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I am new to drupal and I am trying my hardest to get going but I could do with a little help from a kind soul out there...

When a user types in www.exposcostablanca.com into the address bar, I would like them to see http://www.exposcostablanca.com/ instead of http://www.exposcostablanca.com/admin/node/2/

How could I achieve this?

Many thanks,


The Node_type_filter lets you filter node listing pages simply by adding &type=story,blog to the URL (for example). So now you can have show specific feeds, or a "blog+story" tracker page (i.e. recent posts). Also works great for "taxonomy/term" pages.

This filter requires some type of query that selects nodes, such as the front page query or "taxonomy/term/xxx". The module does not, in and of itself, select nodes.

Screeencasts - why so slow?

This goes out to anyone who is making a screen cast: can you guys talk even slower? I feel like I am falling asleep from one word to another!

Write down the outline of your talk first - don't make it up as you go. It was fine when the drupal was young - but now when there are hundreds of screen casts available - sitting through the "Um... yeah" pauses is kind of annoying.

I am sorry if I am sounding ungrateful for the help you guys provide - but if you are taking your time to put it out there, why not spend extra 5 minutes on a better quality version?

class="tabs" no more working


I'm quite new to Drupal, but totally overwhelmed about its easiness and nice features.

But now I've got problem, that the tabs are gone. I now just get a vertical list, no more the tabs. For instance on My Account, for show and edit. This is what the browser gets:

Log In when box is hidden???

I just installed Drupal, having no problems. However, I accidentally clicked log-out, but I set the log-in box thingy to be hidden (it defaults to the left hand side menu). So... how do I log back in?

I'd rather keep that log-in box hidden because I will be the only user who will be using the site, so I don't want everybody to have to look at the log-in box.



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