Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Domain Style Override (or DSO for short) is a simple module that provides some basic but useful bits of functionality for altering the visual display of domains powered by the domain access module.
It provides basic theme overrides (logos, css & more) for developers using domain access for a multisite who have a common site structure & need miniml style changes per domain but don't want to create a new theme for each.

Using DSO you can just drop logo or css files per domain into your active theme (todo: select searchable themes & order via admin area) and they will automatically be loaded for the domain they relate to.
The domain ID (provided by the domain access module) is used to identify each domain & special filename patterns need to be use for logo (domain-logo-DOMAINID.png) & css (domain-css-DOMAINID.png) files to be picked up.

Currently supported overrides:

  1. Logo overriding
  2. favicon overriding
  3. CSS overriding via body class
  4. CSS file overriding

Documentation to follow……….

Module development sponsored by Frontkom.

Project information

  • caution Seeking new maintainer
    The current maintainers are looking for new people to take ownership.
  • caution No further development
    No longer developed by its maintainers.