Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This module creates a simple graphical calendar block using jQuery and jQueryUI(date picker). There's a new function to add datepicker in code for developers too.

Datepicker plugin does not support Persian calendar, but it's been edited nicely by 'hasheminezhad' so it does. This module adds a graphical interface, if you need to add new calendar systems to drupal(like Iranian Shamsi,...) check out 'Calendar Systems' module, which most of the job is already done there.

Calendar which are supported so far:
- Jalali (Iranian Shamsi Calendar)
- Arabic Calendar

How to install:

- Copy 'jquery.ui.datepicker-cc.js', 'jquery.ui.datepicker-cc-ar.js', 'jquery.ui.datepicker-cc-fa.js' from '/graphical_calendar/calendar' in modules folder to ‘libraries/jquery.ui/ui' folder(you’ve already had this folder if you have jquery_ui installed and there's also no need to replace anything).
- Enable module.
- You can now use the new block called 'Graphical Calendar' or call the API function.


For developers who want to use datepicker in modules or themes they can simply call the function datepicker_add()

datepicker_add($selector = '', $options = '')
 * Adds datepicker plugin to current page or to CSS selector.
 * Example:
 *   datepicker_add('#from-date, #to-date', 'dateFormat: "yy-mm-dd",
 *     changeMonth: true, changeYear: true, yearRange: "1300:y"');
 * @param  string $selector (optional)
 *   Call the datepicker for a CSS selector. Use a full selector path
 *   like: 'body div.wrapper input#date'.
 *   If nothing set it adds library to current page but won't call the
 *   datepicker for any CSS path so you can add it yourself in theme or
 *   module.
 * @param  string $options  (optional)
 *   Some examples to use options:
 *   "showWeek: true"
 *   "dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy', altField: '#alternate2', altFormat: 'DD، d MM yy'"
 *   "showButtonPanel: true"
 *   "dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy', autoSize: true"
 *   "changeMonth: true, changeYear: true"
 *   To use Arabic calendar use: "regional: 'ar'" option(Jalali is default).
 *   To see more options read http://hasheminezhad.com/datepicker


- jquery_ui
If you had problems with your jQuery version and integrating with block, you may get better performance installing 'jquery_update' module too.

How can you help?

- You can contribute code to add new calendars to module.
- There have been periodic requests to add support for non-Gregorian dates and calendars to Drupal core. Even if it's going to core ,it will be postponed to D8, so please be BOLD and read this.

More future are going to be added:

- Adding new calendar systems
- Event management when clicking on a date.
- Integration with Calendar module to show contents in days, months and years.

Project Information