How to display pictures for visitors

Visitors that do not are members should also be able to see the picutures.

I guess lazy people do not want to become a member.



Is it possible to share content types between multisites, but not share actual content?

Is it possible to share content types between multisites, but not share actual content?

I want to setup a multisite installation which uses a single db with table prefixes and shared content types but not content. Which tables should bet set to shared and which prefixed?


accented characters + translation

After some toil and turmoil, I managed to migrate the content of my original DB (Mysql 4.0 on 1&1) and the update ran fine.

There are still two hurdles

1. Accented characters are all wrong. The DB tables show latin1_german2_gi. I probably need UTF8_general_ci.

The cache-update table is : UTF8_general_ci.

2. I uploaded all the translation dirs but I get more English than French (Read more, etc.) and it's mostly English on the admi interface. I ran the update script too. No difference.

Clean URL Redirect to external site

Hi Guys,

I am new to Drupal and am so far very impressed!

I am helping a friend out with a site for some of his publications... and he has asked if he can print in one of his mags something like:
"... goto '' for more information ..."

and have that url redirect to the "sponsor's site".

Wanted: Drupal site engineer (Sydney / Australia)

At Tequila Sydney/Australia we are in need of an experienced Drupal site engineer. If you are local to the Sydney area and are ready to work on a kick-ass job for a major international client then please shoot over your resume to asap. Don't forget to state your hourly rate and outline your experience with Drupal.


Community site moving to Drupal

I'm looking to move a community site over to Drupal. I WANT to use Drupal 6, but to build it to what I want it to be, I need to use Drupal 5. My main question is... when a lot of these modules are finally updated to Drupal 6, will they be easy to update without losing database info or functionality? Mods like Events, Google Adsense, UberCart (Ubershop? one of the two) CCK/Views, Classifieds & some forum integration moducles.


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