Display list of attachments in teaser view for each node.

If you put this in your node.tpl.php, it will display a list of attachments in all teasers

   <?php if ($page == 0) {      // dont list them in full node view

Hosting Co. uncapable of hosting Drupal sites


I am very new to Drupal so please excuse my, I am sure, obvious question.

I red in some threads that certain companies cannot host Drupal sites. I wonder why. What is the limitation. Currently I use Free Virtual Servers http://www.freevirtualservers.com/.

Anybody knows whether I can use Drupal with them?

Many thanks


Help needed for relaunch of community site (Germany)

Hello there,

we are just about to relaunch the community / portal site skateboard.de in Drupal 5.
For this we would need a experienced Drupal Pro helping us to set up, customize and test the new site.
Google Maps Intergration is a major part of the work needed.

German speaking developers preferred. Best in Berlin or Munich.

Instersted? Contact me best via mail: gw@skateboard.de


Adding CSS in node

I'd like to override the theme style.css sheet for an individual node. How do I go about this?

Ideally I'd like to do this using only CSS, so have something like this in my node:

hr {color: sienna}
p {margin-left: 20px}
body {background-image: url("images/back40.gif")}

The problem is, how do I access the node *head*. i.e.: where do I put in the local CSS tags?

Sorry, I'm sure this gets asked a lot. I did a search but couldn't find anything.

Fast cache on files

I know there were some issues on storing files of cache to retrieve them fast.

My solution was - creat subdirectiry structure like squid-cache uses.

But there was a problem - we do not know when cache old or not.
My solution was - checkpoint variable to differ old cache content from new content to know when just recache it.

Of course this structure can grow without limitations -but it's not a problem make cron script to just remove files from cache

cache need files/cache directory
Here my custom cache.inc is:

* Filecache by Ilya V. "brainstorm" Azarov, brainstorm.name
class cache_cc{
var $data, $created, $expire, $headers, $checkpoint;
function cache_cc($c){
$this->data = $c['data'];
$this->created = $c['created'];
$this->expire = $c['expire'];
$this->headers = $c['headers'];
$this->checkpoint = $c['checkpoint'];

function filecache_get_checkpoint($table){
if($table == 'filecache_checkpoint') return 0;
$key = $table;
$lock = filecache_lockpath('filecache_checkpoint', $key);
$dir = filecache_md5path('filecache_checkpoint', $key);
$src = filecache_name('filecache_checkpoint', $key);
$f = fopen($lock, 'w+');
if(flock($f, LOCK_SH) && file_exists($src) ){
$cache = @unserialize(file_get_contents($src) );
$checkpoint = $cache['data'] ['checkpoint'];
flock($f, LOCK_UN);

How does one ... create an image gallery that is specific to a node + easy image uploads for users.

I have combed the forums and interrogated the people in #drupal-support.... so far i have not found or possibly overlooked the solution to my "ambiguously easy" image gallery problem.

I am in search of a simple way to add an image gallery to custom node types (node-example.tpl.php). Essentially a user-roll of my choice needs to be able to create content by selecting the appropriate node type of their choice. Upon creation all users that have permissions will then be able to "edit the node" and simply upload images to the node's gallery ... and then choose what picture will appear as the "showcase pic" which will be the main picture of the node.

This procedure will work for many different purposes ... however the project i am currently working on is a real estate site. where agents need to be able to login ... and simply add a property node.

I have looked at node_image.module but i havent been able to get it working. I install it and enable it ..... and then go to add an image and when i hit upload or submit nothing happens. The page changes like it should when you hit submit but the image is not added to the node's gallery.


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