Relative path and problem with colors and logo

I just installed Drupal 6.1 on my Ubuntu 7.10.

It went all fine,
but I'm having some trouble with relative paths:

Many people have had trouble trying to change the logo image,
this is due to the fact that when you upload an image in drupal, it stores it in other_dirs/Drupal_site/files/name.jpg,
so a lot of people (including myself) try to give the complete path to Drupal instead of files/name.jpg

After this the logo is corretly displayed.

Problems with image


I'm trying to create an image content but always have the same missage error:

* Unable to create scaled Thumbnail image
* The selected file /var/www/html/drupal6 could not be copied.

What I'm doing wrong??

How to check my drupal version

Hi all,

How can I check my existing Drupal version that I'm using ?

Drupal Theme Builders Required (will pay for the work)


I am looking for people who can take a design in photoshop format, with layers etc, and break it down into a theme for Drupal. The theme would need to be made in a sensible way so that we have blocks for side and bottom content etc. We have a load that need to be done.

Naturally we are ready to pay for this work. I'm guessing that it will cost upwards of $200 (£100) for a theme to be developed. If anyone is interested please reply to this post. If you know of anyone or any companies offering this please post their details.



installation problem on winxp sp2 apache - drupal include_once(includes/ failed to open stream: No such file or dire

when I try to install latest 6.1 on my winxp with sp2 apache2
Im getting this error:

Warning: include_once(includes/ [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\htdocs\drupal61\includes\ on line 129

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening 'includes/' for inclusion (include_path='C:/Program Files/PHP/includes/') in C:\htdocs\drupal61\includes\ on line 129

how to create site-structure tree view in manager?


is it possible in Drupal to create a manager interface with a MODx like tree-view structure? So cms-users will simply create a new page in the tree-structure and can edit this in the same screen...



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