Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Screenshot of the Drupal 7 (prototype) version.

GeoBlog Explorer is a set of modules for the Drupal CMS which implements a blog containing multimedia/transmedia entries where the media is referenced to map(s) containing markers, annotations and GPS path data. The screenshot at the right is the Drupal 7 (prototype) version. While the design of the page in D8 will be similar to that of D7, there will be many changes under the hood (as expected) and users will be able to compose the blog entry completely online instead of having to use the java-based software to access the full functionality.

GeoBlog Composer is a platform independent application written in Java that is designed for mobile devices (tablets and laptops). The primary function of the mobile software is to enable the off-line construction of geolocated blog entries consisting of various types of geotagged media captured through a variety of means. The entire entry is then compressed into a "packet" and queued for upload to the server - on which GeoBlog Explorer is installed - when an internet connection becomes available. Once uploaded, the packet is then decompressed and its information used to create the blog entry. Intermittent or opportunistic internet connectivity is often the case when one is in the field, on an expedition, or traveling for pleasure.

Status: Implementation of the Drupal 8 version of GeoBlog Explorer has begun; however, the code in the repository is experimental and should not be used.

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