Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Pathauto for RDF is a pathauto-based module that creates readable paths for RDF versions of nodes.

It is most useful with pathauto, RDFx, restws and global redirect modules. With this module the RDF document describing a node is accessed at the pathauto alias URL. The module also allows custom paths for RDF URLs and bulk creation/update of RDF aliases.

The pathauto module can alias http://example.com/node/1 to a more meaningful URL: http://example.com/organisation/some-organisation-name that displays the original node.

However when using RDFx the RDF is still available at http://example.com/node/1.rdf. This module allows the RDF document to be accessed at: http://example.com/organisation/some-organisation-name.rdf

Module installation is pretty straight forward, the prerequisites are the pathauto and RDFx modules. The module won't break anything without them, just not do anything! Optionally install restws and global redirect modules.

1. For general information check


2. Configure the module

By default, the module will aliases RDF to the pattern: [node:content-type]/[node:title].rdf as per the example above. But this can be changed, to e.g.: [node:content-type]/[node:title]/rdf or whatever you want! Configure the pattern via the URL alias patterns page: /admin/config/search/path/patterns under the heading RDF PATHS.

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