Workflow workaround?

I know there are some special workflow modules available but I'd like to use the stock distribution of Drupal.

What is the "proper" way to manage user upload limits

I have had a feature request for flash node to put upload limits in to control how much a user can upload in a single file, and in total - basically what the upload module does for other files.

I was going to lift the code from upload, mod it slightly to use a separate set of variables, and use that for flash node, but when I went looking behind the scenes I got a bit confused.

Flash node calls file_save_upload, and I can ask it to use file_validate_size to check limits. However, file_validate_size then calls file_space_used to work out how much the user already uploaded. That function tots up *everything* the user uploaded, not just files of a specific type or criteria (aside - does it? the code looks like it tries to do a user specific check if the uid is null and returns the total if a uid is given??)

Anyhow, if I supply a total upload limit specifically for flash node the limit might be reported as exceeded as a result of the user uploading other things in other modules. That implies to me that the upload maximum is a "global" setting since it is the total of all files that have been placed in the {files} table.

Create array from db table for fapi "select"

Hi there,

In my database i have created a table with the following data:

id fruit color
1 apple green
2 banana yellow

Now I have created a form with drupals forum api and added a select option.
With this select option i want to be able to select apple or banana or .... and after submitting the form it should store the id in another table. I know the select should be linked to an array but im not quite sure what would be the best/easiest way to fill this array with the 2 fields in the table.

I have no idea how to go about this, page designed in photoshop, begging for help =[

Hi everyone. I'm new to using drupal, and I designed this look for a site "". I was wondering if it's possible to even use it with drupal, and if so how? I don't know much at all about css... The last site I made I just used the export html thing on photoshop, and for the content I think I used iframes. Which I know is a really bad idea. This time I want to do it the right way... Can someone help point me in the right direction or let me know if it's possible?

Contact form sends HTML


using Drupal 6 and nicEdit (and Gmail)

Somehow the Contact Form comes with HTML:

ho are you?

Is it in Drupal, or nicEdit, or Gmail?
And what can I do in order to prevent this and send only plain text?


Panels 2: Creating a mini panel and passing arguments through context


Passing an argument from the URL into a block is a common thing. The idea is that the content of a block will change according to what is viewed. For example, we would like a block to show us all the taxonomy terms of a certain node. For this reason we need to pass to the block the argument of the node id (nid). In the following url http://xxx/node/123 argument number 1, which we will call %1, and is equal to 123.

When creating a mini panel, you get the functionality of Panel pages, but the outcome is a block that can be either configured through the blocks admin (http://xxx/admin/build/block), or added to a panel page.


  • Panels
  • Panel pages
  • Mini panels
  • Views


  • Create a mini panel that shows the comments the currently signed-in user has written in the currently viewed page.
  • Enable the block on nodes.


  1. Create a view according to the requirement- user_comments_per_node. (Example attached at bottom of page.)
  2. We need to prepare the integration of our view 'user_comments_per_node' with panels.
    1. Go to Admin, Panels, Views, or http://xxx/admin/panels/views.


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