add/story"? Methods available via the API perhaps? Or, if there is any documentation that describes exactly what tables are updated when a new story is added?


Triggerblock: an empty block that triggers when viewed.

This code defines a module that exposes a block and a trigger. The trigger will be fired when the special trigger block is shown. The trigger block itself only contains HTML comments.

Language Support in Drupal 6

If you are looking for more information about Language support in Drupal 6, please use the Multilingual handbook.

This is a screencast by birdmanx35, created for a GHOP task.

You can find the screencast at, and download it here. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 United States License.


  • Installing Drupal 6
    • Click "Learn how to install Drupal in other languages".
    • Download a translation file.
    • Select and install the install.po file.
    • Install as normal in the comfort of your native language.
    • After installation, configure your language, and reimport the other .po file.
    • Set up path-based language selection.
  • Translation
    • Enable the Content translation module.
    • Configure the content types to allow translation.
    • Translate some content!
    • Translating the interface- see the links.


    Correct XHTML Media Types


    While researching for my own website I stumbled upon this page from the W3C: (Also take a look at 3.5 Summary)

    As you can see, Drupal 6 should use the media type "application/xhtml+xml" instead of "text/html", because the drupals doctype say it's XHTML.

    drupal and Joomla slow cache versus "excellent database-crash-proof spip on-file cahing method" (bypassing php and SQL)

    Drupal is as much more powerful, efficient, and serious than Joomla 1.5 as Joomla is to Spip.
    I know that on-file cache system disturbs orthodoxy of most square minded php real geniuses but I never said that spip cache mecanism is perfect... it is simply excellent because your site keeps working full speed in case of database crash or sql server maintenance or even during activity peaks after someone talked about your site on CNN.

    Home page domain name


    I am new to drupal and I am trying my hardest to get going but I could do with a little help from a kind soul out there...

    When a user types in into the address bar, I would like them to see instead of

    How could I achieve this?

    Many thanks,


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