Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Referral rewards / incentives

More info : http://www.tagnpin.com

tagNpin incentivizes your readers to invite their friends to check out your blog and will help you *engage* your current users with more repeat visits, Facebook likes and comments.

Key features for your readers:

* Readers can refer friends via facebook, email or gmail and rewards on successful conversions
* Readers connect to your referral program with Facebook.
* Facebook loyalty app gets generated automatically on the go

Key features for you:

* Customize the rewards you offer.
* Keep track of recent and trending social actions on your blog.
* Keep track of actions taken by each reader and learn more about them.

1. Activate the plugin through the 'Modules' section in Drupal.
2. Visit your tagNpin options 'Configure' for to configure the settings
3. Get Secret Key and brandid as explained in the following steps
->Go to www.tagNpin.com and login (using information from registration)
->Go to "Admin Panel" --> "Install Plugins" --> "Brand Authentication"
->Note the BrandID and Secret Key
4. Configure other options if needed (including location of the rewards tab).
5. Test your installation by logging out of Facebook and visiting your blog.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

You can find the FAQ and get support **[here](https://www.tagnpin.com/web/tagnpin2/faq)**

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