Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

attach a file to an entity (node) and display it as autoload (drupal_add_js) or widget (interactively load via a link now, using jQuery.getScript() ).

It is a field type

Code are stolen from image core module, there is no need to rename or not, both drupal_add_js (php) and jQuery.getScript() (javascript) load any file without concerning about extension.

Use for

Test, show what you have done, load a canvas based game or app, do something that currently you can not do without ... this module.

Missing features

Some missing features I plan to add:

  • run once: click disable the interactive load action
  • run a bundle of scripts: this could be checklist based, say a table with check list and button to load all checked, or just a load all and no option. Also it could be configured as field property: define bundles and buttons

Security (??)

As far I know, there is no security problem with this, but it should be possible to restricted the field use in a per user policy or per role policy. This feature is missing, I hope to receive positive feedback and that this module is welcomed (or some other implementation)

Project Information