Drupal 6 ....pathauto module

I am new to drupal. I read about SEO tips, as i activated clean url and path module. So is still there is need for pathauto module?? and is this available for Drupal 6.1. What should i do for duplicate url.

Is Drupal 6 is SEO Friendly. I heard about another module nodewords, please explain what should i do?



Anyone can tell me how to get myself out of the jam..I put my site offline and now it will not let me get back into it? Is there any way to login and change it back??

ohh it's the little stuff that makes this software shit!

sorry for the harsh tone, but if you were me (4 days no sleep, stuck on small theme/core problems) you'd sympathize!

simply, i love drupal, well i used to when i didn't know as much about theming, now that i've become more involved and hands on i realize wow this software really lacks some grass roots efficiency! Devel with theme helper module is a god sent, but unfortunately when you realize of all the elements and all the the things you can do with those element, you're expectations goes up as well, the moral of this post, "don't forget"

1st issue: can somebody explain why comments have subjects? show me any major that requires subjects for comments, if you don't know the title of the post or article you're commenting for then i don't even want you to comment to begin with,...

Multiple drupal sites and domains

Hi, I plan to run two instances of Drupal on my web host. I'm not sure where I should install Drupal.

The main Drupal install would be for my personal site and I need another instance of Drupal for a secondary site. Both sites would be using different domain names. Should I just install Drupal in the root folder and make use of the multi site feature of Drupal? Or should I install Drupal in the root folder for the main site and in a sub folder for the secondary site?

Need help decoding MySQL errors on initial install on ValueWeb server

I've FTP'd up Drupal with a custom theme to my server (ValueWeb - Linux / MySQL package) here: http://www.thetrinitytrustdev.org/

It's not even pulling up the Drupal setup screen, and tech support at ValueWeb doesn't know what to do with the error messages. I have an empty MySQL database on the server. I can connect to it fine using MySQL Administrator.

Can anyone help me decipher the error messages displayed at the URL? Maybe deduce what needs to be changed on my end or the host's end to resolve this issue?

Getting AHAH to initialize table select

I am making a module that uses AHAH to reload the contents within a table. At the same time, I am using the table-select function to allow users to select all the checkboxes within that table. But I notice whenever AHAH updates the content within the table, the table select feature gets disabled (the select-all checkbox disappears). I tried initiating the table select function by injecting javascript into the output but table select just would not intiate. I have searched around and seems that no one has a solution to this problem. Will some kind soul please help me?


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