Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

An experimental fork of the Strongarm module. The aim of this module is to eliminatie the load overhead that strongarm generates without loosing the benefits of exporting and deploying variables.

The idea is to force strongarm to push the variables back to the database and let Drupal/Pressflow do his thing, rather than try and override/merge with conf. It's mainly this last action that can overload a Drupal site (especially on shared hosting, and with a certain amount of variables in code).

For the moment the following has changed:

  • The strongarm overview page (under settings) now show you which variables are still (only) in code, which have been overridden and which ones are back in the database.
  • Reverting overrides resets the value in the database to the one defined in code
  • For featuresreverting strongarm in a feature will write the values to the database

Currently untested, but might very well work without hickups: enabling new features with new variables.

Project information