Unable to search by non ASCII char

I am currently on Drupal 7.38 but I have been having this issue as long as I remember. Search by any string that contains non-ASCII returns no result, e.g., "praça", "ヒロ”, etc.

Search Simple CJK option is enabled. Index is 100%. Tried re-indexing multiple times. Rerunning cron often. Again, all ASCII strings are working as expected.

You can imagine I have been googling for answers like a mad man for many years, finally decided to ask here. Any pointer would be appreciated.

Is there any module to show like statistics

Dear Drupal gurus,

This is pertaining to the site www.dentistrytoday.info (made in Drupal 6.34).

We are installing like buttons on the forums.My developer is going to do some modifications in the like button module since I do not want dislike button. In addition to this I also want statistics to be visible on the site and the forums like:

Batch Progress Not Progressing

My batch progress code is not working:

File attachment disappears when submitting webform

Say for instance there is a webform that takes some input:

  • Name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Number (required)
  • File attachment (NOT required)

For instance, if the users inputs the name, email and file attachment but forgets the number, and then submits the form, the page will refresh with an error message saying "phone number is required" or something along those lines, but now the file attachment has disappeared, and the user will most likely enter their number and click submit thinking the file is still there.

Compass Rose - Critical - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - SA-CONTRIB-2015-138

404 not found

Hello i have a problem migrating drupal core (drupal6)
After uploading all of my sites exept the main site show 404 not found.
Whats wrong?
I was reading a lot about htaccess but and rewrite base, but dont have any idea what to change.
Server is IIS 7.5 running on windows

Thanks in advance

Edit: I checked the applicationHost.config:

Maybe thats has something to say?


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