register_globals is enabled

I got this when I install 6.0 on

Requirements problem
The following error must be resolved before you can continue the installation process:
register_globals is enabled. Drupal requires this configuration directive to be disabled. Your site may not be secure when register_globals is enabled. The PHP manual has instructions for how to change configuration settings. (Currently using PHP register globals Enabled ('1'))

Please check the error messages and try again.

Auto Assign Role

The Auto Assign Role module serves two primary purposes. The first is to provide an automatic assignment of roles when a new account is created. The second is to allow the end user the option of choosing their own roles when they create their account. The administrator has full control over these functions and can have them working together or independently of each other.

General Administration

After installing the module you will want to navigate to admin/user/access to grant access to the appropriate roles. The administration page for this module is at admin/user/autoassignrole in Drupal 6 or admin/config/people/autoassignrole in Drupal 7. There are two primary categories of functionality can be quickly enabled or disabled from the admin page. In order for either type of role assignment to work you will need to make sure to click the enable button on the admin page and select the roles to be used in the process.

hook_form_alter Drupal 6

What I am trying to do is just change the user-login-form, to have Request a new password to not show up. I know I can do a display: none in CSS and I can just modify the core code. But, I would just rather not have it in the view source of the browser, and changing the core causes too many problems upgrading. And most of all, I am trying to learn all the hooks. So, why will the following code not change the $form['links'] inside of the user_login block. The name of the module is mod_theme.

function mod_theme_alter_form(&$form, $form_state, $form_id) {
  if ($form_id == 'user-login-form') {
    if (variable_get('user_register', 1)) {
      $form['links'] = array(
        '#value' => l(t('Create new account'), 'user/register', array('title' => t('Create a new user account.'))),

We are searching for a programmer who can develop a system to judge service providers.

Specification of the judgement system:
• The user should be able to judge the service providers in different criteria
• The user should be able to compare the selected service providers in an overview

The system should also include:
• Forum
• Picture gallery
• News system
• And some other small features

The concept and the content items are ready.
More information about this project you will get per pm.


1. News system
2. Forum – SMF
3. Registration for normal user
4. Registration for service provider
5. profile management for service providers with additional options like: features depending on categories, payable services, gallery, calendar, comments with possibility to respond, judgement profile)
6. before registration of new service provider, check with AJAX whether service provider already exist
7. overviews of service providers: together in a list or detailed with gallery
8. The user should be able to compare the selected service providers in an overview
9. search function: Name, city, category
10. The user should be able to judge the service providers in different criteria
11. Administrator menu:
- selection of user and possibility to change all functions and data,
- management of service providers in and between different categories

Can you choose Custom URLs with Drupal


I want to migrate some existing (static manual) sites to a CMS, I'm considering Joomla and Drupal.

It's important to me that I can keep the existing urls, in Drupal is there a way to specify a custom url for a 'page' (general page, not drupal page)?


Sharing Content: Groups versus Spaces versus Sites

Today Drupal provides support for content sharing in various ways:


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