Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Display Suite Inception is a drag and drop layout engine for Display Suite.

Allows for easy layout management of all Drupal entities rendered using Display Suite. Watch the screencast linked below for a full understanding of how to best use Inception.

  • Full Entity support (User / Taxonomy / Node)
  • System field support
    • Use Inception to lay out System fields -- a near full replacement for Field UI
    • Drag and drop fields between Display Suite regions and set field weights
    • Full Display Suite field support (Code / Block / Dynamic / etc)
  • In-line field formatter settings
    • Change Field formatter settings on the fly with live previews
    • Support for DS Field Templates
  • Full View Mode support
    • Use Inception to lay out alternate view modes
    • Allow override of Views to render using given view modes
  • Advanced Inheritance model
    • Create custom Inception layouts that mix System, DS, Inception fields
    • Apply custom layouts to other content (e.g:  Create custom layout for News Article content type, have all Articles inherit layout)
    • Apply layouts to Taxonomy Vocabularies + child terms
    • Override inherited layouts on individual Taxonomy Terms
    • Local overrides -- content may override location + weight of inherited fields

Includes ds_inception_fields, custom fields & formatters for rendering of elements within Inception.

Update: 19th November 2014 -- Inception v3 release

Watch a screencast.
Read about the extra functionality

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