Upgrading from 6.38 to 7

What's the easiest way to find someone who would be willing to upgrade my two Drupal installations for me? The Marketplace was a bit overwhelming.

In the past, I've managed to do this myself with the help of Bluehost, but they aren't willing to help any longer, and I always get myself into trouble.

Drupal 6 to 8 - image assist problems

Hello all!

I am sorry to write a new post here, as I have already found that others have had some similar problems with upgrading from a Drupal 6 page that uses image assist tags for showing images. However, I have not been able to solve the problem, I so would be very thankful if anyone could please explain how I should make this work.

The upside: I have managed to migrate everything important, so apart from none of the pictures shown with image assist on the old site, everything else works great.

How to stop PDF files from being indexed by search engines?

On my website people can convert documents to PDF using the Print-PDF module. That module saves the files in a cache folder. How do I prevent search engines from indexing this folder and the PDF files in it?
I have used the Disallow option to exclude the folder and extension in robots.txt file, but it's not working for me.
I don't want to put a password on the PDF file either.

D8 Migrate Module leaving behind D6 Blog


I am working on a D6 to D8 upgrade for a site that used the D6 core Blog module, along with Taxonomy tags on the Blog Nodes.

I understand that the Blog mod from older D core has become a contrib mod in D8. I have installed that mod into the clean install of D8.

Running the Migrate mod via the UI, no D8 target home is found for the D6 blog.

Is D8's Migrate mod not aware of the old D6 blog mod, so that is why it finds no place to migrate the blog content to in D8?

All pages 404, can't login

I am very new to Drupal. I'm working on migrating a client site to new hosting. I am trying to get the site setup locally on my machine and I'm running into some strange issues.

I cannot login to the backend with the same credentials I use on the live site, even after I reset the password in the db.

How can I remove unused block from displaying?

How can I remove unused block from displaying. Such as "Powered by Drupal" block, I am trying to keep everything tidy in the admin and just want everything to be super clean.

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