Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Managed Groups is a lightweight, top-down approach to grouping that relies upon complete administrative control of group creation and membership. Many sites use grouping functionality to create autonomous, flexible, peer-managed sub-communities within the site; in these cases Organic Groups is ideal. However, other sites require top-down approaches to administration and management, wherein user creation and management of groups must be carefully managed by the administrator; in these cases Managed Groups may be more appropriate. As such, Managed Groups is not in competition with Organic Groups, but, rather, is a fundamentally different way of implementing content and user grouping that is essential for many types of sites.

The Managed Groups module allows the administrator to:

  • Create groups;
  • Assign node types to be managed by the module;
  • Assign members to groups;
  • Assign content to groups;
  • Promote group administrators;
  • Manage memberships based upon internal and external login names;
  • Manage orphan content and members.

Group members may:

  • View content in the group;
  • Edit their own content in the group;
  • Create content in the group.

Group administrators may:

  • Delete content in the group;
  • Update content in the group.

Managed Groups is built for Drupal 7.

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