v6 rc4 Front page returning wrong user ID !

I'm not sure what's happening yet, just want to get more eyes on it.
We have a new v6rc4 installation for testing, only a couple user IDs created.
When I login as 'xx' my front page shows user 'yy'.
I was just told that the 'yy' user shows 'xx'.
This situation is corrected on the screen after clicking any item in navigation.
Both xx and yy are administrators, so I can't tell if xx really has yy permissions or if it's just showing the wrong user ID.

login redirect blank page

I just recently installed Drupal 6. It was working fine till I installed the login destination module. I have noticed that after login it will redirect to a blank page also when logging out. Now even with the module disabled I always need to manually refresh the page after I login and logout. Has anyone experienced this?

Who will be the first to start hosting 6.0?


I recently let my Site5 hosting expire but have need to re-establish a new Drupal Site (for my sons' Cub Scout Pack). I have been playing around with V6.0 and am reluctant to return to an earlier version (nice job everyone!).

So, now that it has been released, does anyone know when 6.0 will come online?



Converting 5.x hook_menu to 6.x

Tried to find some documentation on this that includes examples I can use, but couldn't. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

According to http://drupal.org/node/103114, I assume that everything that went into D5 hook_menu $may_cache stays in hook_menu() (with new syntax). It also appears that everything that was !$may_cache goes into hook_init(). But, I don't see the syntax for that.

So, for example, in 5.x my hook_menu() is:
$items = array();

if ($may_cache) {
$items[] = array(
'path' => 'admin/og/og_user_roles',
'title' => t('Organic groups user roles'),
'description' => t('Allows group administrators to add members into group roles.'),
'callback' => 'drupal_get_form',
'callback arguments' => 'og_user_roles_admin_settings',
'access' => user_access('administer og_user_roles'),
else {
// modr8 modification
if (module_exists('modr8')) {
if (arg(0) == 'node' && is_numeric(arg(1))) {
$node = node_load(arg(1));
if (!empty($node) && $node->moderate) {
$items[] = array('path' => 'node/'. $node->nid .'/ogmodr8', 'title' => t('Moderate'),
'callback' => og_user_roles_modr8_page,
'callback arguments' => $node->nid,
'access' => user_access('moderate content'),

Drupal 6 install fails after adding tables to DB

On Fedora Core 8, a test install on MySQL 5.0.45-6 fails after addition of all tables to DB with following error:

An HTTP error 501 occurred.

Apache is version 2.2.6-3 and PHP is 5.2.4-3. phpinfo() show mysqli support available. Since this is just a test, I chmod'd everything 777 under the Drupal/Web root, but no change.

Any thoughts, anyone?



Not-for-profit artists cooperative looking for a drupal developer

I represent an emerging artist cooperative that is about to launch a national campaign. We want to create a website we can grow with and one that reflects our creative and socially activist mission. We would like to partner with a drupal developer in an ongoing paid and/or co-op relationship. This is a great opportunity if you also happen to be an artist, especially a musician seeking opportunities to grow your audience on a regional and national level. Please contact me ASAP if you're interested in hearing more about our project.



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