How do i restrict what roles a user can be assigned

I'm new to Drupal and not sure if I'm asking a stupid question or not, but here goes.

On my test website there are 3 user roles

- programmer (can do everything, basically sets up the site)
- content owner (can create content, and add users)
- content editor (updates content)

This role structure is very simple, but what I can't work out how to do is stop the content owner being able to create a user of any type! They could just create a programmer editor and go click happy!

Where are some themes?

Is there a new Drupal theme site that I don't know about? I've just upgraded to 6.1 and my custom theme doesn't show up. Not only that, but downloading some themes from the Drupal themes page (after filtering for 6.x) yields many that are 5.x versions. I downloaded one (vertigo) only to discover it doesn't work with 6.x either, even though it's listed on the 6.x page. Where should I go to find updated themes for Drupal?

Can't get my theme working in the CVS

Edit: Tried submitting this here but the form kept telling me 'You have to specify a valid component.' and wouldn't submit.

I tried following the CVS guide and well ... the results speak for themselves.

I'm obviously just not intelligent enough to get this CVS stuff. (I'm also new to LINUX so the whole terminal thing is a learning curve - just installed Ubunutu last weekend)

Assign users to content

I'm building a site where people are showing their projects to each other. So each person has an account and there will be projects (nothing more than a page with simple HTML). I want to connect users to the projectpages. So within the view of the project the connected users are shown and on the other hand, at the profile of a user his projects are shown. A project can have more than one user and a user can have more than one project.

Would it be best to use Organic Groups for this, or is there any other sollution?

Thanks for the information,


"Create content" not showing up

Hi all,

A newbie question. Could be an installation problem.

I installed Drupal 6.1 on my local machine (Windows XP Japanese Home Edition Version 2002, SP2) under xampp-win32-1.6.6a, i.e.

Apache 2.2.8
MySQL 5.0.51a
PHP 5.2.5 + PHP 4.4.8 + PEAR
PHP-Switch win32 1.0
XAMPP Control Version 2.5 from
XAMPP Security 1.0
SQLite 2.8.15
OpenSSL 0.9.8g
phpMyAdmin 2.11.4
ADOdb 4.96
Mercury Mail Transport System v4.52
FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.25
Webalizer 2.01-10
Zend Optimizer 3.3.0a
eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.5

During the Drupal installation, on the "Configure site" page, I input all the necessary information and click on the "save and continue" button. My Firefox (V. then keeps waiting for localhost even after 10 minutes.

So I cancel the waiting and click the button again. Firexfox saids "Drupal already installed". I click the link "View your existing site."

On the "Welcome to your new Drupal website", I type in my user name, password and I login.

Now on the left sidebar I just find three link items: My account, Administer and Log out. There's no "create content", and I'm just wondering if I had done anything wrong.

front page variables

Ok so I am working on this site for my boss:

He loves to volunteer to make sites for his friends and pay me crap! haha anyways...

Ok so under the video you should see where it says "welcome", well he want to have buttons that go across the top that say like "tip of the day", "pic of the month", "recent blogs", etc ...


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