Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Site diff page screenshot

The purpose of this module is to be able to compare (diff) two Drupal sites (e.g. staging vs. release).


The diff is made by comparing the defined structures (partitions) between the sites likes modules and their versions, system variables, site information, latest node, etc. Site diff obtains this data from the remote site using a connection via Services module. After the selected partitions have been compared, Site diff generates an output with differences highlighted.

Use cases

  • Suppose you'd like to compare dev and staging to check if you can safely copy your local db to staging environment.
  • You are copying some changes (by hand) from stage to production and you'd like to make sure that every change was included.
  • You make a snapsot of a site at time t1 and you'd like to see what are the differences between t1 and now


Currently supported partitions

  • modules & core
  • system variables
  • latest node

In the future we would like to implement

  • blocks
  • views & displays
  • themes


Install as usual, see the handbook for further information.

In order to make diffs, you will actually need to install this module to your other Drupal sites/installations.


Project information

  • caution Minimally maintained
    Maintainers monitor issues, but fast responses are not guaranteed.
  • caution Maintenance fixes only
    Considered feature-complete by its maintainers.