D6->D8 - fews questions


I am trying to migrate my sites in Drupal 6 to Drupal 8.
I try with drush-upgrade, and i have some difficulties, I propose to share our trials, our mistakes and discoveries.

I start with a very simple site one type and 50 nodes.


- The type conversion is not accurate, simple texts have become text boxes, impossible to correct it.
- I can't put nodes on the home page, nor manually nor via the administration.
- I can't find how to generate private file management system.


Drupal 6 Login Issue

I been having problems logging into my Drupal 6 website. I enter my username and password, click enter then I'm directed to the Access Denied page. No errors just that me and other users cannot get into our drupal 6 site.

Anyone have this similar problem? How did you resolve it? Are there any references out there that can help me figure this issue out?

Thank you.


How do make a backup? My version is v6.

how to change drupal links in the database


this is drupal 6

so my site needs to be moved from mysite.com to othersite.com
I understand i need to update the base url in settings.php
and update htaccess

but the site has MANY pages with links to the site url. changing those by hand would be very hard.
I was thinking about doing a database dump and using sed to change all mysite.com to othersite.com and then restoring the database from the altered dump file. would this work or do modules store some config data outside the DB? or is there simply a better way to go about this?

pasting images

I'm completely new to Drupal and I installed version 6 just to get something going. I would like to put some graphical images on my site in the easiest possible way. Is there any way of just copying and pasting graphics (maybe png or htm) onto your webpage? What's the easiest way of getting your site to display images.

Private pages for Event Signups

I have a Drupal 6 site and want to give permission to event signups to view private pages. I use OG and I want the Group and their events to be public, but I want private pages to be available only to those who register for the event using signups.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction with this?



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