We are a professional team with experience in the areas of business management, software engineering, quality, web development and design.

We work proactively with our clients by first understanding their needs and proposing solutions in conjunction with them to identify opportunities for improvement in their business.

About our work:

We can provide advice and guidance to you on a wide range of areas such as cloud computing, dev ops, web and mobile development.

Our support is a 24x7 help desk and a team of Drupal experts. We'll keep your site in good shape, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions.

If you're having problems with your site and your own in-house team is having trouble pinning down the cause, we are here to help. We have been working with Drupal for a number of years and our troubleshooting service is designed to help organisations just like yours.

We give a complete Drupal training that covers all aspects from introductory courses through to advanced courses for the areas of sitebuiling, module development and theming.

Drupal contributions

SuperSoft Bolivia's members are active in the Drupal Bolivia Group. We help to organize Meetups, promoting and fostering Drupal at Bolivian and Latin American conferences and provide free training in some universities of Bolivia.

We have participated (as sponsor and/or giving a talk) in:

Drupal Summit Latino, Lima 2011 (Perú)
DrupalCamp Cochabamba 2013 (Bolivia)
DrupalPicchu 2014 (Perú)
DrupalCamp Cochabamba 2014 (Bolivia)

We also have participated in the Drupal Global Training Day:

What is Drupal? (half day)
Cochabamba, Bolivia SuperSoft Bolivia, 9 am - 1 pm (Friday, November 14, 2014)

Projects supported

Hueman Drupal