Link filter for taxonomy terms?

Hi all,

I have perhaps 16000 taxonomy terms in one vocabulary (it's botanical), and would love to link to the /taxonomy/term/# in such a way that they look like the current url_alias destinations.

This so that, if I so wish, I can twitch the URL aliases from, say, /plants/achillea-millefolium to /plants/achillea/millefolium.html, without breaking site-internal links.

I've tried to search the drupal modules, I've done google searches on drupal, and I can't find any way to do that.

Trouble writing install function

Hi there,

I'm trying to write an install function for my first module. I want it to have a link in the primary menu, and the following db query does that for me apart from the field "options." I'm doing this via a db query since the available menu hook only allows me to add a link to the personal menu(??? is that right???)

Creating Lists


We're using the story node type exclusively for news.

We have a custom front page and we'd like to generate a list of "stories" or news items.

I've written a quick function to get the latest 10 items from a database and present as an XML/RSS feed.

Im at a loss however about creating a list for stories.

I presume this is all something that has to be done manually using my own custom functions. But has anyone got the basic framework that can produce pages of results?

capabilities of drupal

Please excuse me because I am new to Drupal : ) Can I use drupal to develop a website which will have the a secure backend database which I can access, and others, to display the appropriate database information and also data such as text, images, video and sound? If so can someone point me to a good example and maybe a template. I know this is a bit vague but I would be extremely grateful if someone would assist?

File Upload with metadata and approval

So i'm newish to drupal and the set of modules. Can anyone suggest a module or combination of module to do the following:

1. Form with file upload
2. Form needs other info (metadata) about the file from the user, ie. category, doc type, etc
3. Once uploaded and sorted this file needs to be checked and approved by different groups (work flow)

Can this be accomplished with existing modules? or do I need to consider writing a custom module?

Create roles for specific forums ..


I installed 6.1. I added forums.
Now I wish to create a role or something else that I can make only specific users to access only specific forums.
Fro example
users : user 10, user11, user 12, user 20, user21, user 22
forums : forum 1, forum2

users 10-12 will access only to forum1 and users 20-22 will have access only to forum2




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