Menu tabs on node types

I have 2 node types: typea and typeb. I want to show menu tabs for typea, but not for typeb.

Need help on how to post images (links, not upload) in Drupal forum


I finally decided to tackle Drupal after v6 went stable. It's different from the CMSes I was used to so I'm sort of floundering.

My first problem is I cant post an image to the forum (from Photobucket). Please see the link, the whole site is still a mess...

I have FCKeditor installed and running. I have already searched in Google and this forum and if there is an answer, sorry but I may have missed it.

Module compatible with the 6 HOW TO

I`m looking for a sources (articles, books ects) HOW TO upgrade module. Thank you for reply.



I`m looking for mooldesso module for Drupal 6. Thank you for ANY message.


jQuery widget error


For a new module development (soon available to download) for Drupal 6, I would like to add an ajax feature.
For this, I'm based on an example from the book "Pro Drupal Development" : the voting module "plus1", on page 267.

But I'm in front of an issue, that's I suppose come from the jQuery code.
So, I tried to upgrade the plus1 module for Drupal6 but still not working.

For those who know this module, after clicking on the "Vote button", I have a blank page with the json
content !

Strange URL:s in DBlog

Recently I've started to see strange URLs in my database log under "Page not found". See image here. Do any of you have an idea why they appear? I certainly don't have any nodes named like full urls on my site. There are a few simulaneous errors each few hours from a new ip-address each time.

I'd be very grateful for any insights,



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