Multisite Support

When you're operating Drupal in a single-domain environment, then all is nice and easy because when adding a new core, you're providing the URL in a form and DRD knows exactly to which end-point to talk to. Nothing to worry about.

However, if you're in a multi-site environment, where one Drupal core hosts more than one domain, then you have to give DRD a chance to recognize the domains that this core actually provides.

Basic Authentication

Sometimes, you have to protect access to a complete site, e.g. during development of a new site to make sure that search engines or other third parties won't get access too early to something that is not meant for the public yet.

SSH Support

As an option, DRD support SSH on a per host basis and that will offer you extra functionality that otherwise wouldn't be possible.


Of course, you need to be able to login to the remote hosts from your DRD host via SSH from the console. If that's possible, then you can make that available to DRD as well.

CLI support: Drush and Drupal Console

There are two sites to this: first of all you can use DC (DrupalConsole) and/or Drush on your DRD site to execute any of the available actions. And second, if DC and/or Drush is available on your remote hosts, you can utilize them by DRD as well.

Drupal Remote Dashboard

Drupal agencies, freelancers, site builders and even Drupal site owners do need DRD (Drupal Remote Dashboard) because it is the one and only solution that provides a non-intrusive insight into any number of remote Drupal sites without the need of any third party service.

Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration - How to find corresponding D7 module?

I am migrating an existing D6 site to D7. The D6 installed module list includes 102 enabled contrib modules (although the required modules are probably considerably less). Using the "Download & Extend" tool on, I began searching for corresponding D7 versions of the site's D6 enabled modules, but am having a difficult time making a 1:1 correspondence between the enabled D6 and available D7 modules based on deprecation, name changes, and inclusion in core.

Is there a better way to identify the available Drupal 7 contrib modules I may need in this upgrade? Thanks.


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