Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Drupal 8 requires an awful lot of boilerplate code in order to write modules, and this makes baby kittens cry.

So what this module (which is currently not a module at all, but a horrifying static PHP script written over one sleepless night) does is transform a simple YAML syntax to scaffolding code to eliminate rage. The goal is to be sort of like Module Builder and Profiler rolled into one (and it might make sense to merge this into one of those projects if anything more ever comes of it.)


By defining a YAML file like so:

name: Example
description: An example module.
core: 8.x
type: module

    path: 'hello'
    type: page
      type: permission
      name: access content

...Modulizer generates the following:

├── example.info.yml
├── example.module
├── example.routing.yml
└── lib
    └── Drupal
        └── example
            └── Controller
                └── ExampleController.php

Go to the path http://localhost/hello, and voila! You see a page! :D


Essentially, everything. :P

- Make it an actual module! :P
- Convert it to Drush hooks instead of horrifying, hard-coded, insecure travesty that it is currently.
- Make a much, much better way of making the templates.
- Further massage the syntax for maximum intuitiveness.
- Add support for non-page controller router items.
- Add support for other module elements: blocks, entities, fields, views, etc. and make it 'hooky' so other modules can add their boilerplate, too.
- Probably other stuff.

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