- simple Drupal 6 site

I threw this Drupal 6 site together for my dentist brother-in-law to be. It shows how Drupal is effective for even the simplest of sites.

global redirect
meta tags
path filter

The theme is, obviously, Zen Classic.

Criticism welcome.

How can I disable comment and contact textarea resizing?

I'd like to have fixed-size textareas for comment and contact forms.

Any idea?

Alice Solar City Sneak Peek

Hi Drupal people

Just like to thank the Drupal community and show a new web site we have created.

Positive criticism allowed :)

This is the first site we have done with Drupal, we implemented it in Drupal 6 as that was the newest at the time and thought it would be better supported for a while.

It has gone OK but there seems to be some sort comings.

registers_globals and .htaccess

i have a domain account at Yahoo Geocities
i tried to upload drupal files but everything uploaded except .htaccess. Yahoo do not leave it as it says it is an ivnalid file type.
What shall i do in order to achieve uploading it?

and then, i tried to isntall drupal (without htaccess) and says that register_globars must be disabled. How to do that?


When CCK for Drupal 6.x

When CCK for Drupal 6.x ?
I am french. I can help for translation to french.

avatar for aggregator feeds?

Is there a possibility (which I don't know) to place an avatar picture beside a feed in the aggregator page?


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