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This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

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Have you ever created short URLs with the ShURLy module and wanted to track more about the visitors using your links? Well, this module might be the solution for you. With ShURLy GA (Google Analytics), you can setup a custom GA string to be appended to the end of the un-shortened URL and determine with domains you want the url string to be applied to. This occurs right before before ShURLy redirects the user, so the url string is applied to the destination site.



  • Campaign
  • Medium
  • and Source Information

Create a domain white list so the customized url is only applied to the domains you want. Centralize all statistics and get more information about your visitors.




Destination sites should have Google Analytics installed and enabled to allow for information tracking.


Once enabled, the module can be configured at: admin/config/system/shurly/ga. Note: If you do not customize the module, the defaults are as follows:

  • Campaign: Your Base URL
  • Medium: "shorturl"
  • Source: Your Base URL

Only users with the "Admin Shurly Google Analytics" permission will have access to this configuration area.


This module was originally built for the Wisconsin Center for the Book

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