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This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Chuck Norris


Example of a custom field that stores Chuck Norris jokes.

I created this module to provide another example because the field_example, included in the Examples module, only stores one field value in the database. In this example you can store two values, the joke id (numeric) and the joke (text).

With this module you can create a custom field that fetches Chuck Norris jokes from The Internet Chuck Norris Database using the RESTful API provided.


  • Enable the module.
  • Add this field to a content type and you will obtain a custom field with two textboxes, one for the joke and other for the joke id.
  • To fetch a random joke just press the "Go!" link.
  • To fetch a particular joke just introduce the id in the corresponding textbox and press the "Go!" link.

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