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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Synetic is a full service internet agency based in Haarlem (The Netherlands) with 100% focus on Drupal. Leading in custom development and razorsharp at strategy and design. Our office right next to Haarlem Central Station is packed with digital specialists who on a daily base collaborate at the highest level, creating to most beautiful digital solutions for a wide variety of customers all over the country.

Our history
We started our agency in 2004. Three guys straight from school with the wild dream to become a successful player in the world of online development. Slowly we grew and learned the way to be succesfull in this field. From the moment we started to fully focus on Drupal in 2008, our company made a boost in clients, work and off course employees. Since 2012 we’ve also embedded strategy and design in our core business which completes the circle of our Full Service way of thinking. Nowadays we’re working with more than 40 FTE people in 4 SCRUM teams at our beautiful prime location in Haarlem. Life at Synetic is good!

Proud of our clients
BAM, AkzoNobel, VodafoneZiggo, Europeesche Verzekeringen, PWN, Hunkemöller, LVNL, Bejo, NHL University, Municipal Leeuwarden, Bel-me-niet-register, AllOverPiercings, Verscentrum Nederland, Antea Group, DeltaLloyd, Ohra, ASR and many more.

Our Team
With our team of 40+ people we are one of the largest Dutch Drupal Agencies with a 100% focus on Drupal. Our SCRUM teams consists of experienced Drupal Backend Developers and Drupal Frontend Developers. Together with the dedicated testers they are developing Enterprise Drupal Projects big customers in Holland. And yes we are always looking for new people!

Drupal contributions

  • Gold sponsor of Dutch DrupalJam 2011, 2012,2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Many presentations at the DrupalJam
  • Presentation at DrupalCon Barcelona
  • Many patches to Drupal Community modules and Drupal Core
  • Main sponsor of Drupal Developer Days 2016, a Dutch event where 250+ people got free Drupal training
  • 40+ people working Dedicated on building Drupal solutions
  • Organizer of a Drupal Translation Sprint in 2016
  • Business partner of SDN - Stichting Drupal Nederland, a foundation which supports the Drupal community in the Netherlands
  • Organization Member of the Drupal Association
  • Attended all DrupalJams since 2008
  • Attended DrupalCon Amsterdam
  • Attended DrupalCamp Spain
  • Attended DrupalCon Barcelona
  • Attended DrupalCon New Orleans
  • Attended DrupalCon Dublin
  • Attended Drupal Developer Days Seville

Projects supported

Entity Collector, File downloader, Media Bulk Upload, Taxonomy Entity, json_api_client, Views fields as row classes, Cahoots, Domain Google Tag, Icons, Chat Channels, Service Links mailto, Commerce Cart Merge, CookieConsent, Barcode picqer, Block permissions, TMGMT LiveWords, JS Callback Handler

Credited on 28 issues fixed in the past 3 months