Taxonomie - version 6 -> version 8


J’ai quelques sites en version 6 que je souhaite passer en version 8 prochainement.
Je ne suis pas passée par Drupal 7.

Mes sites sont entièrement structurés autour de la taxonomie.
J’ai utilisé toutes les possibilités de Drupal 6 autour de la taxonomie.

J’essaye de tester Drupal 8 et je constate que les URL de type « taxonomie/term/1+5 » ne fonctionnent plus.

J’ai tenté de passer par Views, mais je n’arrive pas à configurer une vue pour avoir l’équivalent, c’est à dire avoir les nœuds qui ont deux termes de taxonomie en même temps.

Webform renders Server 500 Error on Submit

Hi there. I recently inherited this Drupal site and although I have some coding experience, but I am more of a database girl and this is pretty new to me. I had created a Webform and everything was working fine. Submitting worked perfectly. I wanted to change the display properties on submit and I "tried" to modify the webform-submission.tpl.php file, but I obviously did something wrong. Now none of our webforms will submit. All I want to do is figure out how to revert the webform-submission.tpl.php back to default, or not needing it in there at all.

Node Admin

The Node Admin module allows a site administrator to grant access to content admin overview pages on a type-by-type basis.

Avoid using data from $form_state['input']

In the Form API, using data from the $form_state['input'] array is a security risk.

Cannot edit my site

I have a Drupal 6 site. When I try to edit a page I get the error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare filefield_widget_settings_form() (previously declared in /home/clarendo/public_html/modules/filefield/ in /home/clarendo/public_html/modules/Gallery/filefield/ on line 89

Can anyone offer any advice as to what to do please? This was working correctly earlier. I do not have a backup from earlier :-(
Thank you

Integrate Drupal with eprocurement system using CXML

Hi there:

We have a Drupal 6 site at a customer. They are looking to integrate the site with an procurement system using CXML. There are a number of threads on this site that seem to indicate that there is a solution to this problem but none of them outline what those are.

Can you pls point me in the right direction. Also, happy to talk to service providers out there.



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