Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


The voipdrupal_multinumber.module is a module which extends VoIP Drupal with support to assign multiple inbound call numbers, and choose VoIP Script for each.


  • Extract voipdrupal_multinumber.module to your sites/all/modules directory
  • Enable the VoIP Drupal MultiNumber module in admin/build/modules
  • Go to VoIP Multinumber configuration in admin/voip/call/settings/multinumber
  • Add phone numbers and select VoIP Script to be executed.
  • Go to VoIP Drupal Default call configuration in admin/voip/call/settings
    and set "voipdrupal_multinumber_script" as default Inbound call script

The VoIP Drupal MultiNumber module has been originally developed by Tamer Zoubi
under the sponsorship of the TerraVoz.

Project Information