New drupal 6 theme

I just writen an drupal 6 theme but i have a problem with "User login" block. There are 2 lines: "Create new account" and "Request new password", they are not listed in left align. I have not experience on css/xhtml so anybody help me? Please take a look at the User login block at my blog


Site appears correctly only after log-in

I have a problem with the appearance of my Drupal 6.1 website.
The event box as well as the poll box show the correct width and icons only when logged in.
If you are not logged in, the boxes are distorted.

What can I do?

Google AdSense

Hello, I have problem, if i insert AdSense to other CMS, all is OK, if I insert AdSense to Drupal, I don't see advertisement, but in source code a see this.... Where is problem pls?

Thank you very much

Drupal 6.1 files being cached, even when cache is turned off

I have been working on a module for Drupal 6.1 and every time I change some code in the file, I have to go back to Administer > Site Configuration > Performance > Clear cached data.

I do NOT have caching turned on.
Caching mode: Disabled
Minimum cache lifetime:
Page compression: Disabled
Block cache: Disabled
Optimize CSS Files: Disabled
Optimize Javascript files: Disabled

Still, I am forced to clear cache with every little module code change. I am just playing with the example node module so it's very basic code. It looks like:

function mytestmodule_node_info() {
return array(
       'mytestmodule' => array(
       'name' => t('Test'),
       'module' => 'mytestmodule',
       'description' => t("This is a test"),
       'help' => t("Help test"),
       'has_body' => FALSE,
       'title_label' => 'Name your test (for your reference)'

The page that I am trying to see the change on is Create Content. I see there is a content type called "Test". Now, If I go into my code and change it to "Test2", and save the file, and I go back and reload the page, it still says "Test". I tried clearing my browser cache. Same. Tried logging out and back in. Same. Tried loading the page on a different browser, still says "Test".

Finally, I go into the "Clear cached data" in the Administer and finally it gets updated to Test2.

body tag unload and load

I need to use the unload and load events in the body tag.

Is there a suitable hook to enable me to do this?

eg., I want this ...

Hide taxonomy terms/tags in Chameleon?

Even though I use Drupal on day to day basis, I have very little experience in theming, except basic CSS stuff.

So, I've been dealing with this for couple of days now, and I still can't find solution - I want to hide taxonomy terms within Chameleon theme, rendering under all teasers and nodes - because they don't look very pretty and because of it is not necessary for me to use it since I plan to utilise Tagadelic module.

I would appreciate if someone would help me with this.


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