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Handcrafted Proxy Or Reverse Proxy server

Availability: dev-release
Current Version: 7.x-1.0
Dependencies: services

This module is designed for sending reverse proxy web request. Instead of accessing direct any web server, we can use that partially like A<->B<->C . A system is interacting with C but not directly. A system will access B and B will get or manipulate C server req/response. In this module we are using flexible middleware layer to manipulate req/response format. These are the features are included in this module.

Add Deployment URL.
Add Endpoint.
Set Target URL.
Set format of response like json,array and xml.
Add/Save all end points target.
Select request method GET/POST.
Send header information.

Supporting organizations: 
Reverse Proxy access
Reverse Proxy Server5.25 KB

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