Adding PAGE content to sidebar

I can not find this issue on the forum so maybe someone helps me.

How to add content to sidebar ($left)?. I have main page with two regions (content, left).
Filling in $content is very simple - just creating new PAGE but what about $left?.
Can I create a BLOCK, put it to $left and establish its content with another PAGE or STORY content?
or is any easy way to do that?

greetings from Cracow
Slawek Tuleja

Help with Requirements

Please forgive my ignorance before reading this thread as I am a total php ignoramus and appolagise if I've posted this to the wrong forum.

Now for a really stupid question:

I am looking for a Drupal developer to design some software for me however every time I'm contacted they ask what exactly I want i.e. What sub-modules and functionality is required!!


Surely that is the point of hiring someone, I don't know what I want that's why I'm hiring someone, if I knew I'd do it myself?

Site User Subscriptions

I've been impressed with what I've seen of Drupal so far but can it do the following:

I need to have 3 levels of access to the site based on membership groups
I need Drupal to handle the subscription payments
Will the subscription payments update the user access level based on what has been paid for


Which gallery?

I'm developing a site, the core of which will be based around photography. I want my users to be able to comment on and discuss the imagery on the site, and in future versions be able to order prints. My problem is i have no idea which gallery module to use. I've noticed quite a few people using gallery2 from menalto but i just feel that this is possibly overkill for my requirements. The gallery2 download is 30mb+ alone. I'm also considering using flickr so i don't have the overhead of hosting all the images on my site.

Any tips would be greatfully received!


Installing modules with version 6.1

Hello everybody I am new in the forum!

I am an absolute beginner with drupal and I just try to install the autolocale module but
without success. Unfortunately I do not know where I can find a modules-Administration
in the Administer-Area. Somewhere was written, that you have to go in the Menu to
administer -> site configuration -> modules. But I miss the modules menu-option.
Is there a different way to install modules?

What do I do wrong? Could someone please help me with that issue?

Thanks alot,

Flexifilter : difference between prepare and process

What is the diffence between prepare step and process step ?


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