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Image path is wrong

I used "Open Graph Meta Tags" to define all articles have it's own meta graph image.

But the image path has somethings wrong.
It became this
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

The correct image path should be like this which is no /?q

How do I mend it?

Providing Credit For Approved Patch


It would be great if anyone helps me out for this.

I have submitted patch and it has been approved by community and even added to released version by maintainer. Now, maintainer wants to provide me credit for this, but maintainer is not aware about "How to provide credit".

Please help me with detailed steps/screenshots/video for the same.

Snehal Brahmbhatt | AddWeb Solution

Loading another field within a thumbnail_image field

In our Drupal 6 site, we have a field (from CCK) on the article content type. It states which user roles are allowed to access the article (via checkboxes). In a module, we have a list of roles which count as "member" content.

When we load an article, we check to see whether the article's list of roles matches the "member" content roles, and add an image indicator to users so they know. This works fairly well, like this:

User Register Notify email


When a user change its user name from his account settings I'd like to show the new user value in the notification email body. When I use the variable !user_name it is the old value, but how can I get the new value ?


Upgrading to Drupal 6.33 causes XMLRPC to break


Our Drupal website currently runs core 6.31. I have a test instance that I had upgraded to 6.35, but the upgrade broke our ability to call xmlrpc services on another server.

After some searching I happened upon the release notes for Drupal core 6.33. From the article


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