Migrating Zyxware.com from Drupal 6 to D7


www.zyxware.com is the website of Zyxware Technologies, one of the largest and oldest Drupal companies based out of India. The site was originally built in D5 which was then migrated to D6. The site is very content rich and gets a lot of traffic (Ranked ~16k in India and ~75k globally in Alexa). The site has several marketing features including custom landing pages, custom advertising systems, custom tracking of site funnels using GA variables and events, custom tracking of article effectiveness in driving traffic.

Organizations involved: 

EPSA Crop - Image Cropping - Critical -XSS - SA-CONTRIB-2016-024 - Unsupported

Looking for webmaster to help manage our site


We are looking to migrate from 6 to 7, and would like to get into contact with someone that has the experience to perform this.

We use our website as a storefront and need to make sure you know how to manage SSL certificates, severs, shipping mod's.

Looking for someone to permanently manage the website.

Please contact me at


Updating D6 core and contrib module using Drush not working

I have a Drupal 6.16 site which I want update the core and contrib modules to the latest available version for D6 (Drupal 6.38). I want do the update process using Drush, and NOT manually. Once I do this, I plan on upgrade D6 to D7. In the future, I will upgrade from D6 to D7.

I am trying to update using Drush 8.0.5, however I am unable to. When I use the command "drush pm-update", I see a list of all the modules, but it says "Installed version not supported". See example below.

Migration from production site to WAMP server breaks admin menu

Need to upgrade a Drupal 6 site. Stuck on moving production site to WAMP. After move, all site nav menu links work. However, all admin_menu links resolve to page with this error message "This page can't be displayed. Make sure the web address http://localhost is correct."

Made various suggested changes to settings and htaccess files, disabled clean urls and reloaded database. Moved a second site and have same issue.

Trying to update through update.php leads to error

I am on Drupal 6.16. I am trying to update few modules and in the long run update the core also, but I am running into a major issue.

Every time I try to run an update I get an error. When I go to /update.php, review the updates, and then click on "Update" button, it results in an error. The error I get is below:


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