Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Softescu is a full service digital agency with know-how in creating large-scale portals and applications in Romania for a worldwide market. We are an always-young, experienced and closely nitted group that prefer to refer to us as friends rather than colleagues. Our devs are Acquia Drupal Developers certified.

We have developed partnerships with Drupal shops and design agencies all over the globe, working side by side with top specialist on major portals and challenging solutions. We have been using Drupal to create digital experiences for clients from everywhere and we aim to be the biggest Drupal shop in Romania. And we are almost there!

We are covering the following Drupal services for our clients and Drupal shops partners:

  • Drupal theming and visual design
  • Drupal website design and development
  • Drupal migration and integration
  • Drupal consulting and site audit
  • Drupal training and documentation
  • Enterprise Drupal consulting
  • Drupal third-party integration
  • Drupal tech support and maintenance
  • Drupal performance enhancement
  • Drupal multi-site implementation
  • Drupal community building

Drupal contributions

We have contributed with a module that integrates a third party service for multilingual translations called POEditor to Drupal. We have sponsorships for various camps across the glob: D4D Boston 2014, DrupalCamp London 2015, DrupalCamp PA 2014, MoldoCamp 2014, BadCamp 2014, DrupalCamp FoxValley 2014, DrupalCon Austin, DrupalCon Amsterdam, DrupalCon LA and DrupalCon Barcelona.

Projects supported

PDF Preview Image, Import Medium Articles, RegEx Field Validation, File System Switch, Activity