Menu hook not being called

I have a long menu (lots of items) called "og_google_groups_menu". I have added a drupal_set_message("GOT HERE") as the first line of the function, but this line never gets executed. I have a breakpoint on the next line. It never gets hit.

The info file contains:

name = "OG Google Groups"
core = "6.x"
version = "6.x-1.0"
description = "Integrates Organic groups to Google groups"
package = "Custom"
dependencies[] = og

The module appears correctly in the module list.

I need advice on how to debug this further.

Adding custom field to content type

Hi everyone! Newbie here. :) I spent couple of days trying to add column in one table.
I have custom theme with file "views-view-table-products-block_1.php" which display table with products.
That table have four columns:
1. Image
2. Model
3. Description
4. Price

I woud like to add one more column "Code", but I can't do that.
In database already exists table named "content_type_products" with custom field "field_price_value". I tried to add column "filed_code_value" but I don't know where I need to change code?

Debug Advice for MERCI Reservation Slowness


I am new to drupal and php, and am looking for advice on how to debug an issue I am having. I am running a drupal 6 website, and using MERCI 6.x-2.0+2-dev. Lately, my site has been very slow to create reservations. Typically after clicking save it takes about one minute to be redirected back to the MERCI calendar view.

UC Profile - Moderately Critical - Information Disclosure - SA-CONTRIB-2015-165


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