Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This module creates an action for Views Bulk Operations to update per node content access (view/edit/delete etc). It adds a menu item to the Content menu tree and adds a new view which lists content with the VBO action as a button.

A common use case is when users or editors need to manage access (View / View Own / Edit / Edit Own / Delete / Delete Own) to various roles on a per node basis after a large amount of nodes (content) have already been created. For Example - selecting 200 nodes of node type 'blog' and node type 'faq' created before a certain date, and granting 'Edit' permission to the Editor role only.

** Users must use this module with caution - Any default node type access permissions (grants) can be unwittingly overwritten for any node selected in this workflow (as is true with any VBO action) because when bulk selecting across multiple node types, defaults cannot be assumed or applied.

Views Bulk Operations
Content Access

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