Force users to change password on first login

Hi all

I have seen this mentioned a quite a few threads, but not answered.

I have imported a large number of users into the database and have given them a generic password.

I want to be able to force a password change when they first log in. Is there a module or some code that would allow a 6.1 installation to manage this?

Many thanks


htaccess with multisites

I would like to block one of my multisites/subsites and have an authorization form. But how can I do this for just one of my subsites without blocking the other sites?
With all searches in the forum and on google I didn't find any information on what I am looking for.
It is not a vital problem, cause I've restricted access to the node-modul to authenticated users, but I'm quite interested, if or how htaccess access restrictions work with multisites.


Secondary Links after Primary Links

I will like to have something like this:

Primary Menu Secondary Menu
First first 1
second 1
third 1

Second first 2
second 2
third 2

Third first 3
second 3
third 3

Putting stories on a page


Can anyone help me?

I'm trying to put stories on a page (not the home page) and I can't find a way of doing it.


Drupal 6.1 "Comment viewing options" control problem

I would appreciate some help with te following issue:

I want the comments to be visible for all users, and I only want authenticated users to be able to add (not edit) comments (and create story content - not to edit own story content).

In the Permission settings for the Node module I only selected the 'access content' for anonymous user and authenticated users. All other boxes are empty.

drupal and cakephp

How can i integrate cakephp and drupal-6.1 together to design a website/application.Am a beginner with drupal and i have some sites i designed with cake php which i want to integrate together


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